Rooms Division Operations Management of Britannia Hotel


Hotel industry deals in various areas like providing transportation service to their customers, restaurant, event planning, etc. Among all the activities done in this sector, room allotment is considered as one of the important tasks. Britannia hotels are one of the leading organization of the hospitality industry, they have their presence across the UK. Their vision is to give quality experience and memorable memories to their service users so they can get the value of the piece they have paid (Assaf and Agbola, 2011). Their mission is to reach either first or second position in the hotel sector of UK. They want to expand their business in all the small as well as prime location. This report will focus on legal requirements that are applied in the room division operation. Accommodation service of different organization will also become part of this file. Some issues relating to the significance of the interior and the front house will also get discussed in this report. Planning of room facilities and their proper management will be included in order to provide quality service.


1.1 Accommodation and front office services for different organizations

Britannia has hotels and rooms for every class of customers, some accommodations are luxury whose price cannot be afforded by everyone but cited group also have suites which can be rented by low-income group people.

Accommodation– It is a place where people get a sleeping facility at the time of travel. They can also do specific activity for a particular time which can be related to work or maybe for leisure.

Front office– This term is also popular by the name of reception. The main work is to deal with customers and potential service users, this department is responsible for taking messages, order handling, etc. Reservation and allocation of room, billing are some task which is performed by this wing of a hotel.

(A) 'Lime Wood' is a 5-star hotel in which provide amenities relating to lodging, meals and other traveling services (Batun and, 2011). They are known for their premium quality in the facilities they render, they have great infrastructure and they use the latest technology in their business operation. They have 15 bedrooms and 14 suites in accommodation which some private dinning halls. They have 2 entrance and each one has one front office so the crowd can be managed properly and waiting time can be minimized.

(B) Norfolk Guest House is situated in Bristol, they offer bed and breakfast service where Norfolk give overnight lodging and breaking in the morning. They provide a friendly atmosphere so customers can feel like they are staying in their home. Cost of room is very nominal which can be afforded by most of the service users (Bertolini and, 2011). They provide facilities like Wi-Fi, laundry, tea/coffee. They have only one front office because their guest house does not have many rooms. Their reception is not a busy place because a limited number of customers stay and visit their hotel.

(C) Rest up a hostel in London provide shared room for a short period of time, all the facilities like toilet, are common and it can be used by any person who is staying there. Bed in sharing of 4,8,10,18. Facilities like Sky TV, bar/cafe garden laundry is also available. They have only one front office where the receptionist is very busy because hundreds of potential customers and service user daily come and go to Restup hostel.

1.2 Roles and responsibilities of a range of accommodation and reception services staff

Size of an organization decide the responsibilities of an employee who is working on the front office. Apart for size, there is some factor which made an influence on staff on reception like structure, standards, etc. Following are roles of people who work in this department:

Reservation supervisor– One of the main tasks that are to be performed by the person who holds this position is to organize the shifts of employees. They have to verify that standards set by organization are being followed on a continuous basis. They are responsible for taking reservation and monitoring bookings so quality in service can be provided to the customers and chaos because of wrong registration of room or traveler can be avoided (Caunhye, Nie and Pokharel, 2012). Britannia hotels have a special department in luxury hotels for rich guests but in budget accommodation, this work is done by a receptionist.

Housekeeper– Hygiene of a hotel is directly related to its success because people do not want to live in a place where the environment is not clean. They play a crucial role in the execution of various strategies made by top level management. They prepare a room for guests, so they can relax in a welcoming atmosphere and enjoy they stay without any tension. In bed and breakfast, there are hardly 1 or 2 employees who perform all the tasks relating to various work of housing, but in Britannia hotels, they have a specialist of every field like cleaning, decorating, etc. Cleaning of suites is not the only work they have to do, they are also responsible for cleaning public area which is common for everyone.

Receptionist– The person who holds this position has to do a lot of important work like assigning room according to their need and give information about various tariff plans etc. It is the responsibility of receptionist to welcome guests and allow them a room which can fulfill their demands (Chen and, 2013). Taking payment and maintaining data of room occupancy is another significant role that they have to perform. They also have to solve various queries of a service user who are staying in a hotel. Every day they have to update the data where information about check in and check out is recorded. Cited company has more than one employees on a front desk because of their big and complex structure but in a dormitory, a single person is responsible for all the about mentioned task.

