UNIT 35 Developing Individuals, Teams and Organisations

Organization Selected : Whirlpool


Development means growth and success in business and life. Everyone needs to developed themselves in various thing in the world. It is the process of growth in knowledge such as career development, business development, land development etc. individual and team developing is very important for the success of business (Smith, and Katzenbach, 2014). It helps people to grab the best opportunities in business world and developed implementation growth. In this project developing individual, team and organisation impact on business and high-performance activities of company. Thus, present study identifies employee skills, knowledge and behaviours for HR professional and also analyse the factors of implementation and evaluating inclusive learning or developing business performance. This project defines HR knowledge and understanding ways for high performance working in Whirlpool.

P1. Examine knowledge, behaviour and skills required by Human resource professional in Whirlpool

Human resource professional played an important role in organisation. The work of HR is to understand employees’ issues and resolve it as soon as possible. They make strategies to face competitors work performance and there planning in marketplace. Professional knowledge: knowledge is the base of achieving success. In Whirlpool HR have great knowledge for all the work of organisation (Ashton, and Sung, 2016). The role of HR in goals. They had the knowledge of internal and external factors affect the company growth. In this profession they also know how to motivate employees in positive way for increasing productivity. Company is to manage the work of their employees and motivate them for work hard to achieve There high knowledge attract client in making new project with different plans. They understand the policies of company and follow them according to the rules. Their knowledge skills must be very sharp in every work field. Knowledge of developing employee through training is role of human resource professional. For example, HR of Whirlpool have knowledge of complex problem solving.

Skills: In Whirlpool company HR skills impact upon the employee’s growth of development. Most important skill of this profession is to make strong relationship between employees because it effects the organisation growth. They can perform in team and make collaborate with the other members in their staff (Giles and Belt, 2014). They need to develop their skills more than the other HR of company to increase the employee capability of work. Through using motivational technique, they can motivate workers to work hard in achieve their business goals. In Whirlpool company they face crisis in their business, Human resource professional help them to overcome by make good communication with their employees in workplace. They also had a skill to understand customer needs and give them best services through their product or resolving there issues. Managing performance of all over the organisation and make new strategy is one of there skills and knowledge. For example, HR has skills of making healthy communication to their employees at workplace that effect company growth. Communication skills is require by HR professionals which make them able to communicate with their team members and workers effectively and enhance ability to solve issue at workplace.

Behaviour: In Whirlpool HR good behaviour helps to interact with other staff members in work area. Motivation behaviour of human resource department encourage employees to be developed in Job and in company (Appelbaum, and, 2016). There knowledge, behaviour and skills impact on the growth of business and productivity. Through good behaviour they can gain worker trust and build strong understand between both of them, it effects there work performance. Also, increase efficiency of hard work. For example, Whirlpool HR has the behaviour of oriented solution in company. They must work or perform in context of employee relation, with the help of communicating and problem solving behaviour they can be able to build trust which is required by Human resource professionals.

Knowledge: Human resource manager within Whirlpool’s company must have knowledge about training and employee management which is beneficial for overall business growth and success in marketplace.

All these process helps to develop individual, team and organisational knowledge on the bases of their communicative skills and behaviour. Role of Human resource profession is that they focused on achieving business goal, make new planning better than their competitors (Sukowski, and Eppler, 2013). They need to collaborative with other workers in staff within proper way. They also need to support and encourage employee in their project work. They must be innovative in their job professional. All the process helps in making Whirlpool better than other and increase their business growth. They also had a strong vision of achieving goals of company.

P2. Analyse personal skills audit of HR and make professional development plan

To achieve success in Whirlpool business human resource professional must include personal skill audit and make development plan to overcome within the recent crisis of company. This audit helps them to know their strength, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.


Very skilled

Moderately skilled

In need of training

To hiring people by conducting interviews and tests




Training to employees




Problem solver



Communication skill



fluent English



Knowledge of software operations and basic computer system



Technological savvy



Conflict management skills






  • Human resource professional has strength to resolve the problems of employees at that time when Whirlpool company face crisis.
  • They motivate workers to perform the best in there work and achieve business goal.
  • They identify issues and make planning to solve it as soon as possible.





  • At the crisis time Human-resource professional need to improve their communication skills better than now.
  • They need to developed better understanding of external and internal environment of business.
  • They also need to identify workers needs in workplace.
  • HR professional have weakness in communication skills with so many people around them.
  • They have little knowledge about new technology.
  • According to behaviour they feel weak in making solution at the time of difficulty.
  • Poor knowledge of GDPR
  • Communication skills is one of the personal skill which need to improve.



