How to Choose a Good Argumentative Essay Topic? 100+ Best Ideas to Help You

29 Jun 2022 4402
Good Argumentative Essay Topic

An essay is a short piece of writing outlining the writer’s perspective or thoughts. It is often considered synonymous with an article or a piece of a story. Essays are divided into various types depending on what the author wants to convey to the reader. An argumentative essay is one of them where the writer establishes a position on the given topic and then uses the evidence to persuade the readers to see things from his point of view. It presents the arguments of both sides of an issue. To write an argumentative essay, you need to choose your side of the topic and present “arguments” or “counter-arguments” to influence the reader.

If you have been asked to write an argumentative essay, then it is important to select the best topic. But picking an interesting topic is not an easy task. But, you need not worry as you have Assignment Prime by your side. Below our essay help experts have listed 100+ ideas that you can consider to write a perfect argumentative essay.

100+ Ideas to Write an Argumentative Essay

Simple Argumentative Essay Topics

  • The Problem of Obesity Among People.
  • The Advantages of Higher Education.
  • Pros and Cons of Studying Business.
  • Most Demanded Languages Nowadays.
  • Free Access to the Internet: One of the Biggest Threats to Education.
  • Men should have a Right to Make Decisions on Their Own Whether to Join the  War or Not.
  • Change in College Curriculum with Respect to Students Preferences.
  • Is French the Simplest Language to Study?
  • Can We Say the Education System Is Most Commercialized?
  • Why Are SAT Scores Important?
  • The Complexity of the Educational System.
  • Americans Have the Right to Bear Arms.
  • Is Smoking the Wrong Choice?
  • Why We All Need Best Friends?
  • How Can Dieting Change Your Life?
  • The Benefits of Being a Twin.
  • Should Parents Monitor Their Children’s Internet Use?
  • Camping: The Best Family Vacation.
  • Video and Computer Games Can Negatively Impact Those Who Play Them.
  • What Personal Experiences Are Not Discussed With Parents and Why?
  • Is Gun Control an Effective Method of Reducing Crime?
  • An Office Dress Code Can Boost Employees’ Performance.
  • Mobiles Phones Should Be Banned in Schools for Both Students and Teachers?
  • Should Employees Be Allowed to Use Social Media Sites at Work?

Argumentative Essay Topics on Sports

  • The Highest Achievement in Sports.
  • Is Football Dangerous for Players?
  • Why Sportsman Struggle with Time Management?
  • The Benefits of Team Sports Participation.
  • Issues That Take Place in Coaching and the Methods of Coaching.
  • PE Lessons in the Educational System.
  • Do Elite Sports Players Deserve Their Enormous Income?
  • Women Are Strong Enough to Overcome the Disadvantages of Sports.
  • Worship of Sports Teams and Athletes.

Classical Argumentative Ideas

  • Globalization: Boon or Bane?
  • The Consequences of Tsunami.
  • How Can People Protect Nature?
  • Electric Vehicles: The Best Solution for Pollution.
  • Punishment to People Who Do Harm to the Environment.
  • Are there True Indians Left In American Territory?
  • Tornado And Its Sacrifices.

Argumentative Ideas on Technology

  • Technology and Children
  • The Negative Effects of Television.
  • The Media Presents Negative Role Models.
  • Good Effects of Advanced Technology.
  • Is Technology Making Us Smarter or Dumber?
  • The Importance of the Role of Technological Development in the 21st Century.
  • Computers that Can Determine Your Age by Looking at Your Face.
  • Increasing Use of Social Media in Personal, Business, and, Marketing.
  • Filthy Language on the Web.
  • The Age of Technologies Turns Us Into Zombies.
  • The Usage of Smartphones.
  • Technology and Its Influence on Educational System.
  • When Will the Rapid Technological Advancement Stop?

Ideas Related to Social Media

  • Threats of Having Account in Social Media Like Twitter.
  • Can Virtual Relationship Exist?
  • Effects of False Media Images.
  • Do Apps Help You or They Are Just Waste of Time?
  • The Analysis of the Problem of the Liberal Bias of the Mass Media.
  • Are People Becoming Shallower Because of Social Networking?
  • Instagram and Its Effect on People.
  • The modern world depends on the Internet heavily.
  • Is Technology Restricting Human Imagination?
  • Is Online Censorship Critical for Internet Users?

Argumentative Topics Related to Education

  • School Should Meet Students Needs Better.
  • Coffee Breaks and Power Naps Will Improve Student Performance.
  • It’s Time to Put an End to Campus Isolation.
  • Reward Systems for Students Are Ineffective.
  • Math is the Universal Language.
  • Are Class Sizes too Big?
  • General Education Courses Are a Waste of Time and Money.
  • School Uniforms: Should Kids Wear Them?
  • Should University Students Be Required to Attend Classes?
  • Schools Must Install Security Cameras in Classrooms.
  • Parents Should be Involved in Studies or Not.
  • Not to Include Campus Hate Speech.
  • Time to Put an End on Campus Isolation.

Controversial Argumentative Topics

  • High Level of Corruption Is One of the Causes of Low Wages.
  • Is there a Way Above the Law?
  • Is Communism Bad?
  • Is CIS the Best Replacement of the USSR?
  • Top Colleges and Universities Should Raise their Acceptance Rates.
  • Right to Free Education for Everyone.
  • The Right Way to Implement Gun Control and Other Preventing Measures.
  • Right Way to Implement Gun Control.
  • Will Financial Crisis Stop or Not?
  • Impact of Same-Sex Marriages on the Society.
  • How to Overcome the Risk of the III World War?

Other Argumentative Essay Ideas

  • Is Global Warming Real or not?
  • Assisted Suicide Should Not Be Legal.
  • Why Should Marijuana Be Legalized?
  • Are Pat-Downs and Full-Body Scans as Airport Security Too Much?
  • India and Pakistan: Dissent vs. Disagreement
  • English Must Be the Official Language of the World or Not.
  • Is It Better to Be a Vegetarian?
  • Slavery Is in the Past.
  • The Foolishness of Ignoring Advice.
  • The Perversion of Religion.
  • Should Humans Explore Space?
  • Internet Gambling and Its Effects.
  • Are Fast Food Companies Responsible for Obesity?
  • Should Downloading Music be Legal?
  • The Police Have Become Criminals.
  • Ethics in War Are Necessary.
  • The Effect of Fashion on Every Person.
  • Should Workers Be Allowed to Strike?

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So, these were some of the best ideas that you can consider for writing an argumentative essay. Make sure that you have a good knowledge of the topic. In case you are not able to write the essay after selecting the topic, give the task to us. We have a team of essay writing experts who know the best steps to write argumentative essays. You would be able to score the highest marks among your peers if you take help from them.

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