Work Based Experience

Task 1

1.1 Research and evaluate suitable organizations that could provide experience in industry

In this part, evaluation and investigations are performed on the travel and tourism division and indicate the sorts of companies that this range needs to give work positions. Two sectors are selected which are described below:

Food Industry

The food business is also well industrialized in the destination of tourism as people from distinctive food inclinations and diverse backgrounds visit a particular destination. Therefore, fast food and restaurants options are well urbanized. Moreover, beverage and food organization is the fundamental connection between beverage, the menu as well as distinctive services on offer in an establishment, and the clienteles (Barnett, 2008). In the same way, it can be used as an effective tool for satisfying the members and built support, as it connects with a sensory memory of attendee in a particular event. The beverage and food function is depicted both by its varying qualities and by its size of the event. For example business events, meetings, exhibition along with the conference. The particular sector can give work-based inclusion to the profiles, for instance, waiter, bar boy, handling customer advantage, serving the banquet, tour operators, hosting, travel agencies, guides, other parts giving work-based experiences, cashier and dealing with the records (Bowden, 2011).

Hotel Industry

In tourism biased area the hotel business is specially made to house the guests. By and large, hospitality is contained two services: the course of action of an overnight hotel for people journeying a long way from home, and choices for people eating outside their home. Being a bit of the hospitality territory, the hotel business offers opportunities to a work-based experience if one is possessed with enhancing the inclusion in the service industry (Hotel industry, 2010). Besides that, the particular organization implies the hotel, beverage and food services regions together as the hospitality industry. Also, the profiles existing in this division in which one can get work-based experience are associates for business centers, operators for telephones, receptionists, in-charge of the reservation, custodian office, chef and so on.

The above analysis exhibits that there are hosts of conflicting options to choose in this sector as demonstrated by gained work-based experiences and individual preferences.

1.2 Produce evidence to show your ability to negotiate work experience with your work and academic supervisors

  • Name:
  • Date:
  • College:
  • Name of the Organization: Novotel
  • Nature of Business: Hotel Business
  • Name of Supervisor:
  • The title of Position: Trainee intern for customer service.

Benefits from this work: It will be a decent beginning for my scholastic advance and help me pick up experiences in the industry. It will also help me to understand the work with a hotel business particularly on the territory of client administration which is my region of intrigue (ASHWORTH, 2017). Moreover, it is a month and a half course which will improve my vocation as well as make me more practical to adjust in the business in future. Besides that, this work with an assortment of visit plans that the organization has will be exceptionally advancing for me as it will empower me to comprehend what the elements that are in charge of visitor fulfillment are and how consumer loyalty can be expanded. Additionally, by what means can the organization fabricate steadfast clients and hold their clients. These major perspectives will profit me in any occupation situation as clients are the core of all organizations.

My Role in Novotel: My role in Novotel will be dealing and checking with the queries of the clients. Also, I will maintain the feedbacks of the customers (Pivar, 2001). Apart from these, analysis of customer satisfaction index is important for the organization and it will be my responsibility to perform the job. I will also assist the management to work on the improvement of customer satisfaction as well as retention.

1.3 Recognize the business constraints associated with the work experience negotiated

Each and every business has their own particular requirements. The hotel business of Novotel is similarly vulnerable to such imperatives. People from the corners of the world likes to tour to a beautiful destination (Lück and Kirstges, 2003). The hotels such as Novotel helps these people to stay during tour time. Tourism is an occasional business that has a high deluge of client amid occasion seasons. Therefore, in the offseasons the holidaymakers being less there will be low communications so the learning results of the experience will equally be diminishing the other partnered businesses. For example, the food and hotel sectors additionally get affected by this regular nature. The business of the tourism industry is driven by request, the clients decide by what method will be the way of business, and structure and style of the tourism industry are (Abernathy, Beyer and Rapley, 2014). However, Novotel utilizes the internet to take client criticisms and survey the request and the necessities and the needs of their clients, in numerous nations the entrance of webs is still low representing a requirement for the business and my gaining from the work positions. Another constraint of the business on my work position is in this industry are the safety and security concerns which are high. The tourist does not wander and visits a place where there are political turmoil and security hazards as the organization offers international travel packages. It is a tourism service provided to each and every customers so that the business do not hamper by negative feedback of the clients (Rocha-Pinto, 2008).

