Introduction to International Tourism Development

Eco tourism refers to nature based tour program wherein customers get information related to nature as well as traditional culture that is prevailing in natural areas. It is based on education and interpretation features that help to minimize the negative impact on natural and socio-cultural environment. The present report is based on British tourism industry wherein customers like to prefer different international eco tourism in order to enhance their learning. Currently, value of tourism accounts for £126.9bn of UK GDP.  Further, in 2014, total revenue from tourists was £125.2bn*. In addition to this, top 10 source markets consist of US, Germany, Spain, Norway along with Italy and France. Furthermore, tourism industry of UK employs 3.1m people as it is the third largest employment sector of UK. 10% of all businesses come under tourism business that facilitates to increase the overall rate of return in industry. Other than this, main tourist destination in UK is London (Abu and et. al., 2012).

The main purpose of this report is to analyze the importance and trend of Eco tourism. With this, contribution of Eco-tourism towards economy will also be identified. On the other hand, positive as well as negative aspect of tourism will be focused that proves to be very effective to ensure its development in order to increase the attention of tourists. Furthermore, the current report will focus on British customers' preferences for international Eco-tourism over British Eco-tourism. Also, the reason because of which customers prefer international Eco-tourism will be identified (Acton, 2013).

This report will provide an overview about Eco-tourism destinations such and India, Australia and Antarctica. The main reason behind selection of these destinations is the large scope for tourism. It has unique culture and natural beauty that attracts the visitors from different countries. These destinations are providing in-depth knowledge to visitors related to nature and cultural values. These destinations have rich scope for tourists who want to get information related to past history as well as culture (Beaver, 2005). With this, British tourists come to know about several kinds of culture and wild life that aids to enhance their learning as well as knowledge. Furthermore, current report provides detail aspect of eco tourism wherein different types of tourism are also explained. In addition to this, types of tourists are also specified that facilitates to provide services on the basis of buyers' specification. Other than this, recommendations are also given on the basis of problems that are being faced in Eco-tourism (Ecotourism, 2015).

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Tourism refers to activities that are performed by the agents or management in order to provide travel services to visitors or customers. It consists of staying in hotels, travelling as well as going at different destinations (Bhatia, 2002). The most important aspect, that is, entertainment is also included in the tourism that proves to very helpful in increasing the attention of visitors.

According to Macintosh and Goeldner, “tourism is the set of activities that render bucket of services including transportation, accommodation and drinking as well as eating”. 

On the basis of UNWTO, tourism can be defined as “the activities related to traveling to and spending time in places outside of home for not more than one subsequent year for the purpose of business or leisure”. It depicts that tourism is the sector which provides different types of services in single form thereby visitors can be able to meet their expectations in an effectual manner (Clarke and et. al., 2012). Further, with the help of tourism, all related sectors also grow to a great extent like hotels, entertainment and transportation. It contributes towards delivering good quality of services to a large number of buyers that aids to increase an overall rate of return of industry in the marketplace. However, there is numerous tourism that helps to meet demand of visitors in an accurate manner. This includes adventure travel, Bicycle tours, cultural tourism as well as Eco-tourism. Along with that, medical, space and sex tourism are also included in these sectors which help to cater the needs of tourists (Coleman and Crang, 2002).

The aforementioned tourism proves to be effective in order to render services on the basis of specific demand of visitors. For example, adventure travel includes backpacking, camping and climbing as well as cycling (Ecotourism: Principles, practices and policies for sustainability, 2012). It gives good experience to people who want such type of tourism facilities. On the other hand, cultural tourism provides detail information related to different types of culture with the help of old buildings, museums and other related factors. It contributes towards increasing knowledge of customers and enhances their learning for the same (Cooper and Hall, 2008). This also includes heritage tourism that assists to meet the demand of customers effectively and increases sales turnover of tourism industry to a great extent as well. In addition to this, Eco-tourism is another effective tourism wherein visitors are provided with good experience of natural beauty. In this regard, selected destination as India is the most suitable place. Owing to this, British tourists can easily gain good amount of information (EcoDestinations – UK, 2014). On the other hand, Australia is another attractive destination for Eco-tourism. It includes different places such as Lluka, Coral Bay and Coombabah, Queensland. Along with that, Robertson, Wee Jasper is the lucrative place that gives experience of wonderful wild life (Cooperrider and Whitnety, 2005).

For example, Macquarie Island has Rabbits, penguins and natural reserve as well as great wild life that attract number of tourists towards the same. Here, natural reserve gives piece in the mind of people and enhance their learning towards wild life which leads to meet their expectations in an effectual manner. Furthermore, Antarctica is another most effective place for Eco-tourism where environment is highly preserved. Here, all visitors are provided with strict guidelines to visit Antarctic so as to protect the environment in an effectual manner. The most popular place of Antarctica is Elephant Island that has past story (Dale and Oliver, 2005). Furthermore, dormant volcano provides thermally heated water wherein people can take bath. In addition to this, penguins are another main attraction which provides great experience to visitors along with the natural beauty.

India is the another attractive place for  Eco-tourism as it consists of different places such as Corbett National Part in Uttar Pradesh and Bandhavgarh National Park in Madhya Pradesh. Along with that, Gir National Part and Sanctuary in Gujarat are the effective ways to enhance learning of visitors towards natural beauty of state.

