Unit 6 Research Project UKCBC College BTECH Level 4


Overview Of Research

In the market place, the competition level is very high and it will conduct research which help company for developing and making effective decision making procedures in better manner. In addition to this, investigation is that process which assist in collecting and gathering necessary facts and figures for Dixon Schwabl. Another is traditional sources which operate business in change manner and most of the individual are involved with digital technology while conducting effective business activities in better manner. Such type of technology directly affect on both negative and positive term that is important for executing main activities and functions within an organisation (Alshamaila, Papagiannidis and Li, 2013). As per this outcome, an enterprise are capable for enhancing their profitability and productiveness in effective way. In the large market place, every organisation are adopt different methods and techniques along with conducting high level of growth and success in the business. Along with this, it is that tool which help in giving advantages to small or large organisation so this will assist in making effective capabilities in the enterprise. The management require to understand and evaluate their latest technology and methods which hep in increasing company profitability and income in better manner. In this, if the firm will execute appropriate digital technology so their current business functions and activities properly completed in given time period. In addition to this, digital technology will play an important role in making capabilities among employees at the time of performing task that will assist in achieving competitive advantages.

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Investigation has been developing and making at large market place that assist in gathering and collecting necessary data or information for specific industry and also converting these information for using correct facts and figures in accurate manner. It will directly affect on company for gaining higher level of income or profitability. With the assistance of examining the impact of digital technology on business activity that will directly impact on business operations and their major functions. Along with this, firm are adopting effective technology and methods which assist in increasing company profitability for attracting large number of customers towards their services and facilities (Apulu, Latham and Moreton, 2011). Moreover, employees are adopting or using these tools and methods that will help in enhancing their skills which will easily manage and maintain their business operations in better manner. In the recent era, in which each one need to perform their work in better manner. Such technology has been proved for completing such activities in given time frame. It will assist them in fulfilled their all buyers needs and wants in the desired market place and making positive environment. If products methods and techniques has been executed in the business for growth so employees can work hard for achieving potential goals and targets.

Importance Of Research

The main objective of this research is that they are examining and analysing those places where they need to make development with the help of latest technology and methods. On the other hand, they required to manage and control all major business activities that assist in increasing firm income and revenue in proper manner. It is necessary for company is to analyse and examine accurate techniques or methods that will useful for considering the main effect of digital technology on effective business activity in appropriate manner (Awa, Ojiabo and Emecheta, 2015). this research is based on determining major impact of digital technology within the business functions or activities so this will assist in improving their organisation performance in proper manner. The main motive of every firm is to performance good in the market and through using different methods or techniques. The main motive of this research is to conduct and improving the company income and enhancing productivity of workers so they can easily reach with their desired goals and targets. The company will adopting different techniques and methods which can developed by investigator and with the effective consideration they are implementing such at workplace. Along with this, these techniques and tools will assist in evaluating business activities and functions in proper manner that has been classified into various departments.

Aims And Objectives

It is determined as essential part of research report where all activities and functions are prepared for making appropriate investigation in better manner. It will act as guide for researcher to carry out all business activities and functions towards right direction in effective way.

Aims: “To determine the impact of digital technology on business activity. A case study on Dixon Schwabl organisation”.

Research Objectives

The research objective refers an essential results of the project that has been developed which aim of research. This is useful for investigator is providing accurate suggestions and recommendation that are based on collective findings. Such things need to be make by resembling with specific research aim. The research objective of this project are:

  • To analyse the impact of digital technology on business operations
  • To determine the organisation performance while implementing digital technology
  • To recognising the major changes in sales while using technology on business activity

Research Questions

In this section, research is conduced on influence of digital technology in business activities and their performance. This is also known as digital technologies which will be use for acquiring higher competitive advantages in the large market place. Some questions will be develop by investigator after preparing of research objectives. These questions will be answered by specialist that will be use while researcher make specific project. Such are described as under:

  • Identify the impact of digital technology on business operations of Dixon Schwabl?
  • What are the required alterations in sales while using technology?
  • How business is performing differently after adopting digital technology?

Literature Review

This can be determined as one of the most essential part of research through which investigator try to acquire perceptions of different scholars who have skill and experience involved in this. Scholars view and reviews which are used for investigator to conduct various activities and functions in better manner. They need to take effective and good decisions for the enterprise. With the literature review, the investigator are capable for evaluate and measure all major segments of specific research project. There are various scholar and authors who will giving their personal view points on the research aim so this will associated with digital technology which required to be collected or gathered the major aims and objectives.

