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Seven things that students must check before joining a college

January 18, 2018
Choosing a College

Student life has never been that easy as it appears to others. Daily, they have to face certain insoluble dilemmas regarding their career options. The most difficult decision a student can ever take is deciding which college is best for him. Choosing an institute for higher education requires a lot of research before enrolling in it. One has to look into the pros and cons of every college in his wish list. Once a student is over with this tedious process, he/she will repeat the same process for selecting an apt course. In this blog, a lot of information has been provided to help students in evaluation of colleges before they apply in any of them. Read further:-

1.) Accreditation

Before enrolling themselves in any course, students should verify the accreditation of the college from a recognized accrediting agency. Accredited college has to comply with the rigorous standards, develop and implement a Campus Effectiveness Plan. And, a degree from that campus helps students to avail specific benefits like scholarships or stipends in higher education.

2.) College Fee

College fee is the most important factor in deciding your college. You should choose an institute as per your capability to afford its tuition charges. In the past few years, the gap between public and private institutions’ fee has considerably increased. Government funded colleges have lesser fee than those run by some private corporations. But, getting into a college funded by the government is a nerve-wracking task, whereas private institutes are not pocket-friendly. So, think carefully before spending every penny earned by your parents. 

3.) Available Scholarships

Higher education in Australia is quite expensive, but you can curb this problem. There are various scholarships and grants that are provided by the college to some of the deserving students. There are certain forms of financial aids from the government such as federal or state grants. What is required from you is that you fill up your outstanding achievements and grades or percentage correctly to avail such benefits. 

4.) Graduation to Admission Rate

It is one of the most crucial factors a student should consider. Graduation to Admission rate is a parameter which tells you the solid information about the college’s performance and its teaching standards. Ideally, this figure must be unity, but almost all the colleges in the world have less than one. Also, it furnishes you with  data about the number of students who have completed their education without any year back. 

5.) Internships Opportunities

Internships are the platforms where students can apply the bookish knowledge that they learn in the class to the field, thereby gaining practical experience. Various summer internship programs run in the colleges, so look for those hands-on training programs before submitting the form. Although there are off-campus internships  that you can join, it is worthwhile to consider college that provides direct internship opportunities to its pupils.

6.) Academic and Campus Facilities

The academic and campus facilities make all the difference between various colleges competing in a common market. If you are ready to spend your parent’s hard-earned money on your education, then you better look for an institution with expansive computing centers and world-class laboratories that enhance your educational experience.

7.) Job Placement Rates

“In the end only the placement matters.”

Every applicant must pay special attention to the job placement rate before enrolling in any college. The actual potential of any institution can be seen from its recruitment rates and figures. Finding out the numbers of recruiters that come for hiring students will help you gain confidence in your decision.

With this full-fledged list of the critical parameters in hand, it’s time that you start your search for the dream college. Hope you make a wise decision.

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