Developing the Individuals and Team for growing the Hilton Group

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Organization Selected : Hilton Group


An organisation’s main asset is always referred to be its employees who are the first responsible bodies to form an administration that is intending to work towards the attainment of a common goal. The current report is all about developing the individuals as well as team that in turn is apparent to grow and improve the entire firm towards a positive direction. It is with a special consideration of a chosen establishment that is popularly known for its hospitality based services and is entitled as Hilton (Li, Sanders and Frenkel, 2012). The present report will illustrate the way in which Hilton Group is considering to develop its people to gain higher shares in the market and make it a profitable entity in terms of growth and progression. Hilton Group with its headquarter in US has a foundation year of around 100 years. It is operating in more than 5500 locations all over the globe. This necessitates Hilton to hire a trained set of employees and continually develop them to successfully operate at an international level.


a) Determine appropriate knowledge, skills and behaviours (KSB) that are required by HR professionals across the department

A HR professional is required to be quite good at communication and negotiation skills that will help the firm like Hilton Group to improve its efficiency and effectiveness by placing highly skilled and knowledgeable work force with a good behaviour and interaction skills. This skill set and knowledge possessed by an HR professional will help the firm to gain a good control over the operations that are been practiced by the firm in an effective and innovative way. Some major knowledge, skills, and behaviour measures that are been taken in consideration are as follows:


  • They must possess the appropriate and effective measures that will help them to manage the business operation and other activities that are been taken by the HR department of the firm in a better way (Brewster and 2016).
  • An HR professional will also have a thorough knowledge about various laws and obligations that are to be taken in the organisation like Hilton group. Different employee benefitting acts like equality act, human rights act anti-harassment act etc to ensure the effective policy and working at the organisation.
  • They will also possess the knowledge of on-going trends and latest tools and technologies that will help them to meet the operational capability of the firm and meet the requirement of their job profile (Cascio, 2018).

Skill Set

  • The major skill that the HR professional will possess will be the effective communication and negotiation skills that will help them to manage the operations and the actions that are been taken in the organisation that will support a good rise in functional capability of the organisation.
  • Performing various operations like preparing the staff handbook, regular assessment of the grievances, promotions, appraisals, working conditions, training process and recruitment and screen activities and induction of new staff in the company.
  • They will perform the consultancy and support job in the firm that will involve the proper handling of the operations that will help in suitable rise in operational capability of the organisation. They also look after the better planning of the various employee welfare activities and implement HR planning strategies and policies in an organisation like Hilton Group.
  • They will also look after the various duties like improving of working environment, performance management process, providing everyone with equal opportunities, taking disciplinary actions and absence management. To ensure the proper functioning of the operation at the work place.


  • Communicate with different departmental manager of Hilton group to facilitate a proper training and recruitment process the will be beneficial for the business organisation.
  • Promoting equality and harmony at the work place and devoid any sort of conflict or interpersonal issue that will support a good rise in the operational capability of the organisation.
  • Advising the promotional measures and other benefits that will support a good rise in the business activities of the hospitality organisation and will help in suitable rise in the employee satisfaction level.
  • Most importantly, they will look after the proper training and learning process that will help the organisation to increase its efficiency and met the operational requirements of the organisation (Marchington and, 2016).

All these knowledge and skill improvement measures that are been taken by the firm will help in suitable rise in the good management of the activities that will support good rise in the operational capability of the organisation that will help the HR executives to handle a good employee management process and will support a good rise in effectiveness of the organisation. They will help in better management of the operations that will help in increasing the efficiency of the organisation.

b) Analysing a completed personal audit for identifying any training and developmental needs

This is to evaluate the personal audit of an employee Jane Cambridge who is positioned in the post of HR officer. Personal audit has hereby referred to the review done by the HR himself by filling the below illustrated form. It is apparent to assist the individual in finding the flaws in one own self by together addressing the pros (Smith and Puczkó, 2014). The below personal audit has been done to ascertain the need of training and development in the hired HR personnel and in case of any skill deficiency, proper sessions of training and development can be arranged for the same. A personal audit which is carried to assess an employee’s job role is not only evident to build or improve one’s personal capabilities. Instead, it plays a significant role in equally developing the professional skills that are required to enhance the specialized knowledge of an individual.

