Explanation of the elements of internet marketing

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Question :

Internet marketing can be referred to as the process whereby the products or business is promoted in order to attract, improve the customer relation and increase the sales. Smart Restorations Limited is a small company which specializes in purchasing and selling the used and refurbished office furniture systems.

This will test the understanding of the learner and the skills in the use of complex interactive digital media that comprise the tools of internet marketing.

  • Explanation of the elements of internet marketing
  • Preparation of a briefing on the mechanics of the search engine marketing
  • Conduct the secondary market research in order to gather the data on customers’ online shopping behavior like statistics
Answer :


Internet marketing is a process for promoting a business or products through various internet tools to increase the sales and attracts and improve the relationship with the customers. Different elements of marketing through internet, their evaluation through marketing mix and comparing the various marketing tools. Interactive order processing helps to sustain their customers through interactive communication and relation. Best practices for online public relations for improving digital marketing communication.

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Part 1

1.1 Elements of Internet marketing

Internet marketing refers to promotion and marketing that uses web and internet services such as websites, emails, social media, etc. for sales of goods and services (Chaston, 2015). As more and more people are using internet, its marketing is growing continuously. Different elements of effective internet marketing can increase sales online.

Some of essential elements for effective internet marketing methods are discussed below:

  • Use actual photos : Smart restorations Ltd should use actual photos of furniture that they sell as customers like to buy from known and trusted. The photos create more credibility online as they don't know what they will get and this gives a better idea of products.
  • Good design : A good design can promote and increases the business on the internet. Smart Restorations Ltd can afford a good web designer who would design a good innovative websites and ads that would attract customers.
  • Remarkable contents : For effective marketing, there should be an effective communication established with customers, as marketing is communicating about products and services of company with customers. For this content in internet marketing should be complete and capable of impacting the customers.
  • Offer guarantee : Customer loves the term guarantee. Smart Restorations Ltd offers various guarantees to their customers such as money back guarantee, service guarantee etc. This would attract customers to use online services that offers guarantee of their products.

1.2 Evaluation of Internet marketing mix

Internet marketing mix evaluates or studies product, price, place, and promotional strategies for internet marketing.

Following are internet marketing mix used for effective internet marketing:

  • Product: its strategies made by Smart Restorations Ltd on products that are being sold on internet marketing platform such as their own website. Through internet marketing, Smart Restorations Ltd sells and buys old restored furniture. In internet marketing, products are intangible but website of company descriptions and specifications of their products and customers benefit of returning product back in case they don't like it (Finn, 2017).
  • Price: With the introduction of internet marketing it is easy for customers for comparing prices of same product. Due to which Smart Restorations Ltd uses competitive pricing and provides price discount for the customers. Price acts as an important factor of attracting the customers for buying their products (Smith, 2017).
  • Place: Through online internet marketing the place of purchasing have become much easy accessible for the customers as they can direct purchase from Smart Restorations Ltd without the involvement of any mediators in the business. In internet marketing mix, timely delivery of products has been an important factor.
  • Promotion: The website of Smart Restorations is also used for promotion of the various deals and discounts offered by company. Company uses pay-per-click and search engine marketing for their promotion and advertisement.
  • People: For internet marketing there is a need for staffs who can develop effective communicating through proper online content designing, design websites, ads for posting in various online media.
  • Process: For internet marketing it is very important for determine the process for effective online communication. Smart Restorations Ltd must have the ability to handle many customers, provide support and answers to the customer's FAQs.
  • Physical evidence: It is hard for customers to know the products so, it is important to communicate with them to make them feel comfortable or confident in buying a product. There should be an evidence of the product existence of Smart Restorations Ltd furnitures through showing the customers the images or videos of the actual product (Conrad, 2015).

1.3 Comparison of Internet marketing tools

With proper use of internet marketing tools, Smart Restorations Ltd can connect more customers with business and position it on a vast level of market with larger competitors. With online marketing, a company will be able to save a lot of money and efforts that would have been lead to vast numbers of customer and increase profitability(Jin, 2018). Below given are some of the tools of internet marketing:

  • Email Marketing Campaigns: It is the most commonly used form of internet marketing. With email marketing Smart Restorations can easily control the message that is been sent to the targeted customers. Through this the customer can get more information about the product before any purchase or dealing. It allows us to know whether the customers are actually opened the mail or just unsubscribed. It helps to build brand awareness and trust with the customers (Bacik, Gavurova, and Fedorko, 2015).
  • Social Media Marketing: Social media marketing refers to attract customers towards the product and services of Smart Restorations by using social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. It is a cost efficient form of internet marketing and has a large base of customers. It involves creating and sharing contents on social media network for achieving marketing goals.
  • Search Engine Optimization: Search engine optimization act as an one of the most powerful tool in internet or e-marketing. Its main objective is to bring the website of Smart Restorations Ltd into visibility of the users of major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. In this when the user searches a targeted keywords such as furnitures it would display ads related to it.
  • Content Marketing: With the content marketing Smart Restorations Ltd can share their contents on certain topics or websites, where the customers can filter the lists according to the content types.

