Roles and Functions of Marketing Department in HBC


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Organization Selected : Hungry Box Chicken


Marketing is one of the most important part of each and every organisation or business, it helps it to promote its products and services in a market. Effective marketing also assist an organisation to increase its sales and profit within the market. The present report is in context to Hungry Box chicken, which is a restaurant chain providing delicious chicken in more than 10 cities all around UK. The report will identify various roles and functions of marketing department within the chosen organisation. The report will also determine marketing mix for the cited business. It will also include an effective marketing plan for the organisation in order to increase its sales and profitability.


P1 Roles and responsibilities of Marketing functions in Hungry Box Chicken

Marketing functions refers to an important role or part of business that assist in promoting potential good and services within a market. This functions help an organisation in building a brand image and value in the market. The Hungry Box chicken also uses marketing functions in order to advertise its food item in UK. Marking function includes market research, sales support system, strategies, distribution system, financial system etc (Dibb and Simkin, 2013). Marketing function is responsible for assisting a business in obtaining marketing goals or objectives and supporting it for achieving growth. It performs various roles which helps in achieving success in the market. The main aim of HBC is to increase its sales and attract customers, in this respect the roles of marketing function can be described as below -

  • Product development plan – A major role of the marketing team to support and coordinate with production as well as operational team to design effective goods and services according to customer's need and demand.
  • Market research – Another major role of marketing function is to recognize customer needs and facilitate market research. This function helps Hungry Box chicken in creating an effective brand image and retaining its customers.
  • Promotion – Role of marketing function is a most significant market for introducing a new product or service. Hungry Box chicken can promote its chicken into new markets for increasing its sales as well as attracting new customers.
  • Public Relations – Public relations are very essential for each and every business, Marketing functions helps customers to understand and trust an organization which assist in building brand loyalty.
  • Sales – Marketing function also helps and support in increasing the sales and profit of the business (Scarborough, 2016). The cited organization uses its marketing function to enhance its sales in market.

Illustration 1: Marketing Functions
Source:(Marketing Function, 2017)

M1 Analysing the roles as well as responsibility of marketing in terms of marketing environment

The marketing incorporates different exercises, for example, arranging and execution of various promoting ideas. The different ideas of market are advancement, valuing, circulation, and so on. The role and duty of marketing function are:

  • Formulation of marketing plan and strategy - The vital part of advertising is to create appropriate market designs and procedures keeping in mind the end goal to help referred to organisation in achieving its objectives and goal (Lamb, Hair and McDaniel, 2011). Responsibility of promoting is to recognize the need and requests of individuals.
  • Management of marketing information system - The part of the advertising is to make successful marketing data framework. As this action will help business substance in arranging, execution and controlling of procedures produced for encouraging marketing exercises. Marketing function is in charge of administration of this framework
  • Conducting market audit - Role of marketing function is to break down the economic situation. It is responsible for unwavering quality and exactness of the information gathered. Marketing function is likewise in charge of giving suitable reaction to the circumstance. Part of promoting function is to distinguish the new change in marketing condition. The obligation of advertising Function is to help Cited Venture in giving valuable and suitable reaction to upgrade of item or administrations. Part of advertising function is to investigate the significant changes in showcase condition such most recent market patterns, changes in innovation, socio-social powers, and so on.
  • Market segmentation - In exhibit situation, increment in globalization and unstable nature of market, endeavor needs to position their merchandise at ideal place at the correct time. The part of marketing function is to help association in choosing the reasonable market for situating their item and administrations. It likewise bolsters firm in recognizing the objective client gathering

P2 Critical analysis and evaluation of the key elements of the marketing functions and other functions of HBC

Marketing is that function which is helping company like that of Hungry Box Chicken (HBC) so that they could be able to attract and procure customer into their firm. Marketing is regarded to as one of the most important function and role that is played by company which is not only achieving their own goal but also overall objective of firm (Dibb and Simkin, 2013). They first of all need to set one proper objective which then would be governing the whole department for achievement of particular goal. Within this marketing functions will including like those of market research, development of product and service, distribution of sales and customer service as well.

