Learning Experiences in My Life

The Roller Coaster Experience


There may be a million experiences that come to my mind whenever I am asked to relate an experience that I cannot forget. However, there is one that I consider to be totally not forgettable and in fact the most hair-rising. Riding in a roller coaster triggered apprehension and agitation in me, something that I felt beyond imagination. Recalling the whole experience simply makes me laugh out of freshness that it seems to have.

Feeling, Evaluation, and Analysis

The day started very well with the sun shining with brightness. Something weird seemed to my view! The room that I was in was not familiar to me. “Otherworldly!” Was my own thought. “How comes I could not acknowledge the room that I own?” it is only after a while that I recollect that I was in a different country; the United States of America.

My thought was interrupted my younger sibling who seemed to talk in a voice full of delight. “We are going for a ride today”. No sooner had she finished her conversation than I jumped with joy and prepare swiftly for the seemingly pleasurable day. Just as we were approaching the land, she suggested that we go for a ride on the roller coaster. I objected her suggestion with all might but my sister kept on insisting while luring our mom to let us ride with it. “Come on! Let us go, mom, can we?” she did not give up begging until our mother gave in to it.

That was a golden chance to drag me toward where the roller coaster was. I was indeed high-strung. “Wow! This roller coaster is the biggest I have ever seen”. She could hide her surprise. I was so pusillanimous that I could not notice how big the roller coaster that stood right in front of me was.

“Just slacken and concentrate bro!” Her solace was not of any help to me. My masqueraded nodding managed to have her smile.

It was not after a long ride that I heard a loud siren. Little did I know that the siren was a warning to us that we were just about to start a frightening trip! My eyes were inadvertently closed. The roller coaster finally started to move and gradually picked up its speed. I was so timid that I felt my stomach turning upside down. Its speed could make me fall from my seat. My heart was pounding rhythmically.

My plea on my heart seemed to be in vain. I could just hear people screaming erratically. The swinging roller coaster made me hit the front seat. I screamed at the top of my voice when the experience ceased to stop! My eyes were wide open yet my heart stopped beating.

The tens minute ride on the coaster seemed like a decade to me. It was the most unforgettable experience in my life.

Conclusion and Future Action

Life is full of both strange and familiar experiences. The fact that I could enjoy riding in roller coaster before the actual ride reflects an axiom that a book should not be judged by its cover. To me, I felt that the enjoyment perceived from those whom I watched riding was actually out of humor and nothing more. I never mind to figure out their knowledge about their first experience in it. I basically learned not to rush in doing anything unless I am contented that doing it is going to be of no harm to my life. That is the principle that I stand with up to date.

The Hospital experience


Other events in life leave an everlasting mark that is not erasable. There are incidences that once they happen in life, their lingering in the mind of the character ceases to fade away. The lessons that such events offer to the character are also memorable that they cannot be replaced by another experience. It was a long time ago when my grandfather was taken to the hospital.

Feeling, Evaluation, and Analysis

My curiosity could not let me stay behind. I had to accompany him being taken to the hospital. My grandfather had started to experience issues in his left eye due to old age. His visiting many hospitals occasionally could not offer him a permanent cure. The condition was not getting any better. Finally, he was advised by his doctor that the only option that was left as a remedy for the long term condition was for him to undergo an eye operation. This was the only option left that could be subjected as a measure to correct the abnormality. The fact that it was a weekend meant that I had no class to attend to. Moreover, there was no obligation left for me to do. These factors intensified a good idea that it was good for me to accompany my grandfather to the hospital. The undying relationship that tied me and my grandfather also made it effortless for me to offer him accompany. However, I had little fear of the operation that he was to be subjected to in the hospital (In Jensen & In Jolly, 2014)

We drove to the hospital by my uncle. Soon after arriving at the hospital, my uncle left for an unknown commitment after ensuring that my grandfather had checked in. we were lucky to have several accommodating nurses who were willing to give assistance to my grandfather within a very short while. They even talked to us nicely upon noticing the agitation that completely covered our faces as if we were in a slaughter room waiting to be butchered. The outcome of the talk from one of the nurses illuminated relaxation and relief from the overall anxiety that the action of operation on my grandfather had spawned in us. We were finally fearlessly ready for the operation as the extent of timidity went away in us. However, thoughts of the imminent operation could not fully get off my mind. This is because of the bad attitude that I had about the doctors and the injections. It was clear to me that the operation that my grandfather was to undergo was more serious compared to the injections that enhanced timidity in me (McAdams, 1985).