  • Human resource professional grab the opportunities to improve there work and also manage their team members effectively at business crisis time of Whirlpool’s.
  • They make changes in organisation structure that help in their business as an advantage of competitive.
  • Exploring new techniques is the best opportunity to improve its crisis and recruitment.



  • Threat of human resource professional is that they fail to achieve business objectives which they set at the crisis time of Whirlpool.
  • Same planning and strategies of their competitors for achieving goals in business growth.
  • Cannot manage and balance an effective workforce at the time of changes that can effect company growth.

Professional development plan: purpose of making development plan is to improve skills, knowledge, behaviour and objectives of achieving goals in business (Cacioppe, 2015). They made this plan by themselves to identify needed skills which helps to support staff members and increase their productivity or growth of organisation.

Development skills and objectives

What need to achieve


Time frame

Communication skills

Human resource professional need to improve their communication skills better than the other for achieving business goals.

They used strategy of start making communicative with other employees at workplace. They also used online guidance.

It takes 4 to 5 days.

External and internal environment knowledge.

Whirlpool’s human-resource professional need to improve their understanding for external and internal factors. Which help them to make new strategies and plans for making profit in business.

Through marketing research they get all the knowledge of both factors, this process help in understanding there impact on business growth and productivity.

To get improve in these skills it takes round 8 days.

Collaboration skills

This objective need to achieve by HR professional through make collaborating between there staff members

Take guidance of senior authority of management in Whirlpool company.

5 days of working.

Poor knowledge of GDPR

It was very important for taking competitive advantage, through gaining this objective in HR profession it makes benefits in business.



Taking advice of superior manger or other department officer.

It takes around 20 days

For all skills to be achieved on deadline and in proper manner is very much important or essential so that HR could be easily attempting to clear all their skills. Learning or improving all skills beyond deadlines will be creating issue and problem for them as they could not be able to gain the particular skill on time.

P3. Difference between organisational and individual learning, training and development

Organisational and individual learning: organisational learning and individual learning both are very important for company growth and success. In this process higher authority provide their staff members facilities of learning new things by training sessions.

Training and development: both works to raise business productivity and growth. Training help employee in their work and performance. It is given by manager and leader of firm. It helps people to understand about their task and process of completing it.

Trait theory of learning:

This theory developed personal skills or personality of person through learning. It is an individual developing theory, it has three stages in its process:

  1. Cardinal traits: this the first stage of this theory, it explains the traits of a person who deal in whole life. It was quite different and rare type of traits, example: greed, kindness etc.
  2. Central traits: central traits define the major distinctive of person. Shy person faced a lot of issues in its life they can not collaborate with other people's easily. Example of central traits are: anxious, dishonest etc.
  3. Secondary traits: some people get affair at the time of speaking in front of many people's. It was its behaviour that stop them in developing in personal or professional life.

Cognitive constructivism

The work is based 2 major parts like that of age and stages of component which predict hwat they are thinking and will not be able to predict at different ages.

On the other side development is the process of increasing in performance of work at workplace. After training employee get ready to face any difficulty in work and also have all the knowledge of project.


(Whirlpool) Organisation



Organisational learning is the activity of retaining, creating and transferee knowledge in company. It helps HR gaining huge knowledge of implement ion at the changes time (Egbu, 2018). Organisational learning help employees in their work performance and also helps to raise the productivity, efficiency of business growth.

Individual learning is very important for human resource professional because when the changes in management structure, this learning process help to understand the new rules and policies of Whirlpool. It increases capability of work and build capacity of observing knowledge of new regulations while the crisis in business.


Organisational training is very important to achieve goals in business. Human-resource professional is the only source of Whirlpool how help them to overcome within business crisis issues. Training help them to improve in their skills, it will support through implement. It also helps in increasing work capability and encourage in making new and innovative ideas to achieve business objectives. This learning process also help Whirlpool company to raise success in business at the time of crisis. It helps in motivating employees as well. Organisational training help in sharpen the knowledge, skills and behaviour of workers.

Individual training help in activities which has been faced at the time of crisis. It helps in developing information about present and future needs. Thus, this training is developed individual or team collaboration when they enhancing their personal talents, skills and methods. This process assist in developing self confidence in Human-resource professional when they conducting one-day team session in Whirlpool. It boosts self-actualization level of employees. Individual training make flexibility in work of employees.


