Disneyland Paris is the entertainment resort situated in Marne-La-vallee. It is world famous theme park, records show that in the year 2006 revenues of the resort get raised to 13%. It was due to new visitors and traveler were taking interest in this place. Sales strategies and investment programs have give huge success to the Disneyland Paris Resort and supported the park in attracting more visitors towards the place. Present report is completely based on the case study of Disneyland Paris (Bohas, 2016). Assignment will discuss the mistakes of the Paris resort in 1992 through to 2006. In addition to this, strategies will be illustrated for improving sales and revenues of the resort.

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Main Body

1) Mistake of Disneyland Paris

Disneyland is earning good revenues but before some times it was failed to run its business successfully. In the fourteen year history it is found that there have been many ups and down in the resort in the year of 2005 the company was declared as bankrupt.

Wrong Marketing Strategies

As it is found that Disney decided to expand its business in many more countries to get high success. It opened its venture in the Europe, it has used the American management style there (Newell, 2013). It did not focus on the culture of the nation and used predefined strategies as per its home nation. When it entered into the French then also cited firm has used the same strategy. Disneyland Paris failed to realize that companies have to adopt different strategy for different countries. It just photocopy its operations in different locations. By this way it had to face many unforeseen issues and Disney was not prepared to handle such circumstances. Wrong strategies was the main mistake of the Disneyland Paris and due to this it failed to run its business in many nations. That has given the firm huge financial loss and even reputation of the organization got down that time (Delaney, 2016).

Poor assumption was another mistake of Disneyland Paris. As project managers expected to attract 11 million people in the theme park. As due to poor market research cited firm failed to identify the main factor that is currency movement. Ignorance of this element was the major mistake of the resort. Due to economy downturn people avoid to travel in Paris. Apart from this, authorities were assuming the French people will take interest in the theme park and they will frequently visit the place (Bulatova and Ul'chickij, 2015). but this assumption was failed because French had its resentment and they have their own love in the country.

Wrong Advertisement is the another mistake of the Paris resort. As Disneyland Paris has advertised its resort by em phasing on the size and glamour rather than rides and attractions. As French people wanted dine with wine but Disney outlawed alcohol there (Skyrius and, 2016). That is why the whole assumption was failed and it has created problems to the company and due to lack of knowledge and research it failed to earn profit in that years.

Poor Service Delivery and American Icon was another mistake of the Disneyland Paris. As it was focusing on the spreading the Euro culture in the entire world. So it was building and designing the resort as the Euro culture. As Europeans do not take breakfast so it has made its resort accordingly and there was no arrangement of breakfast. It was creating problem for the visitors and their interest got down. They become negative towards the Paris resort that has given huge financial loss to the company (Torc'h, 2015).

Ignorance to Budget is another mistake made by the Disneyland Paris due to this it has faced huge loss between 1992 to 2006. Walt Disney company was assuming to build a high class theme parks across the world and it has spent much amount in the construction without assuming the return over its investments. Approx it has invested 300000 funds more than its budget, that created problems later when it failed to earn profit over it (Chira, 2014). As it bought 700000 square meter land for office space but due to real market inoculations cost of the purchasing has increased to great extent and management did not give attention on this point.

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