Informative Speech Topics A to Z: Ideas to Make an Impact on the Audience

19 May 2022 16358
Informative Speech Topics

Have you ever been in a situation when you have an informative speech scheduled but you still don’t have decided which topic you are going to talk about? If you have had this experience, then we understand how frustrating and upsetting it can be. It is vital to choose an interesting topic for an informative speech if you want to hold the attention of your audience. To help you pick an engaging topic for your next informative speech, we are providing you with a list of the best topics. But before that, let’s throw some light on what information speech is.

Informative Speech: A Medium to Convey Factual Information

The sole purpose of an informative speech is to convey original and factual information on a specific topic that is easily sought-after by your audience. It also allows you to talk about different items, processes, occurrences as well as different groundbreaking concepts to people. Before delivering an informative speech, you need to acquire an in-depth knowledge of the topic.

You can also include your personal opinion about the topic, but make sure to be subtle while you express yourself. Moreover, to keep people engaged in your speech, try to connect with their emotions. Having said that, here we present you with some of the best informative speech topics A to Z.

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Choose one of the following topics related to architecture for an engaging informative speech.

1. How can urban space build community and preserve history?
2. World’s most spectacular buildings and the genius behind them.
3. How can co-housing build a happier community?
4. What are the different ways to make a city more walkable?


Through an informative speech on this topic, you can explore different types of addiction and present solutions to them.

5. Is addiction a choice or a disease?
6. What is more harmful - Substance addiction or behavioral addiction?
7. What are different behaviors that are considered addictions?
8. Why has opioid addiction become a major concern these days?

Ancient World:

If your informative speech is on a topic related to the ancient world, then the audience will surely feel captivated. Have a look at some:

9. According to you, which is the best theory of evolution?
10. Why should you help in discovering ancient ruins?
11. Did dinosaurs really exist?


Choosing one of the following topics related to animals for your informative speech would be great.

12. What roles have cats played throughout history?
13. Which animals can make the best pets?
14. The importance of animals on the planet.


If you deliver an informative speech on AIDS, then people may become more aware of it. A few great topics are:

15. Why should HIV-AIDS testing programmes be encouraged more?
16. Is it possible to cure AIDS with lasers?
17. What is the biggest concern today - AIDS or Global Warming?


Talking about art can make your informative speech worth listening to. Some goods topics are:

18. Can human perceptions be changed by drawing comics?
19. What are the best traditional and contemporary works of art?
20. Why should we acknowledge street arts more?


Pick an area of astronomy and explore it to come up with an interesting informative speech. You can choose to speak on the given topics:

21. Is it possible to survive in a black hole?
22. Can we really find life on other planets?
23. Are there any planets beyond our solar system?



Below we have listed some trending topics of biology on which you can prepare an informative speech and impress your audience.

24. Everything you need to know about CRISPR.
25. How can organ transplantation become easier?
26. What biological resources should we preserve in today’s world?


This technology has taken the world by storm. Through an informative speech on one of these topics, you can make people informed about blockchain.

27. What is blockchain technology? How can it benefit every sector?
28. What are the best applications of blockchain?
29. How can blockchain transform a country’s economy?

Body Language:

You must consider the topics listed below to deliver an interesting informative speech.

30. The lie of a person can be caught through his body language.
31. How to understand the body language and facial expressions of people?
32. Importance of good body language for non-verbal communication.


The topics given below are great for a 5-minute informative speech:

33. Books that are considered the best pieces of literature.
34. How can reading books help you become a better version of yourself?
35. Best autobiographies that you must read at least once.


If you are interested in exploring the intricacies of the human mind, then these topics are amazing for your informative speech.

36. How does your brain work?
37. Can technology really read our minds?
38. Everyday activities that harm our brain.


Below we have mentioned a few informative speech topics related to business:

39. Promotion, Advertisement, & Marketing: Important strategies for business growth.
40. Different leadership styles and their impact on employee productivity.
41. How your personal characteristics have an effect on your business?



Presenting an informative speech on cancer will allow you to spread awareness among your audience. The trending topics are:

42. How can AI make it easier to diagnose cancer?
43. Latest discoveries on cancer treatment.
44. How cancer cells communicate?


Here we bring you some trending topics related to cars that you can consider for your informative speech.

45. How will driverless cars work?
46. Best future concept cars you must know about.
47. The best high-tech cars so far.


An informative speech on chemistry will give me a chance to know a lot of things about this growing field. The topics can be:

48. How is pollution changing the chemistry of the ocean?
49. Emerging applications of covalent organic & metal-organic frameworks.
50. Organic chemistry and the latest discoveries in this field.


