A Step-By-Step Guide to Write an Effective Argumentative Essay

29 Jun 2022 5897
Write an Argumentative Essay

An Argumentative essay is the type of essay that presents arguments of both sides of an issue. It is a perfect solution to convince someone to agree to an idea. This type of essay requires a lot of research-based evidence and facts to convince readers.

This essay often explores various questions associated with arguments like:

1.  What caused this particular issue?
2.  What are the effects of this issue?
3.  What are the outcomes?

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Before you start writing the essay, you should know the important sections to include in an argumentative essay. There are 5 important sections of an argumentative essay each having its own significance.

5 Important Sections of an Argumentative Essay


The introduction of an essay is the preview of the document. It is the first part of the essay states a definition of the topic. While writing the introduction, you should stick to the central idea. The introduction part of the essay does not include facts and figures.

Thesis Statement

Thesis statement designing is a vital step in the argumentative essay. It is the summary of your topic in a few words.

Body Paragraph

The body paragraph is the heart of the Argumentative essay. It can be called the main section of the essay. All the logical, statistical, or factual facts are to be drafted in the essay. The body paragraph should give detailed information to the reader. Arguments and counter-arguments should be included in the body section.


The conclusion leaves the most immediate impression on the reader. So, it must be logical and should be connected to the topic. Do not introduce any new information in the conclusion section.


Do not forget to mention the sources from where you have taken the information. References help the reader to clarify the authenticity of the draft. You must mention all the references including your books, the internet, or any other source of the information.

Now the student knows the 5 sections to be included when writing an essay, they can work on all of them for their essay. But they don’t know how to write the essay in an effective way including all the sections properly, for this, the experts provide 4 simple steps to be followed by the students to draft a perfect argumentative essay.

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Steps to Follow to Draft an Effective Argumentative Essay

Step 1- Have a Clear Picture of the Essay Format

If you are planning to write an argumentative essay the very first thing you should do is understand the purpose of the argumentative essay and how it is different from other essays. If you are the one who is writing the argumentative essay for the first time, you may easily guess argumentative means to provide arguments on a topic. Use methods to attract the reader to the main point of the work.

Step 2- Pick a Good Argumentative Topic

When you have understood the purpose of writing the essay, the next step is to pick a good argumentative topic. Choose a topic you have an interest in. You will be able to express excellent views on the topic when you know it. After finalizing the topic, start research as much as you can to make your draft informative. The main thing you should remember is the chosen topic must be interesting for the reader also.

Step 3- Structuring the Essay

A combination of a good topic and the proper structure of the essay is very important to get good grades. For this,

  • The Introduction of the essay should be so attractive that the reader wants to continue reading the document. You can start your introduction with a quote or by asking a question. This is how the reader will take interest in reading the essay.
  • The Thesis statement focuses on your ideas. It should tell the reader what the paper is about.
  • The Conclusion should include a small compilation of the topic.

Step 4- Find Reliable Sources of Information

You should keep in mind that writing an informative essay will help you to get good grades on the paper. There are various sources from where you can look for information like books, the internet, magazines, articles, and publications. You can look for the information from various educational websites and use the information sources to write the essay. You can go through various blogs or articles which are related to your topic.

These are some simple steps that a student should follow to draft an argumentative essay. You should be prepared for the counter-arguments that your reader will present to you. This will help you to give your point and make an impression on the reader. These tips were brought to you by our essay writing experts who are well-versed with different types of essay writing. You can even find amazing tips on persuasive essay writing, descriptive essay writing, narrative essay writing, and many others in our blog section. Consider taking their help in case writing essays seems a beak-breaking task to you. They will be more than happy to help you.

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