Below are the parameters on whose basis, Jane’s ability as an HR professional has been judged. These are as follows-

  • Information technology- Herein, Jane has been analyzed on the basis of 7 different parameters with a foremost outlook of being able to use several number of software’s. It has been found that Jane is good at using Microsoft office with an adequate use of excel spreadsheet. Although, he has very little or no experience of using database and any specialist HR software. But, he is very good at using internet and email with a good knowledge of using power point.
  • Communication skills- Jane has been found to lack in this phase with a very little or no experience of drafting the letters of employment. However, he can adequately take notes of disciplinary hearings(O'Brien, Scott and Gibbons, 2013). Also, he is having good skills of writing reports by together being able to produce resources for supporting presentations. Although, he has no such prior experience with no knowledge of delivering training sessions with suitable skills of resolving complaints and any conflicted state. Moreover, he can interview the candidates well and can rightly advise on the HR issues.
  • Problem solving skills- Herein, Jane has together been judged on the basis of 3 vital elements of problem solving skills. These abilities are important to work as an HR in any sort of organization that enables the HR to resolve any disputed situation at work which always signifies a common concern of the management. Jane has been found to have sufficient capabilities of oral reasoning that helps him to easily handle any complex data to selectively use the data from it. Additionally, he is also capable of exploring more than one alternative measures to resolve any existed issue at the workplace. Lastly, he is good at referring to others opinions as well, which is with a prime intent of resolving the problems.
  • Supervisory management- Here, Jane has been assessed on the basis of 2 vital experiences where he has an experience of placements which is less than a month(Nickson, 2013). Also, till now, he has not managed any individuals at a time.

c) Creating a personal and professional development plan (P2)

A personal and professional development plan which is also termed as PDP is proven to help in building necessary skills in an individual. Likewise, Jane is together required to develop several numbers of skills that are currently missing in him to attain the position of an impeccable HR officer (Johnson and Guetal, 2012). It is mainly on the basis of above carried analysis of Jane’s personal audit; a PDP is formed to enhance both his personal and professional development plan that is as specified below-

Skills to be improved

Present scale

Undertaken activities

Targeted performance

Time period

IT skills

At present, Jane is having satisfactory skills of IT with no specialised abilities to help him work as an efficient HR.

It is with a specific concern of being able to use specialised databases which are specially designed for HR individuals.

The activities that are recommended for it is to attend regular training sessions at the work that will involve both theoretical as well as practical assets of using HR related database.

Although, the theory sessions will consists a limited time period with much focus on practical learning’s to quickly grasp the knowledge.

The targeted performance that is expected to get from Jane after the designed sessions is to become an expert and professionally use the HR databases with an ability to teach and instruct others as well.

3 months is the expected tenure within which he is expected to fluently use the HR specialised databases.

Communication skills

Currently, Jane is good at writing skills with adequate skills of listening as well.

However, he is expected to raise his verbal skills of communication as well.

This is with a foremost concern of communicate fluently with the clients and employees with a confident outlook and effectively address their queries and give proper commands to them.

The activities that are recommended for this is to attend regular seminars and conferences and make an active participation in it.

Also, attending presentations at work by himself presenting in front of others is also apparent to refine his oral skills of communication.

Jane is expected to reach to a proficient level of communication by attaining both verbal and written skills of communication.

This is proven to make him a real professional in terms of HR by together enabling him to present himself as the most desired and skilful expert with factual work experiences.

2 months’ time is the expected time frame, within which, Jane is expected to come up with his improved skills of verbal communication.

Problem solving

In this, Jane is at a considerate level in comparison to other referred aspects.

Here, Jane is presently having effective capabilities of improving his verbal reasoning skills.

For which, he is recommended to take part in verbal reasoning classes by together practising it at work by attending any debate sessions with a keen outlook of resolving any conflicted situation at work.

This is expected to make him an expert in resolving any disputed concern at the workplace at a very quick and faster pace.

Within a time limit of 1 month, Jane is expected to enhance his verbal reasoning skills.

Management skills

This is basically to attain some significant experiences to work as a specialised HR professional at work where Jane is not having adequate experience of handling the workers and placing them at suitable work positions.

To improve this, Jane must make rigorous participation in such activities at work and interview more number of candidates to understand their real capabilities.

Beside this, he is together advised to primarily scrutinize the work positions and then compare the person specifications of the interviewed applicant with that to the job description of a vacant position.

He is then expected to undertake the hiring procedures by placing efficient candidates.

In addition to which, an increasing interaction is also expected to enable him in easily handling a large set of employees working under him.

