Photojournalism Importance and Benefit in Charity



“To identify how photojournalism help in raising awareness about charity” A case study on..


  • To determine concept of photojournalism
  • To analyse the importance of photojournalism in raising awareness for charity
  • To evaluate benefit of photojournalism

Research Questions

  • What is the concept of photojournalism?
  • What are the importance of photojournalism in raising awareness for charity?
  • How to evaluate benefit of photojournalism?

Literature review

Concept of photojournalism

 Photojournalism is method which is used for narrating story with audience through picture. It is the process which helps individual in understanding actual story by observing actual picture deeply. In this photos as well as words are expressed together effectively. This helps in representing actual concept of picture for which it is shown to the audience. As per observation it has been identified that photojournalist are highly professional  in their work. They have great sense of  photography which helps taking informative pictures of things which are available in their native place. It can be said that these journalist believes in capturing interesting as well as meaningful picture in order to represent a simple and valuable story to the audience.  

Concept of photojournalism

 As per the authors point of view it can be said while capturing a picture, it is required by photojournalist to consider some of the essential characteristics. And of the important among them are described as  below:

Drama: In this, it is expected by the photojournalist find out an spark while taking the picture. This gives a reason to the viewers to pay their attention to the customers. It influences the interest of people towards the picture. It can be said that main focus of the company organisation is  on capturing self explanatory pictures the have potential to influence interest of customers understanding actual story behind the customers.

Action: This characteristic of picture influences thoughts and mentality of people as what they are understanding with the picture and what are their views about it and how they can influence customers. It can be said that by observing images and individual they can also imagine about the things which helps in thinking about the actual situation. Along with this, it also guides customers to attain maximum output from the companies. Hence, it is increases imagination capacity of the audience.

Expression: It is considered as the facial reflection of the individual which is generated according to their thoughts and views. It can be said that this characteristic helps journalist in expressing story behind taking the picture. Every individual in this world have their own perception. This perception might differ from person to person. Hence, there are probable chances that the people will not understand actual concept or expression of journalist.

 As per the above mentioned characteristic of photojournalism, it can be said that organisation who usage photojournalism can easily in order to express their view as well as thoughts with the customers. It has been observed that photojournalism is not only observed by the media and other journalist but it is also  adopted by other companies who believes in paying social responsibility. It is considered as the responsibility of the organisation to adopt different strategies which helps them in increasing their profitability ratio. There are probable chances that organisation can achieve its targeted goals and objectives by performing effective responsibility towards the company. In relation to the Photojournalism, it can be adopted corporate houses so that they can express their plans and policies with the customers. This helps in influencing interest of employees.


Importance of photojournalism in raising awareness for charity

Photojournalism is often used in the journalism companies as they often involves in the activities that is charity. It can be said that, these companies often  perform business activities which helps them in attaining maximum number of the charitable amount from other companies as well as charitable trust so that they can achieve targeted amount in effective manner. Photojournalism is helpful for media company as can easily influence interest of people for collecting maximum amount of money in order to show up their responsibility towards the social causes.

 It plays an essential role in increasing awareness about charity with people who can contribute in minimising ratio charitable causes. It can be said that showing up self explanatory pictures it is easier for the company in attracting people. It also influences interest of people as they feel more related to the actual situation of the people who are facing problem in actual life. Hence, it important for the organisation in achieving their desired amount of money which they are expecting to gather from the targeted people. It has been observed, it is easier for the media people to make people emotional by showing them realistic pictures of poverty.

It can be said that photojournalism is the important in the increasing funds from the people and other businesses in order to provide basic necessity and requirement of those people who do not even have to buy their two time meal. In order to increase profitability ratio of the media company, it is mandatory for the company to advertise maximum number of pictures which helps them in persuading client company as well as partners in order to collect maximum amount from the people. attaining targeted goals and objectives of the company. It can be said that if with the helps of photojournalism, it easier for organisation in attaining targetted goals and objectives  of the firm related to charitable work.

Apart from this, it can be said that organisation who belongs media have special rights to connect with the customers as well as other known personality so that they can influence these people in order to show them reality of people who are dealing with hazardous situations. This  also contributes in decreasing poverty ratio of the country as its people are aware about the situation and they also understand what are preventing decision which cam help in minimising the effect actual problem which is faced by the people.

