Case study of Dragon Den series

Task 1

The name of the business

The Reviveaphone is mobile phone repair startup which featured in the startups 100 2014 is achieving sales of over 13000 repair kits to consumer across the globe and now they celebrating this.

Owner structure

Mr. Oliver Murphy is the owner of Reveveaphone. He is 22 years old and fix phones to create some extra cash. Mr. Oliver also used to purchase damaged phones in mass and set and sold-out them. Seeing in this chance and worth in this work, he went on to create an imaginative system to take phones damaged by water and other fluid back to life.


The Reveveaphone founded in June 2012 by Mr. Oliver Murphy . Reveveaphone offers a result to fix water damaged smartphones,cameras,MP3 players and mini tablets using a sellable pocket which works to take out caustic mineral deposits from submerged electronics and reconstruct them with no long term damage.

Its activity

Assist by Hoppens funding ,Murphy has scaled the Essex based abroad with product launching in Spain,North America, Switzerland,Scandinavia and Japan with scene of over 250000 for 2014. In August 2014, Murphy declared sales of 13000 repair kits and communication were storage warehouse to take the brand into the mainstream alongside the launch of a new product line water resistant invisible surface for smartphones.

Business location

The Reveveaphone located in UK in Boreham CM3 3AN, Chantry Ln,Chantry,Farm. Now oliver had expanded his brand overseas with product launches in Spain,north America, Switzerland,Scandinavia and Japan.

Strengths and weaknesses

The major disadvantage of The Reviveaphone Ltd. Will lack of innovation for surviving in the competitive market of entertainment world, they have to take necessary tactics . In addition, in order to promote their business among their target audiences, they have to choose suitable marketing media.

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The major advantages of The Reviveaphone Ltd. are their effective electronics technology will help them to improve their performances. In addition, with the help of the product promotion through various social media platforms, they also are able to get popularity among their target audiences. With the increasing popularity in the entertainment world also be able to attract large number of viewers to their shows . Besides this, joint venture with the reputed and popular TV channels will also help them to get popularity in the market.

The Reveveaphone starting up with 400 by the Mr.Oliver Murphy from his savings, his business has grown manifold. He launched a new product line Splash which supply a water electrical resistance unseeable coat for smartphones.

Business in some similar industry

According to this case study, the concept of business in some similar type industry has implicated very prospectus in a UK. There are some social factors are related in those things like as human resource management, marketing, sales & area of production have also be included in that matter. Those pints have described following some points regarding this case study.

HRM in business

Human resource issue are coming in this kind of business because of supermarket goal & the objectives of business programmers .Due to help of human resource management are supervised changing of norms policy, employee related issue & maintain the market goodwill for good services to the customers. In the time of 21st century the effective management of the business company, the human resource management has played a vital role to take completion advantage. This kind of things will help to create long-term performance of the business company. These things have place with a body of practices, which will concern for the integration of companyal management. Human resource management is completely different from the personal management system. HRM has ensured that companys skills necessary to access competition from the other companies. Most of the firms are taking their manger to control entire HRM system. Normally the managers are providing their duties & responsibilities toward their stuffs & the worker. Entire HRM processes have executed for stable the business module (Zhao et al., 2010). The senior’s stuffs are revealing their duties to the junior stuffs. Tall business modules have circulated through the HRM process. It have also concerned with the importance of people, their attitudes, their performance. This all things have effective for the business company. This efficiency will help to create a large economy scale for the business company.

Productivity of business

The productivity of business is the vital thing for similar type business company. Small business is the sector where the halves of the employees are in the private sector. This case study will help to known for identifying how small businesses have managed to compare with large business aspect (Raposo et al., 2011). There is a management of small business, which has, con-texted with the key resource of premises where people can discuss their problems.

Murphy pitched to the dragons, the company had been commerce for little over a year with 20000 turnover and 3000 net net income from UK gross sales but the Reviveaphone performance today is different. Boosted by Hoppens funding ,Murphy has scaled the Essex based abroad with product launching in Spain,North America, Switzerland,Scandinavia and Japan with scene of over 250000 for 2014.

Marketing & sales

Marketing & sales are the crucial issue to supervise any types of business company. Small industries are seems like to growing very vastly so they are reviling to work very fast. In the case of marketing buyer are very serious & intelligent to take their product. All types of marketers groups have prepared their self in a cheap cost (George et al., 2011). The low esteem of any company are always try to giving their products very good quality. The work enforce of any sector in the UK is very well so suppliers are taking their advantages with wide ranges of ways.

