Peel Paragraph Structure: Importance & Examples

14 Sep 2022 5129
Structure of Peel Paragraph

Are you tired of trying to write the perfect essay? Are all your efforts going in vain? Is your essay not up to the mark? If yes, then no worries! There is a technique of a peel paragraph structure that you must use while writing the essay. It is the best way to help your essay stand out and get the best grades in it. Once you get to know the trick of writing the peel-paragraph essay, then you will definitely find yourself in a better place. Are you wondering how? Read this blog and get a better understanding of peel strategy, how and when to use it with examples. It will also help you to make your essay writing count by including the peel paragraph structure. 

What Is a Peel Paragraph & Its Structure? 

The PEEL paragraph is a proven method that helps students in making their essay writing more effective. It includes a proper framework to write their essay for better understanding and presentation of facts. PEEL method helps in bringing the sentences together to form a paragraph, which further helps to form an essay. Always remember that the sentence is a basic element of information. Sentences are merged to convey a central idea or thought in a paragraph. Therefore, to convey more than one thought or idea, the essay is written by combining multiple paragraphs. So, to combine the paragraphs there is technique named PEEL- An abbreviation of (Point, Evidence, Explanation, Link).  

P: Point

Point is the first aspect of the Peel writing style. In this, the students should include the introduction of the main point of the essay. To start uniquely, you can include phrases such as, to begin with, moving on to, as well as, etc. It is the process to show your point of view for a better understanding and engagement of the idea to the reader. 

E: Evidence

Evidence is the second aspect of the Peel technique to make the paragraph more impressive. In this, students should mention some specific data and insights to relate your thoughts with the topic. You can start with phrases like for example, this is shown in, such as, etc. It is the detailed process to include the evidence to prove your arguments. It helps the reader to know the quality and your statement. 

E: Explanation

The explanation is the third aspect of the Peel technique to explain the paragraph in detail. In this, students should expand their thoughts and ideas to explain the statement in a better way. You can use phrases like as a result, this means, that this caused, etc. It helps the reader to get the context and the perception of the writer. 

L: Link

Last but not the least, the link is the final aspect to make your paragraph stand out from the crowd. Students should talk around the theme and link the sections with one another. There should be one common thing to relate the paragraphs with each other. To link the paragraph, you can use some phrases like in conclusion, this tells us that, this helps the answer the above question because, etc. By linking the paragraph, the reader finds the connection between all of them. 

Combining these four points help to make your peel essay alluring. A lot of students who are familiar with the PEEL paragraph and its structure often struggle with how to use it. If you are also one of them, then the next section will tell you about the use of peel paragraph structure. 

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What Is the Use of Peel Paragraph Structure?

Being an academic student, you need to understand that it is mandatory to showcase your skills while writing the essay. So, to implement it productively, you have to use peel paragraphs in your essay. When you are writing the essay, you have to keep in mind to use peel paragraph structure, and it will definitely make your essay worth an A+. The basic use of this structure is:

  • Made a POINT
  • Provided EVIDENCE
  • EXPLAINED the evidence & how it supports your POINT
  • Make a LINK to connect it with POINT in the next paragraph.  

Advantages of Using Peel Paragraph in Essay Writing: 

  • PEEL paragraphs facilitate your writing in your essay
  • It improves the effectiveness of the essay.
  • PEEL paragraph structure helps the readers in understanding the text.
  • It assists in ensuring a consistent flow of ideas in an essay.
  • PEEL paragraphs ensure the essay is accurate and also to-the-point.
  • PEEL paragraphs help you in getting good grades. 

When you are familiar with the usage of peel paragraphs, the major query of students arrives, is how to write the essay by using peel paragraph structure. So, to resolve this doubt, read the next section and get a further understanding of essay writing

How to Write an Essay by Using Peel Paragraph?

The main thing that students find difficult is to write the essay by using a peel paragraph. To make it easy, you need to follow the must-do checklist and make your essay impressive. Want to know what is the checklist? Have a look.  

Plan Your Paragraph

Firstly, you need to plan what you are going to write in your paragraph. The content should be accessible and understandable to the reader. It helps you save time, and you do not require to go back again and again.

Write Your Topic Sentence

When you are done with planning, the next you have to do is take your idea and write it in such a way that it introduces you to your reader effectively. Try to avoid pronouns like ‘I’ and ‘me’ as it is clear that it is your essay. 

Pick the Best Example

A sentence without the supporting evidence and arguments is stated as a rumor. So, if you are including something without the evidence, then this won’t help you in getting the best grades. You have to come up with different examples that can support your statements.  

Incorporate Your Example into a Full Sentence

When you present an illustration in a peel paragraph, you have to explain it in such a way that carries the information with the samples and proof. If you are including the example in your own sentence, then it is not going to have that much context to support it. 

Explain Your Example

In a peel paragraph, you need to explain your example thoroughly. And for this, you have to convey why you think that it is crucial. What meaning do you see it conveying, and last how it is conveying the meaning? 

Write Your Linking Statement

The final part that you have to do is a comment that links it to your border discussion or a closing statement that summarizes the argument that you have made in your essay.  

Proofread Your Paragraph 

Now you have finished your writing, right? So, now you have to proofread and edit your essay. Always remember that good grades come to those who take the time to check their work for mistakes. Make sure that you read from the back and look for: 

  • Spelling mistakes
  • Grammar errors
  • Readability
  • Sentence formation
  • Transitions 

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