Unit 7.5 Developing Individuals Level 7 ATHE


Development in teams, individual and organisation is essential to process each activity of the firm in expertise mode. The entity takes initiative to develop the skills and knowledge of individual so that they are able to improve performance of teams. Thus, it can be said that employees play crucial role in order to attend the desire objectives of firm. In addition to this, it is essential to understand the role of each worker so that authority and responsibility can be assigned equally. Moreover, entity need to work as to provide effective training facility to employees, redesigning of policies and procedures, implementation of technologies so that each thing can be done in effective manner (Koziolek, 2010). The present report will cover activities of enterprise as Whirlpool. Its work as to providing home appliances to its customer. It is global leading due to its major consideration over quality. Thus, assignment will discuss requirement for continuous learning and professional development in order to drive sustainable business performance, variation in training of individual learning, development and training is need to be discussed.

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P1 Description on the analysis of professional knowledge, skill and behaviour required by professionals of HR.

Development in the organization is largely dependent on knowledge and skills of individual to firm. Without their presence the firm is not able to perform its function in expertise manner. Thus, it can be said that human resource manager is important part and they need to take efforts so that enterprise is able to get the success (Kehoe and Wright, 2013). In every organisation there are various of functional department as are human resource, operation, production, marketing and finance etc. It is the responsibility of HR to hire the skilled personal to the entity so that function can be performing in expertise manner. Furthermore, the employees are need to engaged in the activities which helps to bring continuous professional development. In this manner it can be true to said that if the firm need to grow their profitability than they need to put major consideration over skills and knowledge of individual.

In the present scenario, David Binkley is global human resource manager of Whirlpool corporation. It is the largest retail enterprise sector in UK and working as to provide home appliances to its customer. They work as putting their major consideration over the quality of products and services. He is performing his activities in order to bring improvement in the areas as technology, communications and customer care service to their clients. Thu, it can be said that in the department of HR, they are responsible to carry out the firm activities in expertise mode. Thus, it can be said that it is very important for HR to bring continuous development in the activities so enterprise. By putting major emphasises over skills, abilities of individual. Moreover, it can be true to said that it is responsibilities of HR to provide effective working to employees so that firm is able to carry out all business function expertly (McGrath, 2012). HR need to be professionally skilled personal who is able to carry out all business function on effectively. Thus, HR of the firm need to perform their role in following manner as are-

  1. Relationship building skill- This is one of the important skill which is need to have in the human resource professional of firm. It is the responsibility of HR to manage the healthy relationship between the individuals to the firm. The greater result can be achieved by working together to particular aims of business enterprise. Thy need to motivate and encourage the employees so that they can carry out all process of firm effectively. In order to maintain the communication and smooth working it is important to look over relationships between employees.
  2. Technical skill- In the enterprise as Whirlpool corporation, it is very important to hire technical skilled personal. HR also need to be expertise in the field of technological development. The knowledge in the technical thing will be helpful to HR to manage each task and perform each activity in expert manner. This kind of skill will be helpful in order to carry out all function in the effective mode.
  3. Communication- The communications are crucial factor and it is essence of managerial activities. This kind of skill is essential to manage the all activities of firm in successful manner. The effective interaction between the individual will be helpful in order to carry out all the process of firm in expertise mode (McKenzie and, 2012). In addition to this, good communication will enforce the employee to discuss the conflicts related to organizational functioning so that immediate action towards it can be taken. Thus, to inform about the changes in policies, procedures of enterprise and other important information it is essential to have good flow of communication.

P2 Identification of the complete personal skills appropriate knowledge, skill, behaviours which develop professional plan for given job.

In order to identify personal skill, it is important to take the functional audit of person. It is one of the best method in order to conduct the self-evaluation so that improvement measure can be taken. With the help of this individual can able to determine its own strength and weakness. With the help of self-evaluation, the individual can get various tactics so that problem in relation to weakness can be cope up. This kind of tool and techniques is very effective in order to analyses the strength and weakness (Levi, 2015). In this way, SWOT analysis of personal will be carries out in the following manner as are-


  • To have High command on the human resource activities as to work effective will all individuals.
  • To manage the effective relationship with the employees of the firm.


