Business Statistics


Business based statistics is an important area of statistical analysis which is linked with business outcomes. It is a very important tool for doing businesses in economic and financial arena where the basic statistical tools are used in abundance. Not only this have the statisticalmeasures such as that of central tendency that is mean, median and mode and the measures of dispersion like standard deviation and mean deviation and others are extremely important indicators for business performance (Siegel, 2016, p.124). Not only this the hypotheses based on business are analyzed in terms of t-test which is designed to either validating or invalidating the hypotheses based on important variables of statistics like confidence intervals and level of significance and others.

Review of article

The value of gym based customer survey may not be fully evaluated in terms of the membership of customers at the time of survey because the experience level of gym trainers is a must issue for doing this kind of survey. Again the valuation of customer based membership of gyms is not fully supported until and unless the perceptions of life are taken into account in the process. There are several dimensions to evaluate the customer based perception based perceptions or valuation mechanisms of gyms (Freed et al. 2014, p.124). The customer based evaluation in gyms is dependent on socio-cultural and socio ethical values which depend on customer interaction based mechanisms in gyms and fitness centre. Marketing based on society is another essential determinant of customer evaluation based relationship in fitness based service centers which are mainly of private origin. For instance the marketing processes based on price mechanisms and price threshold regulations does take into consideration the value of money generated in terms of gym member’s fees in form of cash granted to gym administrator in a monthly basis as an important factor determining customer based evaluation of performance in gyms and fitness centers of the present world which does create externality on society in which it is under activation. For instance the emotional criterion in terms of gym membership can be accessed via the entertainment and joy and relax gained by the customers who regularly refreshes themselves in form of doing different types of exercises in gyms and fitness centers .Gym based fitness centers is also responsible for adding to social welfare in terms of optimality of Praetorian origin  as fitness provided to customers by gym helps in improving the quality of life of these members who are otherwise suffering from stress and ill health before joining fitness centers of quality in abundance.

Bivariate analysis of customer survey data

Case 1: Two categorical variables

America Germany
Male 5000 4934
Female 5063 5003

Table1: Bivariate frequency table between gender and country of customers of gyms.

female male

Figure2:  Bivariate chart between gender and country of customers of gyms
(Source: Created by the Researcher)

Proposed change

The proposed change based on the review of customer analysis or evaluation in terms of their membership in gyms can be attributed to a variety of factors. The changes are dependent on verities of social, economic, cultural and ethical phenomenon based on the current conditions of mindset of modern humans which does hurt the ethnic values of gym based fitness services and the quantity and quality of their admission procedure of business and services (Selvanathan et al. 2014, p.58). The stress factor is the crucial factor affecting people who are busy or have to remain busy in daylong work of their professional and unprofessional pattern based lives. Hence there should be some extra time kept for gyms for each and every customer to be brought in terms of change in the customer evaluation techniques of gym in terms of survey of statistical origin in terms of increase in say mean number of people joining all types of gym centers and service institutions which will surely increase the price based market valuation of gyms in terms of increased customer participation (Nguyen et al. 2016, p.750). This is because transformed pattern of customer behavior in terms of their augmented desire to go to gyms contribute hugely to the money values earned in terms of fees earned by the gym administrators and salaries of gym trainers. For this reason the price mechanism of gymnasiums in terms of the fee charged by them to each and every customer joining the same should be so designed that the price charged is marginal so that people of medium or average classes or people of different strata’s of society can afford them with ease. Additionally, there should also be proper time segmentation leading to different workout times in gyms so that people who are very busy in formal terms can afford them at different hours of the day rather than only on peak hours daily.

Calculation of confidence interval of proportion THAT said YES


As per the above mentioned calculations, we are observing a good proportion of people of 0,899995 are in support of the proposed change that a transmogrification is needed in the customer evaluation pattern of gyms and in terms of t-testing it is also proved that the proportion in support of the proposed change are more than half the total percentage thereby rejecting the hypothetical null hypothesis and accepting a majority decision of customers in favor of the proposed change (Dancer et al. 2015, p.1820).


It can be interpreted from the above statistically manipulated analysis evaluated in terms of statistical tools that customers of modern era are highly desired to go to gyms to lessen their stress in terms of both mental and physical origin and they also support the transmogrification or change behavior of gym based activities which modifies the behavior and structure customer based membership and cultural pattern of business of gymnasiums. Since the majority decisions of consumers are biased in favor of transformed pattern of customer membership of gyms as the t-test value which is the observed value of testing is above 50%. Hence change is vital as per the information provided by these statistics in gym based customer services procedures and patterns.


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