Safeguarding in Health & Social Care

Introduction to Safeguarding in Health & Social Care

As the event manager of this charity program, I like to introduce that the prime intention of this charity work as well as I wants to add that how our aims have meet the objectives successfully. The prime intention of this charity program is to cooperate with the vulnerable people and provide them acute service. On the other hand, the charity program is also concern with implementing new laws in protecting vulnerable people. Here are many non-profit organizations which helps to resolve the position of the vulnerable adults in society. And also establish the fact that there are several public-funded organizations, multi-agency policies to protect the vulnerable people from risk of abuse. Here we are gathered to celebrate the success of our charity organization by providing them appropriate protection. And we are happy in delivering quality service to this adult who has no one to look after. And I also want to express my gratitude to their members for coming here, your presence help us to run the entire event auspiciously.

Legislation And Regulations of Firm

The main intention of our non-profit organization is to deliver successful support to the vulnerable adults who are abused due to the caregivers or family members. Several laws have been implemented in our organization to provide them accurate service. The laws and legislations have been implemented to protect the right of the vulnerable adults. National legislation and policies are implemented in to protect the safety and security of vulnerable adults. Safeguarding is basically keeping the individual safe. Most of the time, it is seen that children and older people are suffering due to the lack of safety. The policies are made to keep away the older person from the mal-treatment. There are several professional bodies like HSE, council, social care division are taking care of the vulnerable people (Phair and Heath, 2012). The vulnerable, old people basically cannot take care of them in that case the governing body should raise their hand to protect them. The social care division is entitled to take care of the vulnerable people from the abuse. The social care division is aware of the right of the individual and they are trying to protect the right of the people.

It is the responsibility of the all service providers, statutory and non-statutory body to protect the right of the vulnerable people. All the policies are for the well fare of the mentally and physically challenged people. All the statutory body is declaring no tolerance policy for everyone and also declare Regional and local policies for the safeguarding of vulnerable people. The statutory service provider of our organization is entitled to provide support to the patients of the health and social care and the vulnerable people; they are also entitled to provide protection to the employees and the staff (Powell, 2007). Apart from this, the public funded statutory body is also taking care of the vulnerable people. There are several services setting in the world that are taking care of the vulnerable people, among them most effective one is day care unit. Residential care is also providing HSE services to the vulnerable and old people. There is a basic professional standard and Guideline for the care givers so that they can understand their prime intention and provide the vulnerable elderly people accurate service. According to Fraser guideline, the care givers are going to understand the psychological need of those people and with the help of the Individual Right, the demand or the right of the patients must be preserved. There are several laws like Health Act 2007; National Quality Standards for Residential Care Settings for Older People, Safety Incidence Management Policy are securing the safety and the well-being of the vulnerable elderly people. With the implementation of those laws the strength of our organization is developed and also on the other hand with the implementation of different types of laws the risk factors or the weakness can be resolved.

Besides the benefit of the policies and the legislation, there are several draw backs. As most of the vulnerable people are old so the governing body is showing less care about the protection of the vulnerable aged people. The laws have not been implemented correctly so the professional bodies are not taking care of the employees correctly (Pritchard, 2008). Often the challenged people lodge report against the abuse they have faced still the governing body is not taking the reports seriously. All the policies and legislations, regarding the preserving safety of the vulnerable old people are quite effective but with the lack of the proper implementation they are out of use. The governing body should focus on the matter so that the safety and the security of the old people can be maintained.

In last few years, there are many legislation and rules which are framed to eliminate issues such as abuse and harm in health and social care organizations. Some of the key legislations along with their strengths and weaknesses are mentioned below as:

Sexual offense Act 2003- In the year 2013, this act was introduced by the government in order to stop individuals to commit sexual behavior with mental patients (Bank and Gallagher, 2008). One of the major strengths of this Act is that it has helped in eliminating physical or sexual activities between workers of health care and their patients.

The care Act 2004- One of the main objectives behind formation of this Act was to forbid care workers to avoid providing misleading information to patient or his/her family members. The strength of this Act is that it has provided all the care workers with a clear set of roles and responsibilities which they are required to perform (Richardson and Asthana, 2006). On the other side, weakness of this Act is that it does not include any kind of strict rules and policies in the context of sexual abuse.

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Identify The Key Professionals

Our charity team correctly looking after the vulnerable adults correctly and there is range of key professional who are taking care of the affected vulnerable people. The key professionals in our charity team are the health care professionals of health care setting or the social workers, the social workers or the social staffs, staffs of NSPCC and health care professionals like GP and doctors. They are correctly treating the patients and the care givers should not misguide and confuse the patients. The patients are already in vulnerable position so in that situation the care givers have to take care of them. The social workers and the GP should be abide by all the rules and guideline and provide accurate service to the vulnerable adults.

As the part of the charity team, I proudly depicts that once our team has saved an old person from being ill-treated. The name of the lady was Catlin Moore; she was living in the small apartment of London. She used to live wither son and daughter-in-law, her husband has passed away few years age. She was slight crippled and due to the ill-treatment of her son she was disturbed also. For several years she had been tolerating this, as she was unable to do any kind of work a nurse was appointed. The nurse was not following the ethics of the care-givers and she treated her badly.

Catlin was suffering from either side, besides her physical strength her mental strength was also decreasing in that case she needed the support of the people, but she did not get that. Catlin’s neighbor, Roger (45), was a good spirited man. He was aware of our activities, one day he came to us and pleaded us to save Catlin. Then I and my team went there to rescue the old woman. As she had no money and savings, her son showed no care towards her. Then with the help of the team members I am able to save Catlin and along with that I am also able save her right to. There are several members in our team, who are well, are of the laws and the legislation regarding the safety of the old people. With the help of the laws we are able to snatch the license of the nurse who is not able to provide proper care. And as the son treated badly with her mother, he was also bound to give compensation.

At the end of this phrase, the researcher comes to know that there are several laws that can protect the right of the vulnerable people and simultaneously punish them for the misconduct. From the example, researcher understands that there were several people who plays a significant role in preventing the life of the old lady so it can be said that if the laws are implemented properly then no aged person can suffer due to the abuse (Scott and Ward, 2005). The old lady had been suffering from the mental abuse from every side; this can be the cause of the mental problem. All they need in this age is little peace, as they are already depending economically and physically o the others in that case the care-givers and family members should show respect to them.

Range of professionals that work in health and social care include social workers, social service staff, NSPCC and health professionals. Further, social workers are the one who educate people that are associated with health problems. They also support people in getting access of health-care services (Sheldon, 2011). Other than this, social workers also help people to find medical care and pay for the same in order to recover from injury or disease. On the other side of this, social service staff are the one which work under a qualified care manager and perform various kinds of roles. This includes setting up appointments, following up enquirers etc. Health professional are the one which ensure that the best quality of health care services are provided to all the users.

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