Importance of Generic Conventions & It's Various Types

24 Mar 2022 7803
Generic Conventions EXPLAINED!

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Are you wondering - what are generic conventions?

Are you interested to know about the making-process of short stories, movies, or novels? If yes, then this blog is just for you!

You will know everything about the generic conventions- their importance, various types, and other vital things. Basically, they are related to story writing, movies, and game creation that helps to connect the readers or viewers. You can also seek assignment help from the experts if you are a student and want to master this topic of better writing.

Meanwhile, let’s taken an overview of the generic conventions by the experts of Assignment Prime.

What Are Generic Conventions?

Generic Conventions are the specifications that writers show through their writings. It allows them to put their theme into a specific genre. For example - a novel writer describes every character, the story-theme, scene background in such a way so that readers can easily imagine it. That is how generic conventions work. 

The generic convention is not a very tough concept to understand. Okay, let us understand it this way- Every one of us has watched a movie or read stories in a book many times in our life. Try to recall any movie or story that you liked the most and think about the point that connected you with the character. Congratulations! You have got the theme of the blog. Moreover, several questions must be running in your mind, like:

  • What makes the reader relate to the background of the story?
  • How did the readers come to know about the lives of the characters?
  • What makes readers feel the character's feelings?
  • What are the generic conventions list that can describe their various types?

Do you know the answer?

Well, there must be some elements that make you feel the same.

You may have noticed that in a horror movie, there will be dark, an advert of bad rain, dead people, supernatural existence, and more so that the viewers feel horrified. All these settings are called generic conventions.

Generic Conventions Definition



Generic conventions are the factors that help the reader to identify the genre of the writing, which can also be considered as the characteristics expressed by the texts. They place the themes into a particular genre. All the students studying arts or literature need to have complete knowledge of the generic conventions. They are extremely valuable for the movie, play, or story makers as well as the audience. 

Why Is Generic Convention Important?

The generic conventions are important in creating a story that can attract and convey feelings easily to the readers. This helps the readers to feel the genre of the story and the feelings of the characters in it. This helps the producers of the movies, stories, or games to create a background picture that can take the audience with itself.

The genre is the main reason why the generic convention is important for producing a story. As now you are clear that what are generic conventions, let’s head towards the types & examples of them. We will also know briefly about the genre in the coming sections.

“Why should we know about the genres?” is the most asked question. It is important to know about the genre because it is the way that will lead you towards knowing about the generic conventions perfectly.

So, let’s take a look at the genre & its different types, and then we will head towards generic conventions.

What Are the Genres?

A style or category in which literature, music, or art is created is called a genre. It creates a code of behavior between the writers and the audience. The genre helps to inform the readers about the discussed topics and presented themes in writing.

There are mainly five types of genres: poetry, folklore, drama, fiction, and non-fiction, which have been classified into different sub-genres. Every genre has its own features and functions that differentiate one from another.

Below is the knowledge about the five genres and their sub-genres in deep. All the genres introduce their features, and sub-genres mention their functions.

5 Major Types of Genres

There are five major types of genres that you will read and understand in this section. Every genre has a number of sub-genres, which are listed below with genres.



The various types of genres are as follows:

1. Poetry: This type of genre concerns the beauty of the language used in writing. With each line of the poem, the text follows a meter or rhythm. The poetry sub-genres are as follows:

  • Lyric - All the shorter form of poetry comes under lyrics.
  • Epic - Lengthy poem for superhuman forces or extraordinary humans.
  • Dramatic - It is a mixture of comedy, tragedy, or melodrama.

2. Folklore: This genre refers to the play or script type of writing. The folklore sub-genres are as follows:

  • Fable - It is a type of short story with personified animals & morals.
  • Myths - It has gods/goddesses & usually accounts for the creation of something.
  • Legend - It is a story based on a real person or place.
  • Fairy tales - It has magic with the talking animals and things.
  • Tall Tale - It is a story with unbelievable aspects that relates to the truth and factual writing.

