Internet Marketing


Marketing is the process of management that helps the management to identify,anticipate and supplies the requirements of the customers. Internet marketing is the marketing of selling of goods using the internet. In today’s world with the developing technology, internet has made the world very small as it offers every individuals of all the age groups to access to a computer and access to a internet connection. Internet is used as the sales and the distribution medium. It is the cheapest and the largest medium of marketing. Internet marketing is used to support a large range of organisational functions and also go through the process to give delivery of the goods and services. The internet is the powerful communication medium that can easily deal all functional parts of the organisation. The internet marketing uses the internet media and other digital media for the communicati

Task 1

1.1 Explaining the Elements of Internet Marketing

The digital marketing can be defined as the promotion of the products and their brands through the various forms of electronic media. The digital marketing uses the internet as the advertising medium and is used as a part of digital marketing strategy by doing promotion through internet. According to Leung et al.(2015, p.67), e-commerce is the process of buying and selling of the goods and services through internet network. It is the wide range of the online business activities for both the goods and services. E commerce is associated with conducting any transaction that involves the transfer of rights to use the goods and services through the internet network. E business includes the processes that any business organisations can conduct the transaction on the internet network.

The micro environment includes the marketing place of the organisation where the interaction of all the elements takes place. The micro environment is dependent on macro environment as it influences the employees operating in the market. As stated by Mintz and Currim (2013, p.23), internet marketing is very important as it helps the consumers to have variety of choices and helps them to make good purchasing decisions. The consumers can easily do the primary research on the price and quality of the product before taking the final decision to buy the product. As per the case study the e- marketing manager of medium blue search engine gives information about the internet marketing and the way is more convenient to increase the sales. As per the case study, it can be said that internet marketing can increase the productivity of Smart Restorations Limited. The promotion of variety of furniture can be done through internet and for the consumers to allow them to get easy access to the products. Internet marketing has helped to build a strong relationship between the seller and the buyer through proper communication. As for the business organisation it is easier to offer the products on the internet that is convenient for the customers and the customer can easily browse online store and place the orders. The costs of the products on the internet marketing are less than the shop marketing and can be easily chosen and place the orders. The distance factor is not there in internet marketing as the consumers has not to go anywhere but at sitting at home can buy the products. As stated by Pan (2015, p.77), internet marketing helps to take the advantage of increased importance of social media.

1.2 Evaluation of Internet Marketing Mix

The marketing mix uses the four Ps of marketing that are product, price, place and promotion. The strategies of the marketing are developed with the 4Ps. E commerce is used by the organisations for the marketing mix.


The product here is the strategies that are developed for the services and the brands. Primarily the organisations involve the market research to understand the needs and the requirements of the customers. The internet is used to provide the additional information of the product to the existing and the new customers to go through online reviews (Shih et al. 2015, p.544).
The internet provides an additional benefit by providing a new business proposition that is the ebook. The internet helps to gather all the information from the customer about their perception about the services and the products (Serrano et al. 20115, p.567). For proper internet marketing the organisations keep some points in mind as it should provide easy, safe and convenient purchase experience to the customers. As per the case study, Smart Restorations Limited can develop a successful brand through taking the online support fulfilling the requirements of the consumers. Smart Restorations Limited can promote the online customer assistant and they can provide high quality product to the customers to build strong reputation among the rivals.


The internet can also influence the price mix of marketing strategy through improving the price rates. Smart Restorations Limited has to understand the changes in the price and the elasticity of the price as per the demand the decision for the price of the product. The online marketing helps the firm to take the advantage over the conventional shops. Smart Restorations Limited can do the online auctions where the products are purchased easily and give specific time period.


The place is very important as it refers to the way through which the products reach the customers. Smart Restorations Limited can use website as the channel through which the products are reach to the customers at the minimal cost. Smart Restorations Limited should use their websites, where all their activities and functions are done in their sites. The development of websites is important as it helps to know the needs and requirements of the customers. The firm can easily decide the way to deliver the products directly or through the intermediates.


The promotion is done through the advertisement and sales promotion. Smart Restorations Limited should use the internet as the promotion site. They should use various components of promotions through which they can connect to the customers regarding the product.

