Leadership & Business Management (CHAPTER 4)


The present section is based on data analysis where attempt has been made to analyse the collected data . Here, the data has been collected with the help of questionnaires in which employees of Woolworths have been selected for study purpose. The 8 employees chosen for the objective of collecting responses have been referred in present scenario in which so that a proper analysis can be done to get information about motivational factors that impact their performance level. Apart from this, the present analysis of data will be helpful in interpreting the results obtained from the responses given by workers. The data have been analysed by applying thematic approach. This helps in making accurate assessment of the collected data so that a right interpretation can be made which will act as a base in fulfilling objectives of entire research.

Data analysis

Theme 1: Monetary awards are preferred in motivating employees

Factors affecting motivation Frequency
Monetary reward 5
Non-monetary 2
Both 1
Total 8

Findings and analysis: The above theme represents the study done on employees of Woolworths organisation which has focussed on types of reward system that are preferred by workers of company. In this study, it is revealed that about 57% of staff favours monetary rewards while 24% of employees favour non monetary rewards. Among these, some workers are there who prefer birth types of rewards as per the situation and nature of work done by them. In this, about 14% of workers are those who prefer to have both type of rewards. Here, it is clear that in organisation, both type of rewards have their own significance which depends on worker's perceptions that must be identified by managers so that they can be motivated in right way.

Theme 2: Employees found the compensations provided by company for their services satisfactory.

Compensation provided Frequency
Yes 6
No 2
Total 8

Findings and analysis: The present theme has depicted about the compensations which are provided by the company to their employees. In context of Woolworths organisation, it is evident that about 67% of employees agree that different compensations that are given to them in return of their services are satisfactory for them. While about 29% of workers disagree to this statement as they are not satisfied with compensation provided by firm in return of services. Here, it is evident that the compensations are provided in the form of various perks and benefits like leaves, social security, reimbursements, insurance facility etc. As per the present analysis, mentioned enterprise provided these benefits in better manner because of which the staff of stated enterprise are well satisfied. In addition to this, there are some workers who are not satisfied with these compensations for which number of reasons can be responsible. Some workers may have other requirements because of which they are not satisfied with available perks and compensation benefits. Therefore, it becomes necessary to identify needs of different employees so that they can be motivated with correct tool.

Theme 3: Employees agree that organisation provide opportunities for development in profession through motivational tools.

Opportunities for development Frequency
Yes 5
No 2
Can't say 1
Total 8

Findings and analysis: As per this analysis, attempt has been made to investigate and evaluate the methods which are applied by firm for bringing development in their profession. 57% of workers agree that said organisation gives various opportunities through which they are able to bring development in their professionalism. For this purpose, managers of cited venture apply various motivational tools that are of great help in boosting their performance level as well as in inspiring them for making development in their professional aspects. However, about 24% of workers are those who are not agree with this notion and does not found any useful step that denotes professional development in them. Hereby, it is necessary to consider that employees may not feel some of the tools applied for motivation as an important tool because of which they do not find the motivational tools as a factor that helps in boosting their performance level. Further, it states that mentioned entity can must make a consideration to bring more improvements which can be equally beneficial for all employees in improving their performances.

Theme 4: Pay raise is the most preferred way in financial terms which help in motivating workers.

Financial motivation Frequency
Bonus 1
Incentives 1
Pay raise 4
Stock options 1
Profit sharing 1
Total 8

Findings and analysis: Above table demonstrates different tools of motivation in financial terms which are applied by the Woolworths organisation. As per this table, some major tools that are applied by the company are giving bonus, incentives, making increments in the salary paid to them, giving shares or stocks of firm and providing certain percentage of profit to employees. Among all these tools and techniques, the most preferred one is pay raise which is favoured by about 52% of employees. The second preference is given to incentives by 1 of workforce. The incentives are additional amounts that are given as an appreciation of workers. However, as same 1 of workers prefer to have stock options or share in profits respectively as a reward for motivation purpose. This highlights that the changes made in salary structure and incentives which are given extra as an appreciation of work are better tools in motivating the employees at workplace.

Theme 5: Giving awards to the employee before all staff motivates more to the workers within firm.

Non financial motivation Frequency
Award giving 3
Promotion 1
Mentoring 1
Involving in decision making 1
Gift cards 2
Total 8

Findings and analysis: On the basis of above table, it can be interpreted that there are different types of awards are being given to the employees. These are given with the motive of enhancing the motivation level of the employees. As per the responses of the respondents, out of 21 respondents 3 were in favour of giving awards help in raising the motivation level of the subordinates. Apart form this, 1 respondents opted promotion as the major elements for increasing the motivation level of the employees. There are some more respondents who believes that mentoring is the only way which helps in enhancing the interest of an employee towards the company operations. Besides this, decision making involvement and gift cards are another elements which are helpful in order to motivate the staff effectively. Therefore, it can be said that the involving in decision making is helpful for enhancing the interest of the employees.