For this, a specific time period of 4 months is considered to be enough.

d) Analyse differences between organisational and individual learning; training and development (P3)

This is to differentiate among organisational and individual learning where an organisational learning is basically to train and develop the team of individuals within a corporate setting. Individual learning on other hand is much more concerned about training the employees at individual level. Organisational learning is therefore focussed at developing the individuals to attain the set administrative goals and objectives. However, the individual learning on another hand is duly focussed at developing the workers to effectively perform their distinct job roles and responsibilities that will ultimately serve to the overall organisational aims (Zopiatis, Constanti and Theocharous, 2014). This is due to the fact which states that employees play a very significant role in contributing towards a timely and well defined attainment of organisation’s undertaken targets. For this, it is very much important for the employees to strive hard and reach to the intended aims. This together has a vital involvement of the managerial bodies who are supposed to continually train and develop the workers. This proves some crucial difference among both of these concepts of training and development as is as stated below-

Basis of difference



· Significance

It is a process of learning that gives an opportunity to the employees for developing their skills, knowledge as well as competencies to fulfil their job requirements.

It is on other hand refers to an educational process that is largely concerned about an overall development of the workers.

· Term

It depicts a short term consideration by focusing upon the present.

This indicates a long term consideration focussing upon the future of the employees.

· Orientation

It is very much job oriented.

This on another hand is much more Career oriented (Ransley and Ingram, 2012).

· Motivation

Training can be inspired by a trainer.

Development is a self-inspired concept.

· Objective

It is to enhance the work performance of the employees.

It is on the other hand aims at preparing the workers to face the future challenges.

e) Analyse the need for continuous learning and professional development to drive sustainable business performance (P4)

A continuous learning and professional development is apparent to drive a sustainable performance of the business. Continuous learning is significant for both the employees as well as employers for attaining success in today’s contending marketplace. It is therefore important for the organizations like Hilton Group to provide such opportunities of continuous learning to their employees. This can be done by provisioning monetary support for getting educated with some other financial aids. Although, grants as well as scholarships can also be designed for achieving master’s or Ph.D. degree as an option to promote professional development (Smither, Houston and McIntire, 2016). Recently, some specialized certificate and diploma programs have become progressively popular. This in turn assists the employees working in the cited firm to give productive outcomes to accomplish the organizational goals and objectives. It results in maintaining a viable performance of the business and drives the same for a longer time period. Furthermore, it also leads in retaining the employees who are also pleased from their enhanced performance and gets a chance of developing themselves on constant basis. This together depicts a higher rate of retention with a contended workforce.


i) Demonstrate understanding of how HPW contributes to employee engagement (P5)

High carrying into action running is now acquiring a key aspect of assistance up of organization thriftiness & growth. It secures more effective worker non-involvement & serious-mindedness in order to achieve change in work skilfulness. Afloat carrying into action working includes the right-down effort & ceremonial occasion & full employment of skill sets of an employee, expeditiously. We can say that High Public presentation on the job is a result of situation where transference of system, bigness of social trust & easy communication is approachable to all employees (Bercovitz, 2018). On the other hand, High Public presentation On the job at Hilton group is achieved done the motivation among the worker or the staff to execute better. It will not only lead to better running by worker but also have excluded effect on the carrying into action of the Hilton Group. It includes some practices which guarantee worker acting well. Some other factor are as follows:-

  • High worker Involution: It excludes the pattern where the establishment can involve many its business like worker to execute some limited task. It volition not lone improve the social relation, trust & team spirit among the worker but also assistance the establishment to accomplish larger goals easy & ineffectively. When such structure grouping will prosecute more in assorted business process then Hilton Hotel can take new ideas. At the on the job situation if any analysable state of affairs incur then through worker battle direction can get new sentiment and list of mixture (M, 2018). Thence, issues and obstruction can be resolved suitably which aid to make the business concern cognitive process very crease less.
  • Human Assets Practices: In this context, Human Resource Pattern includes the arrangement of methodological investigation to measurement & analyse employee efficiency & backed on that fetching measures & creating the line of reasoning for the worker appraisals & better. Also, it considers the business like execution of the laws & modulate match for the worker payment.
  • Wages & Committees policies: In this context, reward plan of action consider the consolidation of payment that are been granted to worker on their business like job by the organisation or employment. It reckons monetary payment, inducement, appreciation & other word form of non pecuniary payment. It advances an worker to work effectively & with dedication. Complicatedness policy consider the leader to ask worker to be under a bond which in one word form, gives self-assurance of job safety to the worker (Brewster, 2016). The Hilton Group can absorb such argumentation to get the best out of each worker in its personnel.

