Hospitality Industry and Services


Hospitality sector refers to a group of industries that work toward providing services to travellers related to food, accommodation, leisure, lodging, cruise line, theme park, transportation etc. It include industries such as food & beverages, hotel, travel & tourism and event industry. Marriott is an American international diversified hospitality company which manage a group of hotel around the world (Candea and Da Col, 2012). It offer its services in around 130 countries and manages more than 6700 properties worldwide. This project describes about the type of businesses included in hospitality industry as well as product or services offered by them. Further it describe about the organisational structure used as well as operational and functional department present in Marriott hotel .   

P1. Types of businesses in hospitality industry and diversify product and services

Hospitality industry is consists of group of industries or companies that work toward catering the traveller's need in a holistic manner by providing them food, shelter and other services. It includes sectors like lodging, cruise line, theme park, event planning, transportation and many more. Hospitality industry is one of the fastest growing sector as with the inception of globalisation, demand for travelling among people for pleasure, leisure or business purpose is  rapidly increasing. This results in increase in the competition among different companies and institutions to provide better services to customers which support toward development of  hospitality industry.

Hospitality sector is also consider as one of the major factors that  help in promoting the flow of FDI which strengthen the economy of country (Cook, Hsu and Marqua, 2014).  Hospitality sector is a service industry which offer products like food and beverages etc. which are tangible in nature. Apart from this it also provide services such as room offerings, dining, travelling, events, entertainment, food services and many more that are intangible in nature. Following table describe about the type of sector or businesses involve in hospitality industry along with product or services it offers:


Sectors within  hospitality sector


Type of businesses

Product & Services



Hotel industry

This industry is responsible for providing services such as meal, lodging and other guest services to clients. Main role of players in hotel industry is to  accommodating travellers on commercial basis by customarily furnishing the rooms for peoples that are away from their home (Jones, Hillier and Comfort,  2016).   Hotels industry perform several functions such as place of assembly, decorative showcase, political headquarters, vacation spots, business exchange spot etc.

One star:-These hotel are one which are independent and offer limited as well as same quality amenities.  These hotels are small to medium size with limited services.

Food and beverages



Leisure, amenities, fitness centre, indoor pool, well featured room, concierge services, laundry services  etc.





Two star:- These hotels are located near affordable locations and are convenient to public transportation. Furniture and furnishing facilities are good but basic.

Three star:- These hotels include more specious accommodation which consists of well decorated and appointed rooms. These hotels are featured with medium sized restaurants which offer breakfast to dinner  services.

Four star:- Hotel provide services that are above average and rooms are well furnished. Restaurant dinning are available and include more than one choice.

Five star:- It provide high level of accommodation and quality  services to clients . Room are well furnished and stylish, quality linens and charges are relatively higher


Food service industry

Catering or food service industry include those businesses, companies or institutions that are responsible for processing, cooking or delivering the meals either on regular basis or occasionally (Medlik, 2012). This is one of the fastest growing sector and included number of business that are involve in providing food related services. It includes all type of restaurants from fast food to fine dining.  

Catering services:- This includes institutions or companies that take order and cook or deliver food either for any occasion or on regular basis to schools and business houses.  

Variety of food, snacks and drinks


Waiter services, buffet service etc




Restaurants:- It refers to some outlets with a proper sitting arrangements where people have meals that are cooked or serve by premises.

Bar & Pub:- It refers to a type of restaurants that provide beverages to customers.

Fast food restaurants:- The  type of restaurants which work toward serving the fast food cuisines that requires less time to process and cooked.


Travel & tourism

Travel & tourism industry is a vast group of businesses and companies that work for a common goal that is providing necessary product as well as services to travellers. It provide services like transportation, accommodation, lodging etc. to travellers for staying and travelling in places that are outside to their usual environment (Molz,  2012).  This sector is consider as one of the major source of income for various countries.  

Cruise ship:- It includes companies that provide public services to travel through water  way from one place to another.

Travelling & transportation, tourist guide, holiday accommodation etc.


Agencies & tour operators:- It includes agents or other institutions that provide services related to travel on behalf of hotels, car heir, transportation companies etc.

Airlines:- this includes companies that provide travel services to public  through air way from one or more routes.


Event industry

This industry work toward application of project management for creation and development of large scale events or functions such as weeding, ceremonies, cultural events, parties, conventions and many more (Neuhofer, Buhalis and Ladkin, 2015). Main functions of people working in this sectors is identifying the clients requirement, devising the concept of event, planning and coordinating the logistic as well as technical aspects and then organising the event (Event Industry, 2018).

Meeting & Conferences:- It includes companies that deal in organising commercial events related to business meeting and conferences.  

Corporate event management, publicity, fashion show and  games event arrangement services, exhibition managements etc.  


