Improving Information Access And Information Consistency


In the current market scenario, success of business organisation depends on the information accessibility and information consistency. It means, it has become essential for the management of organisation to focus on diverse factors which can impact information accessibility (Arnold, 2015). In other aspect, it can be said that it is a learning which provides better reliable information to amend the business opportunities and design various strategies which can lead business to impressive success.

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In the current report, selected theme can be named as improving information access and improving information consistency.


Information access and consistency are the most critical factors in the current market which can easily be understood by focusing on examples. For instance, retail organisation is facing critical issues regarding information accessibility and consistency due to lack of resources available. In this respect, business organisation can invest more on technological tools and database system to improve the level of management in the context of information and documentation (Beamer, 2008). With an improved focus on upgraded data base system, management of retail firm can easily manage all information regarding the diverse organisational information and documentation of sales, etc. It will also amend the information accessibility and consistency which are beneficial for gaining success.

Another example can be that auto-mobile organisation is not ale to manage the information regarding its sales and customer's personal information. Due to improper information collection and accessibility, management is facing diverse issues which can influence the overall organizational performance in a negative manner (Groves, 2014). In order to resolve these issues, management of auto-mobile company can focus on MIS system which can facilitate in improving information accessibility and consistency. With an assistance of MIS system, company and sales executives can easily collect and record the information to amend the business opportunities (Ododo, 2015). It will also help in making effective design of strategies as per the customer's needs.

Already Known Information

In the support of above statement it can be said that information accessibility and information consistency are the critical factors for organisation which can influence overall operations of business. There are number of tools and techniques which can amend the information accessibility and consistency within organisation and lead business to impressive success (Duan, 2000). Classification of tools can be as data base system, MIS system and ERP system. These all tools and techniques can improve the level of gathering information and allow employees to access information in an easy manner which is beneficial for the success and advancement in opportunities (Jones, 2009). It has also been identified that improvement in information system is also essential for business entity in order to have effective decision making process.

In other aspect, it can be stated that information access improvement is all about the improvement in communication system and database management in order to boost operational success (Lee, 2013). With an improved information system, management of organisation can operate business in various region across the world. It provides integrated work conditions which also have critical positive impact on the work environment. Moreover, it can also be said that number of business organisation is facing issues regarding the information consistency which influences their information accessibility and performance (Shajahan, 2007).

For example, business organisation does not have effective collection of reliable information on the continuous basis which influences its operational actions in a negative manner. But, with the help of information accessibility methods and data collection methods business firm can attain better opportunities to accomplish goals. Management can gather information by survey and other methods which will provide better consistency and reliability (Bhatia, 2008). Company can also use cloud computing methods to amend the information accessibility as it will facilitate employees to access the information from anywhere at any time.

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Newly Gathered Information

As per the structured study, it can be said that in order to have better improvement it is necessary for business organisation to focus on diverse subjects which can be classified as:

  • Information overload.
  • Information accessibility
  • Barrier to information sharing
  • Measure of data quality
  • Data definitions, etc.

It has been spotted that with an advancement in business opportunities, volume of required information is also increasing which impacts the performance of information system in a negative manner. In this respect, it can be said that with an improved focus on information technological tools management can amend the access to information (Ríos, 2006). Moreover, number of mobile communication tools can used to improve connectivity in order to attain information consistency. It has also been identified in the study that information accessibility can be improved by proper circulation of documentation and information (Ward, 2013). On the other side, with an improved focus on regular data collection and reporting management properly can enhance improvement in the level of information consistency.

Change in Individual

From the above study, I have improved my skills in the respect of information system which will boost future opportunities for me. I have gathered information about that needs of data must be identified by the professionals to meet the organisational goals and for the advancement in information accessibility and consistency. Other factors also need to be considered like legal and technological factors in order to have better improvement. It has also been determined in study that technical and individual perceptive can also influence the information accessibility so it is necessary for me to focus on these factors in a significant manner. Lack of information regarding data availability also impacts the information system so I must consider sharing of information as a critical factor in order to improve awareness. Trust also needs to be amend in order to have better information consistency. If, customers is not having trust on organisation then it is possible that business can face some critical issues. It means I must ensure that I am developing effective relationship with customers and maintaining trust ratio.

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As per above study it can be concluded that information accessibility and consistency are the critical factors for business organisation. Therefore, it is necessary for business firm to focus on information system advancement. Organisations must develop information infrastructure to amend information accessibility and consistency. It has been identified that there are different kinds of information databases. Classification can be as vertical database and horizontal database which can improve information accessibility and consistency.



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