Business Quality Management & Planning of Novotel Hotel


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Organization Selected : Novotel London Hotel
Question :

This assessment will cover certain questions which are like:

  1. Provide method through which the quality management is covered and maintained.
  2. Give the effective role of self-assessment and also the importance of communication.
  3. Provide appropriate areas and guideline for the modification and functions.
Answer :


In business quality management is the team who ensure about the project quality by analysing the performance of an employee. It is necessary for the individual who needs to involved in determination of quality planning and quality assurance. Quality management helps to ensure which organisation, product or services is not according with the set objectives. It has four main components; Planning, prime assurance, Select control and quality improvement.

Present study is based on Superior management of Novotel London Hotel which is a south 4-star hotel with having 200-bedroom hotels located near the city of London. Due to decreasing the quality of management, sales have been decreased and customer complaints have been rising. Staff morale also decreasing due to unnecessary needs and task. Overall, it helps to decrease the managing source. Present study will be explaining about role of quality, approaches and that helps to improve quality level etc.

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1.1 Discussing the definitions of quality in terms of business and services provision


As per the business and services problems quality is the serious concern in terms of gaining business profit. Quality must be including in all steps of the business to improve the sales as well as the market share of the company in competitive market position. Quality is treated as the key concept of hospitality industry to keep the customer retained with the services of the company.

Therefore, it assists to identify degree of excellence of something. Hence, it can be defined as an improvement in product quality. Furthermore, quality can also define as distinctive attribute or characteristics that possessed by someone or something (What is Quality? What does Quality Mean? How do You Know When You Have Quality? 2018).

Quality plays a most important role in order to meet out the company structure and their objectives. Without having or adopting good quality provisions company could not achieve the customer faith and attraction as well.  Novotel London also need to regulate all kinds of Quality assurance policies in order to make the effective management process. Quality also helps company to make their good image in the market as well.

Benefits of quality

  • It enhances the business appearance
  • it generates new sales leads.
  • Quality helps to make good employee faith.

1.2 Explaining the role of quality control and quality assurance in inspection and assurance processes in the organisations quality management.

Novotel London Tower bridge hotel needs provide product or services at good quality level in order to meet out the best result-oriented goals (Beckford, 2016). There are two method to assure the quality of management which are quality control and quality assurance. In order to meet out the best outcome.

Quality control

In this process, all elements can be review that are associated in production process of  Novotel London Tower bridge hotel for different products and services. The role of quality control is to ensure and reviewing the process of effective learning goals in an appropriate manner. Quality control process helps to ensure effective project outcomes that meet the client standards.

Quality control

Quality control is a system of maintaining standards in manufactured products with testing particular sample of output against specification. It is the process in which entities review quality of all factors which included in production. ISO 9000 defines part of the quality management to focus on fulfilment of requirements. For instance, elements such as control, job management, defined and well management processes, etc. (Quality control (QC), 2018). Quality control is the process which ensure the whole management quality level and check is there need something to improve quality or not. It is usually associated with the production process such as organisational culture, motivation and team dynamics. Upper-class control inspection of quality of product after process has been done in proper manner. This overall process must be ensure in service industry in order to meet out the client expectations.

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance is data driven strategy to improve processes. It comprises administrative and procedural activities which implemented in a quality system to fulfil requirement and goal for particular products. This is the another process or to ensure the quality and make sure to avoid defects and issue within the process of making services of products. This procedure needs to adopted by Novotel London to get the customer satisfaction and hoping to get higher sale in to the best possible manner (Bowling, 2014). Moreover, it assists to take the best forming results in order to meet out the best result oriented and best forming results. Company also needs to ensure that they apply all quality measures and laws.

1.3 Discussing the range of approaches that can be taken to improve quality management.

Quality management is one of the most powerful or necessary tool for the company development process. In order to improve quality management, organization should need to adopt some following approaches or method of quality management.

Integrate QC with other Management Process

Quality control should never be a lone ranger. Company should need to focused on the same other management departments in order to determine the management system and growth. Company should also need to take feedbacks from the other department in order to gain the effective learning targets and ensure the effective quality work.

Six Sigma : it is one of the most important method of quality improvement. The term six sigma is derived from the Greek Letter, Sigma which denotes the standard deviation of time from the mean.

Total Quality management : This is the another efficient method to improve the quality improvement. TQM take the involvement of employees participation ijn improving processes, product services or the culture in which company operettas. This is the long term processes which only one aim is to satisfy the customer needs and wants.

1.4 Explaining the similarities and differences between the different methods.

There is different method to assure quality such as Cost benefit analysis, cost of quality, control charts, benchmarking, design of experiments these are some methods of quality that helps to assure company profitability goals.

Similarities between approaches

The main purpose of the approaches or methods are to improvise the company strength or level of work performance. Besides, it also helps to define the customer satisfaction and long term challenging goals and make the good customer response. The main similarities between all methods are to gain the effective performance objectives and attract the new working targets to achieve overall performance. All the methods are wants to get the all department efficient work outcomes.

Differences between approaches or methods.

  • The focus of TQM is to sustain the quality management whereas Six sigma primarily focuses on making small necessary changes in order to ensure the quality level.
  • TQM also improve the current policies and procedures besides, Six sigma focuses on improving quality by minimizing and eventually eliminating defects from the system.
  • Another difference between in TQM and Six sigma are TQM is less complex than six sigma.