Organisational development impact overall activities of business. It allows human-resource professional to manage success in organisation. It increases growth and productivity of firm (Stoker, and, 2014). Development through using different techniques and new technologies of establishing powerful business. It helps in making right decision for achieving organisational objectives.

Individual development of Human resource professional is as important as the organisational development. It developed awareness about the changes in rules and new techniques which are using to overcome the crisis of Whirlpool. HR professional individual development grow business in marketplace and also support their leaders in company.

P4. Need for continuous learning and professional development to drive sustainable business performance

Professional development and continuous learning is the most important for individuals and team works in Whirlpool. Daily team meeting and decision about the projects is important for organisation to make strong relationship and also for solving issues or problem faced by workers. Learning cycle theory is the best way to explain professional development importance.

Kolb experiential learning cycle: Concrete experience, active experimentation, reflective observation and abstract conceptualisation are the four elements of this theory. Learning something new is easy when person have an experience of work.

1. Concrete experience: this theory defines that Whirlpool need success in business and implement the new changes and method match them by learning from the experience of others. Human resource professionals, individual and team is able to modify by this theory with different percept. They solve problems of crisis by identifying the issues and get all the information about it is the role of Human resource professionals (Rodger, and Michan, 2014). Direction and support of HR make team performance better in any change of environment, there innovative ideas help in growth of business.

2. Reflective observation: in the time of Whirlpool crisis this style applies new concept and ideas that is very essential for overcome with issues. Assimilating define the new ideas through watching and thinking better than practical activities. It increases the efficiency of employees which make them easier to adjust in changing environment of company. By monitoring and observation learning help in getting the knowledge of employee needs, requirement and demands at workplace.

3. Abstract conceptualisation: this style is important for learning, effectiveness careers and information. It gets focused on individual and team issues and resolve them through individual learning. It is very advantageous at the time of Whirlpool environment changes. It also helps company in saving a good amount of money and minimise cost. Changes in techniques and technology increase the abilities of employees and efficiency of their work performance.

4. Active experimentation: in this style the individual and team both are depended upon experiment more than philosophy. To get overcome within the organisation crisis human-resource professional used this process to attract new ideas and challenges in Whirlpool. All this theory effects the growth of organisation and business and help it to achieve these objectives.

Multiple intelligence theory: It defines the process of every team and individual intelligence which make them different and unique from the others at their workplace. HR professional can implemented by this theory while learning individual and team about something new. Thus, it helps organisation in raising advantage of competitive and also make success in achieving their objectives goals of business.

Honey and Mumford theory: this is used to developed learning styles in different form. It helps people to learn something different in their profession. Activists, pragmatists, reflectors are the types of learning style. This theory motivate employees for raising their performance in completing their tasks through learning at every stage of work.

Honey and Mumford learning theory has four stages:

  1. Activist style: this learning process divide its straight in through learning new experience in personal or professional stages.
  2. Reflectors: it defines that a person does not come in front of the hole process it get collect all the information before included in the end of learning-styles.
  3. Theorists: it gets deep understand about the hole process of developing and learning. At the time when they can not feel comfortable in the place.
  4. Pragmatists: it means a practical process way of learnedness what is the benefits of this stage, and what is the techniques they have in it.

P5. Demonstrate High performance work practices in gaining competitive advantage Within Whirlpool

High performance work impact on work of workers in company and make them more effective in increasing the productivity and growth of company. In gaining competitive point the organisation has change many such things, thus this process can help improve the company progressive process effectively and also increase performance of team which helps to make profit of business.

  • They make weekly meeting for solving the issues of employees and motivate them to give their high performance in raising growth of organisation. Work commitment of the company is very important part of business. For improving team and individual work they give commitment of proper and systematically high performance with the same goal or strategies at the time of crisis. Human-resource professional give training and development session to their workers to encourage them and give all the information about their work through this process.
  • It effects employees for increasing their high performance work to achieve organisation goals and also their productivity. This process help Whirlpool in assisting them and improve the skills and knowledge of workers.
  • Management performance is the important element of high performance work. In Whirlpool company they need to manage the work of overall staff members through making management plans. HPW help team and individual in communicating about goals of organisation and their vision. Thus, this system will help in getting improve communication between the other staff members. High performance working will helps Whirlpool in achieving their advantage of competitive by growing in their skills and knowledge. It also helps in communicate with other departments of company. Through this process organisation increase their performance level in business.
  • High performance work increase the capability of communication in team members toward achieving goals of company. This system make communication transparent, which means to discussed all the problems at the time of crisis of Whirlpool. It effects growth of organisation and business.
  • Through using this system in firm employee discussed about the issues and problems of company and resolve it with support of their team members. High performance working increase mutual respect in organisation. All these process help to improve firm performance, ability of strong team which give there result as excepted by their leaders and high authority of industry.
  • Mutual respect between workers is the impact of high performance working in company. This system helps in removing barrier of communication between staff members and other people of company. It gives impact on the company working environment. The whole process increase organisation market share.