Other than this, the high performance working will help in good rise in the operational quality of the business organisation and this will see through the better rise in operational capability of the organisation that will support a good rise in business activities that are been performed at the business organisation like Hilton group. This will help the fir to improve its functionality and meeting of the targeted goals and effectiveness of the operations that are been taken in the organisation and will help in suitable rise in the operational capability of the organisation (Chelladurai and Kerwin, 2017). Other than this, the HPW will help in good rise in the operational capability of the organisation and help the firm to gain a good employee satisfaction level and meeting of the targeted goals and operations. Besides this, it will also aid in improving the customer containment level of the organisation. A good employee engagement will support a better rise in the operational capability of the organisation, lead to a good interaction and meeting of targeted goals.

ii) Evaluate different approaches to performance management (P6)

There is one of the most important essential to negotiate and amend carrying out in the market. Basic ground behind measure this faced is that, it aids to know that Hilton Hotel has which kind of public presentation like accelerative or depreciating in commercial enterprise of cordial reception. On the basis of this, direction of selected establishment makes corrective actions.

  • Behavioural approach: This conceptualisation is one of the of age proficiency of performance measuring. Behavioural plan of attack is also suitable for legibility and quality. It is most of import attack in the selected arrangement, because a affirmative mental attitude is very essential in arrangement. If worker of Hilton Hotel have a affirmative cognition than he can fulfil the custom-made (Brewster, 2016). It is one of the oldest show method where the behaviour of an person is been seen by the Hilton Group to ensure their bang-up social relations with other worker as well as with custom-made.
  • Comparative plan of attack:Second conceptualization in which compare among two or groups is ready-made and on the footing of this level of carrying out is to be assessed. Isolated from this, alone and present data also can be plumbed and managed as per the unmediated theoretical account. Farther, former ranks also given to the groups on the basis of precocious and last performing artist. For example: One grouping provides completes peculiar task in two days and another absolute the same in 3 twenty-four hours.
  • Quality conceptualization:Apart from behaviour and relative approaches of carrying out governing body, quality attack is also extremely effectual significant. Reported to this, basically satisfaction level of custom-made are reasoned on the basis of choice of ware and employ offered by Hilton Hotel (Riley, 2017). As per this, employer or organizational associate take feedback on daily basis by taking base to mistake and amends incurred in business activity administrative district.
  • Work profile: Render appropriate job to the employee as per his accomplishment set is also of importation for the Hilton Group because inefficient worker working on an crucial appellation can unfavourable effect the attribute of service of the Hilton Group. It is supported on the being of circumstantial skill sets that is needful by the establishment to acting the task such as job solving accomplishment, cooperation, human action, creativity, invention etc. the Hilton Group can use this attack to find out the extra skills of its activity force for delivery out the high carrying into action from them. Serious-mindedness logical evidence include the employee to ask employer to be subordinate a bond which in one form, gives self-assurance of job legal document to the worker. The Hilton Group can imbibe such logical argument to get the best out of each worker in its building material.

The proper execution of this approaches will not only help in effective rise in the customer satisfaction level in the firm but will also help in the growth and development of the company in a better way. Meeting the targeted goals will support a good rise in revenue generation which will facilitate the better growth and development of the business organisation (Cascio, 2018). Other than this, the HR department of the firm will see through the better handling of the operations that will support a good rise in the operational capability of the organisation and will support a good rise in operational capability of the Hilton group. High performance working will motivate the employees of the cited firm to meet the operational requirement of the organisation and help the firm to come up with innovative and high class product and services that will aid in attracting higher number of customers and meeting of the objectives that are been set by the firm. It will lead to a good revenue generation and will help in better growth and development of the organisation with a good improvement in effectiveness and efficiency of the business operations and the employee or the work force at cited hospitality firm (Brewster and Hegewiscs, 2017).


The above report has discussed upon the 3 vital parameters of an HR professional’s namely knowledge, skills and behaviour. This is basically to handle a large scale of workforce to operate at a worldwide level, the HR professionals must possess these expertise. It has then evaluated the factors that are required to be taken into consideration for applying and assessing a comprehensive learning to drive viable performances in the business. Followed by which, this report has demonstrated the contribution of HPW in engaging the employees at the workplace and attain contending benefits. Lastly, it has analysed ways in which a collaborative sense of working with effective communication at all the levels and a managed performance of the business can support in raising the sense of commitment in the workers by together developing a high performance culture.

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