Identify The Impact Of Digital Technology On Business Operations Of Dixon Schwabl

Digital technology help in conducting modern and new methods within an enterprise so that accurate working which will be analysed in better manner. This will be considered that it is one of the important factor which will provide accurate outcome in growth and success of the venture. Along with this, if Dixon Schwabl company providing accurate services and facilities to their buyers which assist in expanding their entire business operation and their functions in another region (Bayo-Moriones, Billón and Lera-López, 2013). Generally, digital technology help each organisation which provide success and growth of country economy in accurate way. Therefore, implementation of different company will help in gaining possibilities for the people in economy which does not increasing their standard of living, that will lead towards acquiring general requirements in person life. There are various advantages which are execution of digital technology in the enterprise such as there will be appropriate usage of resources in effective way.

If an enterprise will implement the creative and new technology so it is required for firm is to provide accurate training and development programmes to their staff members that will assist in increasing their abilities and capabilities for getting correct goals and targets. Along with this, it is necessary for Dixon Schwabl is to give best quality based services and facilities to their customers for satisfying regarding their demand and needs in given time period. Another is traditional sources which operate business in change manner and most of the individual are involved with digital technology while conducting effective business activities in better manner. Such type of technology directly affect on both negative and positive term that is important for executing main activities and functions within an organisation. They have appropriate knowledge and skills regarding their working so that there are different technology which has been adopted in proper manner.

Transformation In Communication - The digital technology assist firm for rising their current procedure of communication that are occur in an organisation. Along with this, there are various types of of technologies which help in properly communicate company products services among customers such as emails, message, video calls, etc. so firm will take appropriate feedback from desired customers.

Enhancing Productivity - For increasing productivity, it is necessary for firm is to use advanced techniques and methods for gaining high profitability and income in proper manner. They required to make those products which help in attracting large number of customers and satisfy their all needs and wants. The firm will reduces their labour cost that are providing effective benefits to them in better manner.

Along with this, these techniques and methods will save cost and time of an enterprise so they are capable for doing more work in gaining high profitability. Also it will help in enhancing their income and revenue in better manner.

What Are The Required Alterations In Sales While Using Technology

Digital technology is used in an organisation because it will assist in increasing sales rate and Dixon Schwabl will achieving their potential goals and objectives in better manner. There are no such technology which gain result for any direct interaction with their buyers and this will help in developing various products and services for getting high income or revenue in proper manner (Cavalcante, Kesting and Ulhøi, 2011). In current period of time, company like Dixon Schwabl are adopting advanced technology that will assist in performing accurate tasks which will produce creative products and goods according to their customers needs and demands.

In addition to this, digital technology is useful for increasing sales of the company for adopting various methods and techniques that will help in enhancing company which will lead towards gaining high amount of income or revenue. Digital technology will used at the prime level and this will be utilised for gaining potential targets and goals in appropriate manner. Thus, modern technology will help in earning high amount of profitability for long time period and it will develop and make business stable in any mode (Dai, 2010). An organisation sale will be used in marketing which are related to effective techniques and methods that will easily expanding their business operations at large market place.

Business Is Performing Differently After Adopting Digital Technology

There are different business activities and functions which will assist in managing and maintaining the level of revenue that are associated with business operations and its major functions. Thus, digital technology consider in evaluating and measuring desired profitability that will help in achieving potential goals and objectives in accurate manner. Moreover, Dixon Schwabl are try to expand their business operation and function which will provide accurate facilities to their customer's with the help of digital technology. Along with this, there are different sources that includes personal relation, social media and videos which help in acquiring high level of employees performance (El-Gohary, 2010). For adopting digital technology, it is necessary for company is to provide appropriate resources there are various changes which will be noticed after implementing digital technology in the company that are described as under:

  • Enhancing Productivity - This is required for company is to measure efficiency of different things and resources which will used for converting the input and output in any manner. Along with this, it will help in increasing firm profitability and productivity for help the digital technology in reducing the attributes of goods and services in effective manner.
  • Growth - In the large market place, small business will play an important role for adopting effective digital technology which assist in developing and creating high level of growth and success for attaining by various entity. There are various things which are available for this approach and it will help in acquiring cost to enhancing the market place.
  • Communication - This will be determined as backbone of an enterprise which assist staff member to interact with their customers and also solve their major issues and problems in accurate manner (Hashim, 2015). Along with this, it is an effective communication which help in making and developing company more effective.

Research Methodology

Research Philosophy

In this part, there are various methods which are prescribed through this data will be gathered and analysed in better manner. There are two types of research philosophies that will be used in this such as positivism and interpretivism. In the current report, interpretivism research project will be used in proper manner. This will assist them in conducting their appropriate process of investigation in right direction. Along with this, such type has been selected because qualitative method will be used in this section. It will be established that it is based on such nature and their role on social factors should be identified. In addition to this, researcher will try to take efforts for evaluating and understanding the emotions of people and identify their roles in societal surroundings.

