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5 Simple Techniques to Solve Tricky Mathematics Problems

Different Ways to Get Solution to Difficult Math Questions

Mathematics is a subject which most of the students don’t like to study. The reason behind disliking it is that they face many difficulties while solving various questions.

Why do students face difficulty in solving mathematical problems?

The actual reasons for this question are:-

  • Negative perception of this subject from starting.
  • Getting frustrated if a solution is not found.
  • Difficulty in solving lengthy calculations.
  • Lack of practice.
  • Misunderstanding of basic concepts.

Will it do if you don’t take mathematics seriously? No. As we all know that it is a subject which is required in almost all fields and also useful in passing many entrance exams for professional courses. Thus, to fulfill your dreams, you need to develop an interest in this subject.

Do you wish to boost your morale and develop an interest in mathematics? Well, if yes, then just go through these tips:-

1)Play number games like Sudoku.
2)Focus on both theoretical as well as practical concepts.
3)Learn tricks of calculation.
4)Form a group to study this subject.
5)Concentrate and participate in class.
6)Ask for help if you have any doubts.
7)Help others in solving their doubts.
8)Take time to practice regularly.

It’s not that every student needs to build-up their interest in this subject. But, this doesn’t mean that they don’t face any issue when solving their math problems.

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5 Techniques to Solve Tricky Math Problems

Here are a few tips and tricks that will help students solve math problems without putting any efforts.

1.How to solve Arithmetic Progression questions?

Many students face problems in solving questions related to the series. There are many different types of series like a perfect square, a perfect cube, two-stage, mixed, etc. You can also be asked questions like find the last term, find missing number, replace wrong, etc. Not only this, students even have to learn many formulas like mean, difference, sum, last term, etc.

Expert’s Tips:

  • Carefully read the question and know what is asked.
  • Recognize which type of series it is.
  • Know which formula can be applied to get the answer.
  • Remember to do calculations properly.

2.How to solve Trigonometric Identities questions?

There are three types of identities- quotient, reciprocal, and pythagorean. You may be asked to prove, verify or solve trigonometric equations and identities.

Expert’s Tips:

  • Using identities convert sec, cosec, tan, cot into cos and sin. It will help you solve your equations easily.
  • Simplify the equation by expanding and combining like terms.
  • Factorize numerator and denominator as it will help you cancel like factors.
  • Promptly use identities wherever required.

3.How to solve matrices and determinants?

Matrix is a set of number arranged in a rectangular bracket and determinants are the numbers arranged in the matrix. Matrices solve simultaneous equations used in robotics, electronics, statics, linear programming, genetics, etc.

Expert’s Tips:

  • Remember to focus on theoretical concepts.
  • Try to thoroughly understand properties.
  • Be aware of all the styles of expanding of determinants.
  • When doing matrices with a linear equation, try to write them in standard form.

4.How to solve probability problems?

Probability is finding the possibility of occurrence of an event in a given situation. There are two types of probability- conditional and combined. Depending on it the events occurring are mutually exclusive, dependent, independent or complement. General questions asked are like calculate the probability of heads appearing on the face of a coin or the ball removed from a bag is green.

Expert’s Tips:

  • Sum total of all the probabilities of an event will be 1.
  • Probability can range between 0 to 1.
  • Consider no. of possible events you need to examine.
  • Calculate total no. of possible events.

5.How to solve surface area and volume problems?

This is a concept which requires a lot of difficult calculations, understanding the diagram, and interpreting formulas to find a solution to a given problem. To correctly solve the problems of this chapter, follow the given tips.

Expert’s Tips:

  • Not only learn but also understand the formulas with the diagram to grasp them faster.
  • Learn easy tricks to solve multiplication and divisions to calculate fast.
  • Read and understand the question and then think which formula to apply.

In this blog, our experts have tried to give a few tricks on how you can easily solve difficult questions of mathematics. Students for sure will be able to increase their interest and confidence in doing maths if they follow the advises by our writers.


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