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Theme 6: Low salary and wages provided to staff acts as a de motivating factor in organisation.

Issues in motivational factors Frequency
less salary 4
Improper working environment 1
Less opportunity for learning 1
Long work shifts 1
Others 1
Total 8

Findings and analysis: The Woolworths organisation adopt the non-financial incentives that can be applied in the workplace through which the employee can be motivate towards the work. In the above table it has been analyse that the cited firm adopt the various non-monetary rewards to motivate the workers that majorly involves are the provide awards, promotions, mentoring, involve in decision-making process and gifts card. It has been interpret that the workers are to be motivate on highly among those non-financial rewards are the giving awards to each and every methods in which they have to done some challenging work. The lowest rewards through which workers cannot be highly satisfy with it are the involve them in a decision-making process that leads to they does not put more efforts towards the goals. Therefore, the another rewards is also apply in the workplace to motivate the employees are the promotion in which the employee will be motivate through that rewards and they put their greatest efforts. The cited organisation also provide them mentoring it will not much more gives the positive impacts to the workers to motivate them and the another is a gift card it also remain ineffective to motivate the employee towards the firm's goals.

Theme 7: The employees agree that opportunities are provided to develop skills of an individual.

Opportunities to develop skills Frequency
Yes 6
No 1
Neutral 1
Total 8

Findings and analysis: As per the above explained table, it can be asserted that majority of the respondents have answered in favour of development of skills by providing proper opportunities to the employees. It helps an individual to improve their current position with the help of training and development programmes. In contrary to this, there are the 1 number of respondents who believes that by providing opportunities only not results in development of skills and abilities.

Theme 8: The employees are satisfied with their position within workplace.

Satisfied with position Frequency
Highly satisfied 4
Satisfied 1
Neutral 1
Dissatisfied 2
Highly dissatisfied 0
Total 8

Findings and analysis: The Woolworths organisation shift the workers as per their knowledge, skills, ability and performance in the workplace by provide them right position in the organisation. From the above table discussion it has been analyse and interpret that the most of the workers are highly satisfy with their position within the workplace. Therefore, on the other hand it has been interpret that the percent shows that 5 employee are satisfy with its position and the 41 are neutral. Thus, most of the employee are to be satisfy with their work position but some of the workers are not highly satisfy are the 2 dissatisfaction with its position and the highly-dissatisfaction the percent is so, low in which no workers are to be not satisfy with their position in the workplace.

Theme 9: The workers are satisfied with various rewards presented by firm to them.

Satisfaction with rewards Frequency
Yes 5
No 2
neutral 1
Total 8

Findings and analysis: The present analysis is done with the objective of finding the satisfaction level of workers with various tools that are applied for motivating them by Woolworths organisation. As per this data analysis, various responses have been collected which shows that about 58% of workers are in favour and are well satisfied with the tools that are used by company for motivating them. In this objective, about 24% of employees have given their responses in negative manner. This entails that tools of financial and non financial methods for motivating the workers are useful in fostering their morale. This also entails that the enterprise is performing quite good in application of motivational techniques that have the potential to satisfy workers.

Theme 10: The employees are satisfied with current practices of motivational strategies.

Need for improvement Frequency
Yes 5
No 2
Neutral 1
Total 8

Findings and analysis: The cited organisation applied the current practices in the workplace in which they adopt the motivational strategies. From the above table, it has been interpret that the most of the employee cannot satisfy with the firm's motivational strategies that is the highest percentage of dissatisfaction among these strategies to motivate the workers is 57.1%. Therefore, on the other side the table shows that only 23.8 percentage of workers are satisfy with the motivational strategies that are applied by the Woolworths organisation in the workplace. Thus, only 1 employees have neutral response towards that strategies in the organisation.

The above analysis represents the mean of various responses that are collected from the respondents of Woolworths company. This table presents that factors which affect motivation represents that more people are representing their favour for monetary rewards while in case of compensation provided by organisation for services, are favoured by the 7 employees who agrred towards this notion. Similarly, opportunities that are provided for development is denoted by 1 which shows that they are satisfied with the perks and benefits which are given by the firm to its workers. Here, it is evident that financial motivation is mainly given by making pay raise for organisation while by awarding the workers infront of all other staff give them recognition and satisfy them in non financial terms. Apart from this, their responses reveal that giving less wages are the most demotivating factor at workplace for the employees. Thus, there is a need to make improvements in the salary structure.

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