Whirlpool has Played a Vital Role in Team and Organizational Development in North America Region


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Organization Selected : Whirlpool


The companies cannot not stick at one place if they wanted to with time. They need to improve and develop at every stage to sustain in the market cause if they glued at one position then they can't go so far. Organizations grows because of their innovations, values and practices and they are developing continuously that's why they are growing and performing much better than before. It is crucial to focused on the development and improvement to incline and maintain the existence in the market. The individual development is related with the employee whereas the organization also required the team's development and that is on the manager and in this report Whirlpool has played a vital role in team and organizational development that evaluated the high performance team, high performance work practices in North America Region. The report is comprises with knowledge, skills, behaviours, inclusive learning factors and performance management (Bolman and Deal, 2017).


P1. Professional knowledge, skills and behaviours that are required by HR professionals

HR professionals are the core of the organization and plays an important role in the Whirlpool. The human resource manager is responsible to give the outputs through the employees of the company. The HR identifies the employee's skills and then they decides according the atmosphere that what are skills needed to be developed in the employee to grow more. Once the human resource professionals recognizes the things about a worker then it will be easy to enhance their skills and knowledge.

To analyse the employee performance the company provided a CPD or Continuing Professional development which tracks the employee's own record. Basically, employees are able to track and document skills, knowledge and experience that they gain both formally and informally during the work. It is a bundle or a physical folders that keeps the record of experience, learning and applied professional skills record. CPD helps to focus on the major areas of development to sustain in the competitive environment. The HR measure the employee's skills with the help of CPD that has several features such as :

  • It is documented process (Chaskalson, 2011).
  • Self – directed, self- driven by the employees but not by the company.
  • Focused on learning from the past experiences, reflective learning and review.
  • It aid to set the development goals and objectives.
  • It combines the formal and informal learning.

There are various importance of Continuing Professional Development like :

  • It ensures that the manger can use the updated information in the area of skill development (Dahlgaard, Pettersen and Dahlgaard-Park, 2011).
  • It also provides an information about an employee's knowledge that can be enhance more in the relevant field.
  • It is used to hone the present skills and develop the new ones also.
  • It also support to develop an understand practical application of the new skills and knowledge.
  • It aid to apply the learnings and compile the experiences (Conboy and et. al., 2011).

The importance of the Continuing Professional Development should be understand by the company as Whirlpool does to increase the skills of employees. It will maintain the code of conduct and ethics of the company that should be followed by the workers.

Continuous Professional development can be recorded in the following manner:

NAME : Kristine Johnson

Job Role and Responsibilities : Human Resource Manager

Review of learning requirement

Development Plan



In which area I need to improve my performance

How it will link to other objects?

What can learn to achieve this?

What I need to do to attain this?

What are the resource and support that I will be required?

How can I evaluate successful result?

What are the deadline to achieve the determine aim?


Communication skills

I will be capable to interact with other and being more expressive.

Enrolled in communication language classes to improve the skills.

Regularly attend the classes and try to interact with other more than before.

Good French tutor

I will analyse myself through communicating with other staff in the company.




The fundamental knowledge can help me to understand the financial operations in order to gain profit and loss of the company.

Reading and practice in practical can give me chance to understand more.

Be regular in practice can enhance my learning and proficiency.

Finance management books and direction form knowledgable person.

I can give some opinions regarding finance to examine my knowledge.



There are so many skills which are required by the HR Professionals in their employees to develop a Whirlpool in most effective way such as -

  • Conflict management– When the company wanted to get high results as expected then the manger should motivate the employees to work in team not individual. The managers should be able to resolve the conflicts among employees if they have any. Because the company can increase its productivity and performance with a team work not individual work (Day and et. al., 2014).
  • Problem solving– The managers should be able to solve the issues whether they are in working procedure or the employees issues because it is essential to work in peace within a company to put best efforts (Eime and et. al., 2013).
  • Ethical– The managers has some responsibilities towards the firm as they have some confidential information about the company so they need to be secret and prevent the company's information from the outside seekers whoever can misuse the information (Goetsch and Davis, 2014).


The HR professionals should has some knowledge that can give a new direction to the Whirlpool. The knowledge should be posses as:

  • Administration– The HR should know about the business administration and management as well to work smoothly. A small knowledge can help them to successful in resource allocation, strategic planning.
  • Communication– It is important for the HR to establish a communication between them and employees to better understand their needs and this will also help to collect the data easily.


The HR professionals can be expected as:

  • Measurable- The manager actions should be efficient and should be finished in appropriate time with ethics and efficiency.
  • Customer– Mangers should focused on the customer needs and put their efforts to fulfil their demands with various tools and techniques (Herrmann and Herrmann, 2015).

P2. Completed personal skills audit and professional development plan

The employees who are working in the Whirlpool need to analyse the skills necessarily in order to meet the goal. The firm has a goal and that's why in NAR it becomes essential to examines the skills of the staff that are affects on the company's performance. These skills are those that are gained by the employee's while working in the company. So human resource manager need to analyse the the present performance of the employees cause this gives a measured performance result in order to know the strength and weaknesses of the staff where they need to enhance the capabilities. These skills are analysed regarding the field of the employees. This helps to get the difference between the skills what they actually have and what are the requirements of them.

Whirlpool's personal audit skills performance can be analysed as:

Proficient Skill




No experience

Information Technology


Microsoft word











Specialist HR















Proficient Skill




No experience

Communication skills


Generate materials to support presentations




Disciplinary hearing




Report writing



Drafting contracts for employment



Advising on HR issues



Resolving conflicts








Deliver training session








No Experience

Problem solving skills




Able to handle the issues with more than one solutions for the problems along with good skills.