  • Communication skill is weak, it results in inefficient workforce.
  • The major problem is in relation to Ineffective management and leadership skill which hamper the growth of firm.


  • To enhance the knowledge and skill to be the competitive HR manager.
  • To perform role as HR in the work leading organization.


  • Innovations procedure are the biggest fear to cope up with it.
  • New development in establishment and practices and policies

Thus, it can be analyses that SWOT is one of the effective tool in order to carry out all the function of the enterprise in expertise manner. This is defined in following manner as are-

Personal development in HR is defined in following manner as are-




Time frame

Technical skill

This is need to improve with the help of effective training facility. I have joined one training program which will be helpful to develop my skills. In order to be expertise in computer, focused on developing my knowledge in relation to software etc.

To get the training from expertise place, seminars, by seeing video of practicing and various other techniques will help me to enhance my knowledge.

3 months

Communication skill

This kind of skill can be improved with the help of putting major emphasis over improving communication skills. it can be improving with the help of seeing video, English lesson on internet.

Seminar, group activities, discussion on random topics of English and acquired training from professional place.

5 months

P3 Description on differences between organizational and individual learning, training and development of firm.

Organizational Learning – Organizational learning is the learning of candidates which provide of managers and leaders. Is the process of improve performance better knowledge about environment and achieve goals. It is continuous process to make respond of internal and external changes the deal with new situation more skilled and experienced. Whirlpool organizational starting of learning to create a knowledge management. Everyone in the organization is development and change management to support. Change in the culture and environment is one of the biggest challenges of Whirlpool developing innovation skills with knowledge management (Kehoe and Wright, 2013). It is help of the Whirlpool become more innovation and competitive. Whirlpool is the clear of goals to achieve that is impact on employees to learning and development of the skills. Organizational leaning to increase productivity, quality of production and efficiency. It is the way of the organization activities and the happens in different speeds. It is the important of the Whirlpool because they are many benefits to creating learning culture it all level to developing leaders is succession planning, increased employee satisfaction, loyalty and commitment, increased profits and productivity. Organizational learning is motivated of employees to grow and development of careers and the effect is organization also develops and grows (Koziolek, 2010). Organizational learning the development to employee engagement and employee retention. Effect of training and development on organizational culture, employee productivity the training modifying employee behavior to improved quality and support organization objectives. Employee motivation, clearly goals they expect will achieve their goals. It’s also effect on competitive advantage is the essence of competitive strategy.

Individual learning - Individual learning is the individuals learn so set their own learning goals and target indicates. Its process of individual increases knowledge and used of self-study to achieve their goals. Individual learning is impossible to invest individual person an organization without seeing return on the investment. In the workplace individual learning adult learning is influenced by organization context. It is the improve organization performance the behavior changes of individual learning have become part of the organization culture and processes. With the help of individualized learning, one can become able enough to stay clear of their goals so that they can focus on them and achieve all their targets and goals (Woodcock, 2017). Individual learning is help of working place the development is a great way of improve better work life balance. Learning and development improve confident in the workplace and the better knowledge gain. It is development of the personal life and archive their career goals as career prospective its ability to learn and grow. If the learning individual its will be able to motivated and then achieved to targets and then achieved their goals. Individual learning is development the abilities and aspiration. Self-learning can also prove helpful in increasing the academic performance rate of an individual because it involves the knowledge and understanding of organizational as well as the self one. It is because this helps in expanding the area of knowledge. It is help for increasing of the self motivation and confidence of the goal achieved in the workplace of the organization. Its use of the social media and other online source expanding the knowledge is ability to manage them.