1.4 Interactive order processing

Interactive order processing refers to process of services to customer's order from receiving order to until goods are delivered to customers. Effective and interactive order processing has been required for a successful online business. Nowadays, customers prefer to purchase online and transact online as their trust for purchasing through internet increased.

Following are the process of ordering for Smart Restorations Ltd:

Searching: For their required product, customers first search it on the website of Smart Restorations Ltd. They go through various products and compare them according to their features and specifications. When customers are satisfied by products and its price they proceed to purchase.

  • Ordering: After finalising the product for order the order is been made and customer fill the required information such as shipping address, contact number, etc. So that ordering process is functioned smoothly.
  • Payment Option: When customer fills the required information, then they are proceeded to the payment option. Where various options for payment such as, credit card, net banking, cash on delivery, etc. can be selected by the customers of Smart Restorations Ltd for their payment options.
  • Check-out: When the payment procedure is completed against the purchased product, the product is been checked out from the Smart Restorations Ltd depot and then reaches to local distributor who delivers the order to the respective customer.
  • Delivery: When the product reaches to the local distribution depot, the product is been directly delivered to the respective customer on time. Timely delivery of the products to the customers of Smart Restorations will help in to retain their customers.
  • Feedback: Delivered product of the customers is being checked by them that they have got what the ordered and the expected quality.

Part 2

2.1 Brief on search engine marketing mechanism

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a marketing strategy which helps Smart Restorations Limited to help user of search engines like Google, etc. to find the business. There are two parts of SEM that are Search engine optimization (SEO) and paid search platform (Strauss, and Frost, 2016). Following are the process of using search engine marketing effectively :

  • Create search strategies: Considering the amount of customers, budgets and marketing objectives the strategies for the search engine marketing are been determined. After reviewing the different strategies company can select the best strategy that is right for them. Whether to use an organic or paid search or both.
  • Generate Keywords: Before launch company's website or paid campaign, Smart Restorations should generate lists of keywords that used for looking for informations delivered.
  • Optimize the website: Websites should be registered with important directories that plays a important role in results of search engine. Contents of the website should be organised in a proper manner.
  • Search Engine Optimization: SEO are free where a website is been designed to rank well in search engines, to help people find business easily (Kaur, and Singh, 2017). This would help the website of the Smart Restorations come in top priority when searched a specific key word, like furnitures, etc.
  • Pay-Per-Click Marketing (PPC) : PPC marketing is a paid advertising service where ads are created by Smart Restorations Limited and are visible to their targeted audiences and gets paid for each click.

PPC marketing has two forms i.e., search ads or display ads. Search ads show ads to users who search targeted keywords. In addition, all other ads which appears without searching are display ads.

  • Landing Page: It is a page on the website of Smart Restorations that acts as a form that collects the information of the visitors in exchange to their desired offer.
  • Geo-Targeting: It is a method in internet marketing where the visitors of the website, location is been determined, to provide contents to them based on the location of their.
  • Email marketing: Promations made to increase profitability through communication with customers through email. With the help of email marketing (Hossain, and Rahman, 2017)., Smart Restorations Ltd can directly contact their targeted customers and influence them to buy products.

2.2 Opt-in email marketing newsletter

Opt-in email is a business mail sent to the persons who have permitted or signed for receiving the mails from the company regarding the information about their products or services (Chaston, 2015).

Following is an example of opt-in email marketing newsletter for Smart Restorations Ltd :

To :

CC :


Subject : Smart Restorations Ltd Newsletter.


Thank you for subscribing for receiving the newsletter for Smart Restorations Ltd.

This is to inform you that as our esteemed trusted customer you have receiving a 25% cash back on the order of restored furnitures. So hurry up and order your furniture and avail a cash back of upto 25% only for a limited time.

And also get the best deals for the sale of your old furnitures. You can avail the best exchange offer for your old furniture and order new furnitures.

Select from the best varieties of furnitures with excellent build quality and at best suitable price only from Smart Restorations Ltd.

Thank You

Smart Restorations Ltd.