An informative speech on a topic related to communication is always a good idea. Have a look at some of the best topics below:

51. Why is effective communication important in the workplace?
52. Verbal and non-verbal communication: Why to master both?
53. Why is listening important to become a great communicator?


Our experts suggest you present an informative speech on the following topics related to computer:

54. How to think like a computer and make better decisions?
55. How can artificial intelligence save humanity?
56. Can we teach computers to make sense of our emotions?


We have mentioned some of the best topics related to crime that you can pick for your informative speech.

57. How can be cyberbullying or revenge porn shatter the life of a person?
58. What is the main source of cybercrime?
59. Should criminals be given a chance to lead meaningful lives in prison?


The topics highlighted below for your informative speech will provide you with an opportunity to explore cryptocurrency.

60. What is cryptocurrency? Explain different types.
61. How does cryptocurrency work and how to use it?
62. How can start-ups get investment capital with the help of cryptocurrency?



Choosing one out of the following topics for your informative speech will let you have an edge over your peers.

63. Nations that can become politically stable by implementing democracy.
64. The problem with democracy and domestic terrorism.
65. What is the value of democracy to a country?

Informative Speech Topics2


You can deliver an informative speech on depression and encourage your audience to be open about it.

66. Why should you talk about depression and not suffer in silence?
67. What are the struggles of a person undergoing depression?
68. Can medicine really cure depression?


If you want to present an informative speech on disability, then you should opt for the topics our experts have suggested.

69. People who didn’t let disability come in their way of success.
70. Different strategies for the empowerment of people with disabilities.
71. Why should people with special needs be treated equally?


The following topics on drones are really good for your informative speech.

72. Will drones save the world or destroy it?
73. How is drone technology beneficial for humans?
74. How can drones give businesses a strong competitive advantage?



Find below the list of informative speech topics on economics provided by our experts.

75. Different microeconomics and macroeconomics models.
76. Various emerging areas in economics.
77. What is the most efficient way to spend your money?


Go through the best informative and persuasive speech topics on education.

78. Why is online learning beneficial than classroom learning?
79. Listening to music while studying - Harmful or beneficial?
80. How to develop creative skills in the classroom?


Need a good informative speech topic on entertainment? Here are some of the best.

81. How can artificial intelligence be used in movie production?
82. How playing video games affects your brain and body?
83. How has Netflix changed our experience of watching movies and sh


Here, you will find some of the new and interesting informative speech topics about the environment.

84. Will rainforest come to an extent in a few years?
85. What are the benefits of implementing organic culture?
86. How can we make energy affordable for poor families?



Some of the best and current informative topics on fashion are as follows:

87. How fashion helps us express ourselves?
88. What are the weirdest fashion trends in today’s world?
89. In what ways does the fashion industry affect the environment?


For your informative speech, you can pick a topic related to feminism, equality, and womanhood.

90. What are different feminist beliefs?
91. Why do we need feminism more than ever?
92. Why feminist is one of the most important movements today?


Whether you have to deliver 1-minute informative speech or an 8 minute, choosing a finance topic always works.

93. What are the most suitable investment strategies?
94. If we start managing our own finance, our country can grow economically.
95. What are different ways to earn more credit?



Pick the most suitable informative speech topic on video games and gaming technology from the given list:

96. How can games help children with autism?
97. Playing games can make you smart. How?
98. The history of gaming.

Gender Equality:

Presenting an informative speech on these topics of gender equality will leave a great impact on your audience.

99. Have we really achieved gender equality in the workplace?
100. Why is gender equality is not only a women’s issue?
101. Some shocking facts on gender inequality.


Here are some of the best informative speech on geography listed by our academic writers.

102. What are the different patterns in climate change?
103. What is continental drift theory and what does it mean in vulcanology?
104. Places on Earth are diametrically opposite to each other.


This area can give you a lot of funny and humorous informative speech topics.

105. Can our word ever get free from the shackles of corruption?
106. How can we make the voting system more modern, secure, and inclusive?
107. How globalism and nationalism can work together?



If you need a good informative speech topic on health and fitness, then here some great options.

108. Why do most college students suffer from stress and anxiety?
109. Different factors that impact your body image.
110. Organ transplantation and its psychosocial aspects.


Can’t find the right informative speech topic on history? The following list might help you.

111. The history of different burial practical around the world.
112. The beginning and the end of the first and second world war.
113. Most influential leaders from history.

Human Body:

Choosing a topic related to the human body for your informative speech can help you understand a lot many things about your body.

114. What is the secret to living a healthier and longer life?
115. What are the most shocking facts about the human body?
116. Explain the science of different skin colors.



The internet is one such topic that you can always pick for your informative speech since it interests everyone.

