Reflecting Writing and Leadership Skills


It is a analytical practice which described by the writer a real scenes, memories, events, thoughts, interactions from adding a personal communication and reflection on the meaning of the words, thoughts, informations, interactions, emotions and feelings on his or her life. Its also analysis the ideas and informations in a different perspective and trying to explain. A lecture is oral form of presentation to present the idea, informations and thoughts to teach peoples about a particular topic of a subject., Lecture are used to convey information, history, theories, approaches, techniques and background(Schein, 2010). The effectiveness of a lecture include the quick exposer to new material, greater control of the lecturer, a clear formate and facilitating good communication room.

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Learning from a lecture

Lecture is way to communicate with peoples in selected topic. Through the lecture people are learn and get the new ideas, information, background and history of a particular subject. Learn to new information, techniques, theories and strategies. A effective lecture can communicate the interest of subject through their enthusiasm. Its present a material not available other students. Through the lecture people get the more information about any topic like leadership styles, theories, background, its advantages, disadvantages, techniques use by a leader. People to know the best communication skills from the lecturers.

Learning from seminar activities

Seminar is a presentation on a particular topic related to subject to give the information, ways, It is form of academic instruction offered by a professional organisation. It has a function of brining together o0f small groups, for requiring meeting, focusing on some particular topic in which every people participated in activities. These activity involves such as;

Group work- This is type of seminar activity involve a group of peoples to participate with all. In the activity to give different tasks to different groups and give a time line to complete the task before deadline. The task are to create a speech for a topic, presentation of a topic.

Debates- Debate is group activity to presenting the ideas on topic by the people in different ways. Peoples are argument on same topic with in group. It is connection is argument dissension, controversy and a formal discussion of a subject before a public assembly(Northouse, 2012).

Case studies- This type of seminar activity including the different cases on a particular subject to identify the problem of the case and give the our review as solution form. A case report about a person, group, condition and situation that has been studied by a people. In doing a study research of the report studied by an individual, company, event actions, in specific time and place.

Role Play- In the playing the role activity peoples are play an role of different character like leaders, employers, markets. Role playing refer to the changing of one behaviour to assume a character according to the topic(Raelin, 2011).

Learning from the line activity

Line activity is a form of learning use in the complete the task and to take the new steps. A line activity include the various ways to take next activity will afford people the chance to think about their value and to cross the line by establishing by ground activities.

Learning from further exploration

Learning from further exploration including the reading and research. Through the reading to learn the more information and knowledge about the topic. Through the research tom learn the strategies, activities to collection of data.


Theme of the lecture or lectures

A theme of a lecture described the programmed including the topic, material cases. The theme of the lecture like leadership is the topic of the lecture, its cases, strategies, techniques use by a leader in the organisation. Leadership is the theme of the lecture to provide the knowledge about the background of the leaders, who is the leader, its theorise, style and skills.


Leadership is the action of leading a group in the company. It is the ability of a organization managers and a people to set a changeling task to achieve the company or group goals. It providing a direction to the company and its employees need to know the direction in which they re headed and flow the destination.

Characteristics of leadership

Effective leadership include the effective leader with honesty, flexibility, integrity and ethics. A leader who give the direction to their team to achieve the goals. Its involve the strong communication skills to listen the staff members, and respond its questioner or concerned(Zhang and Bartol, 2010).

Leadership skills

Skills of a leader refer learned competencies that are leader present and lead perfectly their team members. Those are the skills use in leadership;

Technical skills use the purpose or goals of company including planning, organizing the work, coordinating work activities with staff. The leader must understand the outcome from the output of the company in terms of produce product and services.

Human skills are those skills of a people having a great knowledge and bring able to work with other person and also know the own perspective and others perspective at the same time. Human skills are people skills these the abilities of a leader to effectively and good communication with subordinates and bosses. The soft skills of an leader can be considered as traits to be effectively dealing with someone.

Leadership styles

Different types of style use in the organisation according to the environment. The culture and objectives of an company determine by the different style of leader. of leadership are many type-

Autocratic styles involve the those leaders to make decision without seeking any input by its members. The leaders are very little trust and management rules relies on on negative enforcement to get thing done. This style allow managers to make decision alone without the any participation of any staff members. The style of benefits of employees who requires the close supervision and creative members who involve in the group function detest the style of leadership.

