Market research and segmentation both are essential activities for every business. In regard to have sustainable development of business the management need to have concerned regarding market conditions. On the basis of analysis the decisions regarding segmentation are being taken into account. In order to have better understanding about the subject, BROWN GIRL LIPS lipstick manufacturing firm has been taken into account.

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Market Research

Web based shopping has been most helpful for individuals in late time. It has been seen that shopping inclinations change contingent upon a man's circumstance. Numerous individuals are beginning to lean toward web based shopping more than in-store shopping. Web based shopping is most advantageous for people that don't have sufficient energy to go to the store. On the off chance that individual is occupied with an online activity or online classes then internet shopping can now and again be more helpful. It's additionally helpful since individual don't need to drive, get the transport, hold up in a long queue, or manage not having the capacity to discover a thing. In-store shopping can be most helpful for the individuals who are once in a while at home and don't have room schedule-wise to analyse costs. It's particularly helpful for the individuals who work outside of home and understudies on grounds. In-store shopping can likewise be a ton faster since you don't need to stress over transportation.It indicates that for company the consideration of online shopping store is more convenient as it will assist in improving the performance.

In addition to this, it can be said that using online shopping the overall market share of company can be advanced in critical manner. It assist customers to have easy access to the products and services so that their needs can be accomplished. Business can also attain rapid growth so that long term opportunities can be attained. It also save time and cost which need to be referred by management in appropriate manner. However, disadvantage of online shopping is delay in delivery. It might affect the customer perception towards online shopping. It means the supply chain of company must be advanced so that goals and objectives can be accomplished.







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