2.1 Role of self assessment to determine an organisation current state of health

Role of self-assessment         

  • In quality management, self-assessment provides instrument helps to coordinate and well  direction towards all quality improvement activities. In this regard, awareness can be increases in all aspects of management that assists to improve current state of health in business.
  • Self assessment play very important role which play vital role to get success in the business. It is also played important role to understand state of health. In this consideration, it can be stated that Crowne Plaza Riverbank operate well or not.
  • This enterprise need to employ with different activities to accomplish their targets and goals. As a result, it assists to focus on the best knowledge and experience which ascertained positive results at workplace.
  • Organisation system also designed and decide with systematic manner. Company cannot be confident without verify their processes which is effective. Against the objectives, assessment need to be done to determine extent of the achievement (Nair and Choudhary, 2016). 
  • Internet assessment may be done by considering questionnaire in different categories to employees. In order to analyse quality management, company required to take follow up on monthly or weekly basis. As a result, they can easily develop contemporary state of health in positive consideration. Continuous improvement efforts are made in the business to establish ISO 9000 quality system.
  • Excellence model also increase performance in current state of health to integrate concepts, purpose, scope and methodology.

2.2 Evaluation of the importance of communication and record keeping

Communication can be defined as imparting or exchanging information with speaking, writing with using different mediums. In this regard, communication can be successfully formed in many ways such as written, oral, non-verbal, etc.

Importance of communication

  • In Crowne Plaza Riverbank, communication play very important role in sharing ideas and information regarding their goals and objectives. Furthermore, organisation can easily build block of the enterprise with using effective communication system.
  • Furthermore, delivering ideas and information with using proper communication would  helps to focus on the goals and objectives. Effective process of communication in business also supply new thought to develop quality pattern.
  • Foundation of quality management system also relies on the communication with customers. By communication with each other, it can be stated that organisation get information about their products and services to increase satisfaction level of customers.
  • To determine quality of products and services, it is essential to focus on targets and outcomes in positive consideration.

Importance of record keeping

  • In the chosen business, it helps to support needs of the business and evidence of communication, decisions, actions and history ascertained to maintain openness and transparency.
  • Providing evidence of work helps to show appropriate results in front of public. With the help of appropriate financial statements, profit and loss account and balance sheet must be prepare within the given period.
  • There are several benefits can be take place such as organising information for retrieval when needed. Protecting records to accomplish business operations.
  • For almost activities of the business, Crowne Plaza Riverbank need to maintain appropriate record keeping that is most important task in the business. Proper functioning of the business is also depends on regular updates and outcomes.
  • During internal and external communication, information are properly implemented that can be recorded and assists to implement successful plans (Zhong, Ma and Li, 2016).
  • For quality control, it is most effective tool that assists to improve organisation results and compare it with past performance to find major defects and assists in order to enhance the product or service quality

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2.3 How guidelines should be followed for effective quality management

In effective quality management, it can be stated that it is essential to follow standards to satisfy customers with quality requirements with different range of reasons such as ensure safety, reliability towards products and services, etc. It complying with different regulations to follow guidelines.

  • Setting the scene: In order to developing and growth level of Crowne Plaza Riverbank, it is essential to implement quality scheme. In this way, ideas and information must be exchange in appropriate form so that desired level of results can be build to attain more positive work performances (Aquilani, Silvestri and Gatti, 2017).
  • Explaining the rationale: Quality scheme is one of the important consideration that assists to focus on gaining effective results at workplace. Exchange commands and discussion of plans in the business assists to get success through following effective communication and consultation within staff members. It can be successfully consider lifeline which need to be focused for implementation of tactical program jointly with superior scheme.
  • Requirement and commitment from staff: In order to make appropriate functioning in quality management system, communication and group discussion should be encouraged among staff members at all levels. Therefore, it helps to focus on the different goals and objectiveness that would be beneficial to develop desired level outcomes at workplace. With a ground level of staff members, it can be stated that transferring management into more reality level.
  • Communication and reporting: Top management must always need to look for convincing staff members so that they can accomplish desired level results easily (Benavides-Velasco, Quintana-García and Marchante-Lara, 2014).
  • Keeping updated and engaged: With help of governance system of staff, they can work with increasing positive results at workplace. With the help of appropriate engagement of people, systematic work will be accomplish at workplace.
  • Review: With respect to review the process, it can be stated that consultation is necessary for effective quality implementation in a scheme. Therefore, it creates several appropriate functioning to make communication and encouraged staff members.

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3. New systems or modifications to existing system that can be improve service quality

In the business, improvement in service quality helps to focus on existing system and modification. With the help of concerned work, it can be stated that budget must be prepare to implement several advantages with positive consideration at workplace. Improvement in service quality must be placed with different aspects of modification (Benavides-Chicón and Ortega, 2014). Following are certain new systems and modifications in existing system:

  • Implement more information on company website: In order to accomplish positive results, it can be stated that Crowne Plaza Riverbank must implement more information regarding their services on their own website for services. This is because, with the help of more information, customers can easily attracted that helps to improve services towards them.
  • Improve communications: Furthermore, there is effective communication needed to improve service quality in Crowne Plaza Riverbank. As a result, it assists to develop more significant advantages that helps to attain overall goals and objectives (Nair and Choudhary, 2016). More and effective communication assists to improve service quality that helps to ascertained with significant advantages at workplace.
  • Self-service optimisation: In this consideration, it can be stated that self service optimisation must consider in successful manner so that it would be beneficial to ascertained optimisation with improved services. Self service improvement assists to maintain effectiveness with more services improvement that helps to lead in gaining profitability and innovative functions.


It has been analysed from the study that quality direction in business consider important role that ascertained significant advantages in hospitality sector. This is because, in this regard, more profitability and effectiveness can be successfully develop at workplace of Crowne Plaza Riverbank, Hilton hotel, etc. Furthermore, it summarised about process of inspection and assurance that assists to focus on the process which can be satisfied customer requirements. Moreover, it articulated about the continuous improvement in the business to accomplish organisational goals and objectives in positive manner. At last, new system and modification consider in existing system to accomplish desired results at workplace.

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