Writing a Comparative Essay: Importance, Elements and Topic Suggestion

15 Sep 2022 1472
A Complete Guide to Comparative Essay

An essay is a write-up that we have been doing since our school time. It is a document where one can express his thoughts on a topic by giving the facts and figures to support his argument. It is based on the analysis and interpretation of the writer.

An essay is divided into different categories; therefore, it is important to know the type of essay you are writing according to your thoughts. The types of essay are:

  • Comparative Essay
  • Descriptive Essay
  • Narrative Essay
  • Cause and Effect Essay
  • Process Essay
  • Expository Essay
  • Persuasive Essay

Further, we will talk about the concept of a Comparative essay. Read more to understand the bigger picture.

Introduction to the concept of Comparative Essay

In a comparative essay, there are two subjects in a topic that are compared to have clarity and detailed information on each subject. It helps in examining the two subjects of the topic differently to know its similarities and the facts that prove them different from each other.

Every writer has their perspective and approach which makes it an insightful process of writing a comparative essay. The different approach of every writer helps understand a broader image of the argument.

Importance of Comparative Essays

A comparative essay is important to understand the difference and similarities between the two subjects that are compared in the argument. It gives a detailed idea of the topic where each subject is defined in a broader way showcasing their nature and properties.

It requires excellent thinking skills to approach the topic, make an argument, and give evidence such as facts and figures to support the information.

  • Detailed Information on Similarities and Differences: Comparative essay helps in understanding the properties of the two compared subjects. It shows the similarities and comparisons between the two to have a proper understanding of the topic.
  • Clarity of Information: With the help of a detailed study of the subject, it provides concrete information supporting the idea of the central argument or thesis statement of the essay.
  • Helps in Decision Making: By analyzing the two compared subjects, with facts and figures in a detailed manner, helps in decision making to knowing which side to be agreed upon. It shows both the positive and negative sides by comparing the two subjects which makes it easier while making any decisions.

The above points show the importance of a Comparative Essay. Now let us discuss the elements required for a good essay.

Elements to Write a Good Comparative Essay

If you are writing a comparative essay, the following are the points you should remember to make it an easy process for you. These are used in the essay that requires text response through an analytical approach. They are:

  • Select a Topic to Compare: The first step is to select two subjects to compare in the topic. It will help in the right type of research and design the outline of the essay accordingly.
  • Follow a Structure: The basic approach of essay writing which includes introduction, body, and conclusion is known to all. It helps the reader in the step-by-step understanding of the information. Also, makes an essay organized and presentable.
  • Prepare Outline of the Structure: Structural outline helps in the planning of an essay and the topics required to be covered in the essay. It helps in brainstorming the ideas, note them on a paper, and organizing it step-by-step. It helps in a better understanding of the topic without losing the interest of the reader.
  • Parameters of Comparison: A good comparative essay must include two good subjects to be compared as well as parameters on which they are compared. The parameters must be selected that interest the readers to learn the detailed insights on the same.
  • Relativeness and Comparison of Two Subjects: Research can show differences between the two selected subjects or it can also result in defining some of the other factors that make them relatively similar.

In the next section, you will learn how to write an attractive introduction to hold the reader's interest throughout the essay. Whereas, the body can be written using two approaches: block approach and woven approach. The conclusion part is also covered in the different sections of this blog, where you will be able to make the conclusion impactful for the readers.

How to Write a Comparative Essay Introduction?

The introduction plays a major role in engaging the reader's attention; therefore, it has to be very attractive to make the reader go through the essay till the end.

The following are the points to make an essay introduction attractive:

  • Prepare a Central Statement: A central statement shows the purpose of the essay. It helps the reader understand the gist of the essay and the writer's thought process is reflected through the central statement.
  • Show the Importance of the Topic: The importance of the topic needs to be specific to know the reason behind choosing the topic and the importance it creates for people.
  • Start with a Short Background: A little story is what interests people therefore, an introduction can be started with a short story showcasing the topic details.
  • Appropriate Transitions: An essay is written in paragraphs giving details step-by-step. Therefore, appropriate transition plays an important role in a proper understanding of the information.
  • Facts and Figures to Support Details: Always support the argument with relevant facts and figures as evidence to make the argument strong.
  • Similarities and Differences: In a comparative essay, it is important to specify both similarities and differences to provide information that can help the reader make a judgment.

How to write a Conclusion for a Comparative Essay?

The conclusion is the closure of the essay; therefore, it must convey the sense of completeness and clarity of the essay. The conclusion is what makes the research worth stating the learning from the research. It shows the outcome of the research by answering the question of the essay.

Remember to not contradict your statement or any information that has been there in the body of the essay. It may result in the unclear thought process of the writer and lead to the loss of the reader’s interest.

The following points must be included in the conclusion for a good closure of the essay:

1. Summarize with the Focused Points: Make sure to include all the major points while summarizing the essay. It will show the gist of the essay and what will be the understanding of the reader from the essay.

The summary must be concise and clear. A summary of the main points will help eliminate the irrelevant information and focus on the main idea of the essay. It should create an impact on the reader that the above essay is worth reading and will provide some well-researched information.

2. Prove That the Central Statement Is Answered: It is important to include relevant information in the conclusion as it is a concise written draft. Therefore, showing that the central statement is important as it is the main idea of the argument should necessarily be answered to make an essay relevant.

By focusing on the main points, the central statement must be answered in the same. It will show the relevancy of the content and generate readers' attention.

3. Question ending: The ending of the essay can be a question for the readers that will make them think even after finishing the write-up. It is the best strategy to hold the interest of the reader and let the ending be remembered.

A question ends will let the reader wait for the next essay to clear his doubts or research on the topic. The reader will also be able to think and have his perspective on the topic that makes impactful writing.

10 Trending Topics for Comparative Essay

A comparative essay can be written on any of the two items of the same category. The following is the list of the top 10 trending topics of 2021 for a comparative essay:

  • Picking the right discipline and success in career
  • Virtual classrooms and real classrooms
  • Netflix or amazon prime
  • IOS or android
  • Presence on social media: yes or no
  • Machine learning or IoT
  • Political disruption and economic rise
  • Freedom of expression and constraint on freedom
  • What is more productive: studying at home or studying in a library?
  • MNC employee and employee from a small organization

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