D/601/0578 Unit 6 Research Project HND Business Level 5


Overview of the research

The part of computerized innovation can not be undermined in the present business world. There are different devices and advancements which are being utilized by organizations around the globe. Propelled developments are effective in making individuals life all the more basic and pleasing, this similarly make a motivating force in redesigning the learning and capacities of people about the hugeness of applying modernized mechanical assemblies and advances. Artificial intelligence has grown in recent times and is expected to replace the manual workings within organisation to a large extent going forward. The current research report will have a detailed discussion on this topic (Schor, 2016).

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Background of Research

There has been steady change in the general workings of organizations around the globe, basically because of new and inventive apparatuses and additionally procedures utilized by them inside business. The critical reason of firm is to satisfying the needs of people at business focus in order to accomplishing forceful edge at publicize put. There is a all round impact of Artificial intelligence on the overall workings of Virgin Group (Leischnig, Wölfl and Ivens, 2016).

Significance of Study

Research is a critical angle for a business. On the off chance that an association needs to develop it might lead examine occasionally about different elements that influences business either straightforwardly or in a roundabout way. Thus, It is very imperative to make a legitimate examination of these elements and afterwards outline strategies which will be advantageous for both organization and shoppers in a viable and also productive way

Research Aim

The aim of this research is to gather necessary data regarding use and implementation of different kinds artificial intelligence technology within various companies of Virgin Group. This will enable the researcher as well as readers to have a proper knowledge about artificial intelligence and its use (Li and Found, 2017).

Research Objectives

Research targets are made in light of constructed purpose of the examination, these are available as explanation which portrays the genuine degree of study lastly expect colossal part in social event appropriate data and information as to drawing feasible outcome. The objectives are described either wide or thin which relies upon the examination issue. The noteworthy goals of this particular research wander are portrayed as under:

  • To assess the benefits of Artificial Intelligence on the business performance of Virgin Group within the market place.
  • To analyse various components of Artificial intelligence that are used by Virgin Group for enhancing its revenue and profitability growth.
  • To determine the influence of Artificial intelligence on Internal Environment of Virgin Group.

Research Questions

Research Questions are derived from the objective of particular research. It refers to the various questions the answers of which this research is going to give in an effective as well as efficient way. The answers are derived after getting viewpoints of different authors and writers regarding the topic.

  • What is the impact of Artificial Intelligence on the business performance of Vodafone within the market place?
  • What are the various components of Artificial intelligence that are used by Vodafone for enhancing its revenue and profitability growth?
  • How Artificial Intelligence influence internal environment of Vodafone?

Literature Review

It is one of the main and important part of research project. It tries to explain the objectives of research in a much more detailed manner. It can be regarded as the core of an research project. The data is aggregated from various source, for example, past undertakings, books, magazines, step by step papers and so forth. The master or the researcher set the ideal opportunity for specific undertaking so it is fundamental for them to finish the work in picked time distribution. Under this, the goals of research are explained in a viable, proficient and an itemized way. Along these lines one might say that it is the core of research and is extremely basic to achieve the general goal of the entire research.

To assess the benefits of Artificial Intelligence on the business performance of Virgin Group within the market place.

The role of Artificial intelligence can not be denied in the overall workings of company in the recent Era. Artificial intelligence has lead to growth as well as development of business in a more rapid way then through manual hard work (Rayburn, 2012). The use of artificial intelligence has boosted growth of different departments of Virgin Group, this includes Marketing Department, Sales Department, Operations department etc. The different types of benefits that are enjoyed by the virgin group can be as follows:

  • Saving in Time as well as money by automating normal routine process as well as tasks.
  • An overall increment in the efficiency as well as productivity of company.
  • The chances of Human errors are reduced to quite an extent which will result in higher level (Brock, 2013).
  • Sales opportunities can be increased because artificial intelligence techniques allows a company to reach to various kinds of individuals in an effective as well as efficient way and in a shorter span of time.
  • The company will be able to save on the front of cost, because automation will reduce cost of operations of company as there will be a reduction in the manpower and workforce.

The Virgin Group is a well established conglomerate group having business of airlines, mobile communication and other ancillary businesses. Thus, company is having business operations all around the world and for the purpose of treating as well as serving them effectively, Artificial intelligence and its various tools can play a important role (Domingo and Garganté, 2016).

To analyse various components of Artificial intelligence that are used by Virgin Group for enhancing its revenue and profitability growth.

