Marketing Analysis Case Study on McDonald's

Organization Selected : McDonald
Question :

This report will cover the following aspects for the growth of the chosen business are given below:

  • Analyse the role of marketing and its relationship with other functional units.
  • Compare and evaluate the 7p's of marketing mix for attaining organisational objectives
  • Prepare the basic marketing plan for the business.
Answer :


Marketing is a most crucial concept that assist in creating relationship with target customers. Main objectives of this procedure is to analysing market demand for specific product for delivering quality services to customers (Ahrens, 2011). It also includes advertising, delivering, selling and promoting products to target audience. On the basis of these practices marketing executive of an organisation can easily enhance buying behaviour of customers. This report is based on McDonald which was founded in the year of 1940 by Richard and Maurice McDonald. This is a largest fast food which having around 37000 outlets in approx. 120 countries. This reports is going to explain the concept of marketing including current and future trends, overview of marketing process as well as the responsibility of marketing manager. It also determines the interrelationship between different functional departments as well as specific marketing process by conducting marketing mix approach. At last it determines marketing plan of McDonald for introducing new services.

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1. The concept of marketing, including current and future trends

In an organisation, Marketing play a most important role in determine demand of new products, action plan for business services, competitive rivalries, required cost and so on. Through these practices, McDonald can promote their product and services in target market. Marketing include numerous trend as -

Current trends – These activities determine impact of marketing practices on McDonald. Organisation having their own marketing strategy as -

  • Online marketing – McDonald basically promote their products and services through social media as well as on digital platform (Bellenger, Bernhardt and Goldstucker, 2011). Main reason behind these practices are, it consume low cost as well as provides desired benefits in limited time period.
  • Mobile marketing – Now a days, each and every organisation promote their business services through mobile marketing. Through this, they can update new services to customers by calls and text messages. These are the quick tools of promoting products directly to customers.

Future trends – In future, marketing trend can be transform through nee and effective in which digitalisation will providing their effective contribution. Through this business can transform their services effectively for getting instant benefits and growth as well. The emerging ideas will be more transforming for effective and requisite results.


Production Concept:- The idea of production through which product is available widely at highly affordable price. This is one of the oldest marketing management concept that guide seller.

Product Concept:- According to this concept organization should focuses on continuous production improvement by improving quality, technique, performance etc. because consumer prefer those products which is most quality, performance and innovative features.

Selling Concept:- Customer buy only those products which a company aggressively promoting or selling because it attract the customers. The cases on which this approach applicable are unsought goods like life insurance, vacuum cleaner, fire fighting equipments etc.

Marketing Concept:- This concept focus on the needs and wants of target market and want to deliver desire satisfaction better than competitors. In it full file customer values and satisfaction is the main motive of company.

Social Marketing Concept:- Its main focuses on need and wants of target markets by delivering better products and services than competitors with the consideration of social well being.

McDonald must use Production Concept because through it they can attract huge group of people on the basis of income, age, availability etc. like if the respective company make products in different price rang starting from low to high, it will be affordable by every customer group. McDonald currently implement high brand equity marketing concept in their business operations that enable them to maximise their market size and structure properly. High brand equity enables McDonald’s to gain a lot of competitive advantages.

2. An overview of the different marketing processes

Marketing is a wide but smooth concept that assist in building direct connection with services users (Bird, 2012). For this, marketing division of McDonald needs to implement new ideas for effectiveness of analytical practices. There are several marketing processes are determine below as -

  • Situational analysis – McDonald implement most appropriate and unique marketing strategy that assist in analysing impact of different factor on business decision making. For this marketing manager needs to make appropriate strategies for the effective analysis of influence of internal and external business environment.
  • Marketing strategy – McDonald basically conducts marketing activities by having an impactful strategy or plan. Thus, through this they promote services on similar platforms on which they can build direct connection with services users. All these activities assist in providing detailed information of each aspects to customers.
  • Marketing decision – For a business organisation, it is required to analyse need of conducting marketing procedure. Through this they can make appropriate decision for its effective implementation.
  • Implementation and control – McDonald needs to implement new ideas in their business procedure so that they can make proper changes in business techniques (Brooks and Simkin, 2012). On the other hand, management also needs to pay their attention toward additional working approaches to control them easily.