The Reveveaphone stating up with 400 by Mr. Oliver Murphy so this business is grownup multiple in within a year of launching of his product. Oliver has enlarged his brand abroad with product launching in Spain, North America, Switerzerland, Scandinavia and Japan. Oliver has launched a new product line, Splash which provides a water resistant unseeable coat for smartphones. Reveveaphone offers a result to fix water damaged smartphones,cameras,MP3 players and mini tablets using a salable pocket which works to take out caustic mineral deposits from submerged electronics and reconstruct them with no long term damage.

Task 2

Recommend with justification with appropriate actions

Due to have the development of the business company, it always important to keep proper knowledge about the weakness of the company. These types of weakness can effective for any type of business due to have this reason the business process will suffer in various types of ways. Identification of the kind of weakness will help for the company & developing various types of prospective ways (Lee-Ross et al., 2010). Recommended with justification & the appropriate actions are necessary to keep identification of weakness in the small business process. The Reviveaphone has identified their ways of weakness, which have sated below. The business has develop their rival products to identify the more attraction of the customers. Due to have this reason new manufactures are actually taking their grows in their own pathway. New manufacturers did not get chances to set their factory in the correspondent company. According to the survey report of the market, all types of startup business industry are coming into the financial magazines. There are few type of fake companies are coming to take their position in the internet media. According to the study level of fake websites, 356 websites have founded in UK. They have taken their money to but after that they give their low quality products. Some while this companies have disappeared by the public choices. The Reviveaphone has copyrighted this type of product & registered with their names & making their own marketing to present their originality.

In development of business the innovation is necessary . Lack of innovation is the weakness of every enterprises if business never try to any innovative. For development of business, Enterprises must innovate and make new ideas for their business. There are many ways to overcome lack of innovation in business and entrepreneurs must apply them for growing their business. Business innovation is often greeting as the channel through which an enterprises can modify their product or service offering to better meet the markets demands in a more efficient and gainful way. When it comes to innovation most enterprises want to betterment as it is an area where they do not realize themselves doing sufficient. So to boost an innovative culture in business first improve the inner process which sometimes joint the imaginative input. Some solutions defined but they constantly looking for new thoughts on to boost invention. First enterprises must build a trust society that any development process is likely to grow up previously unknown problems and situation. Senior planners and project managers want to believe they are capable to predict all potential prominence in advance and the best way to handle them this is frequently not an perfect use of their time. Second is to take a thin path for their business , many enterprises are grasp the quick approach when it comes to handling projects and solution deliveries so it builds on the idea of lean requirements in this an enterprise concentrates on supplying only the benefits that are directly worthy by the consumer, enabling the business to increase quality while decreasing development time and costs. Third is welcome failure ,One of the best paths to analyze a working solution is to discover ones that do not work. Fourth is retain flexibility , some of the most innovative businesses are the ones that expect the unexpected. By building in scope for possible update of direction ,they allow the business to react to change in the marketplace.

Analyzing the existing performance of maintaining & strength

According to this case study report, there are possibilities, success key for the customers benefit. Quality performance is the key of success where customers get reliability of the product. Customers are the only thing to get development of the business company. Due to have the acceptance of the company products, it’s the increase growth of the business company. Most recently, The Reviveaphone has provided quality assurance & performance to the consumer. It is very necessary to maintain the level of the company & it is try enhancing for the near future (Gorgievski et al., 2011). The company has maintained some ways & following some paths to control strengthens & the performance of regarding company properly. It is the seeking of the customer’s satisfaction. If a company does not make any survey before taking a product lounge then company will suffer for taking profit with this product. Due to have, the changes of time the customers tests have also changing regarding this product. The respective design also be changes for the time. There is making system where a customers will make their payments they will not faced any kind of hesitation issue. Due to having this system customers can pay after receiving the product. The company has to maintain their timing in case of any delivery of the given products to the customers.

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The Reviveaphone, specialise in DIY products which can take water broken or daamaged mobile phone back to life withing 24 hours. When Murphy pitched to the dragons, the company had been commerce for little over a year with 20000 turnover and 3000 net net income from UK gross sales but the Reviveaphone performance today is different. Boosted by Hoppens funding ,Murphy has scaled the Essex based abroad with product launching in Spain,North America, Switzerland,Scandinavia and Japan with scene of over 250000 for 2014. In August 2014, Murphy declared sales of 13000 repair kits and communication were storage warehouse to take the brand into the mainstream alongside the launch of a new product line water resistant invisible surface for smartphones.