Artificial intelligence consist of various components which are being used for the purpose of implementing various business policies and procedures and also to reduce the timing of operations as well as tasks in an effective as well as efficient manner. The different components of Artificial intelligence which can be effectively used by Virgin group are as follows:

  • Natural language processing: It is a method to have an interaction with computers that would understand the natural language that are being spoken by humans.
  • Expert Systems: There are different kind of applications which are there to integrate different machine, software as well as special information for the purpose of reasoning and advising. These can be helpful tool for the purpose of giving explanation and advices to the concerned user (Baird and Raghu, 2015).
  • Speech Recognition: There are certain system which allows speech recognition, that means it is capable of hearing voice of humans and then converting them into desiring content. One of the example can be speech to text software, which writes as a person speak in the microphone (Fenwick and Edwards, 2016).
  • Intelligent Robots: Robots are yet another tool of artificial intelligence. These robots do have the censor to detect and accumulate physical data from the real world and then act accordingly as per the specifications given. The virgin group can have use of these robots in their business of information technology.

To determine the influence of Artificial intelligence on Internal Environment of Virgin Group.

Artificial intelligence can have a huge impact on the overall workings of company and its internal environment. The various factors of internal environment that includes are Employees, suppliers, customers etc. It is thus quite important that business should grow as well as prosper by effectively using these technological instruments for better and effective delivery of services in the longer run (Selwyn, 2012). The various influence on different factors of internal environment are described as follows:

Customers: They will be able to get their goods and services in a very quick time frame because the process of manufacturing would have been converted into automation due to use of artificial intelligence.

Suppliers: They will be given orders on the basis of automation within company and thus the process will be much easier and effective.

Employees: The use of artificial intelligence can be turned out as a negative factor for employees because it can lead to loss of jobs. Robotics can take place of employees in the longer run, which will have a negative impact on workings of human workforce (Dutta, Lee and Yasai-Ardekani, 2014).

Research Methodology

This can be surveyed as the most essential bit of research wander which helps in total the whole research practices into particularly organized and ponder way. This section helps in picking the most sensible instruments and strategy for satisfaction of research work. This portion accept capable part in gathering fitting come about through applying most reasonable framework.

Type of Investigation

The research can be of two types, these are qualitative research and quantitative research. Expert has considered subjective examination with a specific extreme goal to complete this examination and fundamental part for this choice is that running subjective research system is extraordinarily clear and any individual can lead this by taking a short instructional assembling in alliance (Eesley and Miller, 2018).

Research Design

Research methodologies and philosophy associated in get-together and analysing measures of the components which are demonstrated in the investigation issue. This zone give a graph to the examination in which whole activity of research are completed in convincing way Diverse kind of research follows are there, for instance, illustrative, exploratory and test research.

Research Approach

There are two sorts of research approach that an analyst can choose with the end goal of viably leading examination. These are inductive research approach and deductive research approach. With the end goal of this examination inductive research approach has been mulled over as it helps in social occasion better and in addition effective result. The technique for thinking behind endeavour inductive inferring is that it is important in binding right conclusion for the examination (Österle, 2013).

Data sampling

Data sampling refers to creation of sample from a large population base, because of the fact that whole population can not be taken for the purpose of collecting data, hence a sample of the population is taken to collect data and the sample population is treated as the representative of the whole population.

Data collection

Information accumulation or Data collection is an exceptionally proficient device which is utilized by the specialist with the end goal of viably assembling information and making investigation. t is essential for researcher to collect data and information through various sources. Master can assemble data with the help of various procedures, Under this research both primary as well as secondary data has been selected. There are two sorts of methodologies which are as under:

Primary source: This method requires test measure of time to gather the information about the research,large measure of cash is spent for finishing the task. Various sources of primary data can be questionnaire, Surveys etc.

Secondary source: When the researcher decides to collect data which are already there and no separate efforts are made to collect data then it is called as secondary data. These data are usually collected from Library's, Internet, Magazines etc.

Ethical Consideration

While directing examination, a Researcher go over different circumstance in which the specialist needs to settle on choice ethically and morally. The respondents imparts data to the analyst, which is very individual in nature and in this way it is basic that those data are not abused or Misutilised by the Researcher in any capacity. The data might be utilized just for the reason for which it has been accumulated and ought to likewise ensure that there is no indecent or dishonest exercises that are finished by the Researcher while leading specialist. The essential for moral thought updates when an examination consolidates coordinated effort with individuals or business houses (Rai and Tang, 2013).

Time Scale

A period scale or a time scale demonstrates the residency of every action and the length of every movement. It is useful for the specialist and other individuals who will going to have an appropriate perusing of the research. In this manner, Time scale is critical in survey and investigating the example of the entire research and how the exploration will work out and in what time allotment.


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