90+ Persuasive Speech Topics 2021 [Updated List]

31 Dec 2020 6327
90+ Persuasive Speech Topics

Persuasive Speech: Topics & Types with Examples

If you’re here looking for persuasive speech topics, then you might be working on it, right? If that is the case, then voila! You’re at the right place.

Assignment Prime, being the top academic writing assistance provider, has thought of bringing out some amazing topics to help students with their persuasive speech. So, if you’ve also been searching for it, then this is your jackpot; dip deeper to make your search fruitful with some good persuasive speech topics to impress everyone.

What Is Persuasive Speech?

Have you ever noticed how before elections, the nominated persons or the politicians deliver speeches to the audience? This is a very common thing to do at the time of election campaigning, right? Yes, be it college, university, state elections, or any other, the common practice is the nominators deliver a speech to persuade the audience to vote in favor of them. Such speeches are known as persuasive speech.

In other words, the speeches delivered to persuade/convince the audience that the speaker has the right thought process, and his point of view is the most appropriate one are known as a persuasive speech.

This is one of the most common and influencing forms of delivering one thought, communicating with the audience, and convincing them to accept your opinion.

Types of Persuasive Speech

There are mainly three types of persuasive speeches that a student should know about; the sole purpose behind this is to make them aware of the categories so that they can choose which one is the best for them to go ahead with. The three types are:

1. Proposition of fact

These include the easiest persuasive speech topics that have a clear conclusion: whether true or false. They might also include topics that can be concluded to an outcome after conducting proper research on them. Some examples of this type are:

  • There are 7 continents on earth.
  • America has 50 states in it.
  • Social media creates a negative impact.

2. Proposition of value

Unlike the proposition of facts, where you’ve to look at a topic with the only true or false option, you look into the content here. In other words, this is the type that invokes you to understand the point, bring out its meaning, and then weigh it to find its value such that you can choose one accordingly. Some examples include:

  • Digital money- Get free from the cash system
  • Amazon- Easiest way to buy groceries from anywhere
  • Apple- Connecting people from remote areas is just a tap away

3. Proposition of policy

Unlike the other two types of propositions, in this type, you are persuaded to take action. This thus includes a call for action which takes you to perform a certain task. Here are a few examples of the same:

  • Should students be accessed to university parking?
  • Should sanitary products be provided for free?
  • Should high school students be taught about teen pregnancy?

These are the top 3 proposition types of persuasive speech. The speech you choose includes these, and thus, it is mandatory for you to know this before you get started with your persuasive speech. Now, let’s take a look at some public speaking persuasive speech topics in the below section.

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90+ Persuasive Speech Topic Examples

Here are some interesting persuasive speech topics from different categories to help students choose one that matches their preference. So, let’s get going:

A. Topics According to You Academic Level

Here are some topics for students from different academic levels so that everyone can get a choice to pick a topic they feel comfortable with:

1. Persuasive speech topics for kids

  • Is showering every day important?
  • Should kids do yoga the first thing in the morning?
  • Should kids have TVs in their rooms?
  • Is math more important or reading?
  • Is playing video games a good hobby?
  • Can kids choose which class to attend?
  • Having international pen pals is good or bad for kids?
  • Should kids be allowed to have cell phones?
  • Is wearing pajamas in public inappropriate?
  • Should there be a playground in every society?

2. Persuasive speech topics for high school

  • Are co-curricular activities good for students?
  • Are violent games negatively impacting kids?
  • Is journal writing equivalent to therapy?
  • Tablet vs. laptop: which one is better?
  • How texting while driving can be dangerous?
  • Are open-book tests better than closed books?
  • Is there a choice of healthy snacks for kids?
  • Should it be mandatory for everyone to learn an instrument?
  • Should we pay taxes?
  • Should smoking in public be banned?

3. Persuasive speech topics for college students

  • Explain the pros and cons of allowing mobile phones in colleges.
  • Should students be taught about teen pregnancy?
  • Should co-ed schools and colleges be encouraged?
  • Is it apt to replace books with laptops and tabs?
  • Should student field trips be restricted to their country only?
  • Can foreign languages be included in academics?
  • Is the college year fit to complete the curriculum?
  • Should take a year off from college be encouraged?
  • Can students leave the campus area during breaks?
  • Students should ask permission to go to the restroom. Yes or no?

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B. Topics According to the Theme

Here are some categories from which you can choose some easy persuasive speech topics and make quite a good impression on your audience.

4. Funny Persuasive Speech Topics

  • Do boys gossip more than girls?
  • The reason why not to take a food challenge
  • Are dogs better than cats or vice versa?
  • Can camping be fun or no more fun?
  • Do vegetables and fruits have feelings?
  • How being an adult is not an easy task?
  • Can we be happy to drive people crazy?
  • Does Cinderella prove new shoes do magic?
  • Reasons why Mondays should be banned
  • Can auto-correct ruin your life?