Data Collection Methods

Data refers to that techniques and methods which help in assembling and gathering appropriate information in better manner (Jagongo and Kinyua, 2013). There are two types of data collection which includes secondary and primary that are discussed as under:

  • Primary Data - This is that technique which assist collecting accurate data and information with the help of direct method. There are various sources which help in gathering accurate facts and figures that includes observation, surveys, interviews and some more. It is based on individual characteristics and nature.
  • Secondary Data - This will be refer as that data and information which are collected by individual and it will be used by investigators for developing and making accurate conclusion for particular research. Along with this, there are various techniques for collecting and gathering such as books, interviews, etc.

Data Collection Tools

In this part, data collection tools will be used for collecting and gathering for analysing accurate data in better manner. The tool will be used for various main motives and check the sheet which is structured, making form of collection and determining data. There are various data collection tools which will be used while conducting investigation such as interview, checklists, observation, case studies, questionnaire and surveys. The data collection method has been concern which are conducted the research that will be used for semi structured questionnaire and this will be used as interview guide for the investigator.


This is that term which define the major techniques and methods for help in collecting and assembling the necessary facts and figures which are related to investigation project and this will assist in getting accurate outcome in better manner (Hojeghan and Esfangareh, 2011). Data sampling will be divided into two parts such as probabilistic and non probabilistic. In probabilistic method of research, they are choosing specific data when they are conducting random data sampling. For evaluating this, they are required to set correct process which ensure towards large number of people. In addition to this, non probabilistic method and approach of sampling define as odd techniques where large number of customers will select sampling which will not easily measure and evaluating these things in proper manner. In this research, the main objective and motive of this sampling method is the major part of probabilistic sampling techniques and tools.


It is determined as an essential procedures in which data and information that has been collected for analysing and interpreting so that will known in proper manner. Along with this, it is one of the most important part of investigation then collecting and gathering appropriate data because if data will not evaluated so it will not be able for using by investigator. There are various techniques and methods which will be used by researcher for evaluating correct data in better manner. In addition to this, data analysis involves with two forms of methods such as primary and secondary sources. In this, primary method mainly deal with qualitative analysis of information and on the other hand, secondary source are dealing with exploratory views regarding research facts and figures.

Types Of Research

In this section, learners are going to addressing different techniques and methods which help in acquiring accurate data and information for achieving desired goals and targets of the business in correct manner. With the assistance of this, this is useful for company because it will assist in making and generating high level of success and growth for specific project development. There are different techniques and methods which are required for managing all data and information in effective manner (Heeks, 2010). On the other hand, there are major two types of methods such as qualitative and quantitative tool where qualitative is helpful for formulating particular report. The other quantitative method are used for collecting and gathering all statistical kind of information. Thus, qualitative is mainly accessible for implementing all required digital technology in the firm.

Research Design

In this part, corporation required to design and made all correct direction which help employees to guide them for achieving their desired goals and objectives in correct manner. Along with this, there are various tools and methods which help in preparing and designing particular investigation such as descriptive, exploratory and experimental method of research. On the other hand, descriptive research help company for overcoming with these work and it is major issues and barriers that arise in the firm and this necessary for analysing the future activities or outcomes in better manner. 3.5 Ethical consideration.

Ethical Consideration

It is indispensable work for an enterprise in the part of research project. This will be explained as one of the major rules and regulations which are totally differ from right and wrong features in appropriate manner (Kannabiran and Dharmalingam, 2012). This will play an essential role in preventing different type of issues and problems for conducting accurate research. Along with this, there are various types of ethical values that should be followed by researcher at the time of conducting different research projects. This is required for conform that it will assist in dealing with society or community in effective manner.


It is something which help company administration for dividing their work or tasks in different parts so by this firm will complete their work in particular time frame. Along with this, Gantt chart assist organisation for examining each facts and figures regarding correct work and this will identifying the deadline of their business activity in the circumstance of an enterprise. In addition to this, time schedule help in making and developing appropriate strategies and policies within an organisation so that they will complete their various working scenario in appropriate manner (Baines, Lightfoot and Smart, 2011). These business activity and work will take lot of time for getting potential affect on working situation in the firm. Time scale help venture for managing and maintaining the entire work regarding digitalisation which assist in smooth running of business operations and their activities. Dixon Schwabl will help in gaining effective income and revenue for increasing profitability and productivity in better manner.


The research project has various limitations which investigator will not manage and control in proper manner. They are drawbacks, influences and conditions which does not controlled by researcher which place restrictions on research methodology and conclusion. Various limitation will directly impact on results or outcomes that will be described. Research has certain limitations which will be seen as normal. This is essential for investigator is to reducing the scope range of limitations carry out with research procedures in better way. They require to provide acknowledge of specific research limitation under the conclusion.

Along with this, it will help in identifying and recognising drawbacks of their work and also determining the pointed centre. This will help in evaluating various issues and problem which occur in this research project.


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