Managing Business Activities


In every business enterprise all the tasks performed by staff members are important and they are necessarily required to increase efficiency of the organization. It is necessary for company to manage all the tasks efficiently so that firm can easily achieve its targeted objectives and all the resources can be utilized efficiently. Resources like financial, manpower, technological plays crucial role so it is necessary to prepare plan for proper utilization. Culture and structure of firm allows staff members to perform different activities and in case if it is not appropriate then staff members will not prefer to work in the organization. In the present report organization chosen is ABC Ltd that is a recruitment firm and selects employees for other organizations. Present company is facing many challenges like ineffective management and leadership etc. Due to all these issues efficiency of the company is declining and company is not able to cope with it. Various tasks have been covered in the report which includes relationship between different processes of company, plan to promote goals etc.

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1.1Organizational chart of company

Roles and responsibilities of every department is different and they have to perform various activities for the benefit of organization. Every function and processes in ABC firm are linked with each other and they have direct relationship. Main aim of marketing department is develop effective strategies in order to promote services so accounts department provides them funds to carry out different activities (Dumas and et. al, 2013). HR department has responsibility to recruit employees for different firms so they have link with marketing dept. as advertisements are given regarding the vacancy on the basis of which candidate apply for the position. On the other hand sales supervisors and employees have direct relation with each other as they main aim is to provide guidance. It is necessary for every department to coordinate with each other so as to improve business efficiency. Whereas it is the duty of management to ensure that staff members are coordinating with each other as it will help in developing strong relationship with each other.

1.2 Aims, objectives and mission of ABC company

ABC is a recruitment firm whose main purpose of existence is to recruit right candidate for other organizations who are highly skilled and expert in their field. Mission of organization is to provide unique services to its clients so as to achieve its targeted objectives. In order to achieve the targeted objectives management has developed various plans which follows series of steps starting from the advertisement process followed by posting, short listing, transfer to company, rejection, selection and finally company receives payment for the services rendered to the clients (Hiles, 2010). Below shown is the process map of the organization that involves series of activities.

1.3 Element required to build a quality gateway

Quality gateway is the source with the help of which organization can improve quality of its services being provided to its customers. It is the duty of company to provide effective services to its clients in order to satisfy their needs effectively. Management has to ensure that candidate is fit for the position and can perform the assigned tasks easily. Quality gateway directly increases efficiency of the business enterprise and helps in developing brand image in the market (Martinelli, Waddell and Rahschulte, 2014). It takes into consideration two components where one is tester and other acts as catalyst and is developed of two staff members within the firm. Company has to consider activities like short listing and scrutinizing very important as whole recruitment process depends on it. Firstly company has to set benchmarks on the basis of which short listing can be done. Management uses skills, knowledge and talent of people as the criteria to select individuals. Whereas different processes are used like group discussion and other in order to choose the best candidate. This stage is very important and a single mistake will lead to selection of wrong candidate. Whereas another major element is scrutinizing where company has to analyze the application on the basis of education, experience etc and it is also very important.


2.1 Plans to promote goals and objectives of company

Ultimate objective of ABC ltd is to select best candidate for its customers so that they may become brand loyal and this will act as development tool for the organization. To select appropriate candidate company has to determine which communication source is appropriate that has wide coverage like social media, electronic and print etc. All these options can be used by management and are effective. Presently networking sites such as facebook and twitter are most commonly used to provide recruitment information to the people and directly helps candidates in getting appropriate information (Wirick, 2011). Whereas for other candidates who are known to the firm can be contacted with the help of sources like Emails and personal calls which are effective. After communicating regarding advertisement company has to scrutinize applications and candidates will be shortlisted on the basis of knowledge, experience and other talents. For example if company wants to recruit candidate in the field of HR then in this case candidate having master degree in HR will be preferred or equivalent to that. So this plan will surely benefit ABC company and firm can easily select right candidates for its clients.

2.2 SMART objectives

SMART objectives are linked with the ultimate aims of enterprise and such objectives are specific, measurable, attainable, reliable and timeliness. It will directly help company to accomplish the targets set and performance can be improved.

Specific: In order to fulfill the mission and vision of enterprise all the staff members are working efficiently. Presently many challenges are faced by the enterprise like ineffective leadership and management. So objectives are set keeping in view such issues. Main objective of enterprise is to select most appropriate candidate for the business organizations (Hill, 2007). So various departments like marketing, HR, finance are coordinating with each other to achieve this aim and it will increase profitability of the company.

Measurable: After performing all the activities company has to measure its performance and company has set criteria for that. Performance will be analyzes on the basis of number of candidates selected by other organizations and satisfaction level of consumers.