2.3 Guidelines for best online public relation practices

Nowadays business is not just concerned with production and selling activities, it is vital to have a relation and interaction with the customers for profitability and to make goodwill of the company. Effective management and customer satisfaction can be achieved by good public relation (Winer, and Neslin, 2014). Online public relation practices are been practised regularly to achieve brand value and increase the productivity of Smart Restorations Ltd. Public relations involves identifying public opinions and needs, formulating policies for communicate with the customers, selecting appropriate media channels, integrating communication with marketing programs, through managing a two way communication process create goodwill or brand value and to build a positive relationship with the company and the customers. Below given are the guidelines to follow best practices of online public relations :

  • Segmenting target audiences: Studying and identifying the targeted audiences for the products in the market and categorising them in different groups (Finn, 2017). This would help the Smart Restorations Ltd to know their customer base and prepare a marketing strategies accordingly. And segmented informations can be communicated to the targeted customers.
  • Collecting information: The source from where the information is been collected is been determined and the collected information is been reviewed and analysed in Smart Restorations for determine their customers needs and providing them information about the product accordingly.
  • Selecting the right PR tools: An appropriate tool for public relation is to be used through comparison of effective tools by strategic decision making for achieving the objectives and goals of the company through effective digital marketing communication (Smith, 2017).
  • Monitoring implications: The process of maintaining public relations through effective monitoring and control of the data or contents in the websites which helps in creating an effective online marketing communication.
  • Evaluating performance: The performance of the online marketing is been evaluated through feedbacks and reviews taken by the customers (Conrad, 2015). It helps the Smart Restorations Ltd to determine the effectiveness of the online marketing communication and the various public relation tools used by the company and help them to make strategies to make any changes in them.

2.4 Use of new digital media communities

Digital media or social media communities are online medium for people with common experiences and interests come together to become a member of the online community, such as Facebook, twitter, blogs, YouTube, etc. and share their thoughts, ideas, facts and informations with their other members (Jin, 2018). Digital media communities help the Smart Restorations Ltd for deriving effective marketing strategies and increase the market size and to gain higher profitability. Digital media communities help the company to advertise and promote their business and their products and services and making customers aware of the company, maintaining a public relationship with their customers and for market research and getting feedbacks from them. Following are the some of the digital media communities that are been used by the Smart Restorations Ltd are :

  • Blogging: Blogging helps the Smart Restorations Ltd for creating contents for the customers about the informations regarding the company and its products and services and for creating a medium for the customers to communicate with the company. It can be an effective tool for the company for creating a brand image of the company and also increases the productivity and sales of the products.
  • Facebook: Facebook is a medium of connecting people with different thoughts and ideas and act as a channel for communication where the user share their ideas, thoughts, informations, etc. It helps Smart Restorations Ltd to interact with their customers by communicating about the information of the company to its customers and get reviews and feedbacks from them about their product and services. Facebook act as a medium for making their customers aware about the company and their products and services through improving their popularity among the public.
  • Twitter: Twitter is a combination of both social media and the blogging sites, to take a competitive advantage by the Smart Restorations Ltd in the market. Company is benefited by the highlighted advertisements and promotions in the Twitter and takes review from their customers.
  • LinkedIn: In LinkedIn the customers can be sorted out through different criteria. Using LinkedIn Smart Restorations Ltd can promote and advertise their business and products to the selected segments of customers and can get reviews and feedbacks from them.
  • You Tube: It comes under the second most popular digital media sites which can provide a channel for the company to create their own channel and share their videos to the users. Through you tube the company can advertise and promote their business and products via videos and use it as a source for increasing their popularity through effective marketing strategies.

Part 3

3.1 Secondary market research on customers' online shopping behaviour

According to the secondary market research on customers' online shopping behaviour for purchasing furnitures on the basis of gender the females are more engaged in purchasing furnitures online than the males from the Smart Restorations Ltd website. According to the age group basis the 30 – 45 age group have majority in purchasing furnitures through online shopping than the other age group. On the basis of their experiences in online shopping majority of them have a very good experience, few of them considered neither as good nor bad experience and a less have a bad experience. Impact of reference groups have also been considered in the research where, the families and friends have more impact over the online shopping behaviour of the customers than the online forums for online purchasing there furnitures. According to the time spend by the customers online it is been seen that most of the persons spend less than 2 hours online and few are who spend more than 2 hours online. Price of the product also act as an influence for online shopping, the study shows that the respondents are price sensitive and make their purchases online believing that they would save money. Trust also is a factor that influences the customers to purchase online their furnitures. The overall general attitude of the people doing online shopping is positive and trust the online shopping platform and the Smart Restorations for their products and services. While some have neutral trust attitude neither positive nor negative, and few have a negative attitude in completely trust in internet. On the basis of convenience most of them identifies that the internet shopping is much convenient and the few not considers to have convenience in online shopping of furnitures. Shopping on the internet is been seen as a time saving activity for the respondents and they think that via Internet it is easy and possible to access more product.

