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There are four important factor in a business which related with the land, labour, capital and entrepreneurship. The last factor factors is played a vital role which can provide a future direction to the business. A leader is person who leads a team and motivate them in order to attain organisational goals and objectives (McNamara, 2010). Business environment change over a period of time which required to to improve firm's structure, policies and procedures in order to meet those changes and maintain business performance in a appropriate manner. The present report is based on Spotlight PR Ltd which is an event management and promotion business unit. They conduct and organize business conferences, publicity, design and develop advertising materials and marketing campaign to its client. But due to internet marketing and social platform it can reducing their business and its profitability drastically. The main purpose of this report is to understand the change and adopt these changes in the business (Burnes and By, 2012).

Need to change

Any Business in the today's fast moving business environment are required effective and appropriate change. Change is required for the any business organisation in order to meet future challenges and maintain competitive edge over its rival companies. In the context of Spotlight’s there are various elements which need change in order to improve business performance effectively (McNamara, 2010). These elements can be:

Technology: This is one of the key element which is related with the innovation and technology. In the present era, if a company can not use technology in their business they can not sustain in the market in the long time (By, Burnes and Oswick, 2012). As per the case study Spotlight’s are using traditional approaches in their business. For example, traditional advertising materials, marketing campaign etc. But at present due to internet and social media platform can affects their business activities and performance. Therefore, the cited business required to use these technology in their operations which can help to sustain in the market.

Client need: Customer needs and expectations are change over a period of time. Therefore, a the business organisation can meet these change in a appropriate way so that they can satisfy customer needs. In the context of Spotlight’s, they are using conventional methods in their business operations. For example, they are using telephonic and letter in order to communicate with press, they using traditional tools and materials in the marketing campaign. But the most of the customer are using social and information technology such as Facebook, You Tube, Instagram, Twitter etc.

Growth and opportunities: Change is important in organisation to allow employees to learn skills and capabilities, and explore new opportunities which can benefit both the employees and employer (Bach, 2014). Therefore the cited business unit is required to use new changes like introduced new area which can provide more growth and opportunities for the future. For example, today large number of business entities are using various e marketing tools in order to maintain public relation with their stakeholders.

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Plan to change

Making change is the business is one of the important part in order to improve people, product, process, services and platforms. It is essential for a business unit is to create and design a change process for their improvements. It required an appropriate blue print of their process which required various resources (Belias and Koustelios, 2014). In the context of Spotlight’s the marketing manager is required to follow following guidelines which is given below:

Determine the roles : the planing for changing the company roles are implementing the change the company growth. The company set the roles of the every employees in  the project. The different role of different person is provide the company.

Decide the change : the spotlight PR decided the quickly change in the company. Because the company growth is decreasing In the organisation. The company use technology factor. Producing the product in market place (Burnes, and By, 2012). The selling the product in many ways like advertising the product, publicity of the product, personal selling of the product.

Create a drive for change: the company change the their share with the help of employees and share holder. They identify the many employees opportunity , strength, weakness and threat. The company making the making many advantage of the company police. The advantage change the organisation implementation may be change the communication skill for the employees.

Monitor the change: In this stage the cited business unit required that to make a team which is focused on the change monitoring process. It can help to implementation of change process according to the pre plan. So that they can attain their desired goals and target in a appropriate manner.

Recognize short term objectives: In this method the firs required to determine and recognize short term goals and objectives so they can improve their performance and productivity in a effective manner. For example, in the context of cited business organisation their short term goals is to maintain revenue of the company.

Build on firm's vision : When company implement the plan that is altered by them then they need to monitor all the changes. They need to watch out on every process and progress which is going on (By, Burnes and Oswick, 2012). And see improvements are positive or not, if there is need to any improvement then necessary improvements have to be made by company.