Marketing functions are those which are performed by department and all employees of it so that they could be attaining goal on specified time. Other than this there are also other functions of organisation which is needed to be performed in order to achieve overall goal of firm (Scarborough, 2016). the key or major element of marketing function are like those of product customer solution, price customer cost, promotion to customer communication and place to customer convenience.


This is the main function of marketing which includes promoting and advertising products, service and whole company in market so that it is allowed to reach out to wider population. There are many source which are there for HBC that will be helping them in allowing to convey their message or communication to their customers (Lamb, Hair and McDaniel, 2011).

Market research-

This is also another important element of marketing function which HBC must be doing before launching any new service or products. This would be helping firm to identify what customers are demanding or preferring and how firm must be attempting in attracting those customers. It is important for company in doing researching of markets so that they are having chance to expand their share of customers and profits as well (Lancaster and Massingham, 2010).


This is another role which is to be played by marketing function this is the distributing part of marketing department. Distributing part will be done at time when they are selling products that are manufacturing or assembling.

Customer service-

This could be regarded to as most important function of marketing which means that they are indulging into promoting firm’s products and then giving proper service to customer.


P3 Compare the ways in which HBC and McDonald’s is applying marketing mix.





HBC is not at that position which its competitor is one but certainly they are regarded to as tough competition (Baines, Fill and Page, 2013). This could be done by focusing on feedback, quality of service and products both.

They would be focusing on taste and quality of product and will also be giving their best form of service to their customers. As McDonald’s is market leader so by giving bet quality of products and fast service they could be able to remain at that position.


Price of products of HBC are not same in all other parts. So this must be improved by providing discount coupones to its regular customers in order to maintain them.

Price of McDonald’s is almost same and similar in all parts of world like that of UK. this one price policy of company is very much useful for McDonald’s (Rossi, Allenby and McCulloch, 2012).


HBC is not been operating on world wide level. So they muct be increasing their base of customers in order to gain higher profits and sales as well.

McDonalds is having its presence on world wide level in about 119 countries and with 36525 resturants. The outlet of company is almost in every city of world in form of restuarents and outlets as well.


HBC from time to time has introduced many promotional tools in market same of them were sucessful and other being unsuccessful as well (Clow and James, 2013). But HBC still need to have very sustainable and good

The promotional tactics utilised by McDonald's are innovative, creative and able to attracts its target customers easily and efficiently. Management prefer digital technologies for promotion especially social media and television marketing

Physical evidence

Hungry Box Chicken (HBC) notable for providing a delicious fried chicken in more than 10 cities in the UK. It has number of stores in major cities of United Kingdom and ample number of employees. The stores operates in major of the cities in United Kingdom providing its products and services to target customers.

McDonald's is multinational fast food restaurant chain which headquartered in United States. It has number of franchises and stores across United Kingdom which gives tough competition to its competitors. It has restaurants in London, Bristol, Edinburgh and many major cities of UK.


The process of HBC is systematic and structured. Top management makes decision regarding any transformation in the organisational functioning. It helps the organisation to sustain in the competitive environment and they were able to generate profits easily. The organisational structure of HBC is robust and well tailored which allows them to sustain in competitive environment.

McDonald's is known for its effective and robust organisational structure and work process. For each task they have structured approach through which they gain competitive advantages. McDonald’s undertakes a number of activities to deliver its products to customers. The food preparation at McDonald’s is completely transparent i.e. the whole process is visible to the customers.


The management of HBC has ample of employees and staff working in their organisation (Baines, Fill and Page, 2013). The management prefer to have diversified workforce which helps them in providing variety of innovative ideas and concepts through which they could increase their workforce.

McDonald's possess humngous amount of manpower in United Kingdom. Approximately, 97000 people work in McDonald's UK and Northern Ireland. This provides them effective support and power to sustain in the competitive environment.