117. How can we claim our authority on the internet?
118. How has the internet changed our lives completely?
119. Your smart devices and internet know a lot of things about you.


Sharing a few details about introversion with your audience through an informative speech is a great idea.

120. How to excel at networking if you’re an introvert?
121. If you’re an introvert, you can make a great entrepreneur.
122. Why are introverts way better than extroverts?



For journalism students, the given topics can make your informative speech a success.

123. How can you find truth in a time of fake news?
124. Why journalists these days need to be braver?
125. Freedom of Press - What is it and why is it important?



Language is a medium of human communication, and it can be a good informative speech topic.

126. How has language changes over time?
127. What are the benefits of learning a new language?
128. What are the basic elements and principles of sign language?


This list presented by our experts will help you find an amazing informative speech topic on the law.

129. Why the power of law should be put in people’s hands?
130. Some of the deadliest laws that prevail in the world today.
131. What are the main goals of the criminal justice system?


If you pick an LGBT informative speech topic and speak about their rights and issues, then you can really impress your audience.

132. What are LGBT rights in different countries of the world?
133. What does the world feel about LGBT people?
134. History of Gay, Lesbian, Transgender, and Bisexual Social Movements


Here are some excellent informative speech topics about literature.

135. The impact of Greek & Roman literature on modern literature
136. Different types of literature.
137. What are the best literary works ever?



Struggling to find an engaging informative speech topic on marketing? This list will be helpful for you.

138. What are the benefits of multi-level marketing?
139. Best psychological tactics for marketing your business.
140. Pros and cons of online marketing.


Below you will find some of the best and trending informative speech topics on media and social media.

141. Most creative advertisements of all time.
142. How has social media made our lives miserable?
143. Is virtual reality the future of news?


For an impressive informative speech, you can choose a topic on movies and the entertainment industry.

144. Gender-based pay disparity in the film industry.
145. How movies teach us humanity?
146. Most talented yet underrated actor.


The informative speech topics on music given below are really interesting.

147. Why is music considered a way of living?
148. What is the impact of music on our brain?
149. What are the different genres of music?



If your informative speech topic is about nature, then you can spread awareness and encourage people to save nature.

150. How can we change people’s attitudes towards nature?
151. How has our relationship with nature changed over time?
152. Why should we encourage eco-tourism?

National Security:

National security is one of the greatest concerns for any country. It can be a good topic for your informative speech.

153. How is the smuggling of illegal things done in a country?
154. Countries with the greatest military powers.
155. The importance of the Navy and Air Force for a country.

Nuclear Energy:

Need a topic on nuclear energy for your informative speech? Here are some latest topics:

156. How can we solve climate changes by using nuclear power?
157. Deadliest nuclear weapons used in World War II.
158. The countries that have great nuclear power.



Obesity is one of the biggest problems today. Here are some topics for an informative speech on obesity.

159. Shocking facts about overweight and obesity.
160. Our body shape is defined by the microbes.
161. Risk of obesity-linked cancers in young people.

Informative Speech Topics3

Online Education:

Want to speak about online education. Here are some really good topics for an informative speech.

162. Importance of online education these days.
163. What are the different types of online education?
164. Top universities that offer the best online courses.



Here we bring you informative speech topics on philosophy that are really interesting.

165. How do you find the meaning of your life?
166. What are different from the areas of philosophy?
167. Should euthanasia be legalized?


Some informative speech topics on politics that are relevant to college students are given below:

168. What progress have women made in politics so far?
169. What is foreign policy? Explain it with current examples.
170. Should the US keep immigration under control?


Psychology is a vast area that offers many informative speech topics, but the ones listed here are the best.

171. How do we make choices?
172. Best psychology tricks to convince a person.
173. How to improve positive thinking and leave behind negative emotions?


Quantum Physics:

Some of the best informative speech topics about quantum physics are given here.

174. Making encryption stronger through quantum physics.
175. The contribution of Einstein to quantum physics.
176. How Quantum Physics Bridges Spirituality and Science



We want you to leave your audience impressed, and that’s why we bring here the best informative speech topics on relationships.

177. What is the secret behind happy and successful relationships?
178. How can you make long-distance relationships work?
179. Marriages today and marriages from the 60s - What’s the difference?


These informative speech topics on religion and faith are really good. However, make sure not to hurt anyone’s sentiment.

180. Are modern values violating religious values?
181. What are the main principles of Christianity?
182. Why worshiping Satan is not bad?


In this advanced world, choosing a topic on robots for your informative speech is always a good idea.

183. History and the future of robots.
184. Is the future of robotics heading in the right direction?
185. What are the best robotics inventions so far?



Given below are trending topics about science for your informative speech.