P4 Analyse Continuous learning and professional development

Continuous learning to increase the productivity because the employee will be happy is to be focus on the achieved goals and highly value of workplace focus on reach heights in their career so that company performance sustainable. Continuous learning provide their company workers focus on the work and their focused on work are more productivity. Companies not provide the continues learning employee not give better opportunities so that employee decided that leave their company and looking for a new job but companies provide continues learning employee get better opportunity is take them and they focus on work they work for company interest their work to achieved their goals its long term profits and success of the company. Companies environment is shifting is their employee is no longer they move from job so that focus on the continues learning is higher retention rates (Bolden, 2016). Improved their productivity they workers are higher skilled and better knowledge but the employee skilled level is lower so that company waste the time or waste of the cost business money if the company continuous learning improved productivity see their higher retention rates. Professional development their focus on the business become a learning organization they focus on the employee performance. Continuous learning in the organization is new challenges in the marketplace its impact on employee success because company need employee skills. Companies provide programs of professional development in the ways of development positive outcome of the both employees and companies. Sustainable of company performance continuous professional development maintain the knowledge and skills its helps of the team to make a continues. Professional development continues of the business its better opportunity providing learning is all benefits if the organization. Its more able to the changing environment taking the learning activities of employee in the market a gain competitive edge. If the companies updating the knowledge of professional development employee in workplace to achieved their objectives both employee and companies to increase their knowledge to own research they online searching, social site it’s their easier than learning. Company offering the professional development so that employees better performance in the workplace and their responsibilities to be greater then. If the company to better job candidates and best workers, they help of employee because company investing their employee is that benefits of the organization. Professional development encourage the employee is effect on productivity because the employee past experienced they help of the organization to share information. Employee job satisfaction they improve their productivity its more effectively employee will be more confident on the job. They improved employee retention that greater job satisfaction (Pakdil and Leonard, 2014). Company provide they choose on training options of employee job satisfaction so that better training they will be focus on the working and improved better skills development. In the organization can help the best success planning easier to promote the employee is managerial position in future. Companies approved that professional development plan that effectiveness of employee development on their work employee more capable and confidence of that work it means that company productivity will be increased and performance improvement. Company upgrades the employee skill and development achieved their goals and increases productivity. Professional development activities they easier of the company to plan and they manage training resources.

P5 Contributes to employee engagement and competitive advantage

High performance work system is the process of the human resources management if the process of selecting, recruiting and training. Its highly importance of competitive business environment. It is practice of improve on organization in the workplace is capabilities of selecting, motivating and developing. If the company to create their environment of high performance work process candidates will be selected on vacancy and recruitment to greater employees aware of the involvement and responsibilities. If they high performance personal improve that organization capacity. It’s to take employee more responsibilities of the company and they improving the products (Anagnostopoulos, Byers and Shilbury, 2014). High performance work system of benefits of the employee its help of a better employee attitudes. If they feel like more responsibility of to improving their products of their organization. If the employee will be higher engagement of the products and services.

High performance work system contribute to employee engagement is the advantage of organization situation is that impact on employee attitudes. High performance work is related to the employee job satisfaction is relation between employee engagement and the effect of the employee behavior. In the workplace employee engagement showing the positive attitudes on the work its motivational idea. Employee motivated their works and focus on their work will be passionate so that key of organization performance will be improved. Employee engagement if the company to provide the organize secession they will employee interact of each other they will be stress level decrease they employee relation better them each other. If their relationship between organization and employee its positive action about their work (Johansson, Miller and Hamrin, 2014). In the organization to committed their goals and motivated their organization success. Employee feel their job and they passion of work if their employee engaged. High performance work system they engaged employee’s performance better their company to provide training in their work and they will efforts of the better performance. If the employee high performance it’s know their about duties. Employee engagement its ability of the work design its benefits of high performance.

Competitive advantage that company over its competitors. Competitive advantage is the basic of the company. If the company production, marketing and their services in market place is the benefits of ownership. The developing of company to supply and goods services its capabilities that maximized their profits.

