Organisation behaviour is the academic study of the way people act within group. Principles of respective are implemented to make business operation more effectively (Baur and Haase, 2015). In simple term, each and every employee have their important role in building positive organisation behaviour. This assignment is based on Tesla which is automotive industry organisation founded in 2003 and they are serving at worldwide level. Headquarters of Tesla is at Palo Alto, California, United States as well as they are offering electric vehicles and Tesla Energy. This assignment will going to discuss organisation effectiveness. Along with, Mars model of individual behaviour and performance. Further more, improving perception of staff members towards organisation and their job satisfaction. For becoming an successful electric vehicle manufacturer as well as taking better place within market area Tesla introduced Giant robots named after X-Men shape and fold sheets of metal inside a gleaming white Mecca of advanced manufacturing.

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Main Body

Organisation effectiveness

Organisation effectiveness is the term defined as the efficiency with that a business is able to meet their objectives. In simple term, organisation which produce a desired effect without any wastage. Organizational effectiveness is about each staff member is doing everything they know how to do and doing it well (Kumar, Kumar and Dilip, 2019). In other words organizational efficiency is the capacity of a company to produce required outcomes with minimum spending on time, energy, money, man force, material resources and so on. Tesla is an automotive industry organisation which deals in electric vehicles as well as Tesla Energy. They are using giant robots named as X-Men shape and fold sheets of metal inside a gleaming white Mecca of advanced manufacturing. This is their organisation effectiveness which assists in taking better place in market as well as also in competing with Ford and General Motors. Because there is requirement of bringing something new that will assist in taking better place within competitive business environment. Along with this, help in achieving goals and objectives in effective manner.

The Mars Model of individual behaviour and performance

MARS model of individual behaviour and performance is the framework which seeks for elaborating individual behaviour as a result of internal as well as external factors or influences combined together. Here, MARS stands for motivation, abilities, role perception and situational factors (Tavor And, 2016). All these are marked as major factors for analysing individual behaviour and results. Respective model will be implemented in several situations of Tesla but it is mainly applied within management, industrial psychology or organisational behaviour studies. According to MARS model these four factors have mixed impact on performance of individual within organisation. If anyone of these factor is weak then result in decreasing level of performance. For instance, passionate salespeople who have idea about their duties as well as have enough resources for performing it but will not perform their jobs  in effective manner due to lack of enough knowledge and sales skill. Thus, the Container Store and other organisations which excel in customer service have to pay attention on all these four factors of MARS model.

Motivation is the first factor of MARS model which is described as an internal forces which directly given impact on direction, intensity and endurance of individual voluntary choice of behaviour (De Schotten and Shallice, 2016). Here, direction are focused by goals, intensity bulk of effort allocated and persistence is the time taken for the effort to be exerted. Team leader of Tesla encourage their team members to work efficiently and accomplish goals.

Ability is the nature tendency as well as learning capacity required in individual for completing a specific task in successful manner  (Bramson and, 2019). There are four different parts: aptitude which is natural talent assist individual to learn things more effectively and perform work in effective manner, learned capabilities, competencies and person job fit. For instance, one employee of Tesla complete within 4 days but time allotted was 6 days. Thus, respective person have ability of competing task before needed time period.

Role perception are the beliefs related to what behaviour is important to accomplishing desired outcomes as well as have to check that everyone is clear about their role. It is necessary for staff members of Tesla to understand the task performed, understanding related importance of task assigned, analyse preferred behaviour required for completing respective task and clarifying role perception.  Thus, every member within Tesla have to be clear about their work allotted to them and perform it in effecti


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