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21st Birthday party arrangement is key motive behind the planning so it is necessary to understand key aspects. Birthday party will be organised with consideration of Hollywood theme so that experience level can be enhanced effectively. Along with this, the 100 guests will be attending the party so it is significant to manage activities in desired way so that goals and objectives can be accomplished effectively. Birthday party will be organised at the Greenwich-Yacht-Club in the evening of 15 August, 2016.


In order to have effective conduction of the Birthday Party it is significant to focus on effective planning of work activities. It is necessary to have proper use of planning skills so that arrangements can be maintained in appropriate manner. It has been noticed that the key needs of event need to be understand so that work activities can be developed in significant way (Throop, 2010). Effective use of tools and techniques is also beneficial to have successive plan. Time frame also need to be design so that designed activities can be accomplished in desired form. In addition to this, it is also necessary to consider factors that may impact the overall arrangement such a budget, work demand, external factors, human resource, resource availability, breakdowns, etc (Robinson, 2012). If these kinds of aspects are not considered in appropriate manner then overall effectiveness of event can be influenced in negative manner.

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Following steps need to be considered in order to have effective planning of Birthday event. Classification can be as design of objective as per needs, availability of resources, issues determination, design strategies using external aspects, implementation and monitoring. It means the key belief of individual need to be consider so that Hollywood theme birthday party can be organized. After this, the availability of finance, venue and other aspects is being referred as most significant aspect (Story, 2009). With an assistance of this, the current aspects in regard to event can be understand in most appropriate manner. Along with this, the issues that can be faced during the event conduction also need to be evaluated so that goals and objectives can be accomplished. It has been noticed that the breakdowns may affect the effectiveness of event so it is essential to consider during planning process (Sibbald, 2009). By analysing external factors like number of guest, catering, games, etc the further activities need to be designed. In this, diverse activities need to frame as per strategic aspects so that event can be organised in appropriate manner. Further arrangements like music and other facilities also need to be consider so that experience level can be boosted.

Other than this, in order to have effective implementation of activities the proper coordination with common friends and event professionals is also necessary. It assists in proper implication of activities so that birthday party can be organized in desired form. At last monitoring is also significant so that activities arranged can accomplished in desired form (Kortum and Cox, 2011). It is also essential to refer contingency plan so that goals and objectives can be meet. It is beneficial to have decrease in impact of factors that may affect the overall birthday event. With an assistance of contingency plan, it can be identified that the outcome of designed activities can be determined in order to have better success of event. Response towards event can also be predicted by having focus on contingency plan.


As per the detailed study, it has been noticed that there are number of techniques that can be accessed in order to have effective scheduling and monitoring of work activities for the birthday party. Gantt chart is most commonly used technique that will assist in proper scheduling of actions as per need of event. Under this technique, they can show the activities against time that allows the manager to monitor the activities and their time schedule. Time period can also be allocated for each activity that needs to be organized for the birthday party so that effectiveness can be maintained in appropriate manner. Allocating time period helps the manager to complete the arrangements of the party timely. Each activity of the Hollywood theme birthday party can be indicated through use of bar along with its starting time so that manager can monitor the activities with the help of this bar. Moreover, to-do-list is also one of critical task that can assist in effective scheduling and monitoring of activities (Allen, 2010). It is the prioritized list of all the tasks that needs to be carried out to make it a successful birthday party. Key activities that need to perform for birthday party event are catering arrangement, decoration, inviting guest, booking venue, music and further fun activities' arrangement. It is significant to set these activities in to-do-list as per priority and need. It is considered as most useful section that provide proper scheduling. For monitoring the evaluation can be taken into account as per reference of scheduling (Huang and Zhang, 2011). Further, monitoring activities like feedback and discussion with the person who have been allotted different tasks are also key aspects that can analyse the work against objectives.


Feedback is considered as activity that allows to identify the effectiveness of actions that were performed to organize the birthday party. It means by having improved focus on feedback process the effectiveness of birthday event can be evaluated. There are number of tools that can be conducted in order to have feedback about the event. Discussion with friends about the party will provide information about key values and issues that were present in the event (Iyer, 2011). Manager can take feedback from the guest who have attended the party about the food, cake, games, decoration. 360 degree feedback system also need to consider effectively so that birthday parties can be organized that satisfies the requirement of client. In other aspect, it can be stated that the feedback provide information in regard to reactions to product and performance. On the basis of such information, better events can be designed in appropriate manner. Along with this, the modification also be taken into account as per evaluation of performance.

In respect to have evaluation about the birthday party, the feedback will be taken from guests because they will provide details about their experience at the party. Moreover, the college friends and other people who have heard about the party can also provide feedback. They can allow their clients to post feedback on their website. It will assist in effective evaluation of activities and improve success ratio of event in the future (West, 2012). There are number of advantages that can be attained through feedback process. With an assistance of this, issues can be identified in appropriate manner so that further activities can be designed to meet objectives and overcome issues. It means feedback is most critical aspect that plays key role in performance improvement (Throop, 2010). It also allows to identify key needs so that better control system can be designed in order to meet goals and objectives in desired form. It also improves communication skills because it allows to have direct interaction with guests.


In order to have better opportunities in the market, it is significant to focus on prioritising of activities. It will allow to organize the birthday party in manner that essential activities may accomplish first so that party can be arranged timely. In this, it is significant to make sure that the activities are being scheduling or listed as per their prioritising. With an assistance of this, the effective determination of activities can also be accomplished to make birthday party a memorable event for the client. (Robinson, 2012). Manager can decide and book the venue of the birthday party first so that the desired place is not slipped out of the hands of the party. It also allows to have effective management of time so that birthday party can be organized timely before the guests arrive at the party. There are number of techniques that can be implemented in order to have effective prioritising. It allows implementing the plan of a birthday party as it was designed.