   Photojournalism expresses real life scenario of the problem. As with the help of this company can influence individual  in order to convince them about donating their comfortable amount of money. This collected money is used by the charitable organization in providing better health services, educations, food item, clothes, shelter and other basic necessity things which are considered as the basic requirement of poor people. Photojournalism also helps in attracting maximum number of people towards the issues which are taking place in the surrounding area of the people. It directly grabs attention of the individual towards those causes which are executed by the people in country. This  awareness not only generates huge amount of money in the company but it also reduces number of cause which are the attempted by our surrounding only. As a result, this collected amount is further transferred to the companies which  helps them in attaining brand image of the company among customers. This is beneficial for company in attaining its own personal targeted goals and objectives with the help of good brand image at market. It can be said that these brand  building activities are helpful in achieving targeted goals and objectives of the company as its customers are impressed with the brand name of the company. Therefore, they feel more connected to the company which persuades their decision in favour of the company. As a result, usage of photojournalism is considered as the beneficial activity of the company which contributes in increasing profitability ratio of company. Along with this, it also spread awareness of these tools in awaring people about the charity. In addition to this, it also raises more amount of fund which is further t

Benefits of photojournalism

There are several befits of photojournalism in raising the funds for charity issues. The social media has played an important role in this field. This helps in creating awareness and raising the charity funds for the people who needed them most. This helps in creating the awareness regarding the charity where the home less people are helped by charity organisation. The photos clicked by the journalist helps in expressing the situation of poor and home less people. The charity also includes the social responsibility towards the environment that can helps in saving the nature and its characteristics.

The photojournalism can make the bigger impact in solving  the issues regarding the charity purpose. On may 22, 2017 an Islamic suicide bomber blown himself in the area of Manchester in which almost 22 people killed 139 were injured. So the people who were belonging to those killed citizen got the benefit of the photojournalism. And the various organisation were taking interest while seeing the pictures and photos of the relative of affected  people. And this helps in gaining the attention to  various charity organisation. Also gives the  benefits to attract the organisation as well as people who needed helps at that stage of critical condition.

A UK based charity names as child I foundation needed to raise the funds urgently for saving the   baby child named as fly joey from Uganda. So after picture is getting viral on the social media  platform with in the 38 hours the almost ten thousand pound. The benefit of  the charity was that the child survived through the life saving operation. So this is the benefit of the photojournalism as the problem is solved by raising the funds in very less amount of time

The benefits of the photojournalism lies in solving each and every activity concerning the issue of environmental and social cause. The charity helps in through the photojournalism helps in improving the satisfaction level journalist. As after working for a cause in a charity a person feels happier and satisfied overall and also this also improve the brand image of an organisation.

The photojournalism also helps is portrait the image of the exact situation towards people  so that helps in analysing the situation in the correct manner. This gives benefit to maintain the transparency of people as well as employee of company towards the organisation.

  If the photojournalism contributes to the charitable trust then it can also reduce the burden of tax to an organisation as they are doing the CSR activity while doing the social work, that will give benefit the social image of journalist also. The morale level of each and every individual could be improved. This gives benefit in increase in the profit ration of both the charity as well as journalist organisation. The voluntarism towards the social cause and charity give the overall good health to the organisation so that they can gain the benefits regarding the future time period.   


As per the above mentioned report it has been stated photojournalism helps individual in expressing their views and thoughts with the help of picture. These pictures are self explanatory which describes whole scenario in less period of time. It is also easier for observer in understanding real life situation of the individual whose picture is described effectively. It has been founded that concept of the photojournalism describes about the things which are illustrated with the medium of picture. These pictures helps people in understanding what is the actual problem of the countries as well as its citizens who works in the same area. It has been identified that there are chances that photojournalism helps media companies in improving goodwill at market place. Therefore, it is the responsibility of those organisation who collects funds for charitable trust to use this gathered fund for the same purpose only. It has been advised to the companies to use their ethical values so that customers or client countries are required to perform their business activities in order to maximise their profitability ratio. As a result, organisation will be able to perform their business activities at international by collecting same amount of money in the same manner. It is considered as an opportunity for the charitable trust to secure members financially in order to avail them products which are their basic needs. Hence, it will help organisation in building up their positive brand image among the customers as well as other business related person. Therefore, this soft brand image among customer is helpful for the company in increasing its overall profitability ratio.

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