Sports Events, Impacts, Issues and Policy


Indian premier league (IPL) is an domestic cricket tournament of India which happens every year. Further with the passage of time, the format of sports has also changed a lot. Earlier there was a time when cricket matches were organized in only two format which were test and one day. Modern lifestyle has made the lives of people so busy that now they do not have time of sit and watch cricket for the entire day (Petersen and et. al., 2008). This also resulted in drop of the number of viewers of cricket matches. In order to reduce this gap, in the year 2007, Zee network came out with an innovative idea of starting Indian cricket league. During its initial stage this idea was refused by BCCI (Broad of control for cricket in India). When India became the winner of first twenty20 world cup which was a cricket world cup of 20-20 over matches,Mr. Lalit Modi who was the head of BCCI came up with an idea of launching T20 cricket league in India.

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Impact of IPL

Indian premier league has its own negative and positive impact on the entire nation. It leads to community pride, up-gradation, atmosphere and increase in external investments. IPL has attracted audience form all across the world. One of the major reason behind this is that not only Indian players but foreign players also play in this format. People love to see players of rival teams playing together. The level of aggressions and energy among players playing in IPL     is so high that it has gained attention for many views (Parker, Burns and Natarajan, 2008). Not only India, but people from various countries of the world comes to see matches of IPL. This means that more foreign exchanges is received which is beneficial for the growth of country. However the money is also spend on infrastructure and arrangement of world class facilities of players as well as audience. On the other side of this, IPL also have some negative impacts as it creates jams and traffic in nearby areas where the cricket stadium is located. Further stadiums such as feroz shah Kotla and DY  Patil which are located in Dehli and Mumbai have the capacity  of around 550000 people (Top-5-cricket-grounds-in-india, 2015). Other than this, it also increases crime rate and pollution in the cities where matches are organized. Therefore it can be stated that there are various positive and negative impacts occur on country.


IPL also as various kind of impact on the overall economy of India. It has become a platform which attracts people from all across the world. Further more and more amount of foreign exchange is received in the country. At the time of IPL, lot of employment opportunities are generated for people in various cities. On the other side, it can be argued that the employment provided by sport league is more of a kind of seasonal (Rasul and Proffitt, 2011). This means that people gets work only in the month in which the league is organized. Rest of the time they remain unemployed or do some other work. IPL has also created a situation of monopoly as there is no any other cricket league which provide such as kind of high voltage action every year.

Social impact

There are many arguments which has been done in order to determine whether IPL is good or bad for the society. In recent years, the cricket league has been involved in various kind of issues such as money laundering, controversies, corruption etc. It can be stated the IPL provides three hours of excitement, action and trill to people. However it can be argued that it ha misused the trust of people several times (Borooah and Mangan, 2012). Rather than looking forward on the bad side of the cricket league, we can also look at its positive side which was displayed when the event occurred in South Africa. Before IPL, the country was going with a very bad economic condition but the leagues  results in making the entire economy stable. Other than this, it can be also stated that other positive side was frequent recognition of children, teachers and schools. Further it also provided scholarship to students which has helped them to have a better future (Singh, 2011). When IPL happens in India, it enhances the image of entire community. Good image of the country is created all across the world and  this also increases the number of tourist visiting the country. It can be also stated that IPL has improved the life of people which are living in the near by areas.

Environmental impact

IPL also have some sort of impacts on environment as lot of pollution is created during the match. There is not waste management system which has been implemented in any of the cricket stadiums of India. People consume lot of drinks and food during the match and their waste is directly thrown on the ground. However it can be argued that the waste food, papers and other thing are collected in proper way after the match gets completed (Swartz, 2011). Further, the air pollution crated by jams and traffic also have an negative impact on the environment. IPL is carried out for entire one month and a lots of waste and pollution is formed. Along with this, the sound pollution which is created by music and audience during is the event is also dangerous for the people which live in nearby areas of the cricket stadium.

Government also plays a major role production and sponsorship of events. Further there are various reason which explains why government of the country should  get involved in events. The rules and regulation developed by government regulatory bodies helps in lowering down the negative  impact of IPL on environment and society (Enderwick and Nagar, 2010). Further during the initial stages, the government involvement in events such as IPL was very low. In last few years the event has been charged against corruptions and against us of unfair means. This as encouraged government of India to become the part of cricket league. It is the government of country which owns many of the stadiums. Along with this, the staff which is taking care and managing cricket stadiums in India is also appointed by government only.

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The economic impact of IPL can be measured with the help of various models such as multipliers, input and output modeling, econometric approach, cost and benefits analysis and at last commutable general equilibrium modeling (Rastogi and Deodhar, 2009). After carrying out the assessment, it can be stated that IPL has become a huge success for India. Huge sales of tickets and number of views of match on television are the two major factor through which the above stated line can be justified.

Funding of IPL

The entire event of IPL gets funded by consist of an entire process which begins with franchising auction of  teams where the teams playing in IPL are begin purchased. During the first tree edition there were 8 teams and  in fourth season two more teams joined. The new teams provided as sum of around $700 million. The funds are also raised by with the help of sponsorship of the event. During the initial season, DLF which is an Indian company that deals in real estate has paid the sum of Rs200 crore to become the tittle sponsor of IPL. Further it carried the sponsorship from 2008 to 2012 (More statistics, 2015). After DLF  Pepsi become the tittle sponsor by giving a sum of Rs396.8 crore. At present Vivo which is Chinese brand of mobile phones is the tittle sponsor of IPL. Other than this, majority of the revenue is generated from the sale of match tickets and the bidding which is carried at the time of players auctions. Further the revenue generated is spend on providing the match fees to players and conducting the entire event.

