Quarantine Special: Experts Reveal Emotional Stages of Assignment Writing!

02 Sep 2019 1552
Emotional Stages of Assignment Writing

10 Stages of Assignment Writing Every Student Can Relate!

Okay, “What is one thing which troubles you the most in your academic life?” Well, there are 99.99% chances that you will end up saying assignment writing, right? Writing an assignment is one thing that troubles even the brightest minds. In general, a student's life revolves around dozens of academic papers, one after the other. At one point of time or the other, you must have also struggled hard with your paper. Assignment help UK experts decided to take you in the flashback of memories. Moreover, if you have just begun your college life, then get ready to pass through the emotional stages of assignment writing mentioned in this write-up.

Hello, students! Hope you are staying at home and maintaining social distancing. The motive behind drafting this write-up is to cheer you up during the quarantine period. The piece of information has been drafted by the assignment writing helpers of the UK, which sheds light on various stages that comes while accomplishing the task of assignment writing. Get ready for a laughter ride, folks!

Assignment Help UK Professionals Raise the Curtain from the Stages of Writing an Assignment

No matter, you are a class topper or an average student, the task of assignment writing can easily roll down tears from your face. Well, the reason is simple, viz., the lack of adequate skills related to writing, editing, proofreading, and researching. And, if your stars aren’t in your favor, then your professor can also assign you a stringent deadline.

Burning the midnight oil, tonnes of anxiety, sleepless nights, etc., are some of the perks that come along during assignment writing. Moving on further, let us flashes a light on 10 emotional stages of assignment writing which a student needs to pass for achieving academic success. Keep scrolling to know more!

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1. I Will Begin This Assignment Early!

Let’s agree to the fact that as soon as the professor assigns the writing work, your ear sends only one signal to the brain, i.e., “I will start working on the assignment ASAP and will use the best assessment strategies to make it look perfect.” You become super-enthusiastic with a 'never-say-dying' attitude. The feeling, although remains for a tiny moment; well, that's another side of the story.

2. Procrastination? I Don’t Know Such Word

Generally, students keep reminding themselves that they will not fall into the trap of procrastination, but sadly, everyone knows the reality. The young minds are seen delaying the task till the deadline knocks at the door. As a result, they end up searching for the answer to the question, “Which is the best website providing assignment help UK students seek help from?”

3. Let Me Check Social Media for 5 Minutes

Now come the ones who love to socialize with people digitally. Such students take a 5-minute break from the writing task in the name of checking their social media profiles and return after 1-2 hours. They keep moving in a vivacious circle from Instagram to Facebook to Snapchat to Youtube. Moreover, even seeing the blank wall in front of your study table seems interesting.

4. Hold On! Writing Is My Passion

Everyone loves writing till they finish crafting the introduction. After that, students look for ways to meet the word count. In short, meeting the word limit looks easy at first, but causes great trouble when you begin to fill the canvas with words. And, the situation worsens when you have no knowledge of the referencing styles.

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5. I Think I Deserve a Break!

Okay, agreed that the assignment writing helpers advise students to take frequent breaks. But, frequent breaks aren’t meant to be taken after 5 minutes. This result in student feeling distracted and less concentrated. In a general scenario, a break of 5 minutes is enough in an hour.

6. Umm…What Should Be the Topic?

The first impression is the last impression, and the phrase finds great importance in assignment writing as well. An interesting yet informative assignment topic doubles the chance of getting an A+. As a result, students leave no stone unturned in looking for the best assignment idea. Visiting the library becomes a daily pilgrimage and reading academic journals becomes the favorite part-time hobby.

7. Bravo! I Am a Real-Life Sherlock Holmes

Every student starts considering himself as Sherlock Holmes when the time comes to research on the assignment idea for gathering relevant information. However, they quickly come to reality when they are required to trawl through multiple sources of information, such as renowned books, online discussion forums, etc.

8. English Language Is Easy. No?

Assignment Help UK writers believe that 42.98% of the students fail to impress their college professor due to poor command on the English language. Students have insufficient knowledge about the fundamental concepts of the language such as tenses, active & passive voice, punctuation, etc.; and this is where the entire problem lies.

9. Grades Can’t Decide My Future

When the academic stress overpowers a student, they don’t have any other option than keeping themselves motivated. They start thinking that they will mend their ways and bounce back with great energy when the professor assigns the next academic paper. Moreover, they begin accepting that grades aren’t the only thing required to succeed in life.

10. Happy Independence Day!

Finally, the day arrives when the student submits their assignment to the professor. The feeling is phenomenal as they are now free from the shackles of stress. They can now take a sigh of relief until the professor comes up with another tiresome assignment writing task. But, for the time being, academic pressure is nowhere to be seen.

This brings us to the end of the write-up. Reading so far, you must have known that the emotional stages of assignment writing faced by the students.

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