Resistance to change

Resistance to change means take actions by individual and groups in the organizations and employees  are occurring this as a threat for them. It is usually to change within the organization system and working process, in this situation they are not accepting these type of changes . Resistance to change may be many forms, like active or passive, positive or negative and individual or group. The new ideas and techniques does not adopt naturally, for changes in something have to make some plans and design after that get result from hard work, trial and error. Multiple changes just like advertisement process, design and planning, system of working , promoting activities etc. (Beabout,  2010). these all are affecting on the organization working and productivity so employees are think resistance to change is the threat for them. Spotlight PR Ltd wants to do resistance to change in advertising process, promoting process and wants to adopt some new techniques to do work. And also want to improve productive quality of products and goods. Resistance to change is the adaptation of new innovative ideas. People resist to change in some reasons like:

  • When reasons of change is unclear in employees mind.
  • When the change threaten to modify in established pattern of working relationship with peers.
  • When the change threat for job and positions.

So in this case employees are dose resist to change because they think their future is unsecure and all. Resistance to change is the act of opposing with modifying and innovative transformations that can change the system of work place (Battilana and et. al.,2010). employees resist to change when its introduced to them poorly when its affect on their working system when they don't see need any changes . When the resistance to change clearly define by the managers to the employees and do clarify them so they will be accept this and adopt this in the working process.

Managing employees resistance: Managing resistance to change is challenges for many issues and reasons. It can be individual or group and it scan be passive and active in the nature.

Minimize resistance to change: In Spotlight PR Ltd company that has a culture of trust, climate of organization, clearly communication, relationship with employees, positive interpersonal relationship with customers and employees , resistance to change is easy to see and easy to adopt and also less occur in this situation. Resistance to change is a solution which has become increasingly popular for dealing and productivity of sporting PR Ltd. So, resistance to change is the process to change system of working in the organization for doing effective advertisement of products and goods and also easy to promote their product in the market for customers, and try to full fill their needs and wants so that's why should be positive and active resistance to change for the organization (McNamara, 2010).

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Change management process

It describes reform the organisation structure in new manner. In simple words, it means change in existing team, methods which is using by company and  reforms new process, team, redefine goals and objects of the company. There are certain steps which can be taken to change management process are mentioned below:

Define success : This is the first step should be taken while change management process. Firstly elaborate employees that what is that they need to achieve or explain them what are the goals need to achieve to get success. They need to ifentify that which area they need to improve. Quantity and quality of product should maintained (Burnes and By, 2012). Task can be given to those people who will do it. The results which is achieved should always real. Result must achieve within the given time period, it never be delay. They should not only think about their profits only, they also need to think about the individuals who may be affected by it.

Assess the characteristics of the change :Change is always no good for every people in the organisation, it can be good for some and can be not. As everyone know that environment is dynamic in nature but it will take time when it is not acceptable by people of small group. A small change can make the organisation more profitable or sometimes it will incure more cost. Firstly see that what project or word need change and how many individuals can affected by it and that whatb will be the reaction of employess (By, Burnes and Oswick, 2012).

Highlight risk :When comapny do their project they know that project has their risk that can be positive or negative also. When company make any alteration in project then they must have consider risk first.

Identify the change management team :When change is made in project then it is necessary to look that their is right team or not. Identify that the changes which is made are affect only internal environment or  external environment also. Change manage team made to support everyone and help employees to know about the benefits of change. They helps to employees to overcome from changes (Belias,and Koustelios, 2014).

Understand the stages of changes :When there is change made in the organisation then employees can ask anything aboutb the changes and that can be:

  • Role of employees when change is made.
  • They want to know how the change can take place.
  • What is the usefullness of related changes.
  • Is there profile remain same or can change.

If employer answer employees then they will help employe's in the corrective manner. If their is any need of training then it should provide them prpoerly. It also helps in reduce the gap between desired goals and achieved goals (Beabout, 2010).


As per the above mentioned report it has been concluded that role of change management played a prominent role in the sucess for every organisation. The report has been discussed about the need for change in the Spotlight PR Ltd. So they can can determine various factors which can help to provide competetive edge in the near future. The report also explained about the plan for implementation of change process and change management process which can help to improve ist effciency and value of services in a appropriate manner.


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