3. The role and responsibilities of a marketing manager in the context of McDonald

In an organisation manager play a most important role in strategic planning and decision making practices. In McDonald, marketing manager have numerous responsibility that they needs to implement properly as -

  • Market analysis – Marketing manager of McDonald needs to analyse their target market in which they can promote their product and services easily. Main objective of market analysis is to observing requirement and need for specific products at proper location.
  • Pricing – Manager play a most important role in decision making practices (Cabrera and Williams, 2014). Thus, they having an responsibility to initiate prices of appropriate products. Manager of McDonald analyse capability of their customers to pay a exact amount after this, they declare prices for their products.
  • Creation of employment – McDonald having a large scale in economy through their services strategy on different location. Through this provides employment services to individual who have ability to serve quality services to customers.

4. How marketing influences and interrelates with other functional departments of McDonald's

In a business organisation, several working departments provides their contribution in business growth and its success. In McDonald several employees provides their quality services in different divisions as -

  • Finance – The role of marketing department are dependent on the finance department, to do marketing and promotion activities capital is needed as well as to generate wealth and goodwill marketing activity is needed. For McDonald finance and marketing are two main pillar which help them in growth and gain profit. The main aim of finance department to gain profit, increase share etc. which is completed and achieve by marketing strategy. Marketing and finance department of McDonald works together in order to identifying areas of growth by raising funds easily.
  • Production and manufacturing – In McDonald, production division provides their effective services in producing quality products on the basis of customers requirement and need. In this procedure, marketing division provides their effective services in analysing demand of specific product in market. After this, they provides information to production division for effective manufacturing desired services. Production function focus on providing quality product whenever demanded by consumer and marketing helps production to know needs and demand of different consumer group and satisfying their demand on time and helps in increasing market share.
  • HR department – Marketing and human resource are not separate as all think, both help each other in achieving the organizational goal and objective (Coombs, 2012). Marketing department helps human resource in various ways like attracting right talent by targeting appropriate audiences, keep employees and customer happy, keeping up with change etc. like if McDonald wants to recruitment, HR department identify requirement, number of vacant position, make strategy accordingly and marketing department help them in publishing on various media.

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5. The value and importance of the marketing role in the context of the organisation

In McDonald, marketing play a most important role in order to getting heights by their products and services. They work with an strategy to analysing demand of customers for providing them exact services for building long term relationship with them easily. There are different value and importance of the marketing role in McDonald are determine below as -

  • Marketing Helps in Transfer, Exchange and Movement of Goods – Main objectives of marketing division in McDonald is to analysing requirement of customers in order to transfer desired goods and services to them easily. Through this they builds direct and long term relation with services users.
  • Marketing Is Helpful In Raising the Standard Of Living Of The Community – Implementation of marketing services is beneficial for customers and organisation too (Cooper and et. al., 2014). Because through customers can get desired products and services easily that helps in maximising their living standard.
  • Marketing Creates Employment – McDonald is large scale organisation in which number of employees are working. Firm provides employment facility and services to desired candidates by hiring them in their own organisation.

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6. Conclusions that emphasise the significance of having effective interrelationships between different functional departments

In an organisation each and every department provides their effective contribution for attaining business goals and objectives properly (Daniel, 2011). In this procedure management of firm having an responsibility to analysing skill of each employees so that provide them appropriate department of working. Major working division of McDonald's are Finance, human resource, Information technology, production, operations, marketing and so on. These both division are interrelated to each other in different manner as they provide quality services for accomplishment of business objectives. Through this, organisation can maximise their quality services by satisfying need and demand of customers through their effective as well as quality

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