186. The evolution of the human race and transhumanism.
187. What are the contributions of Albert Einstein to science?
188. Chemical reactions that happened during the birth of the galaxy.

Self Help:

An informative speech on a topic related to self-help always seems interesting to your audience.

189. What are the goals that you should strive for in life?
190. How to improve your communication skills?
191. How to boost your confidence and self-esteem?
192. The characteristics of a good leader.


Topics related to society and social issues for informative speech are always good and interesting. Below you’ll find some.

193. What is the effect of human behavior on society?
194. Discrimination and its impact on society.
195. Should we judge people by their appearance - Why and why not?
196. What is that one thing that is needed to be changed in society?


Searching for an informative speech topic on sports and games? Below you’ll get some of the best.

197. The benefits of sports for people of every age.
198. Top sporting scandals of all time.
199. The best sportsperson of the era.
200. The history of the Olympics.


You can easily grab the attention of the audience if your informative speech is one of the following topics that are related to supernatural activities.

201. The mystery behind the Bermuda Triangle.
202. Bigfoot - A man-monster or just a myth?
203. Do people really have supernatural powers and abilities?


Here are a variety of informative speech topics on startup that you can choose.

204. Best startup ideas that guarantee success.
205. What should a person really have to begin a startup?
206. Best strategies to grow your startup.


Through an informative speech on the topic of sustainability, you can encourage your audience to go green.

207. Environmental sustainability and its importance.
208. Why should we encourage sustainable design and green architecture?
209. What should we do to reach sustainable development?



From a wide range of informative speech topics on technology, we bring you the best here.

210. How has technology destroyed human interaction?
211. Upcoming technologies that will change the future.
212. The human brain vs. computer - Which is better?


Want to speak about terrorism? Here are some trending informative speech topics in this area.

213. How can we stop young people from joining violent extremist groups?
214. The deadliest terrorist groups in the world.
215. Life of people in war-torn countries around the world.


Want an informative speech topic on travel and leisure? Here, get some ideas.

216. Exotic places you can travel on a limited budget.
217. What are the best cruises in the world?
218. Best places to visit once in a lifetime.



Listed below are some great topics on the universe that you can pick for your informative speech.

219. The origin of the universe and its end.
220. Will Earth look like Mars in the coming time?
221. Which is the most mysterious star in the universe?

Urban Planning:

Here are the 3 best topics for an informative speech on urban planning.

222. How can we design timeless cities for a better future?
223. How can cohousing bring us together and make us happier?
224. What are the main principles of Roman town planning?



If you have an informative speech scheduled, then you can speak about violence and abuse. Here are some relevant topics.

225. Domestic abuse and planning - What can we do about it?
226. The causes and impacts of violence in society?
227. What is emotional and how is it similar to physical abuse?

Virtual Reality:

Virtual reality offers some really good informative speech topics. Listed below are some amazing topics.

228. How has virtual reality changed the experience of watching sports?
229. How does virtual reality work?
230. Various virtual reality examples in the real world.



World peace is an important issue. Preparing your informative speech on this topic reflects your concern for society.

231. Sufferings of people once the war is over.
232. Was there any way to avoid World War 1?
233. Will World War 3 ever happen?


With the world turning digital these days, let the latest trends lend you some interesting informative speech topics.

234. How can we benefit ourselves from the World Wide Web?
235. Websites that are worth surfing.
236. Internet: The most powerful platform to connect people.


Women empowerment surfacing the media can give you some really good informative speech topics. Below are the best ones.

237. Why do female entrepreneurs get less funding?
238. Women in the past who changed the world.
239. Why should women understand that feminism is all about equality?

Workplace Harassment:

Here is a list of some trending and relevant informative speech topics about workplace harassment.

240. Types of workplace harassment and how to deal with them?
241. Shocking facts about workplace bullying, harassment, and discrimination.
242. Laws against bullying and harassment at work.



Youth is one of the most interesting topics for informative speech for students from grade 8th to Ph.D. level.

243. How can young people help us build a better future?
244. What moral values do the youth of today lack?
245. What is the attitude of young people towards their life?


This ancient practice can be a good topic for your informative speech.

246. The origin and development of yoga
247. Yoga: An ancient practice shaping the healthier world
248. The scientific benefits of practicing yoga.



If you are interested in studying animals, then find the best informative speech topics on zoology below.

249. Adaptions in animals over time for survival.
250. Studies involved in the evolution of present biological diaspora.
251. The role of animals in shaping modern medicine.

Whatever topic you choose for your informative speech, make sure it is interesting and logical. Nobody likes to hear out a person who talks about boring and irrelevant things. If you’re not able to select a topic and prepare an informative speech on it, handover the task to us.

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