H/508/0525 Research Project Unit 2 Level 5


Research is an action that companies do for collecting required information and knowledge in order to improvise performance and functionality of corporation. Main objective of conducting research function is to solve present and past problems along with getting desirable outcomes. These projects are aidful in enhancing any arena of knowledge for attaining a particular objective. There are multiple methods and tools which are provide aid in running research program. Different technique are suitable for distinctive research type in order to gather all information regarding market needs and demands for making featured goods and services. Current assignment revolves around Starbucks Cafe that is a largest chain of coffee restaurants across the globe (Neuman, 2013). Organisation conducted most prominent and authentic method of research which is face to face interview and personal interaction with potential audiences and company uses this gathered data in production function for serving best quality services to clients. Qualitative and Quantitative methods are widely use techniques that are considered as most authentic tool of research program. Company uses research programs in order to attract large size of potential customers by making analysis on client needs and wants.

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Task 1

1.1 Formulate and record the project specifications outline

Starbucks is the biggest restaurants by having largest coffee bars in whole world. Company wants to make some improvements in satisfaction level of consumers and in order to attain this aim, Starbucks need to enhance level of productivity. Research is very important function which is essential to know about actual needs and wants of target audience in order to serve them best quality products and services and this gathered information is fruitful in addressing those necessities and desires of customers which can give highest satisfaction by company's offering. To improve and enhance scale of productivity then research is a very essential function. To conduct a profitable and most appropriate research, Starbucks takes advantage of services of a professional expert (Taylor, Bogdan and DeVault, 2015). Research methodology that was adopted and employed by Starbucks Coffee is face to face interaction and personal connection with targeted customers and this methodologies are part of qualitative research program. Company mainly relies upon primary research methods but along with this management of corporation also take advantage of secondary research functions. Main sources of secondary investigations are journals, research papers, books etc. This activity shows that company take benefits from both qualitative and qualitative research program in order to collect all desired knowledge on authenticate basis. Qualitative research is called as study of behaviours, tastes, preferences and satisfaction etc. On the other hand quantitative research is defined as study of those facts which contains numbers or data can be represent in the form of numerical values. In n primary research methods, data is collected through surveys, scheduling sampling, interviews, interpretation etc. in this format, data is analysed by using simple graphs and testes. This stated methods are unstructured or semi-structured. In qualitative type of research, required observed data is collected by personal observation and in-depth interview. These are some methods that aid association in obtaining all required data (Lewis, 2015).

1.2 Factors contributed in the research project

In this section there are some factors that are utilised in order to select appropriate research program is stated as below:

  • Data Availability:- In this research action, enough data is present that is appropriate for conducting research program. Data which is required from association side is provided to researcher by Starbucks Coffee in clear manner.
  • Availability of Money:- Starbucks is a large size corporation whom have adequate funds to conduct research program and due to this association provides researcher all required money which is expected by investigator and researcher use this money in his/her various format of investigation. Researcher is getting fees for providing expertise.
  • Manpower Availability:- As this firm is a largest size organisation which have adequate number of men in workforce which serve their help in research program.
  • Top Management Support:- A research could not get done without taking help of senior management because top managerial personnels are responsible for providing adequate information which is expected by investigator in order to conduct research program for getting more accurate and adequate outcome (Smith, 2015).
  • Availability of Appropriate Skills and Talents of Researcher:- Starbucks company is well established organisation and has the value of having adequate research and development department. By comprehending necessity of R&D function, venture have enough and efficient research personnel whom are best in their field.
  • Ensure Project Schedule:- Desired time of research project should be set so that gathered outcome could be used in most appropriate manner.

1.3 Critical review of the key references

Research aids in analysing all collected information and knowledge which researcher is gathered at the time of conducting investigation function. It is important for corporation that review of key references should be collect and checked. In the key references following are the elements which is to be considered:

Books: This is a very aidful component and is a part of secondary research program. This is a summarised idea of a research project and researcher collects only relatable and expected information form all available knowledge. From book, investigator can take information about research topic is introduction, background of investigation, historical data, overviews etc. Books has chosen for making in-depth study of any research topic (Ritchie and et. al., 2013).

Internet: This medium of information serves knowledge on daily basis and due to this association can get reliable data which is interconnected with research topic. There are many websites which are present on net and investigator can take aid from any website that can give most accurate knowledge for research. Data which is collected through internet is less time consuming rather than that data which is gathered by studying books. There is more reliability and accuracy on that data which is collected by taking help of internet websites.