Risk associated

As per the structured study, it has been identified that there are number of risk that are associated with conduction of IPL. In the support of this, it can be said that the racism and cultural clashes can be take placed due to IPL as it provide massive influx of foreigners into cities has been taken into account (Gupta, 2009). Conduction of event impacts the perception of citizens who live in host city and they begin to change their urban environment as per needs of guests. It also creates widely distributed atmospheres which impacts urban spaces in negative manner. Due to vibrant atmosphere the differences in culture gets boosted and impacts social aspects in negative manner.  In other aspect, it has been spotted that due to IPL number of conflict between  foreigners and local citizens has been identified that impacts social aspect and event in negative way. In this respect, it is necessary for organisers and government authorities to ensure that proper balance between cultural differences is maintained. It has also been noticed that the sports event location is also considered as a place where cultural aspects can be exhibited (Parker, Burns and Natarajan, 2008). Some time over concentration on these factors influences the operational activities of event and create conflicts between social aspect.

Other than this, it can also be asserted that the biggest risk which is associated with IPL is regarding event failure. In addition to this, it can be contended that if IPL event faces failure issues then it has direct influence on the economic system. These kinds of factors also have massive repercussions on diverse future events. One of key fact is that the IPL also affects the environmental aspects of city and restrict government authorities to not invest in such projects (Borooah and Mangan, 2012). In the support of this, it can be said that the security related risk is also one of critical factor in the event. Such kinds of global events have visit of guests from diverse nations so risk of terrorist attacks are always associated with it. In this respect, it is necessary for BCCI to have regular interaction and coordination with local government authorities such as police, etc.


In the support of this, it can be said that the event has also faced issues due to various protest. It has been identified that IPL has faced number of protest which has impacted event. For example, citizens and various political parties of India has protested against IPL due to unethical activities of cheerleaders and cricketers. It has influenced event in diverse manner and forced BCCI to establish effective monitoring system (Gupta, 2011). In this respect, board members of event has decided that cheerleaders will have their functioning as per Indian culture. At Wankhede stadium, Mumbai the local citizens has protested against foreign cheerleaders in the IPL. It is also one of reason that BCCI has decided to take various measure that ensures about the functioning of cheerleaders.

Other than this, one of key issue that is associated with IPL is due to match fixing activities in the IPL. In this respect, citizen and political factors in India has also protested. In context to this, it can be said that political factors demanded to dis-activate the event so that these kinds of unethical practice occurrence can be stopped. Moreover, it is also one of key reason that BCCI has suspended some cricketers from event and banded them to play cricket (Lakshman  and Akhter, 2013). In this support, it can be said that BCCI has also  taken various actions in order to protect IPL from such unethical practices. BBCI has suspended two teams from IPL for teams. Classification of bended teams can be as Chennai super kings and Rajasthan Royals. Number of financial penalties has also been charged against the owners of teams as they were responsible to ensure that any of team member is not involved in unethical practice. Meetings with various governing councils has also been taken into account to establish various measures and standards. Other than this, various activities has also been conducted to make bidding process more transparent so that issues can be overcome in effective manner.

Critical assessment of the event

After carrying out the critical assessment of the entire event of IPL it can be stated that there are  some advantages and disadvantages which are associated with this league. During auctions and bidding of players, the teams invest huge amount of money. Many political parties of India has protested against these biding. Further they explained that such high amount should not be offered to players. However it can be argued that IPL has provide a platform to many young crickets of country (Enderwick and Nagar, 2010). Cricket in India is treated as religion and the country is full of young cricketers. During one stage it was almost impossible for many young players to show their capabilities and talent. IPL has given chance to many young cricketers of the country. On the other side of this, it can be stated that there are several drawbacks which has been associated with the premier league. Along with growth and development it has also created various kind of problems and issues which to the society (Petersen and et. al., 2008). It can be evaluated that such kind of event has also enhanced the image of India in the entire world.  Now the country as witnessed more number of tourist in the month of IPL as compared to its peak tourist season. It can be argued that such of events are very beneficial for the growth and development of any country. In the initial stages, the cricket league has created a brand image of India all across the world. On the other side, it can be stated that in last few years the  corruptions and other scams which has been witnessed in IPL has created a sense of dissatisfaction in the mind of views from all across the world. People in the country have protested by saying that the cricket league should be banned as it has played with the trust and feelings of people. In addition to this, last year tow teams of IPL which are Chennai Superkings  and Rajasthan Royals as been banned from the leagues because of charges regarding match fixing (Singh, 2011). This will have an direct impact on the sales of tickets and number of audience in this year. However it can be asserted that such leagues should be promoted as they provide lost of benefits to country and also provide chances to young and emerging players. Further it can be argued that government should increase its inference in leagues. Further strict norms and regulation should be developed to ensure that players do not encourage in match fixing or any other crime.


From the able report, it can be concluded event such as IPL plays very important role in growth and development of country such as India. It is only because of IPL that infrastructure in most of the cities has been developed to a great extent. Other than this, it can be also concluded that there are some negative impact of IPL which needs to be taken care of by the government of the country.


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