On the other hand, these hotels provide customers with loyalty programs. The loyalty programs do not convey huge additions to a wide range of ventures, yet the neighborliness business certainly profits by the strategy. As per a review was done by Cornell's School of Hotel Administration, visitors who take part in loyalty programs at a specific property will expand the quantity of room-evenings by fifty percent. However, this critical increment in customer retention, as well as gain in revenue, demonstrates that loyalty programs truly do profit the lodging. At the point when there is a motivating force to move in the direction of, visitors will keep on visiting your lodging with a specific end goal to get the guaranteed advantage (Hartog and Frame, 2004). It is normal to pick the way with the most advantages.

Task 2

2.1 Agree and prioritize the tasks and responsibilities involved in your area of work

The task and responsibilities involved in my area of work are based on beverage and food customer service. My area of work is a trainee intern for customer service. I prioritize the service of a banquet manager to the customers (Calori, Baden-Fuller and Hunt, 2000). The role of a banquet manager is to supervise all phases of all types of functions occurring in the banquet and coordinate activity on a regular basis. A banquet supervisor should also oversee the event of the banquet as well as ensure that all departmental policies and service standards are followed by the staffs present in that particular banquet, Moreover, the manager should act as a single point of contact with the banquet host during the banquet function. More responsibilities and duties of a banquet manager are described below:

Responsibilities and Duties of the Banquet Manager:

  • Banquet managers must meet and welcome clients.
  • He or she is responsible for providing innovative and exceptional contemplations to improve meetings and update social occasions.
  • The manager has the responsibility to make the function space apparently captivating and demonstrating the menu offering for the event (Angoujard, 2005).
  • He/she must administer catered functions in off-site as well as in-house.
  • He/she is responsible for the general cleanliness and sanitation of the storage areas, banquet rooms, and work areas.
  • The manager must be accountable for dependable executing the organization standards and working approach in the supper and catering organization.
  • A banquet manager is responsible for providing wonderful customer advantage and certification customer needs are met (Banquet manager, 2003).
  • He or she is responsible for the most ideal utilize and extraordinary working solicitation of all equipment, furniture and establishments in the catering section and banquet in the shift designated.

On the other hand, a banquet manager should amass all around Knowledge of beverage and food presentation and status. Besides that, he or she should have to manage events and associates all through the organization. Dealing with the workers of the banquet in setting up of tables, chairs and other furniture items is another job of a banquet manager (Strianese and Strianese, 2008). I prioritize my work position as a banquet manager because I become happy whenever I see that people from all over the world come and dine at a banquet which is under my supervision. Customer satisfaction leads to the growth of a company and I want that.

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2.2 Produce a plan of how you will meet your objectives through the work experience

Before starting a work experience, an individual needs to make plans by which the person can meet the objectives through work experience. First of all, the individual needs to set the objectives. The objectives of the individual are collecting basic information about the organization. Next, the individual needs to know how to get to the placement i.e. the position of a banquet manager. He or she needs to understand the value of information to the company or the job and be aware of the compassion of sharing information. The plans are based on these objectives (Mumford, 2001).

  • For the preparation of experiencing the job, the individual must think about the current skills along with his or her weakness and strengths. The individual needs to find ways to increase the existing skills and help himself/herself to develop a new one. During skill assessment, the person must consider the transferable skills like presentation skill, the skill of building a team, communication and leadership skill and so on. Moreover, traveling is a significant issue to the individual (Kneale, 2007). He or she must think how to travel to his or her work experience and how much it will cost. Time maintenance is another crucial factor the person must keep in mind. Selecting and wearing a suitable uniform for the internship is another factor he or she must remember. 
  • Networking is important for an individual to enlarge the professional world. Networking isn't as alarming as it sounds; it's about meeting individuals, and you do that consistently. A professional network is vital, it can bolster his or her future advancement. It might be that one day the individual you met in the staff room turns into the individual enlisting for your fantasy work. Before you start your work placement - be readied (Gillespie, 2002). Beginning another work placement is an extraordinary approach to manufacture the professional network. Intelligent networkers know their identity going to meet. Look at the organization site, is there a 'meet the group' segment? Provided that this is true, observe! These individuals will be your work partners. Web-based social networking is an extraordinary networking device - set up a professional LinkedIn account and utilize this to present yourself.