1.3 Legal and statutory requirements that apply to rooms division operations

Health and Safety Main Act HASAWA, 1974

This act applies for employees, guests and for the employer also. It is the responsibility of every individual to take care of others and at the same time focus on their own well being. Most of the accidents that happen in a hotel are because of misuse of equipment or by other reasons like a wet floor, distraction, etc. According to this law, all the employees need to take training so they can learn about basic medical facilities that should be provided at the time of an accident.

Fire Regulation

Most of the major mishappening happens in this sector is because of fire, there are some specific rules which has to be followed in an organization. Instruments like a smoke detector, fire alarms have to be installed in every hotel so incidents relating to fire can be minimized. The government made clear rules which state that every hotel should put some fire extinguishers and fire exit so damage can be reduced. Personnel in an organization should be trained so they can prevent and cope up with these kinds of situations (Chon and Yu, 2012). These accidents should be reported to appropriate authority so they can make a record of these incidents and innovate an action plan to avoid these type of accidents in upcoming time.

Data Protection – Various information that customer gives to the hotel should be kept private, in any case, it can be given to 3rd party because it will be considered as an illegal activity. Data protection act 1998 clearly states that data relating to service users should not be shared with anyone without the permission of that guest. Proper training to staff should be given so they can understand the significance of maintaining the privacy of customers right.

1.4 Services provided by the rooms division in a range of hospitality businesses

A long time ago the role of the hospitality industry is to provide a room to live, food and water. But gradually when this sector evolves, some positive changes take place which improves and add some services which are given in hotels. Now industry offers low-cost accommodations with the basic facility as well as luxuries suites in which all the facilities that a guest want is available. Britannia hotel provides core amenities like food, shelter but with that, there are some services which are very significant to attract new and more customers like spa, pool, etc. Some luxury facilities like a wine cellar, treatment room, etc. are also provided in high price suites. These are not available in low-cost rooms because in this segment people only care about food and bed. The cited hotel company is popular for budget rooms but they also provide lavish services which are expensive and they can not be afforded by everyone (Chow and, 2011).

Most of the organization in the industry provide various facilities according to the budget of a guest. The restaurant is another major service that is included in this sector, a variety of food from different countries and cooking methods are offered.


2.1 Importance of the front house area to effective management

The front area is responsible for welcoming the guest and potential customers. This makes the first impression on service user because when they enter in a hotel they try to find reception. This department directly deals with customers so if they do not receive guests proper than it will make a negative impact on the image of a hotel. If the front area is attractive and has appropriate space than people will feel comfortable when they put their first step in the hotel. The atmosphere in the building should be friendly and clear so service users do not feel uncomfortable. This area do not have any direct connection with generating revenue but it plays a crucial role in supporting various service which is responsible for earning a profit. One of the most important functions done by front office is the reservation (Dobrzykowski and, 2014). Nowadays it can be done online or offline. If proper track record of occupied room and available suites is maintained than it will improve the effectiveness in the services provided by cited organisation. Data relating to check in and check out is significant at the time updating record, it depict information about vacant rooms which can be given to new guests. Luxury hotels also provide facilities like transportation to their customers who want to travel in near by location or want to go in other state or city. Telephone and messaging amenities are other work done by front house, sometimes customers get their call on reception because of various issues, so it the an important task of front office to transfer the call or take message and deliver it to service user. Reception is responsible for taking payments from guest, bill can be related to room, food, drinks or any other services like massage (Guerriero and Guido, 2011). If this task is not performed effectively than hotel may have to face serious problems relating to revenue. Managing luggage is another important work done by reception.

2.2 key aspect of planning and managing of the front house area for a given hospitality operation

Front office is responsible for making first impression in mind of customer. It designing should be so attractive that people must like to click their photographs in reception hall. Britannia hotels has spend huge amount on their front offices, they hang beautiful painting made by popular artist which pull attention of lot of people. They have install colourful lights which improves the display on walls of the reception. Clean and clam environment is necessary so customer feel relaxed when they enter in price. Perfumes play crucial role in keeping the atmosphere healthy. Painting and images in background as well as in side walls also made a positive impact on mind of guest. Britannia hotels paste some picture of popular travelling destinations in UK. Interior and exterior of building assist in attracting new customers who are getting confused in selecting hotel for available options (Gul and, 2011). Cited company believe in keeping clean and green space. It is important to keep atmosphere clean and hygienic because when so many people visit a place chances on spreading various disease increases.

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Another significant issue which is necessary to maintain and improve the effectiveness of front house is managing the available area efficiently. Space provided for reception should be managed in way that customers get proper space to stand and sit. Planning of area should be done in a manner which manage the crowd properly and so chaos at reception can be avoided. Some hotels in Britannia are designed according to old infrastructure, some are made by using latest technology and patterns. In historic design, building is made by woods and bricks. But in new hotels they use glass and some new material. Flowers and plants should be decorated in front office so a positive environment can be created at entrance. Problems relating to heating and security should stop at the point of its generation because they influence the first impression of a service user.