Reasonable justification of the suggested business place

Recommended with the justification, in the areas where this business can expand. In the case of development of business, company is very important to take the business properly. Due to have the considering of the completion level and the other factors of The Reviveaphone tries to expand their business outside of the national border. The company can fix their target between male & female both categories for selling their products. The companys have to fix their target with new generation students who are the capable for taking this product. The adaptability of the products are become profitable for the marketing & sales issue(Ratten, V., 2011). The condition of adaptability are actually the attraction the customers. Entire people are the customers because as they produce products both male & female categories.

By Hoppens funding ,the Essex based overseas with product Murphy has scaled launching in Spain,North America, Switzerland,Scandinavia and Japan with scene of over 250000 for 2014. Murphy declared sales of 13000 repair kits and communication were storage warehouse to take the brand into the mainstream alongside In August 2014. Fast forward to may 2015 and Murphy has discovered ideas for a trade with mobile giant Car phone warehouse to take the brand into the mainstream alongside the launch of a new product line water resistant unseeable surface for smartphones. Mr. Murphy program to addition the awareness of the brand within UK and inter nationality. He formulate lots of retailers and a few large providers that he hope to announce deals with very soon. Murphy also have a repair site formed which will permit consumers to get their phones repaired as quickly and easily possible, with full chase so they can follow their phone as it goes done the whole repair process.

Task 3

Business objectives, plans & assessments

There are assessing existing for the business objectives & recommended plans The Reviveaphone is the business in UK. The company is not very old it is one kind of startup company. The mission & vision of the company is the leading market by providing good quality services & reliability towards the customers. After the establishment of the company, the main objective of the company is the development of various kind of plans & it has tried to implemented. The company always tries to give various types of products for the every type of customers. Customer’s satisfaction is the crucial issue to making these types of products for male & female categories. In the case developing sector The Reviveaphone always try to developing their old thoughts & get some different types of ideas to get better quality product making(Fassin et al., 2011). Due to have rival company so price chart also be maintain with getting a good prospect. The company always tries to maintain low possible prices for the customers. The company has manufactured their products with good quality design. They have also concerned with the all type of finishing. Due to have considered with the weakness about the company ,which is the negative effect of the company. The company always tries to make their names with brand value among the customer’s preferences (Fassin et al., 2011). Entire all assessments of this objectives, plans will get success when all employees does a good work.

Review of business plan & suggested areas

The reviews of the business plans have incorporated appropriate changes, which can develop the business plan. The development of business plan is betterment of the company. The review of any business has depends upon the customers choices. If a customers are buying a products of the companies. After that this customers are using this products, if the product is doing good work for the customers then definitely this customers have promoted this product name among their relatives. So review of the things are very prospectus issue for the customers usage. Some while the changing of the environment is need to develop the flexible business plan. This company has also faced changing of the taste regarding the quality & services of the company. The people of UK are updating their self day by day(Neck et al., 2011). New types of design are coming available in the markets. Apart from this in the country, people are more concerned with the different types of styles. The Reviveaphone has produced adaptable & fashionable products for the customer’s uses. In the case of company promotion, some of agents have included to provide the services amongst the schools, shops, doctor chambers etc. There are some types of posters & festoons have arranged for taking promotion. In order to take market the company need to rule their local market & particular this purpose the relationship with the local community helps the company for improving their markets condition appropriately.

Raising investment, Murphy and other capitalist can roll out this favorable service nationally. The plan is to get fundraising mark by crowd sourcing. Then they roll out two vans every month and increase their sum as much as achievable. Reviveaphone increase national recognition in 2014 when Murphy look on dragons den and saved finance 50000 from kelly hoppen MBE. She held a twenty five per cent interest in the company, with the shares bought back in May 2016.

Preparation for action to implement changes

There are some changes are taking for the blessing which is reason for kick out. Due to the changes of time company have adapt with it. People of UK have always-ready keep their self in update mood so changes have to need for the quality changes & product design changes issue. Due to have the changes the adaptation of the company , the company have taken some action plans which have written below: creating a good relationship with local community & the overseas of the area. Designs of the product have made such ways where it is always necessary for the customer’s uses. Motivating the suppliers to supply good quality product to the customers uses. Development of payment mode of standard where a customer will not faced any kind of hesitation to make their payments. In the case of customers preferences they are always choosing fashionable & the practical products services. The company must provide the standard guarantee process to make customer attraction. The identification of fake founder can develop the system of the company. Make that people or customers have notified the whole system to reduce the chance of falling in the fake solution.