2.3 Analyze the benefits the proposed activities of the work will have on the business as well you the learner

An internship program provides many benefits to the organization as well as the individual who is participating in the internship program. Benefits of internship to the business and students are described below:

Increase in productivity

Discussing the extra labor, setting up a internships position program permits an individual to take benefits of short-term support. Besides, the additional arrangements of hands help the workers be more gainful, keep them from getting to be overburdened by side activities. Additionally, it also frees them up for accomplishing more innovative assignments or those where more elevated amount, key intuition or ability is required (Internship program, 2017).

Enhance perspective

It is not quite recently the additional arrangements of hands that make interns invaluable. Particularly in an association of just twelve to fifteen representatives, new individuals carry with them novel viewpoints, crisp thoughts, and specific qualities and aptitude sets. As a result, these enlarge the capacities of the expert workforce of the individual.

Supports students

Internships jobs give students various advantages. The students advance in experience, create attitudes, reinforce their resumes, make associations, find out about a field, and evaluate their advantage and capacities. Offering a paid internships job is especially useful, on the grounds that it empowers financially burdened youth to take part (Internship program, 2002). Students who need to help finance their own tutoring will require an occupation, in any case. The students are provided with internship permits for employment to encourage a positive future.

Increase in rate of employee-retention

The verification for the test-driving hypothesis is in the positive representative maintenance figures. According to NACE's 2009 Experiential Education Survey, very nearly forty percent of businesses detailed a higher five-year degree of consistency among workers they'd procured by means of their internships job programs.

Find future employees

An internships program is a year-round enlisting tool. Summer entry level positions, fall internships jobs, semester internships positions, and quarterly internships jobs, actualizing an internships program implies that an individual has a continuous pipeline of the future full-time employee.

Task 3

3.1 Show how you fulfill the specified requirements of the placement and conforming to all the related codes of practice

The placements of students are periods of unpaid work experiences in approved companies that provide counseling services. In these services, each student have the opportunities to put theory into practice. Moreover, student placement is also an exceptional opportunity for developing networks as well as explore options for career and professional pathways. Before a placement program, an individual needs to go through some basic skill course and training as well as course placement test (Adagha, Carpendale and Levy, 2015). These requirements are mandatory for each and every individual who are practicing internships. Each and every student must satisfy the basic skill course requirement for subjects such as mathematics. Apart from mathematics, the students' needs to give a test on writing and reading. Exclusion from the required placement courses in mathematics and writing will be determined by the results of the test. Apart from these test, the students' needs to go through steps such as client counseling round and supervision round. In client counseling round, counseling is performed by the face-to-face system. Apart from it, the students' needs to be from the background of hotel management.

3.2 Produce systematic records of work performed by evidence of diaries, logbooks, portfolio, spreadsheets or databases


Assistant manager

                                                        Subject: [trainee intern for customer service at Novotel] 


the candidate, you are hereby notified that you are promoted and successfully completed your internship in the Novotel for the period of 6months. Depending on the progress you are recommended to improve key sectors which have been mentioned in the report. However, the progress is good to achieve a great career. Your key advantages are also discussed.

Key advantages: 

  • Accuracy Communication Productivity
  • Service

Key areas of improvements:

  • Interaction
  • Better service presentation
  • Experiences

3.3 Show how you revise your initial plan produced in 2.2 to meet your objectives

The initial plan proposed by me in 2.2 is based on networking and skill development plan. Here, these plans are revised. For revision, at first, the individual needs, to be honest with himself/herself which is the most important aspect to successful revision. It may be the first time for an individual to sit down and organize the study without anyone checking what he or she is doing. Revision for internship or jobs is not like old school days (Ireland, Cure and Hopkins, 2009). It is significant to stress that it is no use telling myself that I am revising. The main target of an individual will be the job and automatically revision will be finished. On the other hand, break hours are important to reduce stress. A time limit should be set for revision work. During the break, the individual can go out for a walk and it will be better if he or she have a dog. Moreover, the person can cook if he likes to. The person can drink coffee. Coffee acts as a stress reduction drink. Apart from all these, the individual must make the revision compact. During revision, it is effective to remember the important keywords.