2.3 key operational issues affecting the effective management and business performance of the front office

Their are various issues which made a huge impact on effectiveness of the work done by front office. If designing of hotel is not attractive than people would not like to stay in that building. Their are some hotels which do not provide services like of cited company but their premise is so beautiful that people like to stay their (Hans, VanHoudenhoven and Hulshof, 2012). It Britannia Hotels do not maintain 5-star standard in their front office than it will be very difficult for them to make permanent customer who provide stability in business. Clean and hygienic environment also play crucial role in convincing guests to stay for a long time, if atmosphere at reception is not healthy than chances of spreading various diseases will increase, this will result in loss of potential and existing customers. These factors made a huge impact on profit of business and image of company. Mouth publicity is considered as one of the best way of marketing, but can also do do some damage to the organisation. In hospitality industry in one person does not get satisfaction from front office than he/she will tell many people about the problems he/she faced. This can reduce the money that cited hotel company earn. One mistake of front office influence the image of other services provide in hotel. If cleanliness and design of reception do not matches standards of industry than cited company has to face complains about refunds and legal problem. Sometimes they have to give free offers to the customers who do not get satisfaction from facilities provided in hotel. This will increase the cost of operation which will ultimately make some impact on profit of the organisation. People may start lying in order to avail free offers or more discount. This is a habit which should not encouraged in hospitality sector.


3.1 Importance of property interiors and design to effective management

Interior means inside area of the premise which can be a single room, hall, etc (Khanna, 2015). Their was a time when hospitality industry was not giving much attention to in this field but gradually they understand its importance and invest lot of money in order to make it unique and attractive. Interior should match with the exterior of hotel because it their is difference between both of them than it will look very weird. Designing of rooms and front office is becoming a priority of many leading players of hospitality sector because they provide an extra edge on competitors and it also add some value to the business so new customers can be attracted. It also provide great assistance to retaining guests for a long time because if they like designing of the room in which they are staying than they will definitely visit it again (Langabeer and Helton, 2015). An important thing that should be noticed at the time of designing of a room is that it should not decrease the space that is available in the room because it will reduce the size of suites which may not be preferred by service users. In a luxury hotel customers expect more from the company because they are charging some extra amount compared to other players of the industry. Britannia hotel focus on comfort, relaxing and spacious rooms because it assist in satisfying pickiest customers. Design is directly related to art, most of the travellers like to stay at a place where they can see something new, the painting that are present in cited company's hotel are made by popular artist. Their are many guest who stay in their room because they like the image that company have pasted on walls.

3.2 Critical aspects of planning and management of the accommodation service function

Britannia operates both type of hotels, luxury and budget. In earlier one, they put extra focus on quality of service (Lewis and Brown, 2012). They purchase various items that are used in hotels from the place which is popular and deliver best quality. They use anti allergic material in bed sheets and in towels that they provide in bathrooms. Food that is served in their luxury hotel is organic because it is good for health and most of the rich customers like meal which is made by organic vegetables. At initial stage cited organisation has to invest huge amount but it get recover rapidly because customers have rarely experienced such a quality in service provided by any hotel. In budget hotels some facilities are not up to par because they do not charge much amount. They wash pillow cover 2-3 times in a year, this enhance the chances of spreading various allergies (XuWermus and Bauman, 2011). Cleanliness play a crucial role in retaining customers, guest do not forget place which is spotless and maintain very high standards of cleaning. Besides common area, bedrooms and bathroom should also be cleaned on regular basis. Chemical free products should be used so an essence nature can be introduced in organisation.

Cleaning of window should be done at least 2 times in a month and carpets should be cleaned twice in a year by professionals of that field. Training of employees should be done so they can understand how to use new technology instruments that are being used in housekeeping. Maintenance of building should be done on yearly basis in order to minimise any damage (Li and, 2011). Some expensive items that are kept in showcase should be cleaned and coloured so their life can be increased by a signifiant number of years. Items like fan, lights and air conditioners should be checked on regular basis by electricians so they work properly when when they are being used by customers.

