Skill Training Process and Development of Whirpool

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Organization Selected : Whirlpool
Question :

This assessment will cover certain questions which are like - 

  1. Provide the appropriate HR professional behaviour and function
  2. Gove the effective personal learning and development
  3. Explain the employee engagement and functions in Whirpool.
Answer :


Human resource professional plays a crucial role in developing skills and knowledge of employees which increases their capabilities while performing task as an individual or group. Development of employees directly makes positive impact on the productivity level of an organisation due to which it is essentially require to attained skilled and experienced HR manager within working environment. The present assignment report is based on the case study of Whirlpool which deals in providing electronic appliances across worldwide.

The present report explaining the professional skills, knowledge and behaviour of HR along with an appropriate personal skills audit. The project also discusses the differentiations between various concepts such as training and development. Individual and organisational learning which educate the company about its proper implementation at workplace. Apart from this, need for continuous learning and professional development, Contribution of HPW to employee engagement, various approaches of performance management are briefly described under this report.


P1: Knowledge, skills and behaviour that are required by HR professionals

HR professionals is in charge of overseeing and controlling the staff working inside an association. There are numerous functions performed by the HR managers within organization which incorporates recruiting, performance appraisal, remuneration and some more. But to perform such these more proficiently a HR professionals of Whirlpool must have specific sort of aptitudes, knowledge and behaviour which they require to apply while playing out any tasks. These qualities are clarified beneath:


Law and government:- A HR manager must have a better understanding of laws and regulations that are defined by the governmental authorities of specific nation in which Whirlpool works its business. HR manager should required to understand the standard framed by the government in term of working condition, well-being and security law, work law and a lot more with the end goal to execute business strategies in a moral and lawful way (Amabile, 2012).

Personnel management: HR manager should have capabilities to manage the performance level of employees through using various methods and techniques so that their employees can easily get adequate support in achieving its career professional goals and objectives. It requires HR manager to prepare staff handbook, fixation of salary, appraising performance level of employees etc. This will assist in increasing work commitment of employees with company for longer period of time.


Negotiation skills:- HR professionals need to acquire negotiation skills in order to facilitate employees to express their issues and problems facing at workplace so that it can be quickly resolved by HR manager. It supports in maintaining healthy employee relationship which in results achieving maximum output from them towards achievement of organisational goals and objectives (Bolman and Deal, 2017).

Communication skill:- It is a standout amongst the most critical ability that a HR supervisor of Whirlpool must have, as it bolster them in keeping up a viable connection with other division. So that the suitable plans and techniques adopted by HR office can be execute adequately by other functional unit. Further it likewise help HR professional to influence employees to perform in right direction by communicating them about their roles and responsibilities.


Accountability: HR professional must required to have an accepting behaviour regarding roles and responsibilities they perform after disclosing the results and outcomes. This type of behaviour facilitate HR manager of Whirlpool to make efforts in enhancing their decision-making behaviour through engaging in case study related programs  (Hartnell, Ou and Kinicki, 2011).

Critical thinking: HR professional should require to develop new thoughts and methods which increases efficiency level of employees so that maximum contribution can be gained by them towards achievement of organisational goals and objectives. It also have an ability to motivate others to develop new ideas which can be helpful for company to achieve competitive advantage.

P2: Personal skill audit and professional development plan

Skills audit is an essential process to measure the skills and knowledge of an individual so as to determine their strengths and weak areas while performing as an individual or group. It is more valuable method for an individual to eliminate their weaknesses through maximising their strengths. Whirlpool is multinational organisation which is engaged in manufacturing electronic home appliances with the help of their huge workforce. HR Professional of Whirlpool can perform its roles and responsibilities only when they know their own strengths and weaknesses therefore as a HR manager of Whirlpool it is essential for me to conduct personal audit discussed as under:

Personal skills audit of mine as HR Professional of Whirlpool

Sr. No.