Entertainment:- This sector includes group of companies that take contract to organise events related to entertainments. It includes events like musical concert, magic show, competitions, reality shows etc.

Sport Events:- This sector includes companies that work toward organising events related to sport and other activities. These contracts are generally assign by government of host country which includes events like Olympic, World cup etc.

P2. Operational and functional department within hospitality business

Marriott International Inc. is one of the well known American multinational diversified hospitality company which manages and franchise a broad range of hotels and lodging facilities. It was founded by J. Willard Marriott and is headquartered in  Bethesda, Maryland in Washington, D.C. Marriott International is largest hotel chain of world which has more than 6700 properties across 130 countries (Marriott International - Corporate Overview, 2018). It was the first hotel which provide option of online reservations to its customer worldwide through MARSHA(Marriott's automatic Reservation System for Hotel accommodation). Company is known for its culture which keep people first by taking care of them and putting well-being of individuals above all is cultural inheritance.  Marriott hotel work over three pillars related to well-being that are feel good about oneself, workplace and company's role in society (Thakran and Verma, 2013).

Marriott group of hotel are always tries to bring some new or creative method to serve customers and providing opportunities for associates. It started as a nine-seat A&W root beer stand which is now known as top employer with superior business operations. It operates business over five core value. It includes put people first, embrace changes, pursue excellence, act with integrity and serve the world. It provide variety of services such as :

  • Events:-It includes event planners that help in plan and organising an event for special occasions that are social events such as wedding, sports, anniversaries etc. and meetings such as conferencing, business meetings etc.
  • Special and package offered:-it includes various packages related to booking of rooms and other services. It provide altered service packages according to the requirement of customers like weekend packages, government & military package, senior travelling package etc.  

assignment help

Apart from this organisational structure of Marriott hotel also consider as one of the crucial factor that support company in achieve high growth and competitive advantage at marketplace. Organisational structure follower by Marriott hotel located in Regents Park London is Hierarchical structure. It refers to the structure that includes different level of authorities and vertical chain of command between superior and subordinates within an organisation. The highest level of authority is stay at the top of pyramid which take decision for whole organisations. In Marriott hotel orders flow from top level down to next level and information flow from bottom to top. Decisions and strategies are formulated by the top management and is followed by the employees (Verma, Stock and McCarthy, 2012). This help in keeping formalization of activities where employees of Marriott hotel work according to the rules and regulations formed by top authorities. Another benefit of following this structure is maintaining specialisations means jobs and activities are divided into departments according to the skills and abilities of employees. This division of work help in performing tasks effectively and support organisation to maintain control over their performance. Marriott hotel divides its organisation in into functional and operational units which includes following departments:

Functional department:- 

It refers to a department that group the activities or processes on the basis of need, skills and area of expertise in different functional areas. Followi9ng are the types of functional department:

  • Human Resource department:-This department is consider as main functional unit of an organisation as it is responsible for hiring, firing, remuneration of employees. Apart from this it is also responsible for training & development as well as ensuring welfare of people at work. HR department of Marriott hotel always focuses recruiting high skilled employees and which belongs to different culture. Main aim behind creating multicultural environment is to  develop a knowledge about different culture that further support in serving customers according to their culture and values.
  • Security:- Primary function of security unit includes patrolling, monitoring surveillance equipments and investigating that the employees, guests and property of hotel is safe and secure (Wang, Tsai and Tsai, 2014). Marriott hotel is more focused toward maintaining high skilled security workforce that ensures the security of customers as well as hotel by keep tracking the visitors over CCTV and checking the stuff which they bring to hotels.  

Operational department:- This department is responsible for administrating the business practices for creating high level of efficiency or performance within an organisation to make them achieve greater success in marketplace. Following are the types of operational departments:  

  • Front desk services :-The front office department is one of the most visible part of hotel where staff members welcome the guests, help them in registration, carry their luggage, provide them keys, solve queries related to hotel activities or policies etc. Therefore, front office employees and department are consider as the nerve centre of hotel. Marriott hotel recruit employees for front desk that have high interpersonal and communicational skills as they are the face of hotel which represents culture. Employees of Marriott hotel are responsible to handle booking of client online as well as offline, answering the call, solving their queries etc.
  • Housekeeping:-This unit is responsible for immaculate care and maintaining the hotel rooms and public spaces as environment and ambience of hotel help in attracting as well as retaining  clients for longer duration (Kandampully, Zhang and Bilgihan, 2015). Housekeeping employees of Marriott hotel always work toward providing a better and comfortable experience to their client by keeping their rooms, bed and other areas clean & hygienic.


From the above given report it can be concluded that hospitality industry is one of the fastest growing sector which contribute toward the development and growth of a country. Hospitality Management industry consists of several sectors that work toward providing better customers services and reducing the difference among geographical region by providing transportation and travel services. This make it easier for people to move from one place to another in less possible time.


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