3.3 Key operational issues affecting the effective management of the accommodation service function

Every small factor in hospitality industry play a crucial role in success and failure of a hotel. Some time food, cleanliness etc. all the functions are done efficiently but design of building is so unattractive that customers do not like to stay at such a place (Ronen, Pliskin and Pass, 2012). In luxurious hotels of Britannia company they have to give more attention to the quality of foods and service they are providing to the guests because they are paying additional amount in order to get something extra. Management has to decide how much resources should be given to budget hotels and how much should be given to luxury hotels. Bed linen in low cost hotels should be changed at least 1 time in a month which is a basic standard in industry, but in premium hotels this work should be done on weekly basis, they should get more fund for this task. Rooms should be prepared in advance so customers do not need to wait for a long time. Small items like shop, towel, toothpaste should checked in regular interval of time, if a service user do not get this basic facilities on time than they will not stay in that hotel again.

At Britannia hotel they focus on providing something extra to their guests. One of the most important factor in success of cited company is that they invest heavy funds in housing. They use organic product which are chemical free and they do not do any harm to the worker who are responsible for cleaning. In premium hotels of cited company there are some hidden promises that guest will get best product and service that is available in industry (Shekherdimian and Lee, 2011). Incidents like stained carpets, leaking bathrooms, smelly furnish make a negative impact on image of the organisation, customers do not like to visit a hotel in which these kind of problems happens on a continuous basis. Britannia hotels may have to face major loss in terms of money and lose some permanent customers who play crucial role in providing stability to the company. Infrastructure and designing assist in attracting new customers, if building do not have any painting and posters on walls and in background than it will fail to convince potential guest to stay in that hotel.


4.1 Explanation of revenue/yield management to maximise room occupancy and room revenue

Success of a hotel depend on the techniques which an organisation use at the time allotment of rooms. Basic formula to enhance the profit is to the sell the right room at right price (SirirakIslam and Ba Khang, 2011). Now a days firm are using technology in order to decide correct price that should be charged from a customer, this help them in maintaining the right rate that exist in industry. Another benefit of using updated software is that it assist in analysing the rapid changes that are happening in this sector accurately. Implementation of effective policy is support in increasing revenue of the organisation. Their are some rules which can play crucial role in maintaining high profit, like cancellation of booking by charging some amount. If a service use is booking a room in peak season tan he/she has to pay for it in advance, if he/she cancel it after sometime than hotel management can cut up to 50 percent of the amount they have charged in advance.

Some strict policy can be executed in order to maximize revenue like if a person book a suite in hotel but do not show on the date of booking than complete amount that he has paid in advance will be non refundable (Sodhi,Son and Tang, 2012). This will help in eliminating customers who are not serious about their booking. Another ways of increasing revenue is to related to juggling with room. It a service user want to change the suite in which he/she is staying that hotel can charge some extra amount and provide them room according to their need. The main focus of all the policies is related to right room at correct price to a appropriate guest. Over booking is a popular method to achieve full occupancy, this strategy is adopted by many leading players of this industry.

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4.2 Analysis of sales techniques used to promote and maximise revenue relating to room division

In order to enhance sale cited company should recruit an employee who has complete detail the operation and service provided in hotel as well as in industry (Turker and Altuntas, 2014). Person who deals in this should be a good negotiator because there are various factors which play crucial role in increasing profit and retaining customer for a long time like, facilities provided for a particular price, mode of payments, etc. There are various techniques of selling so the person who is in charge of this department should know about these methods. In Up selling techniques, employee focus on selling something extra which is out of customers package. It is important for the worker to effective present the services which may get attention of guests, this can special treat, upgrades, etc (White,Froehle,and Klassen, 2011). If a hotel makes a database of customers who has visited in past years than they can make special offers in future according. This can assist them informed of new packages and an impressive discount rate. Retaining current clients will help cited group in free adverting, these permanent customers will spend more time when they visit hotel next time.

4.3 Purpose and use of forecasting and statistical data within the rooms division

Forecasting help in making proper plans so an organisation can face hard time and make strategies accordingly. Manager get great assistance from various statistics data of past years, they make attractive offers and package which support in retaining permanent customers. Hotel industry use forecasting to determine success and failure of yesteryears, this analyse play crucial role in formation of future marketing policy. If previous year data depict that they have done well than same strategies can be adopted for current year. But if past tactics get fail than management of hotel should focus on formation of new plans or they can improve current policies (William, EastNisbe and Liebich, 2012). Main purpose of this forecasting is to minimise the risk so company can effective execute their schemes.


From the above report, it can be concluded that by charging the correct price for the right room can maximize the profit of a hotel. They need to focus on designing and cleanliness in order to attract more and new customers. It will also provide great assistance to them in retaining their existing customers. Proper revenue and sale techniques play a crucial role in the success of an organization.


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