Planning and Preparing of the Promotional Plan of MacDonald

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Organization Selected : MacDonald


Creative promotion means how the promotions are done creatively. This shows the creativity of the person in the marketing part. Creativity can be done on any part like branding, change in the advertisement, banners and many more. Report will discuss internal as well as external factors that influence the success of promotional activity. Furthermore, it will study about factors that influence the choice of promotional activity in business. It will tell the factors which are influencing the promotional factors. It will study more about promotional mix used in particular business. It will tell about self-management research and initiative in preparation and evaluation of high quality and creative for promotional campaign. The promotional plan meets the needs of both businesses and consumer needs. Planning and preparing of the promotional plan for product. It will study targeted market for products and services.


D2 Internal and External Factors which influences success of promotional activity

Promotional activity of a business includes advertising, personal selling, direct marketing, public relations and sales promotion (Hikmawati and 2018.). The internal and external factors which affect the promotion activity.

Internal factors

  • Capital – capital is very necessary in any type of work like for promotion of the product. Without money business can't do anything. In MacDonald promotion is required for that finance is needed. By increasing the promotion only sales can grow. Many organisations are full on spending money on promotional activity. These activities make aware about product. Product is successful because of this. Without this no work can be done.
  • Price – it is the main factor which affects the productdirectly. According to the target customer. Not all class of people can purchase on higher prices. Prices are set in general. In MacDonald, prices are decided by the value of the product and the people who are purchasing it. To attract the customer many a time offers are provided. Income of people is not same all the time so after seeing the economy the work is done according to that ((Lu, and 2018.)
  • Product development – after all stages are completedfor product development, the product is ready to launch in the market. When product is full ready it is the duty of marketing department to launch the product. When MacDonald also make a new product, after market research. Chances of getting successful are more. It influences the promotional of the

External factors

  • Economic environment – there are many factors which affects thepromotions of the These are identified by the observing the market conditions which are prevailing. Sometimes recession, inflation and according to those strategies are made. All business strategies are made after considering that. Promotion is done for products or services which are made to know about products. These activities make an impact on product (Kark,and 2018).

M2 factors influencing the choice of promotional activities in MacDonald

For choosing any promotional activity, there are many factors which are influencing the choice for product promotion methods.

Some factors are

Geographical coverage method – it means the method which is chosen is reaching the large part of customers. Method can be anything but covers the large audience. Places like malls, colleges, campaigns. There people can be aware of the product with less money. In these places sample distribution is effective way.

Target market- before making of the product for which it is made is decided. Like MacDonald is making the product keeping in mind who are consuming it. Product is made for children, young people and families.

Cost of advertising – firm must take care that all the promotional methods which the entity is following are in its budget or not. Sometimes there are chances of over expenses on these activities. Pre planning must be there.

Nature of the product- in this product uses also has to explain about the product. It is new for all that's why it is necessary. Like MacDonald also through advertising aware about the product.

Government policy – MacDonald is following all type of policies which are needed. For opening franchise first has to take permission from government. The company has completed all the legal formalities. Without completing these formalities, it is not allowed to enter in market. If rules are not fulfilled with required documents then there is no business at all (Babić and 2018).

Competitors’ methods - for choosing the promotion activity, first observe the competitor policy about price and all. After understanding all the tactics which are followed by him then decide the strategy which has to there. MacDonald also looks after the pizza hut and kfc's methods than only make its own.

Objectives of promoting – for achieving the goal of the firm, select the promotional activity of firm. MacDonald is after the goal of the firm for achieving it number of methods are followed.

P3 promotional mix used in contrasting business

Promotional mix is a part of marketing mix. It comes under the four ps of marketing mix. It includes advertising, public relation, personal selling, and sales promotion. All of these are used to promote the product.

Advertising – for awareness about the product, these things are done to promotion purpose. It may of two ways paid and unpaid. Through this firm can reach large number of people. It is one of the medium from which organisation is too aware about the product. MacDonald also making presence in the eyes of people by this only. People understand more from visuals and pictures that's why the company do this type of promotion.

Public relation – public is the king of market. Firm is making the product according to requirements of the market as well people. There are many things from which relation can be maintained like providing after sale service, keep in touch with consumers so that regular feedback is given by them. If customer is happy after consuming the product, then he likes the taste of the product (Hikmawati and 2018.). MacDonald provides quality services to its clients. From this they maintain the relation. It is providing all type of fast food which is required by the customer. For entering in India entity has changed the menu because of the culture. Vegetarian burgers and non-vegetarian are there for people.

Sales promotion – there are many techniques used by the companies to promote the product. MacDonald is offering discounts, price off for increasing the sales of the product. For kids attractive toys are there inside the packing. Its colourful packing is more interesting. These things add more value to products. It is necessary for the company to apply these methods. It includes the following methods like contests, sweepstakes, giveaways free samples or coupons. The more sales promotion will be the more chances of profit earning maximises.

In different business also these strategies are followed. Advertising is made by all the companies. Medium of visuals and picture are best for literate as well illiterate person. It is done to promote any product and covers a large range of population.