1.3 Comparison Between Internet Marketing Tools and eTools that are used in Internet Marketing

There are many internet marketing tools that are used by various business organisations to increase their productivity. They are used to achieve the online marketing objectives. A firm uses its own website, which is the vital e marketing tool. Smart Restorations Limited should use the site to build the brand and launching of new furnitures. It helps the firm to connect to the customers, which helps the firm to do the market properly. The marketing tools help the firm to maintain a good relationship with the customers (Kritzinger and Weideman , 2013, p.273). The online distribution of products is the important e-marketing tool that helps the easy distribution of products and easy delivery to the customers.

Smart Restorations Limited can also take a third party as the webpage for the distribution and by the directly through the firm's website. The lead generation and response collection is the tool that helps the firm to increase the customers list. The firm should implement these tools in their websites as they can ask the customer to mail in the company’s website. The firm can also use the response collection tools in the firm’s website to know the insight from the customers. Smart Restorations Limited should increase the online advertising tools that are very important for the promotion of the products. The marketing tools are very important for internet business as the internet consumers can easily get all the information and meets their needs. It helps the firms to know the number of customers visited their sites and have done through the products. The internet marketing tool can easily provide the feedback from the customers and improve in that section.

1.4 Examination of How Interactive Order Processing Works

Interactive order processing is the main part of e commerce as it is presented online according to the customers, authentic brands and easy services. The marketing strategy of the market is very important for the firm to understand. The selection of the right product is very important for the firm. As per the case study, Smart Restorations Limited has chosen the office furniture as the product that they may supply to the customers. The firm needs to give all the information and awareness about the brand to the customers. As per the case study, the firm should create a profile as per the customer’s demand and the standards for buying their products.

The satisfaction of the customers is very important and is the tough job and it is the target of the firm. It is important for the firm to remove all the barriers that may come in the online marketing. The main part of the order processing may include the important step is the promotion of the product. The promotion attracts the customers to visit the sites again and go through their sites and observes the reviews of the firm (Hanssens et al. 2014, p.564 ).

The creation of the trust and loyalty among the customers is very important. The development of trust in the customers is once built up then they may cause more customers to be their permanent customers and also attracts the new customers. As stated by Homburg et al. (2014, p.38), the easy availability of the products to the customers is very important so that customers can easily go through their sites and place the orders. The registration of the customers on their sites should be very easy so that it may not consume their more time and help them to take fast and correct decision.

Task 2

2.1 Demonstration of Mechanics of Search Engine Marketing

Definition of Search Engine Marketing:

The search engine marketing is the marketing that is associated with the researching, positioning and submitting of the website within the search engines to increase the maximum visibility. It is the method that helps the firm to promote and advertise their products. Search engine marketing helps the firm to provide the products and the services to the attention of the customers. Search engine marketing helps to improve their way of presenting their products to the customers. Search engine marketing uses the research analysis that helps to identify the special keywords that the customers may search for.

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SEM helps to boost the customers by making the advertisement and the display of the products prominently. SEO is the methodology of techniques used to increase the number of the customers visiting the websites. SEO obtains a high place in the search results page of the search engine. The search engines included are Google and other such engines. SEO ensures that a site is easily accessible to the search engine. As per the case study SEO is important to be considered as proper improvement of search engine is required to increase the site’s availability to the customers. The content of the search engine should be improved making sure that all the pages are visible properly and making the content unique.

The advantages of SEO are attracting more targeted consumers by more promotion of the web channels. SEO have the ability to increase the business growth from the purchasers who are utilising the search engines. SEO bring the site to their brand name. The social electronic broadcasting platforms help to boost the SEO performance. SEO provides brings the social media in the more proper way. The disadvantages are time period for producing the outcomes. It takes a long time for the investment to produce the outcomes.

2.2 A Suitable opt in Email Marketing Newsletter

There are various ways of email marketing newsletter. As per the case study Smart Restorations Limited may use the newsletter to improve the productivity band the sales of the firm. Many companies use the big block of color at the top of the newsletter to draw the attention of the customers. As per the study the firm may use the big block of color for the customers to get more attracted. The firm may also include in their newsletter the short descriptions with high quality images. The inclusion of the product images are also done in newsletter so that the customers may be able to understand the information given about the product. The firm can also include some attractive GIF that may help the customers to visit more and more times. The welcome email for the customers should be more attractive.