India is the another attractive place for  Eco-tourism as it consists of different places such as Corbeet National Part in Uttar Pradesh, Bandhavgarh National Park in Madhya Pradesh. Along with that, Gir National Part and Sanctuary in Gujart are the effective ways to enhance learning of visitors towards the natural beauty. and culture. Furthermore, another attractive places such as Kerala, TAJ MAHAL, Sariska Tigar Reserve and Ajansata & Ellora Caves are the effective means to provide information for culture as well as natural beauty. It also provides information related to historical heritage beauty (Deuschl, 2006). 

British customers prefer international Eco-tourism over British Eco-tourism as they want to access good quality of services in affordable prices. It can be made possible with the help of attraction location like India, Australia and Antarctica. With this, visitors can be able to get in-depth knowledge about the natural beauty. On the other hand, visitors prefer international  Eco-tourism due to poor promotion. Because of poor promotional strategies, tourists are attracted towards another areas like Australia which provide good experience to them. It leads to increase their level of satisfaction and give value for their money (Gratton, Shibli and Coleman, 2005). On the other hand, threat to local culture is the common barriers that create hurdles in the growth of  Eco-tourism. Furthermore, visitors who visit the country, make use of resources which leads to create situation of no infusion to local economies. Owing to this, Eco-tourism has not been developed effectively. It generate need to visit outside country with effective package system. In this regards, other countries like India promotes its  Eco-tourism to a great extent which forces visitors to access tourism facilities (Jayawardena, 2013).

On the other hand, countries like Antarctica and Australia have to potential to provide great experience to visitors which cannot be possible with  Eco-tourism of UK. On the other hand, travel agent make it possible for these counties to  promote their natural beauty to visitors. However, there are several types of barriers such as environment damages, safety and lack of regulations create barriers for agents to meet expectations of customers. For example, at Antarctica, visitors are provided strict guidelines to visit. Owing to this, they cannot be able to access services in an effectual manner (Korstanje and Clayton, 2012). It may create hurdles in satisfying their need in an effectual manner. However, Eco-tourism is the nature based tourism wherein environment is preserved in an effectual manner. It can be critically evaluated that while going for tour tourists make use of transportation facilities. It damages environment because of air and noise pollution. However, with the help of tourism, transportation or travel industry also increase its productivity (Kennell and Chaperon, 2013).

Furthermore, safety issue is also the constraint which forces management to make use of authenticated sources in their industry. For example, increasing impact of terrorists is also the great threat for industry. Owing to this, travel agents face problem in provides service to large number of visitors. In addition to this, lack of regulation from the government with regards to  Eco-tourism is also constraint (Lennon., 2003). For instance, services provides do not have any kind of certification thereby there can be fraud in their transaction. This is the major disadvantage for tourists because they cannot file the complaints to authority if their trip is not satisfactory. Also, visitors are not sure that whether services provider are providing genuine Eco-tourism experience or not. In fact it has been found that, services providers are causing harm for environment in direct or indirect manner (Simm, 2013). 

Furthermore, UK  Eco-tourism is not generated due to less natural destination. This is the reason visitors want to prefer services from other countries like India, Antarctica as well as Australia. With this, natural life can be enjoyed by tourists for particular  span of time. It can be critically evaluated that high prices and environment factors such as flood, earthquake and other natural disaster (Lima and Martins, 2012). On the other hand, people with higher income generally prefer  Eco-tourism as it is highly educated. This is the reason they want to get huge experience from different countries. It is because they do not get good exposure in UK this leads to create problem in satisfying their need in an effectual manner (Strangerhood and Mobility: Personal to Social, 2010). It generate need of tourism development in the country thereby they can effectively access to good quality of services. In addition to this, safety issue can result in conflict among different parties such as agents, locals and tourists. With this, customers like to avoid such type of tour as they do not like to take risk. Generally buyers prefer cost effective pleasant plan thereby they get huge knowledge with regards to natural beauty as well as wild life (Nunkoo and Smith, 2014). 

Travel and tourism industry is the one that contributes huge amount of success to the economy. Tourists can be categorized on several basis as per the type of tourism and this also gives an opportunity to the industry to serve different services (Abu and, 2012). In India, tourist usually prefer to visit the country for getting more knowledge about historical and heritage properties. India is populous due to its cultural aspects and this persuades tourists from several grounds and as a result, it contributes success to tourism industry. India has been providing valuable tourism to customers as per the type of interest which further also aids in retaining customers for longer period (Acton, 2013).

On the other hand, tourism of Australia plays significant part in world's tourism industry because it is responsible for 73% of the total direct tourism GDP. The major and popular tourism destinations in Australia includes coastal cities like Sydney and Melbourne which provides different type of tourism to the travelers (Beaver, 2005). From many research studies, it has been observed that people visit Australia due to the coastal cities where they get relaxation and relief by visiting different beaches and resorts. Medical amenities in the country are also populous which further also encourages the ratio of tourism. People sometimes visit the country so as to avail the best services in case of having any health problem. Medical tourism is also another category of tourism which is required for those customers who desire to seek special medical treatment (Bhatia, 2002). Many health or medical tourists also makes trips simply to stay for few days in healthier climate.

Australia is also populous for education tourism where in most of the students visit the country for the purpose of availing better education from successful institutions. The level of education in Australia is prominent; therefore it attracts students to develop their career from several grounds (Clarke and et. al., 2012). At the same time, the country also provides huge opportunities for business growth and development; hence for such purpose, businessman visits the country for expansion and diversification purposes. Therefore, it can be said that tourist traveling with relation to business is known as business tourist and business tourism is a part of the business world.  There are also group of people who travel to attend workshops and seminars to up grade the skills. Sometimes, tourists get into tourism services especially when it is given by the companies in the form of incentives and remunerations (Coleman and Cra


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