Journals: Data which is connected with research is easily available and find on journals and these all articles are analysed and checked by experts and academic professionals. This type of mode contains reliable information that helps decision making.

1.4 Specifications of the research projects

Project is been prepared in the form of report. There is a framework which is followed by researcher for running a research program. Every research always has a topic on which complete research program revolves and investigator take this topic and then finds actual problem behind undesirable outcomes. In this report included terms are histories, field study, experiences and published data. This project is done by taking assistance of both research tools that are qualitative and quantitative (Glaser and Strauss, 2017). All essential details that are necessary for completing this project report is collected by internet, books, journals etc. and data is collected from at least more than two sources. At the time of project completion, there are some arenas which need to get emerge. For example, organisational structure and shape, aims and objectives of research and influence of research upon association performance.

Plans and procedures for the research specification: This is a format of research that how an investigation would be completed in order to grab all market opportunities. This is a pathway of conducting research program that provides guidance and direction to researcher. There are a structure and content that belongs to investigation function which is explained as beneath:

  • Project title, start and end date of research program along with research site.
  • This is rational and project is significant in context of present knowledge.
  • Requisite outcomes and aims of research program.
  • Methods and material for report herewith environmental support.
  • Appropriate elaboration of ethical problems and issues (Rosen, Mangasarian and Ritter, 2014).
  • Most efficient employment of schedule, work distribution and funds.
  • Research team and cooperative partners.
  • Quality expectation and research training.
  • Planning for employing financial resources.
  • Bibliography.

1.5 Plan and Procedure for Research Specification

Above are context that is to be included in a efficient plan for research. Now below is a process of research conduction and in this regard there are some phases that are involved as beneath:

  1. Identification of Research Problem: This is a very first step that contains main objective of research like which problem's solution company is expecting in order to improvise volume of sales.
  2. Review of Literature: This section belong to summary of issue is written. Researcher will take review of entire problem of research.
  3. Formulate Hypothesis: Hypothesis are tentative assumptions and these are in particular extent because these have to be examined.
  4. Preparation of Research Design: This is a mode that enables a research program is done with minimum efforts and investments. This includes exportation, description, experiment and diagnosing (Ary and et. al., 2018).
  5. Collection of Data: Data is collected through primary and secondary research method and there are sub-methods also like observation, personal interviews, by questionnaire etc.
  6. Data Analysis: Entire collected data is analysed in order to produce relevant and most accurate & authenticate.
  7. Interpretation and Writing Report: A report should be prepared that contains what has to be done. Report has four parts; starting page, main text and last matter.

Task 2

2.1 Match resources efficiently to research

At the time of conducting research, researcher has to follow all policies that are formulated for directing investigation function. Most effective and efficient resources should be use in order to conduct research program so that accurate outcome could get done. Investigator must be aware about all liabilities that will enable investigator in conducting ethical research function in Starbucks organisation. Participants are taking interest on themselves for participating in research process because researcher can not force anyone for participating in same. Participants are allow to take their decision with all freedom. Investigator has to recognise all possible risk factors which are linked with project (Denscombe, 2014).

2.2 Proposed research investigation

Before conducting any kind of research program, Starbucks need to set aims and objectives of research function and then should start investigation accordingly. Research members of Starbucks company have to set their own targets and all should be attain in limited time frame. In order to accomplish investigation, researcher must formulate appropriate plans and strategies so that all action could be done in most appropriate manner along with fulfilling all expectations. There is a set format which has to be followed by researcher for obtaining all aims and objectives in already framed duration. In current time, numerous numbers of research methods are available that make conduction of research program more simple and authenticate. These tools and techniques enable and influence corporation to run research program for grabbing knowledge and information about market demands that are connected to company's products and services so that association can serve most satisfactory items in marketplace to address actual needs and wants of audiences (Campbell and Stanley, 2015). Selection of tools and techniques for running an investigation program should be adequate and efficient so that attained outcome could be more accurate and authenticate. Major purpose of running research is identification of market demands and analysis of business environment.

2.3 Record and collect relevant data

Researcher should use adequate methodologies in order to collect information from that will be transformed in data. Primary and secondary data are collected to put adequate knowledge in manufacture function so that featured products and services could be produce which should be able in addressing current demands of consumers. Generally primary data is collected for the first time by researcher him/herself. Rather than this, secondary data is those information which was collected by other investigator for his/her research topic. This is also states that secondary data is use of other person's research outcome. This type of activity is states as important concept in business organisation. There are various tools that is considered at the time of planning research program (Smith, 2013).