2.3 Following the Guidelines for Best Practice in Online Public Relations

Online public relations employ the websites and other internet technologies. The factors, which influence the online public relations, are growing the relationship between the pubic and the organisations (Chaffey et al. 2009, p.345). The system is used in maintaining the online public relations. The relationship can be built up more properly by providing the awareness among the public and cognitive learning. The process of relationship building may also include the interaction with the technology and proper impression formed by the firm before the public. In building the relationship and its promotion, online public relations have an important role to manage the crisis and issues. The online public relations include content control and systems integration.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Public Relations: It is the most economical way to reach to far distance customers.It stimulates the awareness for the firms products and services. It develops a stronger and well developed image for the firm. Public relation has seven times credibility of advertising. Public relation provides an advantage over other competitors. The disadvantages of online public relations are appropriate media is needed for online public relations. The disadvantages of public relations are that it is hard to measure the success and a publicist is needed.

The Best Practice of Online Public Relations: It helps to shape the firm and it also helps in the process of the work undertaken by the firm (Bianchi and Mathews, 2016, p.445). The proper research, evaluation and feedback from the customers are the best practice of online public relations. Affiliate marketing is the online programme with partners of the organisation to agree to the referral fee that may be paid to the referred customers after the completion of the transaction. Display advertising is advertising done graphically on the World Wide Web. They may include logos and the pictures. The offline techniques to support the online media are printed material and firm’s catalogue and brochures.

2.4 Demonstration of How Business can use New Digital Media Communities

An online community is the total groups of people having the common interest and who uses the internet to communicate with others and work together. The firm should have the ability to owns its website that may help the customers to view about the firm and get all the reviews of the firm. Instant messaging is the type of the online chat that provides the text transmission in the internet. The instant messaging may facilitate connections between the known users (Andreopoulou et al. 2014, p.445). The speed of instant messaging is very short and the easier method of transmission of the information as writing the letter or phone call may lead to waste of time. By instant email it reduces the time and has become more popular. The chat rooms are the part of the website that provides the communities a place for users with a common interest to communicate in all times. Online discussions are the websites that helps in indexing and technical writing.

Task 3

3.1 Perform Secondary Market Research in Order to Gather Understanding Regarding the Functioning of the Internet Market

Secondary market research refers to a technique of market research whereby the data is acquired through the secondary sources relating to the operation of the market. In the online market we can perform the secondary market research by referring to the internet data, data collected from the Annual Reports of the retail companies, etc.
It can be said that the secondary market research would facilitate the analysis of the internet market.

It has been analysed that the online retail market has been able to generate a gross revenue of near about $ 1,471 billion all around the globe for the financial year 2015. In mobile retail market also the gross revenue amounts to $ 12 billion all over the world. It has also been revealed from the data of internet that more than 1000 billion of people are engaged in the trend of the digital shopping as per the 2015 census. It is also to be noted that near about 50% of the Internet Users have been engaged in online shopping since 2015.
It can be said that with the increase in the facilities of digital shopping the market of online trading has been able to draw multiple customers.



On the basis of above study, it can be said that respondents are being taken from the customers in order to have effective information about customer needs. By having an appropriate analysis the issues can be overcome in desired manner. It has been noticed that 90 percent of customer percept that they have shopping once in a month. It means the opportunities for e-commerce is advancing day by day. Along with this, Use of smart phone has also been advanced in critical manner which allows to have appropriate consideration of goals. It has been witnessed that 80 percent of customers are having use of smart phones for better shopping experience. Moreover, it has also been identified that the use of Amazon for e-shopping is high as compared to other e-commerce portal. It means by having a continuous development the issues can be resolved effectively.

3.2 Draft the Reasons that Prevent the Buyers from Shopping Online by Conducting an Online Survey

The disadvantages which prevent the customers from dealing in the online market can be hereinafter mentioned:

1. Delayed Delivery Process: Loopholes in the inventory management system results in delay in the delivery of the products which are often disliked by the customers. There is also sometimes lag in the payment process which the customers do not prefer. The lack in the techniques of the delivery management system has resulted a decrease in the trend of online marketing.

2. Lack of Discount Offers: Many a times customers used to purchase products from the physical stores due to the availability of the additional discount. This in turn reduces the scope of online marketing.

3. Failure of Physical Verification of the Product: Many customers prefer to purchase a product only after undergoing physical verification of the stock. Internet fails to provide the facility of physical verification which in turn reduces the online marketing opportunities.

4. Lack of Interaction: The internet network fails to facilitate the interactive session between the customer and the vendor. As customer interaction is an essential part of the product marketing, online marketing fails to meet this criteria as a result of which the chances of increase in the online turnover decreases.