Different types of firms are doing business. It can be profit making and non-profit making organisation. Under non-profit making like NGOs also has to make the promotion purpose. It has to make advertisements for knowing about the service. Various campaigns are organised for making funds. To increase the funds the pamphlets, charts, and information through websites and many more things. These things are made to aware the product or service provided by the organisation. Profit making firms using all the tactics to maximise the sales (Creative promotion.,2018).

P4 influence the promotional activities used by different business

There are different impacts on the promotional activities in different businesses. Promotional activities are advertising, sales promotion, direct selling, public relation and personal selling. Its impacts are as follows:

McDonald spend huge amount on advertisement because this the way to ensure that all the mass audience watch it and good source of medium. In this online as well as offline promotion is done by the company. Many firms use this source as a medium to reach large mass. Its impact is very significant. If proper advertising is done than it help to grow the business. Kfc is selling its products through the advertising and offline selling techniques (Hikmawati and 2018.).

Public relation: McDonald is making the relation so that responses are known by the firm timely. There can be various ways like post selling services, regular feedbacks help the firm. Kfc is also doing this type of work. The both have same effect in different manner. This organisation is known for the non-vegetarian food and made relation with that type of people who consume on regular basis. Both the firms are making the recognition in their own style. There can be different ways through which firm can maintain relation like providing quality services, maintain clean, hygienic environment in the place where customer are seated. This makes the client more impressed by behaviour of the entity.

Direct marketing – many firms are doing the marketing in direct way. Methods of selling can be by telephonic, websites, text messages, online adverts, database marketing, fliers, catalogues distribution, promotional letters, targeted television, newspapers, magazines and mail. There are many things which are sold in this way like shampoos, pickles, any food items and many more. Both the firms do not do the marketing in this way. There care many ways like television is popular in all the places from which the firm is popularising its business. McDonald and Kfc has involved because its reach is more than any other media. Nowadays the social media is trending.


D3 Individual self management, research and initiative in the preparation and evaluation for the promotional campaign

McDonald is a big brand that is present in most of the countries. However, there are many places where it is not present. Like in Ghana, there is no franchise of McDonald due to economic conditions (Babić, T and 2018, ).

Now this firm is planning to open its franchise in Ghana and for that, proper research is needed. First and foremost thing is done by the company is to find why there is not any fast food corners out there. After making research, found that the economic stability is not there. People are moving to another place due to employment. Lack of money is also there. In that country the people are also facing the condition of epidemic. The basic amenities of food items are deficient. The chances are very low of getting success. Nevertheless, always there is hope of being successful. If franchise is open there then all the raw material, staff is arranged by the firm only. After that training process is there. Fast food can be served to the people. There are many things are like local people who will eat that food items or not. All the research is done then planning is done for this. Price for the people, transportation cost, profit can be earn and all the aspects are discussed under this. Their local community is eating which type of food. There taste and culture is observed. According to that only the menu is decided by the firm. Target market and person who will consume the product are also decided before(Smith,and Entities consulting to the researcher and ensure about the success, after that only they will make plan about this.

M3 Promotional Plan

The company made the plan of opening its franchise in Ghana. The promotional campaign are organised for particular product like crispy chicken salad. For this campaign is organised in making the product popular (Kark,and 2018). The researcher has ensured that this product have chances of getting successful. Most people eat non-veg there. For making the product popular different techniques are applied like sample distribution, direct selling, personal selling and many more. Popularising the product huge amount is spending on these methods. After getting good recognition, the amount can be reduced. The customer needs are also known by the campaign. Their taste, preferences, feedbacks which are necessary in making the product successful. From chicken salad, people become healthier which is the need of the country.

Most of the items that are health conscious. On regular basis country is facing the disease like malnutrition.

P6 Preparation of cost promotional plan for chicken salad of McDonald

The promotional plan for popularising the chicken salad in Ghana. Various techniques are used under this. These are telephonic, mail, text messages, database marketing etc. after these benefits of the chicken salad are told to audience. Personal selling is done to reach the mass people. Campaigns, road shows, advertisement. Certain cost is decided for the product. More the product will be recognised by consumers increase in the profit of firm. The company will increase the public relation with people. Selling and post selling services are also given by the McDonald. More the persons are involved by the organisation for personal selling of product.

P5 target market set by McDonald for the chicken salad

For chicken salad target market will be health conscious people and the person who are elder. There are more benefits of consuming this food item. This can be best for the people who are struggling to for gaining health (Lu, and, 2018). From this person fitness is maintained. There can be more people who get motivated by seeing the benefits of the product. The product is more having calories with all the nutrients which are required by the body.


From this report, it can be concluded that McDonald is a firm who is trying to open franchise in that country which has no store it has. Campaigns are organised for promoting and opening franchises in Ghana where chicken salad is promoted in that region. A firm has also discussed research before opening store in particular place. Influence of promotional activities by internal and external factors. Factors which affect the choice of the promotional activity. Promotion of the product by promotional mix. It has also discussed the influence on different business by promotional activities.

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