Democratic style as participated style with more of bottom up approach. Management improve lower level staff to establish the goals. In this style leader shard the all information about the decision making abilities with group members and promoting the interest of staff

Laissez faire style analysis approach the experienced staff members interpret at a decision. In this style leaders lack the supervision from the staff members and fails to provide or get regular feedback from the high level authority. This leadership style the production of employers needing supervision direction(Walumbwa And et. al , 2010).

STEP 2 Reflection

Feelings of leadership

I think about the leadership is a good personality on a person. With a leadership skills a person who direct the own goals and other goals in a direction. Leader are very important to a organisation and a persons life to help the achieve the objective. I think leadership work is action of leading the group of persons. Effective leadership is important in personal and professional life(Holmberg and Tyrstrup, 2010). Leadership effect and improving personal skills and knowledge about the current environment of the world and organisation. In personal development involve the identify he goals achieve in the future and create the self strategy. In the professional life leadership affected on different ways and comparing with others. Development in the professional carrier to increase the ability to lead others, create the plans for complete the challenging task.

Evolution of leadership

Evolution about the leadership characteristic, skills and effects on personal and professional carrier. The most important about he leadership effectiveness on the leaders, staff members, and organisation goals and objectives. Interesting about the leadership its different skills related to the different functions of company which effect the future goals and objective of a organisation and group. Its also effect the employers of the company. Leadership characteristics to provide the information about the important of leadership. A leader with a good leaders characteristic to lead the all staff and control the all activity and function.

Importance of this topic to get the know more about the leadership. To get the background, skills natures and skills of leadership. Skills are related to different function of the organisation. Human skills related the the employers activities, knowledge and bring able to work with others. In this skills involve the staff efforts put in the complete the task and guide by the leader. Technical skills involve the operational part of the business such as techniques involving in the planning, organising, and controlling the staff by using the managers.

Dislike in this topic a leaders compare the staff from other staffs of company. Almost the many people know about the old skills of leadership use in the organisation to motivating people(Gutiérren, Hilborn and Defeo, 2011). Effective leadership are not use to motivating peoples its only use to achieving the organization goals.

Analysing leadership

To analysing the leadership by a leader into basic components and styles use in the to lead the and give the direction to the company and to meet the goals. I learn about the different types of leadership styles and skills use by a leader to motivating the employers of a company. In this skills of leadership are uses to complete the challenging task to achieve the goals. In personal carrier the effective leadership is important to know the own goals and work with own and other preceptive(Fairhurst and Connaughton, 2014). The learn through the styles of leadership the leader are make the rules and decision to get the input. The styles of leader affect on the goals of employers.



On the basis of this report are concluded as know about the leadership and leader of organisation. I learn to this topic of leadership to get the information about the new learning about the skills of a leader and its contribution on the organisation. Leaders are most important as it allow to connect to many different members of and influence them of many different levels such as personally, professionally, socially and intellectually. Leadership styles its depending on the role of particular system and depend on the leaders natures in the company. The success on depend on this effort on the company. Leader should have a long and shot term plan to achieve goals and objective. Leadership style of a leader related to the all activities and decision of a group and company.

Impact on this report on my attitude I learn leaders are born not created. A good leader also help their staff members to motivate to meet the objectives. Leadership style effected on the decision making system on the group. Adopted the different style according to the company roles and capability. Skills are the also impact on the employers behaviours of the people in different ways(Iyengar, Van den Bulte and Valente, 2011). Different skills of leader also affect the nature of a persons to motivate to achieve and set the future goals.

Action plan

After the study to the leadership , its characteristics, skills, and its styles effect the natures and behaviour of person in personally, intellectually and socially. Action plan take in personally to development the leadership skills to work with other perspective with own perspectives. Skills of leadership adopted by the roll of the company environment and according to the employees suitability. Style of a leadership uses in different situation according the need of styles because the styles are affected on the all activities of group of the company.


On the basis of this report are conclude the effective the leadership skills and styles on the personally and professionally. Reflecting writing use to con way the information thoughts, feelings, memory through the oral and written from. Its also analysis the ideas and informations in a different perspective. Learning through the lecture to get the more knowledge about the lipoic history. Identify the leadership style effect on personally and professionally Carrier.


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