Task 4

The impact of proposal changes in the business

Development of the company it is considerable issue to take every factor of the company. Identification of considerable issue is achieving the objectives & plans of the company. Due to have changing of the time, entire business conditions have changes regarding this issue. Adaptation is very necessary for the cope up with the format changing of the business with respect to the company. The impact of proposal changes on the small business, this has written below: The changes of the product sensitivity that will make customers more concerned. The attractive and better quality products and services are preferable things for the customers. The normal designs are not going very positive for the customer’s user. The expansion of business module in the outside of the country can get enhances the job & corresponding responsibilities regarding the company(Burns, P., 2010). The caring attitude of the all employees is very vital thing to get consumers satisfaction. This kind of attitude has need for enhance with respect to time changes.

The Reviveaphone, Murphy attend to establish a repair service online which will allow all part of smartphones to be repaired as well as a repair service van which will move to customers at work at home, or in hotels , to repair phone problems or damaged screens.

Plan of changes which can manage the business

Management of company has forwarded the stone in the business management. This type of companyal activities are helping to the devolving the condition with respect to the competitive market. The Reviveaphone has produced the various types of products for making of customers preferences. Due to the changes of time, there has some changes has been arrived in the company. There are some processes to proof this type of management to execute the changes of the company (Lee-Ross et al., 2010). Due to help of the particular development, programmers & proper training can execute the changing of business environment. The customers are key of the business company. The different types of customers have required their choices with respect their preferences. The company always tries to customize their services, which has included with the managing condition properly.

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Reviveapjone signed a US distribution statement with Shark distribution which placed an letter order of 10000 stocks. These partnerships came to an end in July last year. About 100000 Reviveaphone kits and 15000 splash products were sold before being continued on October 2016. Due to manufactures creating smartphones water resistant. The Reviveaphone kits were reached by Car phone warehouse and Irish supplier TNS, which supplies Dixons, Boots and Tesco. The company at first began marketing smartphone fix products under the same name particularly a solution to remove material that were short circuiting devices. A second product splash was a spray on water resistant coating to keep water harm.

Performance monitoring & improvements of the business last two years

During last two years the performance of the company has gradually increasing. Due to the process of the monitoring, the business activities are growing their performance level. Due to maintaining the consistency has used for making moral & main issue. The main thing of the customer satisfaction, which, is ensuring the importance & performance, level of the company. The small amount of money, which has help to modulate & started to give journey in the company. Entire monitoring processes have to control by the manger level of the HRM process. The significance the HRM process has executing the entire monitoring & the performance level of the company. During last two years the working environment & work enforcement is doing a good roll for the respective company. According to the finance report, the companies’ yearly turnover has emerged very quickly(Neck et al., 2011.). The workers & the stuffs are getting good amount of salary. If the customers want the different types of branded products they that will ensure to take positive step to make varieties type of product with respect to the company. Identification of monitoring process has help to find out the fake activities of the company. According to the finding of fake companies, 365 companies have shot listed for this reason. In order to giving customers preferences, they are not able to give good qualities product, fake products have got the customers.

Encouragement by Hoppens funding, Murphy has scaled the Essex based brand abroad with product expand in Spain, Switzerland, North America, Scandinavia and Japan with scene of over 250000 for 2014. In August 2014, Murphy declared sales of 13000 repair kits and said speech were current with leading airlines Virgin, easyJet and Flybe to offer the kits on board their flights. After that on May 2015 and Murphy has discovered plans for a trade with mobile large car phone warehouse to take the brand into the mainstream aboard the launch of a new product line water resistant hidden covering for smartphones.


The Reviveaphone is repairing mobiles and provide DIY mobile phone repair kits business company in the UK. This company has originated from Dragon dens series of business, but this is very pleasant startup company. Lifetime of the business company has faced various types of company changing situation, which has accrual making play process with a little bit complexity. Due to the development activities & proper research, the company has placed different pals to execution of betterment (Raposo et al., 2011). The company always wants to tries development their fascination of their products time by time. The quality performance & the assurance is the key of success. The company has also try to develop their rival identical product to make attraction on the customers. Customers are all in one to take development of the company. Quality assurance is the only parameter to get key of success. Acceptance of the products are gradually increasing the company productivity.Abobve all discussions this things have concluded that the business plans of the; company can maintain the success of the company for long time.


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