Importance of Consumer Behavior


Consumer behaviour is very important concept for marketers to conduct study program. In this way, the business is very well known about their consumer and their purchasing power at workplace. Different people have diverse set of perception towards the products and there is positive impact over the same when companies made of advertisement (Malik, Ghafoor and Ahmad, 2013). With assessment of behaviour of consumer, the organisation can achieve their experience and satisfy wants in effective way. In this context, present report is based on Cadbury which was founded in the year 1824 and it is a British multinational firm. With this respect, Dairy Milk which is one of the brand which represents Cadbury. This report covers detailed description of the brand and initial way that was started by the firm for advertisement. Further, it covers impact of brands advertising characteristics on consumer behaviour, with relation with rival brands in the same category.

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Detailed description of the brand and it's historically advertised

Cadbury Dairy Milk can be determined as one of the major successful product and it can also be stated to be the most famous chocolate brands. It was in the year 1905 when this product was launched. During this year, Swiss manufacturers were leaders in market in the field of milk chocolate. It was George Cadbury who focused on develop a product that consist of more milk when compared with any think else that actually existed. In June 1905, Dairy Milk was introduced (Cadbury Dairy Milk is Launched, 2014). At the initial stage, it was sold in unwrapped blocks and they were easy enough to break down into penny bars. It became will known during the type of First World War. Further, by the time 1920, it took over UK market and stating it to be the most preferred milk products. The advertisement of Dairy Milk started in the year 1928 when cited firm developed a campaign called “glass and a half.” At that time milk was considered to be highly nutritious and this type of advertisement enables to grab attention of customers and it also developed sense of healthy food. During the period of 1920's and 1930's, there were advertisements in which it depicted children's, this was helpful enough to raise the sales by focusing on children's. During the time of 1950's and 1960's main focus was made on children's and then Cadbury started to market their product as a gift that can be exchanged to family, during any type of occasion or festivals. During the 1950's, cited firm started using television as a major source of advertisement.

Further, there were many changes that took p[lace in the taste of the products as they understood on determining the preference of customers and delivering them products accordingly (Baig and Batavia, 2014). When advertisements on television were helpful enough to raise the sales and people around the world started knowing about the product. Further, newspapers were used and in this modern world, cited firm make use of social media that is helpful enough to understand the requirement of customers. Further, it also allows to have direct interaction with customers and to know the type of issues that are being faced by them. Accordingly, steps are taken with the help of which customers satisfaction level is raised.

Use of Classical conditioning in the brand advertisement

In order to make an effective advertisement, it is essential to make sure that there is consideration that ha to be made in which individuals are able to get attracted to the products and make purchases. It was in the year 1936 when classical conditioning was introduced. The research focused on understanding the reasons and the time when mammals used to salivate (Durrani, Godil and Sajid, 2015). It is essential for the firm to develop stimulus and one should get encouraged to get respond towards stimulus. In an advertisement, it should be able to convey individuals about the type of products that are being delivered. Further, it should consist of benefits that the person will get when they will make use of the product that is being advertised. Association with the product should be made so that customers tent to make purchases for the product. In such context, there are different type of strategies that are included and these are helpful enough to raise the profitability and sales. In this context, one of the strategy is making use of celebrity, this is helpful enough to create unconditional stimulus and this is helpful enough to develop positive perception within the mind of customers (Maehle and Supphellen, 2015).

As per this approach, there are four different types of stimulus which are as follows

Unconditioned stimulus: It is a type of response that does not requires the firm to make their extra efforts to develop stimulus. It occurs naturally, automatically and unconditionally.

Unconditioned response: This is a type of unlearned response which naturally occurs with respect to unconditional stimulus.

Conditioned stimulus: It is important to make sure that customers are identified and they are being target in accordance with the type of preferences that they have towards the product.

Conditioned response: This is a type of learned response to previously neutral stimulus.

In accordance with the study, it can be stated that firm need to include all the required factors that are helpful enough to develop stimulus for the products that is being advertised (Baum, Schäfer and Kabst, 2016). With this respect, the advertisements that are shown includes celebrities and they are helpful to deliver positive impact over the products. This way the rate of sales and profitability is raised.

