Effectiveness In The Business World


In current market scenario, it is significant for every business firm to ensure that the operational activities are properly maintained so that goals and objectives can be accomplished in desired manner. With an improved focus on effective work style the organization can easily maintain quality standards and lead business to impressive level of success (Katz, 2007). Companies are facing number of issues in the market and it is significant for entity to ensure that the effectiveness factor is properly managed so that competitive advantage can be attained.

In order to understand the concept of effectiveness at the workplace, the work culture of Sainsbury's will be evaluated in appropriate manner. It will also provide information about key global factors that may influence business in diverse manner. It will also consider PEST analysis is a strategic tool that can be used to analyse the external business environment of the organisation. It will also focus on key operational activities that Sainsbury's performed in order to meet goals and objectives. Furthermore, it will also provide learning about globalization and its impact on the overall business of the retail firm. It will also consider the influence of globalization on the role of line manager in an organisation.


External factors

As per the structured study, the Pest analysis is considered as one of most significant tool that is accessed by the business firms in order to analyse diverse external aspects. With an improved focus on Pest analysis the organisation can easily gather information about diverse external factors such as political, economic, social and technological (Chen, 2008). Impact of these factors on work performance can also be evaluated in appropriate manner by accessing Pest analysis.

Political: It has been identified that the Sainsbury's is operating its business in diverse geographical areas so it is significant for business firm to ensure about political aspects. Any kind of changes in political aspects may influence the overall business and lead business to various issues. If government is not stable then organisation may face issues in legal aspects. Other than this, the changes in government policies also influences business in diverse manner (Hill, 2008). For example, the UK government has decided to increase tax on retail products then it will influence business of Saisnbury's in various factors. Currently in UK, the government debts and the consumer debts are very high which have direct influence on the customer perception. It also has created indirect pressure on the organisation and influence overall development in diverse manner (IMiller and Friesen, 2013).

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Economic: It is necessary for every organisation to consider economic aspects as critical factor because it helps in accomplishing goals and objectives. Any kind of changes in the economic elements also creates modifications in the work practice. For example, the UK economic system faces rescission issue, it means the company needs to cut down the cost of products and services in order to have sustainable operations. If Sainsbury's does not have changes in pricing policies as per economic aspects then financial and failure conflicts may be occur (Black, 2010). It will have great impact on the operational activities of the business in different manner. In this respect, it is also necessary for business firm to have improved level of focus on the interest rates and tax rates. It also have great influence on the organisational activities. If interest rates decreases then company will have advancement in the investment ratio to identify better opportunities in the market (Britton, 2009).

Socio-cultural: Customers perception plays a vital role in the organisation so it is also essential for the firm to ensure that their needs are properly identified. If company is not having appropriate information regarding customer needs and social perception then business firm may face critical issues. For example, the Sainsbury's is more focused towards food products but the customers are now preferring low fat food products and organic products. If organisation is not offering products and services according to customer needs then management may face critical issues (David, 2010). It has also been noticed that in today's market, the customers tend to prefer one-stop shopping. This means that they prefer to have all the products available under one roof. It clearly indicates that the firm can also improve its focus on non food products. It will advance the sales and profit margin ratio of firm along with leading business to impressive level of success (Felson, 2007).

As per the detailed study of three external factors, it can be concluded that the Sainsbury's  can face number of issues due to changes in these factors. It means management need to consider it in appropriate manner for sustainable development and better opportunities in the market.


Business operations

Sainsbury is considered as one of leading retail business firm in the market that operates its business from UK. It has been identified that the company is referred as third largest supermarket chain in the UK. Organisation is more focused towards integrated work style in order to meet objectives and goals (Grier, 2015). Management has effective actions that can identify and prioritize the issues so that new solutions can be spotted in order to have immediate resolution. In addition to this, the management is also looking forward to introduce wide range of retail products so that goals and objectives can be accomplished in desired way. Recruitment system of firm is started with an assistance of its official website as candidates can submit their information on it.

Customer experience

As per the detailed analysis, it is necessary for every business firm to ensure that the customers are attaining better experience so that competitive advantage can be gained in appropriate manner. In order to provide better experience to the customers the organisations provide better values in form of products and services (Bartle, 2015). In addition to this, the business entities mostly consider four key factors in order to improve customer experience level. Classification of the elements can be as customer service, price, availability and quality. With an improved focus on these factors the businesses are rendering better values and meeting key needs of service users.