Skills and Competencies

Self-assessed Score

Score from others



Team Building Ability





Conflict Solving





Decision making Power





Confidence Level





Communication skills





Information Technology Skills





Critical thinking




(In above table negative variance is considered as my strong point and positive variance are identified as my weak point)

Personal development plan (PDP) for HR officer role

Personal development plan is an activity or a process of establishing an action plan which help an individual to overcome from their weaknesses and make more capable to perform allotted roles and responsibilities in more effective and efficient manner (Hislop, 2013). Here are the personal development plan as an HR: 

Sr. No

Learning Objective

Current Proficiency

Target Proficiency

Development Opportunities

Judging criteria

Time Scale


Communication skills

I have lack of good communication skills and hence facing problem in communication with the employees.

I desires to improve these skills for better and proper communication with the workers in understanding their issues and problems.

Such skills can be improved using books, lectures notes, articles and seminars.

The judging criteria is based on the feedbacks from colleagues  and subordinates.

1 months


Problem solving skills

I am average in   problem solving skills and facing problems in providing quality and innovative solution to the issues of the employees.

I needs to improve these skills for providing quick and innovative solutions to the problems of workforce.

This can be improved through dealing with various difficult  problems and constant  guidance from managers.

Top level authority and managers

2 months


IT skills

I have weak IT skills due to which I was not able to record data related to employees and share information with work force.

I needs to improve these skills for using latest tools and technologies for maintaining the records and data of employees in a better way.

These can be improved using certified courses.

Top level managers and leaders

3 months


P3. Differences between organizational and individual learning and training and development

Individual learning: It refers to an activity of developing skills and knowledge at individual level after making interaction with external stimuli and other sources. For this, HR manager should first identify strength and weaknesses of employees so that learning programs can be properly organised according to the requirements.

Organisational learning: It includes the process of communicating, creating, transmitting and retaining the knowledge so as to maintain performance level of an organisation in competitive environment. It is considered as an effective way of communicating the plans and policies formulated by the management towards accomplishment of organisational goals and objectives. Such kind of learning process is used by HR professionals of Whirlpool to adopt new and innovative styles of learning for contributing towards the success of company (Levi, 2015).

Differences between individual and organisational learning





Scope of such learning is narrow as it emphasize on increasing the knowledge of  individuals.

Scope of such learning is wider as it increases the knowledge of the complete organisation.


It is a flexible learning as it is not only specific to training and employees can enhance their knowledge from any means.

Its concept is rigid as the management provides the material for learning to the employees.


It is a continuous process throughout the career of individuals and doesn't depend upon time.

The time is decided by the management to increase the knowledge and skills.



Training: It alludes to an activity of improving specific skills and abilities of the individuals which is mostly used by them during execution of allotted task. It is the prime responsibility of HR manager to conduct different kinds of training programs such as off-the-job and on-the-job training method (O'leary, Mortensen  and Woolley, 2011). This will increases the capabilities of employees due to which they perform well and contribute maximum in growth and development of an organisation.

Development: It is continuous process of developing the skills and abilities of an individuals which not only support them in executing business activities more effectively but also achieve growth and success in their future professional career. It is overall development of an individuals which makes them capable to work in different working environment. For this, HR manager is responsible to adopt programs for the betterment and growth of employees in future. It increases capabilities of employees as as individual as well which help them in achieving personal as well as professional goals. This will increases the retention rate of employees which in results increasing capabilities of an organisation as well.

Differences between training and development





It is a job-oriented process

It is a career-oriented process.


Training increases the technical skills of workers required for execution of a task.

Development enhances the concepts, ideas and performances of workforce.


It is used for enhancing the skills related to the assigned task or job.

Development aims to improve the overall knowledge and skills required throughout the entire career.


Scope of training is narrow due to its emphasis on the quick needs of the company.

Scope of development is high as development is not associated only for a job and uses futuristic approach.

