Tips to Make a Strong Assignment on Language Analysis for an A+!

20 Dec 2021 926
Overview on Language Analysis

Tips and Techniques on How to Write a Language Analysis! ( With Examples)

Many confused students ask “what is language analysis and how to master it?”For them, the experts of Assignment Prime have given a crisp idea on this subject.

Writing a paper is not that simple as you think. Although, the assignments are the major criteria to analyze a student's performance in academic life. Hence, it is the responsibility of the students to present the paper with reasonable and presentable language. Whatsoever efforts a student puts in writing a paper, if the language is not preferable and presentable, all your struggles would go in vain. It becomes difficult for students to hold onto language analysis and prepare their assignments.

Do you want to remove this hurdle and secure high marks? If yes, you should read this simple guide that will help you to write and get A+ marks in the assessment.

Moreover, while reading this blog, you will not only get to know about the definition, you will also know about the elements and steps that would help you for better understanding. So, let’s move further and understand the language analysis in depth.

A Basic Tour on Language Analysis!

Language analysis is referred to as analyzing arguments. Analysis refers to the way the writers use to convey the meaning through different language techniques. Like figures of speech, sentence structure, tone, and choice of words, etc. It is necessary to show that you are aware of all the techniques while using some language analysis example. In other words, this means identifying the features used in writing and explaining their effects.

Everyone conveys their messages through the words, but how you use those texts affects the meaning of your saying. There are some factors on which the meaning of the language is dependent. Those are

  • The choice of words.
  • The order in which the words are placed.
  • The phrases that are created with it.
  • The length of the sentence developed.
  • The way of punctuating the sentences.

All the above factors contribute to the language used by the writers. The author uses a different language to present the content in the paper. So, it’s important to know how the writer can influence the reader by manipulating the language. Moreover, there are different ways to analyze the language to help the students to understand the intentions of writers.

  • Onomatopeia- This means the words that describe the sounds.
  • Alliteration- This means the repeated instances of the first letter of the words that subsequent the other words.
  • Hyperbole -When the writers want to write on purposeful exaggeration, hyperbole is used.
  • Oxymoron- When two different or conflicting come together to bring effects in writing, the oxymoron is used.
  • Dissonance- When there are more than two sounds that are clashing in one sentence, the dissonance is used.
  • Assonance- When there is the repetition of the vowels sound in the nearby words, assonance is used.

These are the factors that writers use in their writing to manipulate the readers and make them understand their thoughts.

Now, that you have the basic tour of it, let’s know how to write a language analysis effectively. 

How to Write a Killer Language Analysis? | 5 Steps to Remember!

Now that you very well understand the meaning of language analysis, let’s move forward and know the writing process of it.

  • Understand the Format- The first thing you need to do is understand the purpose of writing this type of language. After that, you should know the methodology by fully immersing in the source. In the end, you have to describe the desired outcomes. This way, you have to create the format.

  • Get Set to Start- After understanding the format, it’s time to collect the data. For that, you need to read the sources that give an overall idea to present the words in the assignment. While reading it, you should highlight the key points where persuasive language is used. This way you can save a lot of time. In the last, you need to figure out the author's intention in writing the persuasive language.
  • Identify the Rhetorical Language- It is essential to understand all the factors presented in the text you are analyzing. Also, word choice is important in language analysis. Anyways, the authors have to choose the right words in the right place to identify the differences in the meaning of the sentences. While identifying the Rhetorical language, you need to find the appeals to ethos, logos, and pathos.
  • Ethos- Ethical appeals
  • Logos- Logical applications
  • Pathos-Appeals to rhetorical technique
  • Write Your Analysis- After getting all the information. Let’s start with the writing part. The first thing you have to come up with is a thesis statement to concise the author's view in one line. Usually, it appears at the end of the introduction part. However, before writing the thesis statement, you have to develop the introduction. After that, three paragraphs of the body and the last one with the conclusion.
  • Revising to Give Final Touch- When students wrap their writing, they skip the silly errors and mistakes. But, you should not do this. Take a break for a few hours, start proofreading your document with fresh eyes to see the errors, and correct them before submitting.

Now you must have got how to write a killer language analysis in the assignments. Let’s move forward to know the elements used in it.

Linguistic Elements in Language Analysis to Coherence Your Writing!

The following is the list of elements that the reader needs to identify in his writing:

  • Author- First of all, identify the authors of the writing price. Know more details about the writer and state them in the assignment.
  • Text Type- You should know already what type of writing the writer has included in his writing.
  • Publication- After that, check the location from where it gets published.

Now, you are going to get the elements to start the writing.

  • Audience -You need to check for which type of audience the writer has written before.
  • Contention -You have to establish the main point of view on which the writer has convinced his saying to the readers.
  • Argument Supporting Contention- After the contention, find out the arguments are positive or negative. Both can be used by the author. So, you have to read them carefully.
  • Title- It is the most important part of the assignment. Because of the title, the writer bends the audience towards his writing.
  • Persuasive Techniques- Next thing you need to check is the persuasive technique that the writer has included in his work. You need to see whether the technique is used in the entire assignment or just a few lines.
  • Visuals- Pictures and images are other elements to emphasize the writing and make it more attractive.
  • Tones- It is the attitude of the author described in this paper. It can be checked by syntax, point of view, and word choice.

These are the elements that you should consider while writing your piece of comparative essay. Let’s move further with another section where you would find an easy way to write the language analysis.

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