5. Sports Persuasive Speech Topics

  • Why should people dance more?
  • Should it be mandatory to master any sport?
  • There should be a pro-mentor assigned to every amateur?
  • Should exercise be included in the daily routine?
  • Drug addicted players should be banned from sports?
  • Do fangirls know about sports?
  • Should sports be gender-specific?
  • Is it mandatory to retire at 35?
  • Role of sleep in sports recovery.
  • Should smoking be banned in stadiums?

6. Controversial Persuasive Speech Topics

  • Importance of school prayer at educational institutions
  • HIV tests should be available at drug stores like pregnancy kits
  • Is there corruption in journalism?
  • Should animal testing and experimenting ban?
  • Does the jail environment contribute more to crimes?
  • Is it mandatory to test all athletes for drugs?
  • Should punishments be made tough for people committing animal cruelty?
  • How should birth control be regulated and its availability?
  • At what age should teens start dating?
  • How to deal with a teen’s eating disorder?

7. Medical Persuasive Speech Topics

  • Is it mandatory to inform parents if an under-aged girl opts for abortion?
  • What are the consequences of skipping breakfasts on a regular basis?
  • Reasons why we should consume less salt than usual
  • How can sleepwalking be fatal to the patient?
  • Importance of maintaining hydration in the body by regularly drinking water
  • How to maintain a healthy diet in the right proportion?
  • What are the bad consequences of wearing high heels for a long time?
  • Benefits of laughing in context to saving lives
  • Why wearing seatbelts is mandatory while driving?
  • What are some health benefits of eating dark chocolate?

8. Unique Persuasive Speech Topics

  • Ways in which books are better than movies
  • Should age restrictions for TV shows be made stricter?
  • Should lyrics in songs be censored?
  • Purpose of love and relationships n our lives
  • How to know a person for real without getting emotionally attached to them?
  • Do your looks influence the success you achieve?
  • Should drunk driving be restricted completely?
  • How genetically modified foods are harmful to health?
  • How excessive wealth can make people corrupt?
  • Explain the importance of buying local goods.

9. Educational Persuasive Speech Topics

  • Should students who bully be removed from schools?
  • Should teachers get a bonus when their students excel?
  • Pros of including meditation classes for students
  • Can students listen to music during their study sessions?
  • Should online teaching be given equal importance as regular teaching?
  • Should teachers also have tests to renew their certificates?
  • How effective is homeschooling in rural and remote areas?
  • What age is appropriate to provide students with sex education?
  • Should homework be made optional for kids?
  • Should the traditional education system be updated now?

10. Easy Persuasive Speech Topics

  • Should all be provided paid maternity and paternity leaves?
  • Should working from home be made the new standard?
  • Can three-day weekends improve productivity at work?
  • Should TV shows and movies for kids have stronger guidelines?
  • Do aquariums and zoos help in wildlife conservation?
  • Should we stop making and buying fur products?
  • Why children should avoid using chat rooms online?
  • Is it mandatory for all kids to know cooking?
  • Pros of drinking orange juice regularly.
  • Should recycling be made mandatory?

How to Choose Good Persuasive Speech Topics?

‘Choosing an easy persuasive speech topic can only make this tough for you.’ This is a diplomatic saying. Yes! Many students, after choosing a simple topic, fail, while some who chose the most complex topic can succeed on their first try. Though the major role player here is the confidence with which you deliver your speech, the hidden game-changer here is the TOPIC.

When you choose an easy topic, your audience knows that this is simple, so there is no big deal in your excelling at it. But on the other hand, when you go for a complicated topic, they still make fun of you for taking up something you cannot perform well at. So, don’t get overboard and choose a topic that’s right for you. Wondering how you do it? Follow these simple 4 steps, and voila! You can pick impressive persuasive speech topics in no time. Let’s get started:

1. Think, develop, Criticize, Repeat

The first step is where you think about the theme, develop a suitable topic, criticize and evaluate it, and repeat this process till you get a satisfactory topic that interests you.

2. Research About Your Audience

The next step is where you research your audience, try to know who they are, their preference, and other such factors that affect their choice of topic.

3. Add a Personal Touch to It

Now, look for ways using which you can add a personal touch to your speech through that chosen topic- it can be your experience, observation, or anything.

4. Don’t Miss the Interesting Factor

The final step is finalizing the hook; it can be a quote, saying, fact, stats, or anything that grabs the attention of the audience and hooks them.

Follow these simple steps, and you can find how you chose a topic that is interesting and informative. Once you have a topic that you know pros and cons about, the audience’s interest in it, you can personally connect with it, and an interesting factor to put up related to it, then you can decide it is what you want. But, if you still can’t choose one, then it’s high time that you read the below section for a possible answer.

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