Encourage the employees to participate in problem solving





Supervisory Management

What is the experience in placement?


< 1 month


1-3 months

> 3 months

How many subordinates were there which you managed?




Above 5

The professional development plan is managed in every organization and in Whirlpool too. It utilize to gain the information about the employees in order to meet the desired objective in effective manner within the specific time (Hitt and et. al., 2011). The company prepares the professional development plan to meet the targeted objectives for the individual employees and that is beneficial for the employer and the worker both cause it indicates them for their present state and where they have to reach.

A professional development plan for Whirlpool is given below:


Kristine Johnson



Individual Goals

Professional goals:

In next one year

Through participation in personality development and training session organized by the company I will be capable to track of my own skills and put efforts to amend that (Légaré and et. al., 2011).

Get the promotion and achieve the foremost position in the organization.

Next 3 years

I will be able to face more challenges and find out the solutions.

To be the senior HR manager at Whirlpool.

The above Professional Development was considered and sanctioned on 26/5/18.

Counsellor Signature____________________

Administrator Signature________________________________



Planned Activities

Objective of Development

Desired knowledge/skills

As I will more participate in the debate and group discussion then I'll be capable to improve the leadership skills (Marquardt and et. al., 2011).

I will be able to become more competent by acquiring more knowledge and skills.


I can analyse my strength as:

Being knowledgable and experience

Open minded

Strong communication skills

Be efficient in my work.

Weaknesses/gaps between the goals

Quick modification in the technology

Employees need to begin the learning again.

I declare that as described above the professional development activities has been completed by me.

I have approved the 54 professional development hours for the professional development work (Rock, 2014Woodcock2017).

Counsellor Signature

Date - 6/5/2018


P3 Differences between organisational and individual learning, training and development

Organizational learning and individual learning are quite different from each other. They both matters a lot for the organization as they cannot conducted on the same time however, they are essential (Rock, 2014).

Organizational learning – Organizational learning is a procedure in which the employees put their efforts to gain more knowledge through skills and abilities this improves their skills by examine themselves. It is a planned effort to achieve the short term goals. The organizational learning can be refer as to gain experience from working in the company. The individuals who are working in the company can increase their capabilities in decision making and problem solving skills through amend their knowledge and perceptive power. As Brown and Duguid given their philosophy they stated learning as a bridge between the innovative concepts and workers of the company who are putting their efforts to increase the business profit and productivity. Learning is aid to improve the current knowledge and skills of the staff of Whirlpool and that's why it should be concentrated on strategic and tactical aims.

Individual learning - Individual learning offers opportunities to the employee in order to improve their skills according to their work and performance in the company. It is an effective process because when an individual persona goes for the learning then they may find the gaps in what they can and where they are. So they will themselves this enhance their presence of mind and various other skills along with knowledge that will reflect in their work productivity. As it is focused on the each member of the organization personally that's why it more time consuming with respect to organisational learning cause there are so many employees are working in Whirlpool and they need particular attention. This is a long process even it can go for a whole year so its not possible to train the entire staff at one time only cause it effects the growth development of the organization. Whirlpool can utilize these learning program to accomplish its both short term and long term goals (Woodcock, 2017).

Organisational Learning

Individual Learning

  • The organizational learning aid to establish and maintain the relationship between the employee and employer in order to perform better than before.
  • This encourages the various new patterns to make working smooth.
  • This is more performed on the overall employees within the organization.
  • The individual learning is conducted on every employee within the company to enhance their capabilities.
  • This program is conducted to increase the skills of persons who are working under the management.
  • It is hectic cause it focused on each person of he company.

Learning can be gain in formal and informal way and these are also supported by coaching and organizational programs. A person can achieve better formal training under the experts that can be colleagues, supervisors, consultants, etc. Developing skills can be organized by the company in order to apply learning approaches like short in – house training sessions. These kind of training and development program aid to achieve the desired skills and knowledge that can enhance the productivity and performance of Whirlpool as well.

P4 Need for continuous learning and professional development

Continuous learning program or professional learning both are effective to achieve the growth and development of the business. Professional development plan is like a career plan of an individual in this the employees are specifies their objectives in order to gain growth. The employees are gain knowledge and skills in order to get promotion. The employees improves their skills at regular basis in order to achieve their target through learning. There Whirlpool's employees can learn from several process like coaching, reflective supervision, and technical assistance. All of these can help the employees to attain the higer goal which can help to enhance the performance for business operations.

The employees should understands the learning to gain the promotion and to produce the high results which are needed by the Whirlpools. Whirlpool's employees has better understanding to the that's why the firm has collaboration with various institutions that plans the programs to encourage the learning in order to grow higher.


P5 Contribution of HPW in employee engagement and competitive advantage

High performance work or HPW is one kind of practices of human resource which aid to increase he employee and organisation performance. These practices are conducted internationally and nationally in every organization. Th HPW is focused on the employees and employee engagement is one of the task for the HR because keeping them according to their job that reflects in the increasing level of Whirlpool. As given in the case study HPW attain the competencies in the market because of the employees as they work in the positive environment to reach out through their goals. There is not only the monitory competition in the market rather the company's also excels in their services that they are offering to the customer with maximizing satisfaction. The HPW also allows to encourage sales to sustain in the market.

In Whirlpool, HPW is making the strategies effective. As it always gives a positive results if policies are established properly (Bolman and De

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