3. Drama: The genre, which reflects the writing that is true with dramatic portion. It is usually performed live in front of a lot of audiences. It is commonly known as play. The drama sub-genres are as follows:

  • Comedy - Story filled with jokes or funny moments.
  • Tragedy - Story that ends with death or sadness.

4. Fiction: The type of genre, which includes imaginative or made-up idea writings. It follows a proper grammatical pattern, correct mechanics, and well- structured motif. The fiction sub-genres are as follows:

  • Fantasy - It has aliens & robots from futuristic technology or space.
  • Historical fiction - It has no element of fantasy; rather, it is true.
  • Science fiction - It is usually set in the past and based on real people.
  • Realistic fiction - It has monsters, magic, or characters with supernatural power.

5. Non-Fiction: The real stories that were once passed down orally. It is a creative type of genre like a personal essay, scientific research paper writing, or more. The non-fiction sub-genres are as follows:

  • Biography - Writing about someone else’s life.
  • Autobiography - Own life story written by oneself.
  • Persuasive writing - Tries to influence the readers.
  • Informational writing - Explains something.

This is all about the genres- its five major types and sub-genres.

Well, before moving to the next topic, let’s elaborate on the six types of genres a little so that the concept will be cleared perfectly.

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Different types of Generic Conventions with Examples

There are four major types of generic conventions that we will elaborate on in this section. Examples are provided for every type so that you will be crystal clear about them all.



1. Generic Conventions | Setting

The part where the story is set is called the setting type of generic conventions. The correct setting is as important as building the correct characters. It can be said that the setting is an additional character. If someone considers it less significant, at that point, that person is taking everything wrong.

Settings contribute equally as much as a character can give to the narrative. It can be furnished with a tone, feeling, or a thought.

For Example -In the horror movie, there will be a location to create a tense fearsome atmosphere, a cabin, or a forest. The location will be pictured usually empty, dangerous appearance, lonely so that the characters can’t find anyone for help. The time will be especially the night time so that the setting can create a dangerous and horrifying environment for the audience.

2. Generic conventions | Theme

According to the generic convention, the theme is the focal point or thought that had been investigated in a text. For the most part, the theme of a literary work can be stated in a single word, for example, “love” or “isolation.”

A work of literature can have more than one theme in a normal genre. Commonly, the theme cannot be stated unequivocally in the text. But rather can communicate through the character's actions, words, and contemplation.

The topical idea of work & the topical statement is the classes of the theme meaning. The topical idea alludes to what a reader comprehends the work to be about, while the topical statement alludes to what the work tells about that theme in question.

For Example -We will take the movies ‘Due Date’ & ‘Planes, Trains & Automobiles’ as an example. The theme line of both the movies is a carbon copy. Both the films have the same storylines, similar characters, and the same motives, but still, both of the movies are clearly different. A movie can be made great with the way of storytelling rather than the story itself.

3. Generic conventions | Characters

The character is the most significant of all these generic conventions. Any animated thing or individual in the storyline could be named as a character. A character can be a creature, a person, or a thing, an animal, and any living participator in the story. It is utilizing the characters when the writers attempt to convey their thoughts.

For Example -In the horror movies, the looks of the character appears very strange & mysterious, which makes them look creepy. As per the demand of their role, the character looks like a ghost or monster to terrify the audience.

4. Generic conventions | Iconography

The iconography type of a generic convention is the one that discusses the science of identification, classification, description, and understanding of themes, images, and topics in the visual arts. In the specific work of imaginary utilization, it can allude to the artist. The 16th century published iconographic studies have distributed the indexes of images & symbols gathered from old-fashioned literature and converted them into pictorial terms for the artist’s usage.

For Example -In the poster of every Marvel movie, the front characters are the most important as they are the protagonists, whereas the antagonists usually stay behind or are simply small. The picture or the poster used as the banner image explains all the facts and points itself so that audience can get an idea by looking at it.

These are the various types of generic conventions explained. These are the points that are required to check while making a movie, writing a book, or creating a game. The above paragraph will help you elaborate with generic conventions examples.

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