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Essay 1: Emerging Marketing Technologies

In today's technological and globally advanced world, people are much more concerned about the use of latest techniques. There are various latest and emerging technologies as well as trends used by most of the companies for acquiring and retaining customers. It is the best way through which companies can increase their market share and generate more revenues. One of the best way to attract larger number of customers towards the services of company, it is essential to make the online presence of company. Different companies are using different techniques such as Dell offers discounted products at Dell outlet on Twitter whether Starbucks offers coupons on Facebook (Pablos, 2010). These are the social media tools used by companies to make their online presence and aware customers about their services and products as well. Adopting latest technologies and capitalizing on technological trends is one of the best way that helps in attracting and retaining the customers. It is the best way through which companies can reduce the cost of leads and raise awareness in less time. People can easily access these services and motivates them in sharing their ideas as well communicating with each other in an effective manner.

Most of the population of country uses these technologies so that they can stay informed about all the newest information around emerging technology and trends. Technology is one of the most essential marketing activity with a unique perspective when it comes to building, evaluating and partnering with several led products as well as services. Moreover, it is being identified that amount of change in the past years is staggering and it is witnessed by several evolving techniques such as Google Glass to 3D printing technology (Bishop, 2011). One of the main aim of adopting various marketing techniques is to provide high quality services and products to the customers. Companies can easily go through the customers requirements as well as their needs and demands. Smart Machine is the recently developed concept of IBM and it will make its IBM Watson technology available as a development platform in the cloud.

There are various latest and emerging technologies used by most of the companies such as:

The Smartphone

With this accelerative and technological advanced world, demand of smartphones are also increasing day by day. It has changed the life of people by making them more productive and entertaining. It is the best way of delivering the desirable content to the third party. It can be defined as a one-to-one channel of communication which provides all the required content, shopping opportunities (Dhar, 2008). Today's population is so advanced as they are using different smartphones running on different operating systems. With the help of using these phones, people can easily communicate with each other not only by a phone call but by aggregating email, instant messaging as well as social networking and texting. Moreover, it can be stated that different smartphones have different features and it changes by time of day and demands of customers. People are using this for several purposes such as sometimes, they are using it for GPS whether sometimes its a social network. There are various features in different smartphones and it provides high definition of video as well as pictures. Nonetheless, there are various applications available in this device which is very useful for every aspect as people might use different health applications as well as several shopping applications. Nowadays, different companies are providing different messaging as well as free voice and video call applications through which each and every individual can contact with each other (Ghorbani, 2013). People can get connected and stay in touch with each other worldwide. Various gaming applications are also available for the smartphones. It is the best entertainment applications.

Group Buying

Different services such as Groupon have grown rapidly and as people are much more interested in various discount offers. It is the best technique through which people can reach through the various discount offers. Marketers can think of this applications in terms of a marketing expenses as it is a great way to drive trial & awareness. It can be easily explained with the example of retail store such as: Any retailer can easily drive people in their stores by using a new channel or communication i.e.. A discount on Groupon. It is the latest technologies define as a marketing technology which do not requires any TV ads, direct mails etc (Lee, 2009). A retailer can easily reach through their customers and drive them back to their stores by just a simple Groupon for store fun.

Hyper Local

Different websites such as and are define as a new lineage of local websites. These all sites are hyper local in nature and which develop a group for a portal sites for these different communities. It is the best place for local advertising as company can give their different advertisements.


It is being identified that most of the users nowadays are using smartphones which have a video recording capability. Most of the companies using these videos in order to deliver entertainment as well as contextual purchase related information. It is the best way to provide all the product related information in an effective manner with displaying the working of products as well as its services. It is the best way through which companies can build engagement, endorsement as well as viral distribution through the promotions done by video. Moreover, organizations are spending huge amount on developing the best animated videos for their products and services. It should be unique and different through which they can attract larger number of customers (Day, 2004). There are various other ways used by companies which gives high competition to this video technique such as the word of mouth from social media as well as various blog posts. In addition to this, it can be stated that this is one of the most effective technique used by most of the companies to deliver proper information about their products and services to their customers. With the help of this, they can easily build more engagement and retain their customers.

Social Networking

One of the key place for marketers is different social networks as it enable them to share and results in viral distribution of brand's message. It can be defined as a program that is used to create content that attract attention of customers and encourage reader to share it with their social networks. It is the best technique used by most of the companies nowadays. With the help of using this technique, company can easily get connected with their consumers worldwide and motivate them to use their services. It is freely available to everyone and easily accessible to anyone by going simply through the internet access. In addition to this, it is the best way to increase brand awareness of companies (Simakova, 2013). With the increasing use of technologies, most of the people are connected with the social networks. It helps them in creating and maintaining most effective relationships with each other with the help of the messaging and video calling feature. There are various social networking techniques such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc. Nowadays, investing into social media will become a necessity for company. There are various benefits of using this technique such as increased customer loyalty and trust, word of mouth advertising, improved audience reach and influence. Social media is a tool through which companies can easily take several feedbacks from their customers about their products and services. It helps them in improving quality of their products and services as per the needs and demands of the customers. In order to find out different social media content, most of the people go through the search option available in the side tab. Social networking websites are the best marketing tool and different users will share their social network to help a company and increase their brand exposure and easily reach through their customers. There are different social media marketing solutions that streamline the process while helping business. One of the major reason that social media is quite effective for marketing is it provides brand name to organizations. It is the ability to interact and engage with more people worldwide. One of the latest and emerging technique is Engagor. It is a platform that helps the company better engage themselves with their customers. It is the best way through which company can monitor conversation about their brand and products as it keeps the track of all the conversations with scheduling (Anderson, 2006). It is the latest and emerging platform which also provides real time collaboration tools in order to make overall teamwork more simpler. Further, there are various other social media marketing plan which helps companies with a number of goals. Company can develop their goals by increasing their brand awareness as well as creating a brand identity and positive brand association. One of the main motive of using these marketing tools is communication and interaction with key audiences. In order to develop a unique strategy and attracting large number of customers, most of the customers are using different technologies such as:

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Get Best Pricing Quotes Free Samples Email : Order Now It can be defined as a location based social media marketing which has launched its 'places' features in order to help the hotels and all the nearby stores to drive consumer engagement. It is the best social media platform from where a person can find mentions of their business on status, updates as well as photos and videos. It reflects the thinking of customers and their choices (Ghorbani, 2013). With the help of this, companies can provide best and high class services and quality products to their customers. It is the best way to approach customers and provide them several discount offers and sending them thanks messages for using their services.

SocialCentiv: It is the twitter based marketing tool and twitter is the best application for finding out new customers. People can tweet about the products and look for the advice. There is a Twitter intent based marketing web app that helps small businesses to turn conversations into customers. SocialCentiv is an application used by most of the organizations nowadays to know about their substance. It can be easily described with the help of the example of coffee shop. A coffee house can search and tweet containing the terms "caffeine fix" and then flag them to directly reply to the customers (Anderson, 2006). Moreover, it is the best way for going through the substances used by company so the consumers can use their services without any fear.

Yodle: It is an online marketing service which allows the customers to establish their business profile pages on Facebook. This marketing service is the best technique through which customers can make their identity and reach out through the different consumers in different locations. They can update their profile pages and set password for this so that no one can access this page without their permission (Duggan and Brenner, 2013). This is one of the best service which provides an effective presence on Facebook to local businesses.

Pushup Social: It can be defined as a Plugin which is used by most of the organizations in order to integrate a social network in their existing websites. While using this Plugin, they do not need to go through the external social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter etc. With the help of using this Plugin, consumers can easily follow the company and create conversations in centralized location.

Wearable technology: There are several companies who have developed smart watch with their different features and prices. In the past years, most of these companies are struggling for developing its high features and functionality. In the year of 2014, it will see an increase in wearable tech brands that mainly focuses on the health and fitness. With the help of this, it will witness the future of health and fitness technology as tech moves beyond the activity tracker. There are several other wearable technologies such as MapMyFitness etc. This application is developed to map the fitness of a person (Clow, 2007). It tells about all their inner strengths as well as weaknesses. Different wearable technologies are developed by different organizations such as Apple has developed a wearable watch as well as eye tracker.

Location based and Mapping application: From the past years, it was recognized that there is an increasing role of mobile technologies. These techniques are developing day by day and it will see a deceleration of new devices as the mobile marketer settle. All the technologies and applications built within the mobile environment will change all the industries by the next years. There are several location based an mapping application used nowadays such as in the year of 2011, Google introduced the version of mobile indoor Google Maps for android. There are several other location based technologies such as Cell ID, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth etc. In addition to this, Geofencing is one of the key technologies used in Location based marketing (Kaplan and Haenlein, 2010). It can be defined as a virtual boundary that is created around a specified physical location. It is the best way through which a person can trigger some sort of predefined actions. Most of the organizations nowadays are using geofences in order to alert management when employees leave or enter into the pre determined area. It is the best way through which company can manage all their business operations in an effective manner. With the help of using this technique, parents can also trace the location of their children. It tells that when a child arrives at school then parent will get a notification. It is the best application which gives check-in and check-out details of an individual. There are several other social media platforms like FourSquare and Level UP that are used as a location based social media tools. People can register themselves with such sites in order to claim their location spot (Pickton and Broderick, 2005). It provides them extra incentives such as check-in rewards as well as several other discount offers. It is the best way through which people are highly attracted towards such location based social media tools.

Facebook: Most of the companies nowadays are using Facebook as their marketing tool and it develops a friendly environment. By using this social media technique, company can create and develop their Facebook business Fan page. It is the best technique to go through their brand image and market reputation. Customers will like the Facebook page of company and it is the best way to know their liking and brand reputation among customers. While designing this Facebook page, company want to pay careful attention to layout as well as features of overall designing of the page. It has been identified that visual component is the key aspect of the Facebook experience. It is the best technique through which company can reach out to their customers and motivates them to purchase their products and services. In this page, they can develop a comment page or a feedback page of customers. Consumers can give their valuable feedbacks about the products and services of company as per their needs and demands (Lee, 2013). Moreover, it is the best technique to go through the brand and market reputation of company.

Google+: It is one of the famous competitor of Facebook as most of the people are using Google+ nowadays. It is the latest and emerging technology as it promotes fun and casual atmosphere. On this application, person can easily upload videos and share different photos. In addition to this, there is a feature of Google+ circles through which person can segment their followers into small group. With the help of this, person can easily share all the information with the overall group. They can develop a specific group in which they can add their circle or group of friends. Further, there are several other options such as hangouts and experiments. It is the best way through which company can also try to host video conferences with these two options. Hangout feature helps in creating some fun messages among friends (Mayfield, 2008).

Twitter: It can be defined as a social media marketing tool which broadcast and update information across the world. Updating a tweet mix up all the officially related tweets about specials and discounts. People can create different twitter account and tweet some information from their personal Id. It is essential for companies to re tweet when a customer has something nice to say. Social media marketing tool revolves around dialogue and communication and interact with people in an effecti

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