The whole operation lasted only an hour. I was overwhelmed by joy upon seeing my grandfather being wheeled out of the operation room. He was conscious and his spirit was high. The problem was finally over. At that same instance, my panic of the doctors dematerialized and I began treasuring the roles that they do in every day’s life. I am currently pursuing a course in medicine because of that experience.

Conclusion and Future Action

Conclusively, one ought not to make a judgement to what he or she does not have an explicit knowledge about. The fact my whole negative attitude about doctors changed in a single experience is quite enlightening. It is therefore through this experience that I live to seek for ground comprehension before making any important decision.  

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Sexual Well-Being and Physical Disability


In this essay, it describes the meaning of sexual well-being for physically disabled people is a little- researched area of social work practice. Because sexual well-being is a sensitive topic, and one which professionals can feel uncomfortable discussing, the absence of guidance reinforces the barriers to its inclusion in practice. As a result, disabled people can experience discrimination regarding their sexual well-being, with the notion of asexuality or deviance remaining prevalent in their personal accounts.

Feeling, Evaluation, and Analysis

As per this paper is situated within social work practice, the definition of physical disability used corresponds to definition used in practice: A person (P) has a disability of physical and mental impairment and the impairment has a substantial and long-term adverse effect on P's ability to carry out normal day-to-day activities. In this essay, we analysis that there are many act Reforming Care and Support (2012), and the subsequent the 2014 Care Act, which uses a definition of well-being relating to domains: The act is issued for the personal dignity, physical mental and emotional health, protection from abuse and neglect, control over day-to-day life, relationships, social and economic well-beings etc. for the mentally disabled person. This paper is informed by a literature review and it describes a systematic approach using key terms and database was used to gather literature around sexual well-being and physically disability.

In this we find that in this essay it will discuss in a sensitive subject which can be viewed as a professional strength for social work but requires confidence and the provision of quality information and training. This will enable people with disabilities to protect themselves by raising awareness, confidence and sexual self-esteem.

Conclusion and Future Action

It can be concluded from the present case that it is important for the practitioners to offers little evidence based guidance in order to provide person centered care. From the review of the article it has been inferred that sexual well being is regarded as one of the meaningful aspect of the human life. I have learned that people who are disabled are being discriminated. Thus future actions needs to be taken in this relation so that proper can be offered. Along with this the acts that are being developed by the government needs to be complied with so that quality in care can be maintained.

Working with Women with a Learning Disability Experiencing Domestic Abuse: How Social Workers Can Negotiate Competing Definitions of Risk


In this it describes the cultural shifts in the last forty years in policy and practice have led to an increasing acceptance that people with learning disabilities have a right to normal lives in the community, including a right to sexual relationships. As in this case with their non-disabled peers, women with a learning disability have the right to protection if they experience domestic abuse.

Feeling, Evaluation, and Analysis

I examined that this approach taken towards risk management for adults with a learning disability in the UK needs to be seen in the context of the shift away from the large-scale institutions in the 1980s. current guidance supports the use of multidisciplinary working for the identification and management of risk. Models of risk- assessment practice within learning disabilities social work are at early stage. Current safeguarding procedures are largely based on unstructured professional judgment and consequently may miss important factors indicating abuse suffered by women with learning disabilities. Social workers therefore need to take greater account of risk-assessment and management tools which have been developed by domestic-abuse and law enforcement agencies. However, social workers need to go beyond a reductive identification of risk factors and need to maintain the ability to react sensitivity to harm experienced by women with learning disabilities. Consequently, responses to domestic abuse need to be balanced against concerns for positive risk taking in line with current learning- disability policy.

Conclusion and Future Action

It can be concluded that women having any kind of disability must not be abused. Further it is important that they receive greater support from social services as well as police. It is important in term of future that police needs to make determination of the group of women who can suffer from the abuse. This can be greater support and can also minimize the risk attached with abuse of women to a greater extent. Learning disability must be improved in order ensure that women are offered with greater preferences.


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