5. Presence of Online Frauds: Lack of security in the online system has lead to the occurrence of online frauds in the network of internet marketing. There are high chances of payment failure or wrong payments due to the existence of the online hackers and frauds who display low quality products as a high quality and thereby cheats the customer. This existence of the frauds has turned to be a barrier in the field of online marketing and has resulted in the scenario of revenue loss in disguise.

3.3 Demonstrate How E-CRM is Beneficial in the Context of Managing and Analysing of the Customer Interactions

Customer Relationship Management refers to the approach whereby the company approaches to manage the interaction with their current and the potential customers in an effective manner in order to develop business relationships with the customers of the business, thereby ensuring customer retention and sales maximisation for the entity. This also helps the organisation in acquiring the market share.

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Electronic Customer Relationship Management refers to the technique of efficiently encompassing all the functions of the customer relationship management by utilising the Information Technology environment. Electronic Customer Relationship Management can also be referred to as a technique of utilising the IT environment to undertake the extensive marketing strategies in order to facilitate the customer relationship management thereby enhancing the market share.

The importance of the Electronic Customer Relationship Management can be analysed in the following manner as mentioned:

1. Forecasting Customer Relationship: With the increase in the level of competition in the global market the need for addressing to the overall customer issues have been increased. Electronic Customer Relationship Management helps the entities helps to enable proper trust and enhance cooperation with the customers of the product and also facilitate growth in the market share.

2. Improvement of the Customised Services: Appropriate customer specific services helps the business to achieve the objective of sales maximisation and thereby ensures the sustainability of the business conditions.

3. Quality Deliverables: Customer retention largely depends on the quality of the goods and services provided to the customers in the modern world. E-CRM helps the business to deliver quality service to their customers.

4. Enhancing the Transaction Processing Speed: By the utilization of the Electronic Customer Relationship Management techniques the companies are able to process the business orders as well as resolving of the customer queries in a much less time as compared to the past business scenario.

5. Enhancing Convenience: The customers of the business refer to those service providers who are able to provide convenient options in the course of the delivery of the products. It can be said that the business has to provide sufficient options to the customers in order to achieve the target of sales maximisation. Electronic Customer Relationship Management techniques have made process of delivery much more simple and convenient for the customers and thereby enhancing the market share.

Task 4

4.1 Produce an Outline Internet Marketing Plan

There is a need to design an appropriate marketing plan prior to entry in the online business in order to cater to the needs of the customers in an effective manner as well as to protect the revenue losses. The design of internet marketing plan can be framed as under:

1. Firstly, we are required to set the Mission and Vision of the business prior to entering into the online market.
2. Secondly, an appropriate website needs to be designed in order to display the products to the customers.
3. Thirdly, there is a requirement of designing a suitable portal for the purpose of facilitating the payment or an appropriate payment gateway needs to be designed in order to prevent the revenue loss in disguise.
4. Analyse the past experiences of the customers in designing of the website.
5. It is required for the online retailer to design an appropriate portal for the purpose of getting appropriate customer feedback as well as resolving the customer queries.

4.2 Create a Poster Presentation on Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay per click advertising is the model of internet marketing where the advertisers have to pay for per click of their ads. It is the process of buying the sites. Search engine advertising is the most common and popular form of pay per click advertising. Search engine advertising helps the advertisers to place the advertisements in the links that are sponsored. The landing page of pay per click advertising may contain a attractive headline, a supportive tagline, trust symbols, a lead capture form and the graphic image that appeals to the emotions of the customers. The long tail concepts are specific keywords that the visitors usually use. The geo targeting in pay per click advertising is that place where the advertising can be done and the money is spent on that part the most. The different firms have different target strategies for the market (Altberg et al. 2015, p.67). The keywords that are used helps to the amount of the customers being attracted towards the firm.


Email marketing is the powerful medium for every ecommerce business. The email marketing has become part of every business. There are various channels and the tools of the email marketing that helps the customers to get more attracted to the sites of the firm and consume the products. The productivity of the sales of the firm is increased through email marketing. Internet is used as the sales and the distribution medium. It is the cheapest and the largest medium of marketing.. The internet is the powerful communication medium that can easily deal all functional parts of the organisation. The internet marketing uses the internet media and other digital media for the communication and for the marketing. The forecasting Customer Relationship is increased by the increase in the level of competition in the global market the need for addressing to the overall customer issues have been increased. Electronic Customer Relationship Management helps the entities helps to enable proper trust and enhance cooperation with the customers of the product and also facilitate growth in the market share.


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