Small business is an independently owned and also operated through an individual. It is an internal part of total business of any country. The size of these business firms are small and under this many activities are covered like for an instance retailing service, manufacturing, mining, wholesaling and many others. It is identified that the small businesses are largest supervisors with minimum investment on the basis of job. The small business plays a necessary role in increasing an economy of country. Paramount is a small business firm and it deals in the retail sector and provides grocery products (Ali and Babiker, 2017). In this given report mentions about main considerations social enterprise and small business requires to develop planning as well as allocate resources. It is necessary for organisations to follow all necessary regulation and legislations in an effective manner. Various process of the consumer relationship management for small firm will also be discussed under this given report.

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Task 1

P1 Main considerations a small business or social enterprise

Under this, there are several factors which are available in this business environment and affects functions of small firms. Generally these types of factor are come under macro environment and management has no control over them. On the other hand, firm can control all internal or micro factors because they affect on business activities from outside of firm. At the time of developing a better plan, it is essential for firm to consider all these two factors. It will be helpful in attaining the targets or objectives of firm with in specific period of time. Paramount is a small firm and it provides grocery items to consumers in exchange of money. Main objective of this business firm is to offer better quality of grocery products which can satisfy needs of consumers and develop healthy relationship with them (Bridge and O'Neill, 2012). With the help of using effective resources such as staff members, finance, this organisation can achieve its objectives in better manner. In context to this, Paramount requires top be address several factors before allocating effective resources:

Human Resource - It is an integral part of firm and also helpful in finishing every activities with in set time period. The main motive of this department is to develop better policies or strategies and implement them at workplace. Lack of planning affect on products of business sand products are not sell in effective way. This department provides training and development to staff members in addition to increasing their abilities and core competencies. Through this they can perform well and try to achieve organisational objectives in better manner.

Funds Necessity - It is one of the most necessary resources to doing all business activities in a systematic manner. In context to this, it is a responsibility of manager to determine requirements of finance through each department for carrying all activities in systematic manner. If funds will not be arranged in proper manner then in this case all departments of Paramount firm will not able to perform all activities in better manner (Burns, 2016). As Paramount organisation is small size firm and it does not have sufficient funds for perform all activities so there is a requirement to this organisation to arrange and manage funds on the basis of activities. There is a requirement to this firm to interpret financial statements in order to understand regarding income, outflow, inflow, expenses etc. It gives better opportunities by developing policies to remove an unnecessary expenses.

Vision, Mission And Objectives - Under this, there is more affect of vision, objectives and mission of firm related to develop various plans regarding various aspects as well as allocation of different resources on the basis of requirements of consumers. In context to Paramount firm, its main focus on make improvement in quality of goods as well as modern marketing related application techniques for improving sales.

M1 Tools and techniques in a structured and analytical way

There are several tools as well as techniques which aids in allocation of various resources of firm according to actual needs (Chauma, 2017). Some tools which are used through Paramount organisation given below:

Gantt Chart - It is a graphical presentation related to project schedule. This type of bar chart shows begin and complete sated of many components of project which consists milestones, resources and tasks.

Critical Path Analysis - It gives information regarding various paths which are required to finish specific project in specific time period. It assess management of firm to allocate resources whose path takes longest duration.

M2 Importance of planning and allocating resources

Significance of planning is related with resource allocation or effective planning. It is helpful for Paramount organisation to chive its objectives. There are some importance of planning and allocating resources mention below:

  • It is helpful in increase growth rate and achieve large market.
  • With the help of this, more consumers will be attracted towards Paramount organisation which assess in improving sales as well as profit level (Cojoacă, 2017).
  • Provide effective opportunities to business.
  • Proper utilisation of resources.

D1 Application of appropriate resources

In this, there is a relation between achieving objectives and resources allocation. In addition to this, lack resources impacts on the working ability as well as more issues which are faced at the time of reaching to set objectives. If in case all necessary resources such as objectives, employees, funds will be management in proper way then it will be easier for firm to attain decided goals of firm.