P6 Different approaches of performance management

In order to develop effective results, it is essential to look upon the performance management. These elements help to focus on the creative consideration that attains desired goals and objectives as well. In Whirlpool, it helps to attain desired goals, objectives, outcomes and results (Anagnostopoulos, Byers and Shilbury, 2014). Following are certain approaches of performance management consider systematic results at workplace:

  • Comparative approach: Comparative approach assists to consider ranking an employee’s performance with respect to attain desired results. Individual ranked as per the basis of highest and lowest performance in Whirlpool. In this aspect, different techniques implemented as forced distribution and paired comparison with graphical scale. In this technique involved ranking group members easily (Johansson, Miller and Hamrin, 2014). Furthermore, it also ensures that reward system also implement to the top performers so that their significant advantages develop and promote higher managerial position. Poor performance also give chance to meet with the standards and outcomes. It turns causes with new talent hire. This system ranks on the basis of categorisation rules as per their performances.
  • Attributes approaches: This approach also undertaken on the basis of effectiveness so that this system ascertain on the basis of specific set of parameters such as problem solving skills, teamwork, communication, judgement, creativity, etc. In this regard, within Whirlpool graphic rating scale entails with the rating on employee performances from lowest to high such as 1 to 5. This attribute create disadvantage as well because, performance measurement subjectivity included in systematic manner. Beside this, it is heavily reliant on the nature of evaluator. In addition to this, it also considers another limitation which consider only accurate at identifying best and the worst performers. Furthermore, there is advantage that is it is the simplest method which needs to go by the business.
  • Behavioural approach: In this method, oldest performance measurement techniques implemented in the successful aspect. Therefore, systematic results will be gain at workplace. It considers series of vertical scales at the different dimension of the job. These scales are also based on the parameters that is defined process and consensually from all employees. In Whirlpool, employees are ranked according to their performances. Beside this, behavioural observation scale is recent version which provides more specific description along with the frequency for employee behaviours and effective performances (Johansson, Miller and Hamrin, 2014). Overall score is the average of these frequencies. It is also suitable in term of measure effectiveness and performances at workplace. Supervisor tends to the behaviours which defined closely to the performances scale and lead with biased rating.
  • Results approaches: Result approach of measuring performance consider simple and straight forward concept in which organisation rate their employees on the basis of employee performances. First type of results approach is balance scorecard technique. These techniques focus on the four different perspectives in Whirlpool such as financial, customer, internal and operations, learning and growth. In this regard, productivity measurement and evaluation system includes that assists to motivating employees to increase their productivity (Anagnostopoulos, Byers and Shilbury, 2014). There are four steps included which identify to complete aims and objectives. First step consider identification of creativity that consider in the organisation that helps to make objectives in the business. In the second step, measurements develop with the objectives development. In the third step, effectiveness considered to evaluate employee’s performances. At final step, it considered give feedback towards the employees to look upon the several advantages and effective functions as well (Anagnostopoulos, Byers and Shilbury, 2014). On the basis of overall productivity, score could be sum up that creates score of these elements. Advantage of this approach is considered as the results based approach of the performance measurement which converts strategy into the different operations.
  • Quality approaches: Quality based approach focuses on the improvement customer satisfaction through reducing errors and accomplishes service improvisation. This approach takes consideration of both personal and system factors. In addition to this, in Whirlpool managers also looking regular feedback on the personal and professional traits of employees (Kehoe and Wright, 2013). As results, they are able to resolve issues in performance management easily. Quality approach also include Kaizen process to continuous improve the business results and activities.


In respect to carry the above report, it can be concluded that development of business taken by individual and professional as well. In this regard, different activities have been promoted by the business that helps to maintain effectiveness in the world. It is the best way to regulate operations and functions in the Whirlpool to improve their performances. Furthermore, report summarised about the approaches of performance management. These elements help to attain effective functions in the business. Moreover, it provides discussion on the employee’s engagement and attains competitive advantages. It helps to make systematic results at business environment.


  • Anagnostopoulos, C., Byers, T. and Shilbury, D., 2014. Corporate social responsibility in professional team sport organisations: towards a theory of decision-making. European Sport Management Quarterly. 14(3). pp.259-281.
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