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6 Health Benefits of Yoga in Your Daily Life

What Is the Significance of Yoga in One’s Life?

Yoga is derived from the Sanskrit word Yuj which means ‘to unite’ and is a mental, spiritual and physical discipline that helps to reach permanent peace. Yoga was originated in India and is related to its culture and heritage, describes a way to live a healthy life. It helps in enhancing the physical and mental health of people and gives peace of mind and control over the body.

According to yoga, the nervous system of your body affects your health, and it gets purified with yoga on a daily basis and helps in keeping your body strong and healthy. We are here to share some of the benefits of yoga on this special occasion of International Yoga Day.

Sheds extra kilos

One of the most essential benefits of yoga is weight loss. Sun Salutation (Surya Namaskar) and Kapalbhati Pranayama help to lose weight. Besides, with regular practice of yoga, you can burn calories, stretch and tone muscles. These miraculous aasans will always assist you to keep a check on your weight.

Reduces stress

A few minutes of yoga on a regular basis can be an efficient way to get rid of stress. Pranayama, yoga postures and meditation are some of the beneficial techniques to release stress.

Lowers blood sugar levels

Yoga helps in lowering blood sugar levels, reducing bad cholesterol and boosting good cholesterol in the body. It minimises the level of sugar in blood by reducing cortisol and adrenaline levels, motivating weight loss, and enhancing sensitivity to the effects of insulin. By doing so, you can decrease the risk of diabetic complications including kidney failure, heart attack and blindness.

Improves immunity

Your system is a smooth blend of the body, brain and spirit. An irregularity in your body affects the mind, causing unpleasantness or anxiety in your brain which can adversely affect your body. Yoga aasans, pranayama, breathing techniques and meditation release tension and boost immunity.

Increases energy level

Yoga can bring positive changes in your life. It provides the much-needed motivation that boosts energy and keeps you fresh. Meditation for a few minutes on a daily basis is all you require to recharge your batteries.

Enhances flexibility

The most obvious benefit of yoga is a flexible body. Regular practice helps in stretching and toning of the body muscles and also make them strong. It also helps in correcting body postures when you stand, sleep, sit, or walk.

Yoga has a number of other benefits that will positively impact you both mentally and physically. It builds a strong relationship between the brain and body, improves your health and keeps you fit and active. We are very sure that you must’ve got motivated to start practicing yoga after reading this blog.

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