In order to understand the key successive factors the work culture of Sainsbury's has evaluated. It has been noticed that the organisation is offering better values by considering customer service and price as significant aspect. In other words, the company is managing its customer service and pricing policy in optimistic manner as compared to its competitors. It has been identified that the organisation has established customer service centre in order to provide better assistance to the customers (Chang, 2009). If client is facing any kind of issue in regard to the services and products then they can have registration of complain over customer service centre. It has also been witnessed that the customer service executives have 24 hours availability that provides convenience to clients and help them meet their needs. Customer service executive provide solution of problems and ensure to turn client perception in positive manner. It increases the morale of employees and also provides better opportunities to the business (Mathur, 2011).

On the other side, the management of Sainsbury's is also more focused towards pricing strategy selection in order to meet goals and objectives. In this respect, it can be said that with an effective selection of pricing of products and services the company is meeting customer needs. Organisation is more focused towards competitive pricing strategy in which management ensure that the business is offering products and services at competitive level but low as compared to the competitors (Neuland, 2009). Low pricing as compared to the other businesses attracts more and more customers and helps in accomplishment of goals and objectives. Premium quality of products at low cost also provides better values to the service user and motivate them to have repurchase of goods. Unique combination of customer service and pricing enhances the customer experience level and lead business to impressive level of success (Elg, 2008). Moreover, executives in store are also having friendly nature that enhances the morale of clients and improve their experience.

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It is the process of international integration arising from the interchange of world views, products, ideas and other aspects of culture. In regard to the globalization it can be stated that the businesses may create better opportunities in the international market by improved focus on globalization activities (Kunnanatt, 2011). In addition to this, it is also refereed as a worldwide movement that helps business organisations to concentrate on diverse factors that provide integrated work style. Classification of the key essential globalization factors can be as economic, financial, trade and communication.

In other aspect, globalization also provides an opportunity to local and nationalised firms to have expansion in the international market. It provides an interconnected and independent arena that consist of free transfer of goods and services. However, it does not include unhindered movement of labour and helps in development of economic system as well (Ravi, 2008). With an assistance of globalization the management of Sainsbury's can improve its reach in the global market and lead business to impressive level of success. It has also been identified that the company can determine various areas in the global market where they can access low cost operations (Lubowe, Cipollari and Antoine, 2009).

Organisation can operate business in nations that have easy availability of the low cost skilled workforce so that goals and objectives can be accomplished in most appropriate manner. It will also increase the profit margin ratio and lead business to sustainable development. Management of Sainsbury's can also have free movement of capital that also boosts the opportunities (Ravi, 2008). Organisation can easily have easy establishment of new store in global market. Moreover, the advancement in market share can also be accomplished through business expansion under the standards of globalization. Purchase and sale of commodities are not the only two transactions involved in international trade. It means the Sainsbury's can also have outsourcing of services in order to meet objectives in appropriate manner (Kunnanatt, 2011).

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Globalization impact on the role of line manager

As per the structured study, it can be concluded that the globalization is having great level of impact on the role of line manager. It has been identified that globalization activities can have positive and negative impact on the role of line manager while managing business activities. Globalization provides easy availability of the talented workforce that means the line manager can have effective accomplishment of recruitment system or allocation of work activities. It will increase the overall productivity of firm and ensure that the goals and objectives are accomplished in most appropriate manner (Elg, 2008). In addition to this, in few nations the line manager may also face issue regard lack of skilled employees. It may create an operational issue or increase the cost of operational activities. Globalization also provides low cost labour that means the line manager can also have effective allocation of employees at very low cost. It will cut down the overall cost of operation and lead business to impressive level of success. If line manager is having operation in emerging market such as India and China then the low cost operations can easily be completed (Neuland, 2009).

Moreover, with an assistance of globalization the line manager can also have easy accessibility to the diverse technological tools that can improve performance of firm. It increases the reach to internet and other technological tools that means the cost effective operations can also be boosted which provides convenience factor to the line manager (Chang, 2009). It also helps him to meet roles and responsibilities in most desired form.


As per the above study, it can be concluded that the effectiveness in operational activities need to be managed in appropriate manner. It has been identified that the information about external factors helps businesses to take decisions and leads businesses to sustainable developments. With an assistance of globalization the management of Saisnbury's can improve its market share and profit margin. It also improves overall working of the firm such as helps line manager in effective management of business activities in order to meet roles and responsibilities. It has been noticed that the organisation is offering better values by considering customer service and price as significant aspect.


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