3.4 Explain the suggestions you made for improvement and how you reviewed it your supervisor

The suggestions made by me for the improvement of individual skills and personal development is devoid of theories. The recommendations are very practical. First of all, the individual needs to organize his or her time. Aside from, he or she should produce a personal resume and undertake a skills appraisals. As it has been told earlier that transferable skills are important and it should be looked forward. The individual must overcome barriers for learning a new and innovative skill. Time organization means allocating to time to certain necessities of life (Ireland, Cure and Hopkins, 2009). For example, the person must spend time with the family, spend on things he or she enjoys the most, devote to his or her work and devote to his or her education. Distractions can put an adverse effect on the individual. Therefore, it is strictly recommended for individuals to avoid and minimize distractions. The distractions are phones, emails, Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, computers, parties and meetings, family commitments, stress, and visitors. These suggestions are reviewed by the supervisors by emails. The supervisor will give feedback through mail.

Task 4

4.1 Produce evidence of how you have monitored your progress on the job against your original proposal

Monitoring data can help you in many way. The functional progress of the initiative is understand by the help of monitoring data. Therefore, it also can help to understand the actions of the initiative which cannot reach the position. According to this, the monitoring data help you these way such as,

  • As we said, it helps to understand the better position of initiative.
  • About the functions of the initiative, it is important to take a perfect decision.
  • Introducing the activeness of making employees aware.
  • In order to achieve the organizational targets, a company must recruit sufficient and the eligible employee for the desire post. It is also important for a company to the best financial support to reach the level.
  • A company needs to think about their financial condition also.

Monitoring has a specious variety. The meaning of monitory is to fulfill the initiative and tracking a larger events.

There are three key parts to the monitoring system:

The main duty of a company is to observe about the performance of the employees.

  • In order to get the best outcome that will give all the benefits to the organization.
  • It is needed to observe the monitoring system so that the employees of the organization work in the proper and the right path.

Process measures

Process measures are take place during the initiative. It is a different type of activity. Infect it can help you to observe how well the processes are going.

4.2 Show how you have evaluated the quality of your performance on the job

An employee of a company want two things in their life which are reward and promotions. Everyone wants to get a good job, but the most important thing is to gain the position. Every employee should improve themselves to get well. Therefore they will be appreciated for their work and able to get a position.

Reward high-performing employees

An employee deserves a great opportunity if he or she give a good performance in his or her work. The manager of the company have to appreciate them with a reward or promotion or to increase their salary. Therefore, these are the processes to motivate the employees of the organization and it helps them to concentrate on their work. The manager of the organization measures the performance of the employees. He or she also decides the involvement of the employee who is going to work in the further development process. The selected employee will get the desired compensation according to his or her performance.

Reduce employee turnover

The main reasons of the employee turnover are lack of respect, learn new skills, salary increment, new skills development etc. employee performance is one of the important part for an organization. Employee performance as a snapshot within some achievements, performance skills, and their current projects.

A company also needs to provide opportunities as much is possible. It is help the employee to do their job efficiently. It is a great process because it can improve the relationship of the employees and give a job satisfaction to the employees.

Documentation protects the company legally

Documentation is very much important for any organization. Depending on that, the food and hotel industries should focus on their documentation process. This documentation process helps the organization to understand the employee background and their work background. Documentation can be a great way to make aware of the employees aware of their work process and the organization missions and visions.

4.3 Reflect on your work experience and analyze the learning which has taken place

Experience is the key to getting a good job and reach the level which a person really want in his or her career. To get that kind of job which a person really interested so, he or she have to read the advertisement of the job. Therefore, they will be able to represent themselves in an interview or a job applications.

Assessing the skills you have gained

It is important for any service industry to provide better support to the employees who are new in the organization. Depending on that, it is also important for the managers and the mentors to provide feedbacks to the employees. Getting skills is not very easy for any intern. However as a intern I have learnt many new techniques of work by a series of process. The processes are; self-reliance skill which stands for self-realization from own work. People skills means the skills which we get from following people while working. Specialist skills reflects on the skills which I will work for. The special skill that I will obtain from the organization is called as specialist skills. There are some certain steps to get experience form the work. The best ways are discussed below:

Making portfolio from the work that an employee will do while being an intern. The overall portfolio will reflect the experience that I have gathered from the job and also from others who were working with me.

Keep contact with the persons with whom I have worked while I was an intern will help me to gather experience from my previous work. Discussion job experience and also the works that I will be doing in future will be helpful for me to get more experience.

There will be lots of examples while working for a company as an intern. Keeping a good notes on that works will help me to get ideas of how to solve issues while working in a new company and also if the condition is same.

While going to the interview and also for any portfolio, taking advice from co-workers will help me to achieve experience of presentation. In this way, the application to the certain industries will be specific and accurate.


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