Impact of the brands advertising characteristics on consumer behaviour and in relation to rival brands in the same category

There are different type of characteristics for brand advertising. In this context, the advertisement is only beneficial when all these characteristics are satisfied. With this respect, below given are the impact of brand advertising characteristic:


This can be determined as one of the characteristic in which advertisement should such that is helpful to deliver adequate information about the type of products that are being delivered. With this respect, when customers get to know about Dairy Milk, then it is favourable enough to make sure that customers are being attracted (Landers, Beattyand Mothersbaugh, 2015). There are different type of strategies through which awareness can be raised. With this respect, it includes through television, social media, etc.


It is essential that the brand is consistent starting from the purchase of products till it is being consumed. There are different type of promises that are being made by other firms and they are not fulfilled. It is important to make sure that the promises that are made by Dairy Milk should be satisfied.


Customers need to be loyal in order to have regular purchases. Individuals who are not loyal will not have regular consumption and this only happens when the type of products that are delivered by the firm is able to satisfied their needs and requirements (Chan, Leung Ng and Luk, 2013). During the time of festivals, individuals prefer to exchange chocolates like Dairy Milk. This is a type of costume that is being created by cited firm and people have accordingly developed their perception.

There are many firms that deliver their customers with similar products and services. In order to be better from others they make use of strategies that help in raising the customers purchase rate. With this respect, Cadbury has many competitors. In this context, some of the main competitors are Mars, Hershey's, Nestle, etc. They different type of product line that are delivered by these firms and with the type of quality services that are delivered by them for their product line is helpful enough to attract customers. In this context, it can be stated that Cadbury should deliver their customers with high quality services so that they will be able to continue attracting service users.

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Effectiveness of classical conditioning for Cadbury

Use of Classical conditioning has been highly beneficial for the current case. It is being identified that advertisement enables to develop positive perception within the mind of customers (Malik, Ghafoor and Ahmad, 2013). They are able to develop their understanding towards the type of products and services that are delivered by the firm. As per the type of effect that has on consumer behaviour, it can be stated that different people have diverse set of perception for the advertisement that are present when there is relevant information available and when customers are able to list out the benefits that they will get through the product, then they will tent to make purchase. Further, there are strategies that are applied in advertisement in which celebrities make the sale for the product. It is highly beneficial for the firm as they are able to develop positive perception within the mind of customers (Baig and Batavia, 2014). In accordance with the classical conditioning, there are four different type of stimulus, service users can be develop their own stimulus automatically. Some of the stimulus is developed when firm understand the preference of customers and deliver their products and services.


In accordance with the analysis made, it can be stated that there are certain recommendation that can be made for Cadbury Dairy Milk. With this respect, below given are some of them:


Employees are face of the organizations as they have direct interaction with customers, they are the in who present the products and services. When employees do not have proper information about the type of roles and responsibilities that has to be played, then it has negative impact over the firm. With this respect, advertisement can be effective when workers put on their full efforts to support the firm.

Social media

There are many social sites that are available that can be used in order to make advertisement. There is a negative impact for the firm when the use of advertisement is high. In order to make advertisement, it involves high cost and so Cadbury should take steps so that they will be able to reduce the cost that they incur in advertisements. In this context, social media should be used more than this can be determined to be the most effective source in order to raise the sales and cost effective tool.

Meaningful advertisement

Firm should develop advertisement in such a way that they are able to develop positive impact. Further, with time there are changes in the taste and preference of customers. It is essential to conduct market research so that they are able needs and requirement of service users and accordingly changes are made within the products.

Competitive analysis

There are different set of strategies that are being used by the other firms that deliver their customers with similar set of products and services. It is essential to conduct frequent analysis for the strategies that are applied by competitors so that cited firm will be able to make changes in their strategies and customers can be attracted when compared with its competitors.

Considering customers feedback

There different type of preference that individuals have for the type of products that are being consumed by them. Considerations should be made for the type of issues or problems that are being faced by individuals so that product will be able to be satisfied. Further, the taste and preference changes frequently and so innovations should be made in order to attract more and more customers.


From this report, it can be concluded that firm need to focus on develop their brand impact. There are certain set of perception that individuals have when they get to listen about any company. This happens when the rate of information that they have for particular product or service is high. Further, firm, should conduct frequent market research so that they are able to understand the taste and preference of customers. As per the findings, changes can be made for the products and services as per preference of customers.


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