Attainable: It involves the steps that organization is required to adopt for the accomplishment of targeted objectives. Firstly management has to analyze the resources required and it will be ensured whether it is possible to achieve aims or not.

Realistic: Objectives set by ABC ltd are realistic and company can achieve them by managing all the resources efficiently. Firm has set target to select 25 candidates in a month which is possible by managing all activities (Clouston and Westcott, 2007).

Timely: For the accomplishment of this target management requires time period of 1 months and not more than that.

2.3 Appropriate systems of achieve objectives

In order to accomplish the targeted goals organization has implemented different strategies which are discussed above. For proper management of all activities project manager has been appointed whose main objective is to look after every task performed in the workplace and areas can be identified where performance of organization is not up to the mark. Firm has developed target to recruit 25 candidates in 1 month so it is required to manage all the resources. So at the time of implementing this strategy company has to ensure that employees are efficiently working and leaders are managing them in appropriate manner (Beesley and Cooper, 2008). Whereas resources like manpower, technological and financial needs to be managed as it will directly help organization to gain competitive advantage and in turn targets can be achieved easily. Organization can conduct training sessions for its employees so that they can easily scrutinize and short list the capable candidates for other firms. Whereas management has to take some actions in order to motivate employees in the workplace so that they can easily work more. For proper utilization of financial resources company can prepare budgets and it will help in allocating correct amount in all the activities.

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2.4 Carrying out work activities meeting the operational plan

For any business enterprise to perform better it is necessary for management to take appropriate actions for monitoring and control in advance so that all the activities can be carried out in appropriate manner. So in this regard it may not be wrong to say that top authorities of the ABC ltd would have to be very cautious in making sure that they are able to implement the above developed plan, where main aim is to increase the efficiency of the firm was selecting more candidates. Firm has set target in this regard and this can assist in improving performance. So for accomplishing this aim company has to carry out training and development of its workforce as this will increase their capability to carry out assigned duties in efficient manner (Tang, 2002). Furthermore experts must be hired that can provide training to the workforce of company and this can directly improve coordination in between the employees who are working in ABC ltd. Whereas to analyze the improvement in performance company must identify the number of candidates presently and in past. So this comparison can directly support in improving organizational performance. These work activities can definitely support in improving organizational performance.

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3.1 Designing systems to manage quality standards

Quality plays most important role in organization and it is required to satisfy need of customers efficiently. ABC ltd has to improve quality of its services being rendered as selection of right candidate will develop its brand image and company can easily beat its competitors. Company can easily increase its profitability and market share by adopting different tools (Braganza, 2009). Most commonly used techniques for quality improvement is ISO/ CD 30405 and kaizen model. These tools will surely help company to improve its quality and issues will not rise in future. Kaizen can be used by organization and it takes into consideration different activities than enhances standard of the activities performed (Manghani, 2011). ABC company can adopt the cycle of Kaizen that involves various steps like standardizing operations and activities, measuring activities, estimating measurement and necessity, using creativity and innovation to meet targets and improving operations. So by following all these activities company can easily meet quality standards set. On the other hand ISO/ CD 30405 is another method that can help ABC company to improve its quality and firm can easily satisfy need of its clients in appropriate manner.

3.2 Quality culture to ensure monitoring

Quality culture involves some values that directly helps firm in improving its crucial tasks for the welfare of entire organization. It will surely help ABC company to improve its performance and company can easily face challenges. Presently culture developed by company is not up to the mark due to which performance of employees are declining. So it is necessary to develop effective culture keeping in view needs and preferences of staff members (Chen and Mohamed, 2008). It is the duty of top management to ensure that appropriate culture is developed within the workplace. Quality culture will help in the accomplishment of targeted objectives and it will become easy for management to monitor all the activities performed by individuals. Due to poor culture productivity of organization is declining and various issues are arising. So it will directly help in improving performance and employees can easily work with full motivation. Problems are inadequate leadership and management decreases the efficiency of the firm and it is not possible for firm to recruit appropriate candidates as per need of customers.

3.3 Improvement which align with the organizational objectives

In organization like ABC ltd improvement is required in different areas as performance of business is declining and all the activities are not managed efficiently. Ineffective leadership is having adverse impact on the business enterprise as leaders appointed by firm are not able to manage all the employees so job satisfaction is decreasing (Floyd, 2001). Due to this issue entire firm is badly affected so it is necessary for management to appoint appropriate leaders that have capability to manage workforce and this will help in satisfying their needs. When employees are efficient then it will encourage them to work for the welfare of organization and productivity will increase. Whereas the process of short listing and scrutinizing by firm can be modified keeping in view the taste and preferences of clients. Advertising source adopted by enterprise is not appropriate so firm can adopt another source like social networking sites with the help of which it is possible to communicate people about the job opening and they can easily apply for it. Leaders appointed by the firm must use democratic style as it is most appropriate and will surely help in managing employees of ABC ltd.