3.2 Questionnaire on “what encourages shoppers to buy online”

A Study on factors encouraging shoppers to buy online


Name :

Age :

Gender :

Q.1 Do you think online shopping is easier ?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Maybe

Q.2 Due to high discounts and different offers is the online shopping is attractive to you ?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Maybe

Q.3 Is the different mode of payment in online shopping is more convenient or beneficial for you ?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Maybe

Q.4 Can get wide range of product to choose from as compared to the offline shopping.

  • Yes
  • No
  • Maybe

Q.5 The products quality sold through online are of good quality.

  • Yes
  • No
  • Don't know

Q.6 The risk of buying through online is high.

  • Yes
  • No
  • Don't Know

Q.7 Is online shopping is more flexible than the offline shopping.

  • Yes
  • No
  • Maybe

Q.8 Is there any difference in the quality of products purchased over online shopping with the offline shopping.

  • Yes
  • No
  • Maybe

Q.9 Is the product replacement policy is beneficial for you.

  • Yes
  • No
  • Maybe

Q.10 Money refund policies of online shopping have a competitive advantage over the offline shopping.

  • Yes
  • No
  • Maybe

3.3 Use of electronic customer relationship marketing to manage & analyse customer interactions

Electronic customer relationship marketing (e-CRM) uses internet and web technology to facilitate customer relations and focuses on interaction between company and their customers through internet and web based interactions. Following are the benefits of the e-CRM for the company :

Personalized experience: Company knows the person with whom they are communicating due to which the experience between Smart Restorations Ltd and their customer is personalized.

Multi channel interaction: e-CRM enables customers to communicate through different channels like web, email, phone, IM, etc.

Target Marketing: Information about selective new products and services are communicated with targeted customers.

Part 4

4.1 Internet Marketing plan for Smart Restorations Ltd.

Internet marketing plan helps the company to know that what a company wants to achieve, and how and when will achieve the objectives or goals through the internet marketing. A planned and organized internet marketing strategy can help to save money and sales faster than search engine optimization (Bacik, Gavurova, and Fedorko, 2015). Below given is a framework for internet marketing plan of Smart Restorations Ltd :

  • Customer Survey: Customer survey is been performed by Smart Restorations Ltd to know about the customers for whom the product is been made. The customers are been segmented to different groups according to their needs and desires, etc.
  • Choosing the target: The market where the products is been promoted or advertised is been selected by Smart Restorations Ltd for targeting their customer base and to have a clear understanding about the people whom the company wanted to attract for increasing their productivity and profitability.
  • Making budget: Budgeting refers to the planing of time and money required for reaching the goal or achieving a target or objectives. Proper budgets should be made considering the all factors for making budgets for the internet marketing for better productivity and profitability.
  • Conversion rate: Conversion rate is to achieve the target measurement through the number of clicks. Close monitoring of conversion rates tells the company what is working and what's not.
  • Action: Actions refers to the activities that Smart Restorations Ltd has to done after formulating the budgets and conversion rates and monitor the results to ensure that the pay-per-click advertising is payed for results.

4.2 Pay-per-click advertising

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is an internet marketing model where the advertisers pay for their displayed ads only when they are clicked and is displayed in search engines when the user enters some relevant keywords and searches for things online. Below given are some of the factors determining successful PPC advertising are :

  • Keyword Relevance: Deriving proper keywords and making a lists and groups and determine proper ad texts.
  • Landing Page Quality: Optimized landing pages created with persuasive and appropriate content to tailor specific queries.
  • Quality score: It refers to the rating of Google for the quality and relevance of the keywords, landing pages, etc. A company can get more ads clicks at lower costs with better quality scores.

Benefits of Pay-per-click advertising :

  • First Page exposure: With PPC website of the company will get automatically listed before some organic site as company is paying for the position. Due to which consumers are more likely to click on the ads.
  • Measurable: Everything in PPC can be measurable and can be monitored. It's cost, ROI, views, clicks, etc. can all be viewed and measured in PPC. With this Smart Restorations Ltd can customize and monitor the success based on the company's goals.
  • Targeted Traffic: PPC gives control to company to target their advertisements to the selected customers, by what keywords did and did not get clicks. Help the company to monitor the results from the PPC marketing.

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From this report we get to know about the different elements that are involved in the internet marketing and is essential for the company for increasing productivity and profitability. A proper planned marketing mix strategy in a company can help in effective internet marketing. There are different tools for internet marketing, proper and appropriate uses of tools of internet marketing helps the company for effectively communicate their customers. Through interactive order processing the company can smoothly perform their order processing for better satisfied customers. Through good mechanics of search engine marketing company can advertise their products easily. By following the guidelines of using the best practices for online public relations company can improve their digital marketing communication. There are many new digital media communities that can be used for improving communication with customers.

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