Introduction to Facilitating Changes

Health and social care organisations needs some changes in their working system. This helps in improving the performance and enhance them to use latest and appropriate techniques for the treatment of patients. These changes also enhance the knowledge, skills, abilities and capacities of social workers, doctors, nurses, etc. It make them to learn new things like using new equipments for treatment leads to learn how to use them and operate them.This report contain proper analysis of all changes required in health and social care organisation and implementation of those changes. It also consist of factors, challenges, strategies, etc. for the applied changes in the given case scenario. Along with this, there is detailed information about the impact of changes on HSC. In the end, the measures and conclusion of the changes are explained.

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Explain the key factors that drive change in health and social care services

In order to deal with the issue of underperforming staff as well as improving quality issues several changes are required. There are various key factors that drive changes in health and social care services of one of the chain of Nursing Homes. These factors that drive changes are explained as below:  

Economic Factors

The financial condition of the nursing house is poor. This makes improper management of workers. Due to this reason, they pay less salary to their workers which demotivate them and makes them to perform not well. The house is also not in condition to provide quality services due to the bad economic status. These all factors leads to underperformance of workers.

Social factors

The user expectations from nursing house are increasing. The demand of quality services which need to be easily accessible are creating a type of pressure on this nursing chain. As user awareness regarding the treatments also makes healths and social care workers to develop their skills and enhance their knowledge. The knowledge of handling the risks at the time of treatments along with the quality of the treatment provided by the nursing chain affects the the demand of users and on that basis they selects the institutions.

Legal Factors

The policies and practices provided by UK government also make firm to apply different changes. As government apply new policies and modify the exiting ones which leads to create changes in nursing house.  

Technological Factors

To provide quality services to the patient it is important to bring new technologies and equipments in the nursing house. These services also need to simple and easy to access. For the proper use of those equipments, workers need to improve their knowledge and skills. This need training in that particular field and different types of programs which results to enhancement of knowledge along with motivation to perform well.

Assessment of challenges that key factors bring to health and social care services

Nursing home is going through different problems which is indicating it to bring some changes in the working structure and environment. To maintain the success and growth of the house, it need to implement required changes so that it can attract more users and can able to provide them quality services. These changes in the house also helps in improving the work performance of workers. While implanting changes, house will go through many types of challenges. The challenges that house will face due to the key factors of change are explained below:

  1. Workers resist to change in the initial stage which create challenge of convincing them for the change. Nursing house will face resistance towards change. They need to explain them the benefits of change in the firm and in their life as well. They have to conduct a meeting for convincing t\he workers and explaining the results of it.
  2. Legal factors also work as challenge for the nursing firm. The technologies or the equipments nursing house wants to add in their nursing house need to be legal in the view of UK government. If the change does not fits to the policies and practices of the government then firm need to redevelop the changes and it consume more time and cost. This factor stops nursing house to implement those changes which are not allowed by the government.
  3. Implementation of new technologies leads to challenge of managing the cost of nursing house. Although this change improve the quality of services and treatments given by the house but it also increase the cost. This leads to manage costs of the existing services and resources so that it can bring new equipments.
  4. Another challenge is change in the perception of the users. Users will like the change or dislike it. In such condition, firm have to face different views and thoughts of the users. The first priority of firm is to satisfy its users. So it face many challenges to satisfy them. The best way to know about the perception of users is to take feedback.  

Strategy and criteria for measuring recent changes in health and social care  


Nursing house can use the strategy of PDCA(Plan Do Check Act)  for  measuring the recent changes. This strategy helps in proper implementation of changes and knowing its outcomes.  


The first step is to plan all the changes effectively. Nursing house need to decide the objectives and processes for bringing the change. Firm also need to decide the output expectations which helps in proper planning. Along with this, firm have to do feasibility study also.


After proper planning, the next step is to implement the changes. Firm needs to implement the changes in the field of performance improvement and quality services.


After implementing and executing, the next step nursing house need to follow is checking all the changes. It compare the actual result with the expected results which helps in improving the changes if required. This comparison makes firm to know any deviation or gap which need to improve. Nursing house also look after the completeness and accuracy of change.


In this step, firm will find out that whether the changes are brining expected improvement or not. If they are operating in the right direction then firm will look for developing new standards and new strategies for better improvement. But if it is not working in the expected way then, this leads to redevelop the strategies.

The various criteria for measuring recent changes are as follows:

  1. Customer satisfaction.
  2. Efficiency and effectiveness of the current change.
  3. Satisfaction of staff members.
  4. Increase in the quality service of the house.
  5. Effect on the cost of the firm.
  6. Benefits from changes.

Measure the impact of recent changes on health and social care services  

The impact of recent changes on health and social care services can be measured with the help of follows factors:

Quality services

Quality services can be provided by fulfilling the demands and requirements of the patient's family. They need to analyse the type of treatments which helps in improving patient's condition faster and quicker.

Favourable perception

This can be achieve by accomplishing the needs and desires of the users. Firm can know their perception by filling feedback forms, questionnaires, one to one communication, etc. And on the basis of obtained results they can measure the impact.

Performance improvement

As workers are not performing well, so for better performance, firm need to motivate them by organising various programs and activities. Improved performance can be achieved by conducting different training programm


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