High Performance Work

Employee engagement: employee need to take part in Whirlpool function of work performance. It is very important for company. This process helps in making better productivity and growth of business. Through this it can raise high performance work.

Porter's generic competitive strategic theory:

  • Organisation followed this theory to take competitive advantageous in making profitability in its business. Lower cost gain the profit against competitors inn marketplace. It has two stages differentiation and cost focus.
  • Lower cost , first is cost leadership according top this level company set product prices lower to take advantages. They get focused on cost of production in firm.
  • Differentiation: in this strategy industry it make various dimensions that has been valued by customers. It get in one or more types in firm.

Competitive advantage: At the time of whirlpool crisis employee work together at same place in their task. It improved their performance better than now, through this process they can face any situation in marketplace against their competitors.

P6. Different approaches to performance management

Management is responsible for measuring performance of its valuable employees. This supports the firm in identifying strength and weakens of workers and giving them rewards accordingly. There are various factors that influence overall performance of individual to great extent. These are such as work profile, job satisfaction, culture, salaries etc. It is responsibilities of higher authorities that to measure performance and give them appraisal according. This motivates them and raises their commitment towards the brand (Mester, and, 2018). Approaches of measuring performance in Whirlpool are explained as below:

Comparative approach

It is most effective model in which HR manager of Whirlpool can compare the performance of candidate with other employees. Each performer has given rank by applying graphic rating system. This assists them in finding out the actual best performer and weaker performer as well. Entity gives rewards, promotions, salary appraisal to workers accordingly. This is the best way to motivate people. The main objective of Whirlpool is to retain its talented staff in business for longer duration. If firm gives appraisal to good performer. This practice raises work base commitment of its employees and other also put their hard efforts in order to get more promotional opportunities. This supports Whirlpool in increasing its revenues and gaining competitive advantage as well.

Attribute approach

This is another kind of performance management system, each person has unique skills and entities treats people accordingly. Whirlpool implements mixed rating scale method for measuring performance of its employees. All the candidates are given rank on the bases of their skills. This is beneficial for organisation in motivating employees and raising their commitment towards the brand. All the person pays more attention towards their job and raise their working efficiency in order to get highlight or recognition in business unit.

Behaviour approach

This is another kind of performance management approach. Whirlpool can take support of BARS (Behaviourally anchored rating scale) method. Each worker has given different rank on each anchors, this ranking is highly depends upon the performance of individual. BOS (Behavioural observation scale) is another kind of approach in which HR manager of Whirlpool can measure performance of employees by looking at their behaviour. This is beneficial in order to find out the deserving candidates and entity gives them promotions accordingly. It is best method to encourage the best performer and motivating others to put their hard efforts in order to get more development opportunities in business unit.

This performance management approaches help the Whirlpool in evaluating overall working efficiency of individual and giving them promotions accordingly. This raises commitment of individual and they become loyal towards brand. By this way they make hard efforts in order to meet with organisational goal.

Performance management: this process helps Whirlpool in their difficult time. It will set the environment of work between people or other members of company. This management is work around plan, act, review and monitor by managers.

Effective communication: effective communication is very important for employees and organisation. It helps in motivating workers at workplace. This process is related to all the members of firm in every department. Whirlpool’s need to have this activity in their work area. It builds strong relationship based on trust and understanding.

Collaborative working: it is the best way to motivate employees at workplace. This process run between two or more peoples in organisation. Example: HR manger need to make collaboration among its workers to make an effective team. It activity work to achieve business objective and goals.


From above study it has been concluded that development of team, individual and organisation impact on growth of business. In company the knowledge, skills and behaviour of human resource professional played important role for increasing productivity and profit of company. Knowledge of HR professional help in achieving business objectives. In this project they also discussed about the HR professional development plan which helps in setting goals of company and also make some new strategies and planning to overcome within business crisis. Above the further study it also mentions the types of learning cycle which impact the business growth and their high performance work. Organisational and Individual training effect the productivity and profitability of firm. High performance work also impact in gaining competitive advantages of company. At in the last it has concluded that performance management approach the organisation work.

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