Questionnaire:- It was discussed as Starbucks uses face to face interview with target audience in order to collect information. To make this interview session more adequate, a properly framed questionnaire should be made so that requisite information must be collect in systematic manner. There are different type of questions that a questionnaire consist. This is a systematic approach of collecting information by asking series of questions and this set of questions is asked directly for those whom could be potential buyer of association named Starbucks.

Conducting Interview:- This is a method of face to face interaction with clients. There is a set of questions which is asked by researcher from selected respondents to get knowledge about demands and needs. This is a simpler method and is less time consuming.

Qualitative & Quantitative Methods:- These methods are fruitful when information is needed on wider scale. These methodologies are used to gather all required information for attaining all targets in limited time frame without hampering work efficiency. By taking assistance of these research methods, Starbucks can improve their work efficiency by putting some sort of info.

Keeping of Data:- Whenever company conducts research program then all findings of this project should be kept safe so that in future this could provide aid another investigation as secondary data source (Robson and McCartan, 2016).

Task 3

3.1 Research evaluation techniques

There are some techniques which are used as to find out efficiency and authentication of research methods. Company uses various evaluation techniques that are qualitative and quantitative. Major similarity between these two methods are its functionality which is identification of goals and then go through them by putting in a processes. In qualitative research, data is collected by smaller sample. Number of participants are less. This is a semi structured type of investigation. It pays attention on in-depth study by interview, open ended questions and reviews. Interviews are high structured and questions are less structured and open ended. This method provides complex data as it is gathered from distinctive respondents group. There is process of hypothesis formulation which is stated as follows:

Quantitative Technique: In this format recorded data is presented in the form of numbers so that these data could be put in their related segment procedures. This is a structured format of research and data collected in this format are from large number of people. Accuracy varies and depends upon method selection for conducting research program (Seidman, 2013).

3.2 Interpret and analyse result of research specification

It is complicated to analysis all facts and figures that are related to research function. At time of interpretation of investigation then it is quite essential that researcher should use all methods like survey, quality and validity of data. Basic study of research specification is to:

  • A copy should be prepared and master copy is to be keep outside. Main motto of keeping copy is cutting, editing and pasting.
  • Collected information is recorded in the form of table to convert in data to provide them rank and ratings.
  • Mean and mode is to be calculated in each and every question for proper rating and ranking.
  • Range of answers should be conveyed.

To interpret research, all should be keep so that instant measure should be done to attain requisite results and outcomes. Management of Starbucks company is required to provide all possible help that is needed by investigator for obtaining best outcomes. All recorded data should be analysed and the all possible recommendations should be provided by researcher in order to gain all desired outcomes.

3.3 Recommendations and to justify the area

Starbucks needs to improvise some research areas because these increments are necessary for company growth and success. Main motto of making these improvisation is to improve quality and functionality of corporation in marketplace. Association should improve following:

Engaging teams for evaluation: Most important thing which a company needs is cooperation among all staff members so that all task could accomplish in most appropriate order then manufactured products and services should be produced.

Prepare adequate questionnaire: In order to collect all data in a series of step by step mode then it is essential for company that all data could be asked by preparing a questionnaire which should contain all relevant questions in one after then other.

Providing books to libraries: All collected secondary data should be gathered from latest research papers, books, journals and internet so that appropriateness should be gain.

Proper Framework: An adequate format should be chosen or made for doing investigation in most appropriate manner (Corbin, Strauss and Strauss, 2014).

Collect Relevant Data: Data which is collected through primary and secondary method should be fine as it aids a research program in wide manner.

Support of Top Management: When senior managerial personnels are supportive with researcher then all desired outcomes is to be get in short duration without hampering work efficiency. Coordination of top management in research conduction then it is fine for investigator and this type of behaviour provides all specific data which is vastly useful in decision making.


Above report is summarised as research is functions that is conducted in order to attain all required information which is related to market demands and conditions. A research could be done by taking aid of various methods like qualitative and quantitative along with primary and secondary research methods. Techniques that are used by Starbucks company is face to face interview and personal interaction with target audience. Research is quite useful in enhancing work efficiency and performance of organisation.


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