3.4 Elements that will bring continuous improvement

Different elements are present that requires modification in ABC ltd and will help enterprise to improve its performance. Advertising is the main element that requires attention and present the source adopted by company is not proper. So company can use another source like social media and other techniques which are advanced. Company has to analyze each source on the basis of its coverage and access like facebook and linked in are most commonly used by every individual and will help candidates in knowing about the job opening (Tang, 2002). Whereas company can use other methods like emails and personal contacts in order to communicate with people who are searching for job. Management can easily post job opening on networking sites such as LinkedIn which is popular all over the world. Another important element is short listing which can be changed by firm and management can set criteria on the basis of which candidate has to be selected like experience, knowledge, skills etc. So it will be beneficial for the firm and surely help in improving performance. Company can analyze the best candidate on the basis of educational qualification and experience as it is beneficial and helps in selecting the appropriate candidate.


4.1 Ways to carry out risk assessment

Main challenge that ABC ltd is facing is linked with selection of wrong candidate for the specific position. So firm can follow steps of risk assessment which are:

  • Identifying the major challenges
  • Examining the affected individuals
  • Investigating hazards and precautions that can be taken
  • Communication outcomes with all employees
  • Evaluating assessment and revising it if required.

Risk assessment will help ABC ltd to take corrective actions in advance and firm can easily deal with the challenges (Welker and Vries, 2005). It is the duty of management to develop various strategies and it will surely increase efficiency of the business enterprise. Whereas it is required by ABC ltd to follow all the laws and regulations developed by government which is linked with advertising, short listing etc. All the laws must be present at the time of identifying risks on the characteristics mentioned below:
Whose risk should be assessed: It takes into consideration staff members, customers and other stakeholders linked with company.
Aim of assessment: It involves the steps that firm have to take so as to comply with the legal guidelines issued by government.
Who has to assess the risk: Risks are assessed by managers working at top level and they develop strategies in order to cope up with them.
What risk should be assessed: It is the incident that can occur when firm selects the wrong candidate.

4.2 Corrective and effective application of health and safety regulations

Different regulations and rules are present that ABC ltd has to follow at the time of providing services to its customers. Health and safety act 1974 is one of them that are linked with safety of employees in the workplace. Since work performed by ABC ltd is not risky so no such precautions are required to be taken. But company has to ensure that safe environment is provided to staff members for work which is not risky (Watts and Wray, 2012). Activities like discrimination and other unethical must not be present that badly affect employee within the organization. So it is necessary for firm to comply with the regulations developed by various authorities.

4.3 Review of organization health and safety policies

ABC ltd has developed various health and safety policies in order to protect its employees from various practices. In the entire company precautions are taken so that accidents may not occur for example fire extinguishers have been installed to deal with the situation of fire and helps in protecting staff members. On the other hand it is the duty of manager to take advice from employees regarding health and safety policies as they have to perform operations and knows what accidents can occur. Presently all the health and safety policies adopted by company are effective and support every staff members. Timely management should introduce health and safety policies for welfare of its employees so that they can be provided proper support and care from management side. So it can be said that by adopting proper health and safety policies company can easily increase its productivity (Levitas, Barker and Ahsan, 2011).

4.4 Practical applications of health and safety policies

Health and safety policies developed by ABC ltd are effective and management has implemented them in order to avoid accidents that can occur at the time of carrying out operations. Company has provided safe environment to all the employees which increases their motivation level. Whereas the policies developed are communicated to staff members timely so that they can easily know about it (Weekes, 2013). Management encourages staff members to work under the policies introduced so as to avoid accidents. Practically if all the policies are analyzed then it can be regarded that they are suitable for the enterprise and will surely provide safe environment. So it positively affects the entire firm and allows employees to coordinate with each other. Timely existing policies are updated keeping in view the health and safety of staff members and acts as development tool for all employees.


From the above report it has become easy to understand the importance of managing business activities in an organization. Presently ABC ltd has to face many issues due to improper management of all crucial tasks. So by developing various plans company can cope up with various issues and it is necessary to develop appropriate culture and structure that encourages employees to work for the betterment of enterprise. It is required to appoint appropriate leader who has capability to manage all the employees and this will directly increase job satisfaction of the staff members and they can operate efficiently.


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