Task 2

P2 Different processes of customer relationship management

The customer relationship management is helpful for companies to develop the better relatio0nship with consumers and the streamline procedure s that the sales can be enhanced, maximise profitability and improvement in customer service. To achieve success and also develop positive reputation at market place, there is a requirement to develop the healthy or harmonious relationship with consumers by satisfying their demands. It is helpful in gaining competitive advantages at market place in better manner. In addition to this, it is necessary for manager of Paramount organisation to determine all preferences as well as mistakes of consumers by interpret data of last years (Drucker, 2012). It is essential that firm should know about the purchasing behaviour of consumers regarding grocery products regarding cost and quality. At marketplace, there are various methods through which organisation can interact with people and these are newspapers, social media and many others.

Customer relationship management refers to an approach to manage interact of firm with existing consumers. The process of RM includes stratifies or activities which Paramount firm use in order to manage communication with the potential or new customers. The CRM process given below as above:

Consumer Portfolio Analysis - It is a first stages and under this there is a need to analyse consumer base of an organisation and identify types of consumers which can give more profit to firm. It is helpful in defining consumer base.

Customer Intimacy - It refers to procedure of getting the familiar with consumers with company in order to target the consumer base. It is necessary that organisation should interact with consumers in better manner and develop with them a healthy relation. Communication with consumers is effective opportunity to make improvement in an intimacy of consumers and also learn more regarding the target market.

Network Development - IT is determination as well as develop better relationship with firm, people and networks which help in give success to consumers. These types of relationship will consist external partners like for an instance investors and suppliers and on the other hand in internal includes staff members (Durst and Runar Edvardsson, 2012).

Value Proposition Development - Under this stage, firm needs to collect information at the time of working on consumer intimacy. After determine target consumers then there is a requirement to develop value proposition fort them. It will be helpful in creating effective value for firm.

Consumer Life Cycle Management - It refers to ideal journey of consumers from existing to services or product advocate. It is concerned with continuing relationship to maintain better relationship with consumers. Managing cycle needs attention as well as structure to process.

P3 Small business can develop transnationally and determine benefits and drawbacks

Transactional Sales - It consists regarding capacity of the small firm to sell its goods in to the new country as well as cities in order to capture more market share. It is helpful in giving more opportunities related to achieving aims of firm and enhance sales. Under this, there is a requirement to management to adopt various techniques which assess in expand its activities in to the new market place. It gives better opportunities to Paramount business firms to develop strong brand image at competitive market.

In order to attract consumers, there is a requirement to Paramount organisation to focus on cost as well as quality of products (Hammer, 2015). Price and quality both are the necessary factors which help in achieve competitive benefits in business as well as its functions. Some advantages and drawbacks related to business expansion.


Independence - There is a right to management of Paramount organisation to take effective decisions concerned with development of business related operations in other countries without consultation.

Efficiency - Under this, small business should follow p[roper working framework for increasing effectiveness of process of business. It provides many benefits to firm.


Time Period - This factor affects on expansion of plan in limited period of time. Under this, there is a need of more time I n order to settle business which is more complex.

Minimum Finance - In order to carrying out all necessary activities, there is a requirement to Paramount firm to arrange funds (Wynarczyk, Piperopoulos and McAdam, 2013). If it will nor be proper then in this case firm will unable to expand its business operations.

The transactional operations is related to conduct the business across boundaries of country. Under this, firm perform its activities at global level by using the different strategies.

There are different transactional expansion strategies with their advantages and disadvantages mention below:

Merger - It is a combination of the two firms which will work together for attaining the specific goal. It is an agreement that unite the two existing companies into one.


  • Economies of scale is developed through shaping resources.
  • Reduce risk of using the innovative techniques for managing the financial risks.


  • Loss of the experienced employees aside from employees in leadership positions.
  • Enhance cost of operations

Strategic Alliance - It is an agreement among two or more than two different parties to pursue set of the agreed on objectives required while remaining the independent firms.


  • It helps business to take competitive benefits.
  • It reduce manufacturing costs and developing new technology


  • One partner that handle risk must now depend on second partner.
  • There is a risk to clash of corporate culture

M3 & D2 Elements of customer relationship management process

Under this, there are several elements which contribute for develop relation which consumers and attaining organisational objectives. Some elements are gi

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