P4 Coherent evidence-based marketing plan that tactically applies

Marketing planning will be including all important elements for setting up of market goal, research of customers, target setting, taking out SWOT and PESTLE for identifying external and internal environment of company. This planning is very much important as this would be helping firm in launching up of new product into market within specified time period. Like in this current report where HBC is planning to launch natural seasoned frozen you

Situational analysis

Market Goal Showcasing plan and its assessment is exceptionally basic for HBC similarly as with the assistance of this promoting plan HBC will have the capacity to focus on the client, develop the deals and increment the benefits of the organization. On the off chance that the promoting plan must be made HBC have to keep some critical focuses to build the deals and the income too (Clow and James, 2013). To focus on the potential clients, to isolate them into the fragment, setting of the market objective, doing the SWOT examination, estimating and situating techniques and after that the appropriation design these are the means engaged with making the advertising arrangement.

Market objective:

With respect to the new taste for the client HBC is brining another genuine natural product seasoned frozen yogurts to add on to their pastries menu (Kongstvedt, 2012). This new organic product enhanced desserts would be absolutely comprised of natural products this is to pull in the new clients frame the business sectors this is the new set market objective. To develop the offers of these organic product enhanced desserts it is critical to focus on the client and do the statistical surveying for the interest for the natural product seasoned frozen yogurts.

Segmentation target positioning (STP)

HBC if preforming great in the commercial centre similar to the most adored and notoriety inside customers. The organization is jumping at the chance to be developed and creating in showcase utilizing brand estimation of organization in great sense.

Segmentation- Organic product seasoned frozen yogurts are for the most part for every one of the kinds of client and furthermore every age aggregate likes to go to the HBC for having their sustenance in the eatery. So HBC will focus on each fragment of clients while showcasing Fruit enhanced frozen yogurts on the planet and furthermore offer to a wide range of client who by and large requests the item.

Target- The objective of HBC eventual benefit amplification and furthermore the deal augmentation and to remain the best and world pioneer of the world in the natural way of life eateries and furthermore to beat Star bucks or McDonald’s

Position At the present minute HBC is situated as the universes second the biggest natural pecking order eatery after Starbucks and now its point is to be on the best on the drive-thru food industry.

SWOT analysis

HBC likewise need to do the SWOT examination of the organization before accompanying the new item in the market. SWOT investigation incorporate the qualities, shortcomings, openings and the dangers of HBC in the world.

Strength- It describes the positive attributes, tangible and intangible, internal to the organization which are within control. The qualities of the HBC are its solid worldwide brand picture which is additionally its USP which make the firm extraordinary in the market (Silver, Stevens and Loudon, 2012). The essence of the nourishment accessible in HBC is likewise the quality of it as any place client go they'll locate a similar taste whether in New York or in Hong Kong.

Weakness- They are the aspects of the business that detract from the value offered or place of competitive advantage. To compete with the competitor enhancement in this area is compulsory.

The principle powerless purpose of HBC is the high worker turnover as it pays less to the representative so they leave the activity soon. Commonly there has been the negative exposure of the nourishment of HBC a result of which the deals diminished.

Opportunity- They are the external attractive factors that represent the business to prosper.

The HBC dependably endeavour to extend the plans and the pieces of the overall industry of the organization for the better improvement there are numerous open doors in the immature countries of the world. Toward the finish of 2018 HBC has chosen to open 3500 re diversified eateries.

Threats- These includes the external factors which are beyond the control of the business which can put the firm inti risk. The greatest dangers of HBC are its developing rivals in the evolved way of life markets who are attempting to offer a similar nature of items yet at a helpful cost. These days there is a progressive increment in the more wellbeing cognizant client who favours the natural items, new foods grown from the ground.


From this report, it can be stated that there are tremendous growth seen in competition. There are many companies that deliver their customer with similar type of products and services. It is important that proper research is carried out so that the taste and preferences of customers can be identified and this it makes the business to attain their set of goals and objectives. Workers should be provided with training so that they are able to support the firm to grow in positive direction.

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