P4. Analysis of the need for continuous learning and professional development to drive sustainable business performance

Continuous learning: It may defined as an activity of enhancing the skills and abilities on regular basis so as to be a more capable to execute allotted work more efficiently within dynamic environment. This will assist employees of Whirlpool to update with new tools and technologies that will be more useful to increase effectiveness of business operations.

Professional development: It is the procedure of developing professional skills and knowledge through engaging in various development programs such as training and learning sessions including on the job and off-the-job training, seminars etc. It brings maximum support to an individual in order to achieve and success on professional career. It increases the work commitment of employees with company for longer duration as well (Penuel and et. al., 2011).

In case of Whirlpool, both such concept is very important to undertake in order to support its employees as well as company to achieve further growth and success.

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Importance of professional development and continuous learning

Higher employees retention: Both these two concepts support in maximising the work capabilities of employees which in results increasing their performance level. This will bring motivation among them to stay with company for future period of time as well to achieve further growth and development. Therefore, it minimizes the employee turnover and maximizes the strength of company (Seibert,  Wang and Courtright, 2011).

Respond to technology: Both these two concepts are mainly emphasis on continuous learning which increases their knowledge regarding new and advanced technologies that will be useful for company if adopted in their business operations. Whirlpool is engaged in electronic home appliances which has their own targeted segment. As nowadays social media is most reliable technique to achieve huge customer strength thus, it such learning programs enables employees to work on using such digital technology in order to support company in achieving huge sales and revenues.

Encourage problem solving: Continuous learning programs enhances the abilities of employees to perform in different circumstances in more effective and efficient manner. For this, HR manager should able to maintain healthy work environment at workplace which indirectly minimizes the issues and conflicts at workplace.

Enhance performance: These both concepts enhancing the skills and knowledge of employees which indirectly support in enhancing their productivity and performance level of employees and organization. Whirlpool should always tried to increase the capabilities of their workforce with the purpose of getting maximum return on their sales and revenue (Shin and et. al., 2012).

Kolb's Learning cycle-

This cycle is based on two dimensions and first it how individual reprieves information and another is how the person utilises this information in active experimentation. Whirlpool is an multinational manufacturer of home appliances. The company is using this theory to improve the performance of working. The brief explanation of theory-

  • Diverging- The employees who look things at different prospective and prefer analysing before doing it actually are required to provide training at work so it will increases their capability which improves the performance of Whirlpool.
  • Assimilating- The employees who want proper information and interested in concepts are requires to provide a proper seminar of the work expected to do results in better performance of Whirlpool. For example, developing new and innovative ideas to develop existing products according to the requirements of customers increases the revenue of company.
  • Converging- The employees who want to learn and solve the problems are required to be provided technical information and logical work which enhances their ability which increase performance of Whirlpool.
  • Accommodating- The employees who want to do things practically and like challenges are required to provide experience of work field which increases their skills and results in higher performance that benefits the Whirlpool.


P5. Analysing the contribution of high-performance working in employee engagement and competitive advantages

High Performance working refers to working environment within an organisation in which the employees have given full freedom to communicate and interact with their co-workers and managers without facing any interruptions. In Whirlpool, managers brings transparency in communication channel which will motivate employees to show their ideas and issues in front of their managers more freely.

It assist them in enhancing their performance level through which the maximum contribution has been gained towards achievement of organisational goals and objectives. In addition with this, working culture must be liberal where the employees have given equal opportunities to achieve competitive advantage among their rivals at workplace through using specialised skills and knowledge. It directly makes positive impact on the productivity and performance level of employees.  There are majorly five elements of high performance working which are listed as under:


Organisational structure: HPW directs Whirlpool to follow flatter organisational structure. It will assist in communicating with employees at when they required and thus allotted work can be easily completed within given time frame.

Task design: Task are allocated on the basis of skills and knowledge of employees which increases the chances of getting profitable outcomes in near future (Wates,  2014). It increases the working behaviour of employees due to performing their desired task. Due to this, they are more engaged in completing allotted work which directs assist organisation in achieving competitive advantage.