Review of activities to organize birthday party is one of most essential aspect because it will allow to understand the key issues that may affect overall outcome. It is necessary to have effective time allocation so that review all the arrangement can be accomplished. Setting out realistic deadlines is also referred as prioritising. In this, the deadline for catering, booking venue, arranging decoration material and decorator can be set out and then have implication so that task can be finished in given deadline (Story, 2009). For example, the deadline for arrangement of drinks is being set as 1 day then it is essential to complete on immediate basis so that deadline can be meet in desired manner. Other than this, by having improved focus on multitasking key issues can be faced so it is significant to make sure that the multitasking is being ignored to meet objectives (Sibbald, 2009). For example, single person is allocated for venue arrangement and guest invitation. In this situation, it might be possible that person may face issue in respect to guest invitation and venue arrangement.

Moreover, the prioritising is most significant action that plays key role to make it a enjoyable event because it will provide frequent implementation of activities. It allows to have work activities accomplishment in most flexible manner to make it a successful birthday bash(Kortum and Cox, 2011). Activities can also be performed in disciplined form so that better values can be provided to work. It is advantageous to overcome issues and ensure that the work is completed in quick manner.


As per the detailed study, it can be stated that in order to have effective accomplishment of objectives. It is significant to ensure that the proper information about the birthday party is being attained in appropriate manner from the clients about their expectation towards the party. If manager does not have detailed learning about the subject then the activities can not be performed in effective manner. By having effective consideration of personal performance standards the valuable information about the party can be understand (Alwaer and Clements-Croome, 2010). It also assists in development of skills so that standards can be considered during event. Audit skills need to be covered so that issues and key needs of event can be identified. It will lead birthday party to a success so that goals and objectives can be achieved.

It is also significant to have learning about SMART objectives. By having effective consideration of SMART objectives the key aspects of the Birthday Party can be designed. It is also necessary to share information about objectives among partners and volunteers so that event can be organised effectively. One of key standard is to cut down the negative impact on factors that may influence effectiveness of birthday party. Individual must have effective consideration of communication skills so that awareness about event can be created (Allen, 2010). For example, if people are not aware about the Birthday Party then it might affect the success ratio of event. Measures to ensure that activities are performed in efficient manner also need to be referred by individual. Moreover, monitoring and work performance evaluation tools also need to be considered so that effectiveness of birthday party can be measured effectively.

Hiring of volunteers is one of significant hard measure so proper training need to be provided so that issues can be overcome. Formal and information communication techniques need to be accessed by the management so that information in regard to birthday party can be shared effectively (Huang and Zhang, 2011). It means formal and informal invitations to guest need to be provided so that event can be organised in successive manner. Written, oral, visual forms of communication need to be considered to ensure that invitation floating is being accomplished effectively. They can make video of the photos of the birthday boy/girl and message to invite the guests. Work management, time management and work allocation are also key skills that must be referred in appropriate manner so that birthday party stands out at the expectation of the client.


Self assessment methods provide effective evaluation of skills and ability that individual holds in respect to standards and the objectives. There are number of self assessment methods that can be accessed to evaluate the current level of innovative ideas to organize the birthday party. Feedback is considered as most commonly used method that provides information about key skills present. In this, feedback can be taken into account by using 360 degree feedback technique (Iyer, 2011). With an assistance of this, the individual can take response from friends, professionals and guest about their experience in the party. It will make sure understand about key aspects that can improve overall performance. Manager can ask their client and guest to give any suggestion to make it more memorable event. Along with this, the Swot analysis is also considered as most essential section of self assessment method. It is because the strength, weakness, opportunities and threats can be evaluated in effective manner (West, 2012). For instance, if the manager have contact with Hollywood stars. If possible, they can call them for the birthday party and make it a memorable one.

By having observation of activities the individual can have self assessment in respect to objectives and standards. If self assessment process provide positive learning then it will impact overall event in positive manner. It also allows to understand the key threats and issues that can act as an obstacle to make it a successful event (Throop, 2010). With an assistance of this, the firm can learn innovative ideas from internet or any other sources and apply them in the birthday party that makes it unique concept for the birthday party.

By using feedback process and self evaluation methods, I have determined my skills and capabilities. It has been noticed that I am good at communication skills that may create better opportunity for me. By having effective use of communication skills I can easily convince people to organize events from me. It will also lead event to great success and helps in meeting key objectives. Time management is one of significant skill that is essentially required to meet standards. In this respect, it is necessary for me to have improvement so that I can meet the standards and ensure that events are organized timely and as per the plan. I have variety of skills that allows me to have effective accomplishment of team activities. By having collective working the event can be organized in appropriate manner and creative ideas will come forward to make it successful event. Leadership skills also plays a vital role in conduction of event. It is because number of members need to be handle while conducting an event. If professional does not have appropriate information about leadership skills then it might be possible that the issues in regard to team management and work management can be occurred. It may affect the overall arrangement of the birthday party so it is important to ensure about it in desired form.

Other than this, the lack of information in regard to work management also influences the effectiveness of overall event. It means it is necessary for me to have improvement in skills as per standards so that issues can be resolved in appropriate manner. By having effective understanding about the party the activities can also be designed in desired form so that future issues can be resolved. With an assistance of evaluation of weakness the better strategies can be resulted in order to meet goals and objectives. Observation skills also need to be improved in order to make sure about organizing an event.


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