People: It includes employees who contributes maximum efforts in achievement of organisational goals and objectives. For this, the management required to maximise their working behaviour and job satisfaction level through creating healthy working environment and job security.

Reward system: It is an effective technique which brings motivation among workers to work hard and achieve competitive advantages among their rival employees at workplace. Under HPW, rewards and incentives has been provided to the employees on the basis of their best performance. This will increases involvement of skilled and high performers in business functions which indirectly support Whirlpool to achieve competitive advantage.

Information system: It includes communication channel which may be formal and informal Under HPW, these both form of communication are exist which makes easy for employees to communicate with top authority without any hesitation. It increases satisfaction level of employees due to which they engaged more in business activities and support business in achieving competitive edge.


Selection of specialise personnel: Under HPW, different employees has been selected on the basis of their specialised skills and knowledge which will be useful to execute particular area of work. This will  increases the productivity of employees as well as quality of products and services of an organisation. Through this, the company can supported to achieve competitive advantage in industry.

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Better cooperation inside and out organisation: HPW supports transparency in communication which facilitate employees to share their ideas and suggestions directly to the top authority without facing any interruptions. This will support in creating healthy atmosphere at workplace and achieve loyalty of employees with company for longer period of time. Maximising satisfaction level of employees directly makes positive impact on the overall performance of Whirlpool.

Decentralised decision making: HPW emphasis on flatter organisational structure which motivates employees to take their own decisions while executing allotted work at workplace. Due to this, they are responsible for the outcomes thus they tried hard to get maximum results with the help of using their own decision making abilities. Therefore, this will increases the overall development of employees as an individual and as a group.

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P6. Different approaches to performance management that support high performance culture and commitment

Comparative Approach: Using this methodology, managers of an association can monitor execution of employees by giving them positions based on efforts and contribution in accomplishment of business achievement . For instance  HR managers of Whirlpool can utilize this system for providing prizes to best performers at work environment. It will urge different workers to work with full dedication (Approaches for measuring performance of employees, 2018).

Qualitative Approach: It is valuable in increasing efficiency of workers by encouraging them to provide quality products and services to their targeted customers. For instance Under this kind of methodology, managers of Whirlpool used to assess sales performance of business in setting with future. For this procedure, they evaluate the performance level in request to determine qualities and shortcomings of them. Further they provide training to employees so that they can facilitate customers in providing high quality products and services.

Attributive Approach: Through such type of approach, management of a firm track the information of employees on the basis of their specific skills and knowledge they have possessed. It includes critical thinking aptitude, basic leadership skills, innovative thoughts, learning power and more. Further, managers give rankings to workers on the basis of their performance start from 1 to 5 in graphical way. For instance: This methodology helps Whirlpool in identifying aptitudes and capacities of workers while distributing diverse roles and obligations to them. It supports in creating high performance work culture due to analysing their performance level and motivates them to work hard to achieve maximum results than before.

Result Approach: This kind of methodology is utilized for the most part by all associations in request to assess performance of employees based on results. For instance: Whirlpool utilize this methodology in converting business techniques into action so demand of clients can be fulfilled within limited time period. It is based on the result which identifies the level of performance. It motivate management to create high performance culture with an expectation of getting maximum results.

From the above sample approaches, Qualitative approach will required to be adopted by Whilrpool which motivates them to manufacture quality products so that it become for them to attract maximum number of customers and generate huge revenues. However, all other approaches may also adopted by company which supports them in gaining beneficial results.


It has been concluded from the above project report that it is essential for HR professionals to develop its skills and knowledge due to playing an important role fulfilling the requirements of workforce within an organization. For this, HR professional need to conduct personal skills audit in order to identify its strengths and weaknesses which can be overcome through preparing continuous learning and professional development plans. It also required to motivate employees to maximize their contribution towards achievement of organizational goals and objectives through providing them learning and training programs. There are different approaches to performance management which also required to be adopted by the company so as to support high performance culture and commitment.

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